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My Little Lady Jade: Part 2 Prelude to part two: I was surprised and pleased with the compliments I received from part one of my story. I originally planned on just two parts, but it has become obvious that I have too much to write about to fit it into just two parts.

I hope you enjoy part two, and I assure you part three will have many surprises. I want to once again remind you that my story is based on both fact and fiction. You can decide where the truth lies. And finally, to my critics&hellip. This story is about young love…if this offends you then go find something else to read. Thank You and Enjoy!

PART TWO Two years have passed since Kimmy left us. I still love her and miss her dearly, but I was once again searching for someone special to complete me. I've dated a few ladies but nothing ever developed into the loving relationship I longed for.

I had pretty much given up on the whole idea and I was just existing as well as I could. I once again began spending a lot of time online goofing off in various chatrooms. I fell back into the picture trading to help pass my free time. I made some new friends, both male and female, but they would usually disappear before long. I soon reached a point where trading pictures was practically the only thing I did.

This all changed on March, 20th 2007. I was in one of my regular rooms trading, when a new screen name caught my attention. I rarely paid much attention to names but something told me to look into this one. The name was Rainbow, and she said the room was boring, so I just sent her an instant message to see if she would talk with me. Just to be silly, I suggested she try gargling peanut butter to alleviate her boredom.

She found this amusing and we had a nice time just being silly together. She told me her name was Jade and I introduced myself. Until then, I had not bothered asking her age because I don't like it when people ask me my age so quickly.

Instead of asking, I viewed her profile and was surprised to see she was only thirteen years old. Her knowledge, wit and humor were not typical for a thirteen year old girl. There were a few pictures posted on the profile and now I was thinking she was probably fake because the girl in the photos looked younger than thirteen. The pictures were of a very cute young lady with brown hair and brown eyes and an absolutely precious face but I was certain the girl could not be thirteen. Jade tried to convince me that it was really her and the pictures were about a year old.

I hate to admit it, but I was still not buying it. What made me even more suspicious was that she told me she had no camera so I would not see any new pictures of her for nearly a full month.

For those of you who don't already know it, most of the people on AOL claiming to be young girls are usually fifty five year old fat men pretending to be girls. I will never understand why so many men do this, but it has become the norm.

This has caused me to be skeptical of anybody claiming to be a female of any age, especially a young one. I figured I would just play along to see where it might lead. My skepticism grew even more when we somehow got on the subject of trading pictures of young girls.

We then traded several pictures of girls around Jade's age. I asked myself "why would a thirteen year old girl be interested in trading these kinds of pictures?". Again, I just went along with it and we started trading mostly non nudes of girls around ten to thirteen years old. I asked about it and she simply said she likes to look at both boys and girls alike. As far fetched as it all seemed, I still had a feeling that she might be who she was claiming to be. I never said anything because if she was real I didn't want to piss her off by accusing her of lying.

We did trade a few times after the first day, but we mostly enjoyed chatting and we soon stopped trading altogether. I figured the truth would have to come out sooner or later and I'm rather adept at weeding out the fakes before very long.

I was having fun, so why not continue? After a few more days of chatting, I was still doubtful, but I was growing more convinced that Jade was really who she claimed to be.

She began giving me details of her home life which were too detailed to be fake, for the most part anyways. She told me she lives with her mother, a nineteen year old sister named Dani, and a twenty six year old brother named Jeff, two dogs, two cats and two ferrets. Jade told me has a very special bond with her sister Dani, and this would become evident as we talked more. Jade then told me that her father abandoned her before she was born. She did get to meet him when she was nine, but he wanted nothing to do with her.

More than a week had passed and Jade and I have talked at least once each day. I really looked forward to our chats because I was now much more convinced that I was really talking with a very bright and funny thirteen year old cutie.

As much as I wanted to talk with her, I made it a point not to initiate every conversation we had. I wanted her to truly want my company so I would wait to see if she would say hi before I did. Well, I was thrilled whenever she initiated our daily chats. We hear so much about online predators and I would have moved on if Jade did not show equal interest in talking with me. I like young girls, but I am not a predator in any way. This whole thing happened purely on a whim and I was just having fun.

