Geile nackte fickende auf dem campingplatz

Geile nackte fickende auf dem campingplatz
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The girls were lined up across a wall next to one another. Handcuffs bound their hands together and chains were used to keep their arms raised above their heads to prevent them covering themselves. Cum coated their naked bodies and leaked from their holes which had been fucked roughly over and over again. Mia, Tabitha and Grace were too tried to fully acknowledge what was happening to them. Their heads where swooped low and they would have collapsed to the ground if it wasn't for the cuffs forcing them to stand.

Tears ran down their cheeks and they would let out the occasional sob. Courtney and April had turned themselves around so that they were facing each other. April was crying hysterically and Courtney was doing her best to try and calm her as she was on the blink of breaking down herself.

They looked desperately at each other for support and glazed lovingly at one another to comfort themselves. Seeing the other hurt and helpless created an especially enjoyable vision of pure misery. Meanwhile whilst the two emo princesses struggled to cope with their situation, Anna continued to scream and try to lash out. "LET ME GO YOU FREAKS!

ALL OF YOU ARE GOING TO ROT IN JAIL FOR THIS YOU MONSTERS" Everyone she aimed her insults at simply laughed finding her to be incredibly amusing. It was a fascinating contrast to Ellie who begged to be let go back to her broken family. "Please let me go. You said you would let me go if I did what you wanted when all of you fucked me in my ass. Please you promised." Her begging caused my cock to start to go hard once again and I made Natasha who was crawling at my feet like a dog, unzip my trousers and suck my cock.

She first unbuckled my belt using her teeth and despite the amount of times she did so, she always let out a cute little moan as she struggled undo the leather. After unzipping me to free my cock, she took the head and wrapped her soft lips around it.

She went down the shaft swallowing it like she been trained to, gagging as my cock reached the back of her throat. She then slowly moved her head back until it was out of her mouth when she tenderly kissed the tip and licked my slit.

She went all the way back down and bobbled her head back and forth. Her spit covered my cock and she made sure to make it nice and sloppy like the way I liked it. Drool came down from her chin to her breasts and then to her flat stomach before reaching her cunt which she had started to rub. Natasha started to moan and she rubbed herself harder to guarantee that she was wet enough for me to use if I wanted to fuck her.

She removed her hands from her vagina as soon as she was starting to enjoy herself and folded her arms behind her back like a good submissive slave. I grabbed her chestnut brown hair and pulled her down to make her choke. I was treated to the amazing feeling of her throat as her body kept jolting in response to her gag reflex being repeatedly triggered. She did her best to endure it and used her tongue to lick my balls in order to provide me with even more pleasure.

Her face turned bright red but I kept her held down on my cock. She was getting desperate for air, still I kept choking her. Finally after several minutes had passed, I let her breathe before cumming onto her face. She quickly her wiped my load off before hungrily lapping away at my cum from her hands with her tongue. "Thank you for feeding this worthless cunt, master." I watched Natasha savour the taste of my cum and saw a short lived flash of joy on her face as she received one of the few sources of happiness in her life.

Her smile didn't last long she remembered that I was still going to punish her later. I enjoyed seeing her whimper as she wondered how I was going to hurt her before I turned my attention back to the seven girls chained along the wall. Ice cold water at high pressure was used to hose them down and remove the dry cum that covered their bodies. All of them screamed out as the cold water chilled their skin taking away the reassurance of warmth.

They squirmed to avoid the jets of water being aimed directly at their cunts. I ordered my slave to go help spread their pussy lips so they could by properly washed. She obeyed without question rushing over to where the girls were being hosed down. They screamed even louder when the water rushed at their most sensitive area causing new found suffering. Once the entire process was done, all eight girls were shivering uncontrollably and were far beyond the limits of what they could take.

They huddled up together in an effort to warm themselves and to seek comfort in each other. Even Anna looked significantly more submissive.


They were dragged out of the room into a hallway that had 6 doors on either side. They heard the sexual moans and screams of agony being produced by some of the other girls here who were busy entertaining customers.

A lift was located at the end of the hallway and was taken all the way down to lowest floor where my whores where kept when they weren't in use. An empty room was chosen to house the new intakes. The room was poorly lit and had 7 dog cages lined next to each other for housing the girls. The cages faced a corner of the room which was a specially designed punishment area that would be ideal to give them a small glimpse at what was instore for them. The girls were made to crawl inside dog cages that where just wide enough to allow them to turn around and face us but were too small for them to stand or spread themselves forcing them to remain on all floors.

Each was then given a thin blanket which they quickly wrapped themselves to warm themselves and also to cover their exposed bodies from our lustful eyes. Natasha looked over at the opposite direction from the girls staring fearfully at a wall which displayed a large collection of whips, paddles and canes. They varied in size and style ranging from floggers to carpet beaters.

A pair of bondage cuffs was lowered from the ceiling and I commanded her to put them on. She let out that cute little whimper of hers again and gave me one last pleading look begging me not to hurt her. It just made me want to hurt her more. I walked over to her and gently touched her face with my hand, stroking her. She looked perfect with her eyes closed, enjoying my embrace and affection.