There were still some nagging questions in my head. First, why was an attractive thirteen year old girl spending so much time online?

Also, why was she interested in a man my age? I figured I would get the answers soon if we continued our daily chats which were growing in length. It was now common for our talks to last up to six or eight hours several times a week. The cool thing is, we've yet to miss a single day. Now that we were becoming closer, we began talking more openly about our sexuality.

I had been dropping numerous hints to let her know I thought she was pretty. Jade was more reserved but she did tell me that I was cute after I sent her my picture.

I liked hearing that, even though I thought she was maybe just being polite. I was curious as to what she had experienced sexually but I never addressed it unless she brought it up first. I could tell she was not at all shy about the sex talk so I took it a bit further whenever the opportunity arose. For example…when she admitted that she had kissed a boy her age in school, I asked her how her body responded from being kissed.

She told me she got a nervous stomach.

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I took it further and asked her if she got happy in the pants. She replied with a simple "sum". I knew not to stay on the sex talk for too long because I didn't want to frighten her away. But within another week or so, I also learned that her pussy was still bald and she had not yet began sprouting breasts.

I was getting braver with my words and Jade was accepting my questions with an open attitude. I soon began asking Jade if she would call my cell phone just so we can hear each others voices. By this time, we were obviously on our way to becoming closer than either of us could have ever imagined. She took my phone number but kept coming up with reasons why she couldn't call me.

She said she tried the family phone but it had a block against long distance calls, which I thought was odd but still believable. I would suggest she go use a payphone but she would change the subject. I was rather persistent about wanting her to call me and I would later feel like an ass for pressing the issue.

It was not by design, but until now I had not mentioned my disability to Jade. I usually tell people when I first meet them, but I think I was hesitant to put that on a thirteen year old. I was not at all afraid to tell her, it just hadn't seemed necessary to mention it yet. I keep a very simple web site about myself just for this kind of situation, so I just sent the link and told her to go read. She said "KK, as long as there are no "ding dongs" there". I laughed and assured her there was nothing like that and off she went to see what it was about.

Most girls her age would not know what to make of the whole thing but I knew Jade was by far more mature than other girls her age. I waited anxiously for nearly ten minutes as she visited my homepage. A lot of people shy away from me at this point so I had to wonder if she would do the same. I was tickled when she not only returned, but she told me she liked the other pictures and again told me she thought I was cute. From the start, I knew Jade was attractive and intelligent, but it really stirred my imagination to hear her compliment me like she had.

What guy doesn't like such compliments from a hot thirteen year old girl? Now that Jade knew about my disability, she soon began to open up to me in ways I couldn't have ever anticipated.

The things I learned about her in the next two weeks would have an enormous impact on me. It was during one of our late night chats, when Jade began trying to tell me something bad had happened to her as a young child. I had a feeling what she wanted to tell me but I had to let her do so on her own. She finally mustered up the courage and told me she and her sister had been sexually abused by Dani's father until about the age of three.

This hit me very hard and I wept for her. My reaction surprised me, but it also told me that I was starting to have real feelings for my new friend. It was incredibly frustrating to know that this young lady was pouring her heart out to me, but yet all I could do to comfort her was type "I'm so sorry Jade". I was flooded with different thoughts and it kept me awake all night.

Jade was quick to tell me that she was "fine" because she has no memory of the assault, but I knew she was hurting, whether she would admit it, or even realized it herself.

That event has had such an enormous effect on her and she would later admit to me just how much of an impact it would have in the future. After a day of trying to absorb what Jade had revealed to me, we got back on track with our normal goofing around kind of talk we enjoyed so much.

I had not even thought about this until now, but on a whim I asked Jade if she would like to hear my voice thru AOL voice chat. She quickly agreed but told me she has no mic. I opened mine and she got a huge kick out of it. I mentioned that Yahoo voice works much better so she installed Yahoo Messenger the next day and it was the best thing to happen to us since we began talking. Besides her liking to hear my voice, Messenger has dozens of audibles to send and many of them are of a flirtatious nature.

This really made it easier for both of us to begin expressing our mutual interest in each other. Some of our shared favorites were a heart that throbs and ends with a cute pair of kissing lips&hellip.another was a blow fish that says "hey sexy!"…and one of Jade's favorites was a smiley that had a woman's voice uttering sounds similar to how a woman having sexual pleasure would sound.

This whole thing might sound silly, but it opened the door for both of us to easily express what we were really thinking about each other. We still use them every time we talk, even though they are no longer necessary. They are just a fun way to flirt with each other. Also, by using voice, our conversations moved along much faster than they would if I had to type. Jade still had to type, but she was fast enough to keep up. A few nights later, things looked rather grim for a moment.

Jade and I were up late chatting when some idiot IM'ed her talking perverted. Jade got upset and told her brother Jeff. Jeff took over the keyboard to deal with the guy and when he was done, he turned his wrath towards me just because he was angry and I happened to be there.

He asked me my age and I was honest with him. He told me I had no business talking with Jade and told me to leave her alone. I was in no position to argue and I agreed to not to initiate any more IM's with Jade.

I actually cried later and did not get any sleep that night. I was becoming attached to Jade and the thought of losing her really upset me. My mind was whirling and I was desperate to do anything to hear from Jade again.

My exact words to Jeff were "I will not initiate any IM's with Jade", so this left me some wiggle room. I was left to assume that Jeff told Jade to forget about me and I worried that she would do as her big brother said.

I came up with a hairbrained scheme to try and get Jade to want to contact me. I had made up my mind that I would honor my words and not initiate any more chats with her; instead I would send her a "goodbye" e-mail. I was just so desperate to talk with her again.

I had not yet told Jade about Kimmy, so I twisted the story to devise a plan to make her feel the need to respond. I sent Jade the "goodbye" e-mail and told her I had never been able to tell her one of the true reasons I liked talking with her so much. I told her I had a daughter named Kimmy who was killed by a drunk driver. Then I wrote that she was just like Kimmy in many ways…smart, funny, caring and pretty. I figured I could be convincing because Kimmy was real, but just not really my own daughter.

I then ended the letter bye telling Jade "goodbye". Later that day, my fear of never talking to her again was lifted when I heard the chime I loved hearing whenever Jade signs onto AOL. My heart raced as I just watched my monitor&hellip.willing her to IM me. Well, five long minutes passed before she finally did. She didn't say anything. Instead, she sent a link for me to click on. I was pleased and surprised, so I just clicked on the link without saying anything.

It sent me to a Youtube page that featured the dog from Family Guy in a banana suit singing a silly peanut butter jelly time song. The song literally made me laugh out loud. I felt an enormous sense of relief. My little friend was there and it was going to be OK. *COPY AND PASTE THIS ADDRESS TO YOUR BROWSER TO SEE THE SONG FOR YOURSELF* http://youtube.com/watch?v=SaF5oUydNbM Within moments, I was disgusted with myself because of the lie I told in the letter.

How could I have been so selfish to tell her such a bold-faced lie? I managed to forget about it for now and just relished in the knowledge that we were still together. We had still not gone a single day without chatting, but this was a very close call. Even so, I still knew I would have to somehow tell Jade that I had lied about Kimmy being my real daughter.

I had to tell her if I wanted any chance at continuing our budding relationship. The next day, I told Jade that I had lied. I explained that I was scared that I would never hear from her again because Jeff did not approve of our friendship. The first thing Jade said was that her brother can't tell her what she can or cannot do. I had no idea where this was all going, but I knew we would face many obstacles if we were to continue our relationship.

Hearing that she thinks and acts on her own eliminated one of the smaller hurdles we were certain to face. At least I now had the comfort of knowing I would always be able to chat with Jade as long as she chooses to be with me. Well, that's as far as her brother is concerned. I still had to worry about what Dani and Jade's mother might think about everything. I felt that it can all end any time now. Jade's family had to realize that she was spending hours a day talking with a much older man and I figured it was only a matter of time before somebody put an end to it.