I quickly slapped her hard with the same hand that was just comforting her before pulling her hair to drag her to her feet. She produced a soft cry of pain and sadness as her eyes watered up with tears. I bound her hands in the cuffs and had them risen up in order to force her onto her toes. "LET HER GO!" I was taken by surprise to hear one of that one of the girls still had fight left in her to try and help Natasha. I however wasn't too surprise to hear that it was from Anna.

She looked at me with utter hate and disgust.

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I looked forward to seeing the defiance beaten out of her. Tougher girls than her had been inquired before and not one of them was strong enough to avoid her fate. I made it a personal mission to see to it that the more prideful ones endured a life of complete humiliation and suffering. I decided to include her and the rest of the new girls in a game to learn more about their personalities.

"One of you is going to count out loud the amount of times I whip her. If you don't, the lash won't count and I will do it again. Once the girl counting reaches 5, someone else is going to take over to count the next 5.

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I'm not going to force any of you to play but I'm going to keep whipping her until all of you have counted." The caged girls turned around and looked at each other. None of them fully understood the effects my little game would have of them. If they didn't count, then Natasha was going to have to take some extra strokes of the whip meaning that the girls were indirectly causing her pain which would build up guilt making them feel as if it was them who was holding the whip.

If they counted, they would become focused on the sound of the thick leather slamming into flesh. The sound of Natasha screaming in agony and would watch as she endured pain. They would start to feel empathic and visualised themselves in her place and would experience a small portion of the emotional turmoil. Some experts would even say that the girls will feel and share her physical pain.

I approached the wall and unhooked a heavy leather flogger. I felt the thick tails at the end. Large knots had been tied at the tips to increase the amount of pain that it could cause to a victim.

Natasha turned around to see the instrument that I had picked and I knew that I had made the right choice after seeing her panic in fear and look up desperately in prayer. She probably knew what every single tool hanging on the wall felt like and I was delighted knowing that I had chosen one of her "favourites". I looked at the cages and saw the girls all had looks of horror on their faces as poor Natasha started to cry before I had even started flogging her.

I aimed at her nice juicy round ass and slammed the flogger down. She let out a small grunt and took fast, deep breathes to try and handle the pain.

The girls looked on shocked and I expected none of them to count one the first stroke I delivered. I whipped her again and received a small cry of pain. Still no count so I swung once more and caused a scream as red welts started to form on her ass.

"1…" I saw that it was April that was the first to count. She did so holding Courtney's hand through the railings of the cages that they were in. Those two cared deeply for each other and it would be best to offer them as a pair. The customers would have fun making them preform lesbian acts and could enjoy upsetting one of them by hurting the other.

I used the flogger again, this time aiming a little higher at the small of Natasha's back. "2…" April was looking away now not being able to look at the sight of Natasha getting flogged.

She was a gentle girl who was kind. At first I thought her friend Courtney was the stronger one of the two but now I realised that it was April who gave her that strength. She was brave for her. I wondered what would happen if I separated them two. April counted out loud the next 3 lashes before it was time for someone else to take over.

Courtney decided to go next, flinching and holding back tears at each hit and scream. It was on the tenth one when April let go of her hand momentarily to wipe away her tears that she let her emotions surface and she started to sob. "&hellip.te…" She missed the count and screamed out along with Natasha as I repeated the stroke. "10 you bastard." Her little outburst pleased me and she quickly covered her mouth almost as if she knew that I would make her regret saying that.

I smiled thinking of what I was going to do to her. The girls all looked on terrified. They started to realise just how cruel this place was and that they would suffer similar fates if they didn't do exactly as they were told.

I walked back to the wall and hanged the flogger back on its hook before picking a more painful instrument. I decided on the bullwhip as I always enjoyed the sound made when it bit into skin. Natasha was weeping as sweat formed on her skin as a sign of fear. She knew I was far from finished and cried out in pain once again as I lined up a strike to hit her back and then wrap around to her tits. I quickly aimed again, this time at her side leaving a whip mark on her ribs and stomach.

The game was forgotten to me as I enjoyed seeing her convulse in anguish. "11…please stop hurting her." Tabitha started to count and begged me to stop. I didn't and added a couple more welt marks to Natasha's back in quick secession before the redhead could count to 12. She was having trouble processing the severity of the beating that she was witnessing. What she didn't know was that this could be considered rather vanilla compared to some of the things some customers enjoyed doing.

It would no doubt be fun watching her gain a better understanding. I whipped the crying cunt again, aiming for the area of her back where several welts crisscrossed to hurt her even more. "13…enough already, you're going to kill her." I aimed there again but missed catching her higher on her collarbone.

Natasha still screamed for me just as loudly none the less. "14." Tabitha had just about given up begging me to show mercy and simply counted. This time my whip landed on the reddest part of her back and I got the loudest scream out of her so far. A tiny drop of blood formed where her skin was starting to break. "15." I could have continued to whip her back to cause her to bleed more. Permanent scaring was unlikely to occur, especially if I rubbed a little salt into her wounds afterwards but I decided to move on to her tits.