I still live with this fear even today. Now that I had confessed my lie, Jade was quick to understand and she forgave me.

Now she was curious about the truth behind my lost friend Kimmy. I told her the entire story, including the night I spent with Kimmy on the floor. It felt good to be open with Jade about what happened when I went to Georgia two years ago.

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I sensed that she was somewhat amused and even aroused by hearing me talk about having sex with Brenda but she admitted she was a bit of jealous over the event with Kimmy but still was somewhat inquisitive about it. It was all in the open now and Jade was still talking with me so I figured she had no problems with who I was.

When I mentioned the strong feeling I had when I decided not to have intercourse with Kimmy, Jade told me she had a good idea why I experienced those feelings but she would not tell me about it until later.

This young lady never ceases to amaze me with her keen insight to so many issues. We have discussed sex, religion, politics and life in general and Jade possesses such incredible knowledge it even intimidates me sometimes. This next part of my story affected me deeply. Jade had been hinting for weeks now that she had a medical condition that usually changes the way people treat her.

She sent me an email that hit me hard. In the letter she told me she was afraid I would leave her after I knew about her condition. She told me that I was smart, funny and caring and that I was the only man in her life besides her brother and she doesn't want to lose me.

I had no clue what her problem might be, but I cried just from hearing her fears. I wrote back to assure her that I was her friend and nothing will ever change that. All I could do now was to wait for her to find the courage to tell me what it was all about. We started our daily chat and I sensed it was time for her to tell me what was wrong with her. She came right out and asked me if I knew what Aphonia was.

I had never heard of it so to make things easier for herself, she sent me a link so I could read about what it was. My heart sank as I began to read. Aphonia is a condition that affects the person's vocal cords.


Jade is unable to speak. I did my best to absorb what I was reading, but I couldn't concentrate. The tears flowed and I was at a loss for what to think or say. All I knew and all I could say was that it changed nothing.

Well, I knew things would be different, but our friendship remained. It took several days for me to even begin to grasp how difficult this must be for Jade. Knowing Jade, it came as no surprise the level of knowledge and insight she has about Aphonia. I knew the best way to handle this was for me to ask whatever questions came to mind. Jade was very articulate in explaining the specifics of her case.

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She explained that Aphonia is easily diagnosed, and has only two known causes…one cause is physical trauma and the other cause is psychological trauma. The problem is it's very difficult to determine which cause is affecting the person with Aphonia. Jade has seen several different doctors and they have different opinions as to the cause in her case. Jade is uncertain herself, but she believes it was most likely the result of the sexual abuse she suffered as a child.

She knows she suffered mental trauma and believes she also suffered physical trauma, either of which could explain her Aphonia. All I could think about now was how difficult it must have been for Jade when I was begging her to call me. Jade understood, but I still think I was being selfish and I now regret it. I was falling in love with Jade and I wanted so bad to be able to tell her without scaring her away. I now see just how special Jade is to me.


She is intelligent, brave, funny, thoughtful and forgiving. She inspires me in ways that are hard to put into words. Initially I just told her that I loved her as a friend and she was glad to hear it. Now I made it a point to remind her of it everyday. But I was still very hesitant to tell her my true feelings. I wanted nothing more than to be with her, hold her in my arms and to make love with her. I soon gave in to the pressure and I confessed to Jade my desire to be her boyfriend and lover.

I held my breath, waiting to hear her reaction. She told me she has been thinking about the very same thing for a while now but didn't know how to tell me. This was huge. We made it official&hellip.Jade was now mine and I was now hers. I thought I had been in love before in my life, but this was entirely different. I can barely sleep or eat because she is constantly on my mind. Everywhere I go and everything I do I am thinking about her and wishing she was with me.

I miss her the moment we say goodbye and I feel pure joy the moment I see her. Jade then began telling me more about her dreams about us being together some day soon. I had sent her a photo tour of my home and she told me she looks at them and dreams about being in my bed with me. We both know it will happen, but we need to be patient for now. We both know the only way it can happen is with the approval of her family.