The way her nipples were rock hard from the cold water that had been sprayed on her earlier meant that her breasts were super sensitive and they didn't have nearly enough welts covering them.

The whip cracked into her tender flesh beautifully, striking both her tits and drawing out a lovely scream. "16." Mia counted in order to avoid making Natasha take more pain than she needed to.

She stared into the face of my sexy whipping post and kept saying that she was so sorry. I brought the whip down again and hit Natasha on her left nipple. She did this little pain dance that I had often seen her do, hopping form foot to foot while shaking her head. "20…I'm so sorry this is happening to you." I personally thought this sounded a little condescending but it didn't really matter a great deal as Natasha was in too much pain for her mind to progress any information except for the sting of the whip.

I cracked the whip in the air and heard Grace yell out 21 in Spanish. She had her eyes close and was covering her ears with her hands. Guess she wasn't so well trained after all. I walked towards her cage and watched as she cowered to the back.

I kneeled down and looked at her until she opened her cute brown eyes. "Count in English and make sure you pay attention.

If you close your eyes again, I'm going to start this whole game from the beginning again." "21." Her accent was adorable and made whipping Natasha's tits even more fun. I started to whip her harder as the game was close to the end.

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"23." Two more screams of pure agony and a little droplet of blood ran down the underside of her right boob from a small cut just above her nipple. I switched to the cane so I could inflict even more pain and lifted Natasha's head up so she could see the thin piece of bamboo. Her eyes widened in total terror much to my delight. "No please master. Anything but the cane, please master." The only time my loyal pet ever said no to me was when the cane was involved.

She would beg and cry out in a fit of fear. It wasn't even as if the cane was the most painful thing I've used on her but for some reason she hatred it more than anything. That's why I loved using it on her so much. I took a little practice swing before reeling back and thrashing her ass. Ellie was forced to count as bruising appeared instantly on Natasha's already whipped ass.

"26." Ellie was crying in uncontrollably with a flood of tears. She wanted nothing more than to curl up into a little ball and block out the suffering. I used the cane again to make sure she didn't get the chance. "27 oh god." No divine power was going to save them. It wouldn't be all that surprising to me if a priest came to visit the girls to perform some unholy act. Those sessions were always entertaining to watch. The nuns that would pay for some alone time with one of our girls were generally even more sadistic.


"28." Natasha was screeching now and fought against the chain attached to her cuffs in a little tantrum as the pain was too much for her to handle anymore. "29." Her ass was a collection of red welts and purple bruises. It was all swollen and marked. Ellie was on the blink of begging to take her place. A part of me wanted to continue to see if she would volunteer just to see her instantly regret it. "30." I let Natasha rest for a bit so she could regain some composure but mostly because I wanted her to feel it when I caned her tits.

I swung down without mercy and caused Natasha to spasm in pain as countless nerves sent signals of anguish to her brain. She looked like she was going to throw up. I turned my attention to Anna who stared at me in anger.

She wanted to help Natasha, she really did but she just couldn't surrender and give me the satisfaction of hearing her count. It didn't upset me, after all it was what my game was all about.

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The longer she went on without counting, the more Natasha's screams would be etched into her memory. She would be having nightmares about it for months. I slammed the cane down on Natasha's tits a further 6 time to no avail. I could of course have gone on but it was affecting all the girls who were being forced to watch, least of all Natasha who had reached a point when she almost couldn't even scream anymore.

Anna just looked on doing her best to focus on her hatred of me instead of the screaming. This was new to her and she was yet to understand that I could always find a worse way to hurt a girl. After all there was still a part of Natasha's body that I hadn't tortured. I took a spreader bar and attached it to her legs to keep her legs open. I then tied a rope around her waist and threaded it through a pulley in front of her.

Pulling her up by it, she was forced to thrust her hips forward giving me a look at her exposed cunt. Anna quickly figured out what I had planned and started to beg me not to do it.

"No please, I'll count!


I'll count for fucks sake! Don't do this to her." I rubbed her clit to unsure that it sensitive as it could be with blood circulating within the skin.

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I then brought the cane down to a blood curdling cry. Her pussy lips started to swell up and Anna counted in defeat. "31." Another loud scream and her cunt turned bright red. "32." The cane came down especially hard this time striking her straight on her clit which caused indescribable pain. "33." She was close to passing out slipping between the consciousness and sleep. "34." No scream this time as she nearly entered shock.

"35 YOU MONSTER! I HOPE YOU BURN IN HELL!" Now that wasn't very nice. I let Natasha drop to the floor before dragging across the room towards Anna's cage. I made her bend over to give Anna a close up view at the damage she had caused.

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The pain she made my pet go through. The cage girl cried in total misery believing she was looking at a destroyed vagina. Truth was that it would heal in a couple of weeks or months if I decided to hurt her there again while it she was still swollen. It was also perfectly fuckable. I made sure Anna knew this by inserting my cock into Natasha's beaten pussy and roughly fucked her. Meanwhile my laptop just lit up with an email from a past client who was even more sadistic than I was.

He wanted a fresh cunt, someone new who hadn't been broken in yet. Someone he could really have fun hurting. I knew just the bitch to give him.