I know this sounds impossible, but let me explain some recent developments. Jade now told me that her mother had beaten a heroin addiction. She went on to tell me her mother's health had deteriorated do to the HIV infection she contracted during the drug use. Also during the time of her addiction her mother decided it would be best to give up parental custody of Jade to her older daughter Dani. Jade began telling me that she had confessed to Dani where our relationship has progressed to.

She explained to me that Dani was open minded when it came to sexuality. This would soon become more evident to me after what happened next. One night, Jade asked me if I would read a story to her and I thought it would be a fun thing to do so I agreed.

She sent a story called Double Trouble. Jade warned me that it was a dirty story that involved a man and two nine year old twin girls. I told her that was fine and began reading for her. The story was very well written and was extremely graphic and equally erotic.

I read for two straight hours and was only half way through, so we ended it there for the night and agreed to finish it the next night.

After reading the first part I had a question for Jade. I asked her if she became sexually aroused when I was reading to her and after some coaxing, she admitted that she was masturbating and brought herself to orgasm while listening to me read.

She thought I might think she was wrong for doing that but I assured her that I thought it was perfectly ok and I was glad she was able to tell me about it so openly. I then asked her to tell me whenever she was touching herself in the future and she agreed.

The next morning I thought I would send Jade an email to tell her how special last night was and tonight was going to be my turn. That was my way of telling her that I wanted to masturbate while she listened.

Well, it was just my luck that Dani decided to read Jade's mail today. Dani then IM'ed me and what follows is the entire conversation. Before you read it I need to explain that it includes something I am ashamed of and I was trying not to write about, but it needs to be included to fully understand my whole story… ----------------- Forwarded Message: Subj: Coming clean Date: 4/21/2007 7:12:09 P.M.

Eastern Daylight Time From: xMmMmRainbow90x = Dani To: Luvemlttle = Roger XMmMmRainbow90x [5:32 P.M.]: so? Luvemlttle [5:33 P.M.]: hi XMmMmRainbow90x [5:33 P.M.]: no comment on your long night? Luvemlttle [5:33 P.M.]: i had a long night XMmMmRainbow90x [5:33 P.M.]: i know XMmMmRainbow90x [5:34 P.M.]: Jade wasnt in bed until after the sun was up Luvemlttle [5:34 P.M.]: me too XMmMmRainbow90x [5:34 P.M.]: I figured that much Luvemlttle [5:35 P.M.]: is she in trouble for that?

XMmMmRainbow90x [5:35 P.M.]: no Luvemlttle [5:36 P.M.]: thats good.she never said she was not supposed to be on that late XMmMmRainbow90x [5:36 P.M.]: Jade had said you wanted to talk to me about something earlier Luvemlttle [5:36 P.M.]: she told you that today? XMmMmRainbow90x [5:37 P.M.]: amoung other things Luvemlttle [5:37 P.M.]: i guess its best to get this out in the open.its not good XMmMmRainbow90x [5:38 P.M.]: well? Luvemlttle [5:38 P.M.]: i got in trouble 8 years ago Luvemlttle [5:38 P.M.]: and now i'm a registered sex offender XMmMmRainbow90x [5:39 P.M.]: and?

Luvemlttle [5:39 P.M.]: jade thought you might have already knew XMmMmRainbow90x [5:39 P.M.]: I know about it Luvemlttle [5:39 P.M.]: do you want me to explain? Luvemlttle [5:40 P.M.]: the description of my charges can be misleading even for ppl with some law knowledge Luvemlttle [5:41 P.M.]: do you know the dif between sexual conduct and sexual activity? XMmMmRainbow90x [5:41 P.M.]: yes Luvemlttle [5:42 P.M.]: ok.my crime was not about touching anybody…it was about photographs Luvemlttle [5:42 P.M.]: i took sexually explicit photos of young girls in bikinis Luvemlttle [5:43 P.M.]: criminal sexual activity/abusive material/commercial Luvemlttle [5:43 P.M.]: thats the charge i was convicted of Luvemlttle [5:45 P.M.]: i'm ashamed of what i did Luvemlttle [5:45 P.M.]: and i'm going to pay for it for a long time.my own fault XMmMmRainbow90x [5:45 P.M.]: ok Luvemlttle [5:46 P.M.]: and i wanted to tell you before Luvemlttle [5:47 P.M.]: i came close but was scared to say anything Luvemlttle [5:47 P.M.]: its not an easy thing to admit XMmMmRainbow90x [5:47 P.M.]: well i can understand that Luvemlttle [5:48 P.M.]: i try to make it all sound not so bad Luvemlttle [5:48 P.M.]: but i dont lie about it either.

XMmMmRainbow90x [5:48 P.M.]: thats good XMmMmRainbow90x [5:49 P.M.]: I would think alot less of you if you had Luvemlttle [5:49 P.M.]: i had a story made up to lessen the seriousness but i needed to be honest XMmMmRainbow90x [5:49 P.M.]: Yes XMmMmRainbow90x [5:50 P.M.]: anything else you would care to be honest about? Luvemlttle [5:50 P.M.]: why stop now, right? XMmMmRainbow90x [5:50 P.M.]: Im just asking you XMmMmRainbow90x [5:51 P.M.]: Im not forcing anything out of you Luvemlttle [5:52 P.M.]: thanks.that would only lead me to become defencive.probably Luvemlttle [5:53 P.M.]: can i ask you what Jade has told you so far?

XMmMmRainbow90x [5:53 P.M.]: Jade has told me alot in 13 years XMmMmRainbow90x [5:54 P.M.]: im more interseted in what you have to say right now, not that you have to tell me anything at all Luvemlttle [5:55 P.M.]: i know.it wasn't fair to ask what jade has said Luvemlttle [5:57 P.M.]: let me tell you the "turn: Jade and I took over the last few days.it will likely not sit well with you Luvemlttle [5:57 P.M.]: we have expressed a mutual attraction towards each other XMmMmRainbow90x [5:58 P.M.]: ok XMmMmRainbow90x [5:59 P.M.]: There is something I want to know but I am not going to ask about the type of person you are, and like I said im not going to forse you to say anything Luvemlttle [6:00 P.M.]: ok XMmMmRainbow90x [6:02 P.M.]: nothing else youd like to say?

XMmMmRainbow90x [6:02 P.M.]: well i dont really think you would like to say it Luvemlttle [6:02 P.M.]: i thought you were going to ask a question XMmMmRainbow90x [6:02 P.M.]: Im not questioning you XMmMmRainbow90x [6:02 P.M.]: you can say it on your own XMmMmRainbow90x [6:03 P.M.]: if you can Luvemlttle [6:03 P.M.]: ok.i like young girls XMmMmRainbow90x [6:04 P.M.]: ok Luvemlttle [6:04 P.M.]: i like girls of all ages Luvemlttle [6:04 P.M.]: well.not all XMmMmRainbow90x [6:05 P.M.]: I am glad you are able to admit that XMmMmRainbow90x [6:05 P.M.]: and were honest Luvemlttle [6:05 P.M.]: its hard but its who i am XMmMmRainbow90x [6:05 P.M.]: I know Luvemlttle [6:06 P.M.]: i'm assuming you sensed this all along?

XMmMmRainbow90x [6:07 P.M.]: and if it had come to me asking so bluntly and you lying about it, I wouldnt be at all understanding Luvemlttle [6:07 P.M.]: thats fair XMmMmRainbow90x [6:07 P.M.]: I had a strong feeling XMmMmRainbow90x [6:08 P.M.]: you wouldnt be talking to Jade anymore if you had lied about it Luvemlttle [6:08 P.M.]: regardless of what happens now.i'm relieved you know everything now XMmMmRainbow90x [6:09 P.M.]: good Luvemlttle [6:10 P.M.]: tell me what you want now XMmMmRainbow90x [6:10 P.M.]: well i applaud you, I doubt there are more than a handfull of people that can admit that to someone else XMmMmRainbow90x [6:10 P.M.]: much less themselves Luvemlttle [6:11 P.M.]: it didnt come easy.and thanks for recognizing its difficulty XMmMmRainbow90x [6:11 P.M.]: ok XMmMmRainbow90x [6:11 P.M.]: well now that the hardest part is over XMmMmRainbow90x [6:12 P.M.]: anything else?

Luvemlttle [6:12 P.M.]: can I still talk with Jade? XMmMmRainbow90x [6:13 P.M.]: yes, but XMmMmRainbow90x [6:13 P.M.]: try to cut it off a bit earlier Luvemlttle [6:13 P.M.]: lol.i do Luvemlttle [6:13 P.M.]: its hard to tell her bye XMmMmRainbow90x [6:14 P.M.]: it is also hard to get anything done with her sleeping til almost 4 in the afternoon Luvemlttle [6:14 P.M.]: i dont need to work so i can stay up.but i know its out of hand Luvemlttle [6:16 P.M.]: ok.i'll tell her goodnight earlier then.any time suggestions for school and non school nights?

XMmMmRainbow90x [6:17 P.M.]: well school nights she knows her bed time Luvemlttle [6:17 P.M.]: but heres my problem.if i think shes going to stay up even after i leave then i'de rather stay Luvemlttle [6:17 P.M.]: i know it 10 or 11 on school nights XMmMmRainbow90x [6:17 P.M.]: other than that she is free to stay up but if she didnt have anyone to talk to shed be in bed at a decent hour Luvemlttle [6:18 P.M.]: ok.no more sunrises then.i'm sorry Luvemlttle [6:18 P.M.]: maybe like 2am?

XMmMmRainbow90x [6:18 P.M.]: thats fine Luvemlttle [6:19 P.M.]: tell her that too Luvemlttle [6:19 P.M.]: it will not be easy for me, but i'll end it at 2am Luvemlttle [6:20 P.M.]: actually.i need to get back to a more normal cycle.especially now that warmer weather is here XMmMmRainbow90x [6:21 P.M.]: yes Luvemlttle [6:21 P.M.]: i'm a sun lover XMmMmRainbow90x [6:21 P.M.]: you mean a daughter lover Luvemlttle [6:21 P.M.]: grrr XMmMmRainbow90x [6:21 P.M.]: sorry dark humor Luvemlttle [6:21 P.M.]: i knew you might go there Luvemlttle [6:22 P.M.]: i had to be sure i didnt spell it son XMmMmRainbow90x [6:22 P.M.]: you opened yourself up for that Luvemlttle [6:22 P.M.]: yup Luvemlttle [6:22 P.M.]: dark humor is necessary XMmMmRainbow90x [6:23 P.M.]: dispite what you may be thinkingIm not a bitch XMmMmRainbow90x [6:23 P.M.]: usually Luvemlttle [6:23 P.M.]: i know that Luvemlttle [6:23 P.M.]: i never thought of you as a bitch XMmMmRainbow90x [6:23 P.M.]: im sure Luvemlttle [6:23 P.M.]: not yet anyways Luvemlttle [6:24 P.M.]: i'll keep you posted XMmMmRainbow90x [6:24 P.M.]: anything else you would like to add while you were being honest?

Luvemlttle [6:24 P.M.]: you approached this tactfully and i admire that XMmMmRainbow90x [6:25 P.M.]: Ive studied psychology quite a bit Luvemlttle [6:25 P.M.]: utoh Luvemlttle [6:25 P.M.]: lol XMmMmRainbow90x [6:25 P.M.]: I know how to work people Luvemlttle [6:25 P.M.]: i have some knowledge there too XMmMmRainbow90x [6:26 P.M.]: most people Luvemlttle [6:26 P.M.]: i'm glad to know you and i hope to get to know you better Luvemlttle [6:27 P.M.]: what are you wearing?

Luvemlttle [6:27 P.M.]: lol Luvemlttle [6:27 P.M.]: j/k XMmMmRainbow90x [6:27 P.M.]: nothing at all Luvemlttle [6:27 P.M.]: yikers Luvemlttle [6:27 P.M.]: turn the cam on already ATTENTION [6:28 P.M.]: Instant Images session started. Luvemlttle [6:28 P.M.]: huh? ATTENTION [6:28 P.M.]: Instant Images session ended. XMmMmRainbow90x [6:28 P.M.]: oops wrong button Luvemlttle [6:29 P.M.]: w/e Luvemlttle [6:29 P.M.]: u funny Luvemlttle [6:29 P.M.]: my blood pressure just jumped XMmMmRainbow90x [6:29 P.M.]: why Luvemlttle [6:29 P.M.]: i thought you were turning you cam on XMmMmRainbow90x [6:30 P.M.]: and you would of accepted Luvemlttle [6:30 P.M.]: certainly Luvemlttle [6:30 P.M.]: why not?

Luvemlttle [6:30 P.M.]: i never asked anybody to cam.its not my thing Luvemlttle [6:31 P.M.]: i know alot of ppl do though XMmMmRainbow90x [6:31 P.M.]: you would willing open a cam link to see someone nude that you really don't know?

XMmMmRainbow90x [6:31 P.M.]: or arn't romantically involved with Luvemlttle [6:31 P.M.]: i didnt believe you were nude XMmMmRainbow90x [6:31 P.M.]: I am not Luvemlttle [6:32 P.M.]: good news.i'm not either XMmMmRainbow90x [6:32 P.M.]: but you would of tried to see in the hopes i was? Luvemlttle [6:33 P.M.]: well.kinda but i wasnt "hoping" you were nude.i thought you were just going to say hi XMmMmRainbow90x [6:34 P.M.]: i very rarely hook up a video cam on here XMmMmRainbow90x [6:34 P.M.]: and wouldnt be to flash anyone XMmMmRainbow90x [6:35 P.M.]: plenty of free porn out there Luvemlttle [6:35 P.M.]: i knew that.i didnt mean to imply you were like that XMmMmRainbow90x [6:35 P.M.]: ok XMmMmRainbow90x [6:36 P.M.]: well anything else you like to say about your late night?

Luvemlttle [6:37 P.M.]: something happened but i dont want to betray Jades trust Luvemlttle [6:37 P.M.]: but if you want to know i'll tell you XMmMmRainbow90x [6:37 P.M.]: ok Luvemlttle [6:38 P.M.]: she brought herself to orgasm.by her own design though.i'll never ask her to do anything like that XMmMmRainbow90x [6:38 P.M.]: I already pretty much know, not that difficult to figure out, after the e-mail and the "turns" comment XMmMmRainbow90x [6:39 P.M.]: There is one other thing that bothers me Luvemlttle [6:39 P.M.]: ok XMmMmRainbow90x [6:40 P.M.]: well its more of a semi-jealous thing XMmMmRainbow90x [6:40 P.M.]: Jade actually let you read to her Luvemlttle [6:41 P.M.]: yes.it was special to me XMmMmRainbow90x [6:41 P.M.]: I try and she gets bored with it and loses interest XMmMmRainbow90x [6:41 P.M.]: but she will read on her own Luvemlttle [6:42 P.M.]: i dont know what to say.i see that kinda hurts you XMmMmRainbow90x [6:42 P.M.]: I have to ask if she wanted you to read to her or if you really insisted on it XMmMmRainbow90x [6:43 P.M.]: Im not really hurt over it XMmMmRainbow90x [6:43 P.M.]: just awkward Luvemlttle [6:43 P.M.]: no.she brought the idea up.it would not have even enterred my mind to read to her XMmMmRainbow90x [6:44 P.M.]: ok Luvemlttle [6:44 P.M.]: she initially joked about it but that is how she often suggests things that shes afraid to ask directly XMmMmRainbow90x [6:45 P.M.]: ok XMmMmRainbow90x [6:46 P.M.]: beautiful day outside no?

Luvemlttle [6:46 P.M.]: yup.i wanted to be out but i needed sleep Luvemlttle [6:46 P.M.]: maybe tomorrow XMmMmRainbow90x [6:47 P.M.]: well you have wasted over an hour talking to me Luvemlttle [6:47 P.M.]: it was not a waste Luvemlttle [6:47 P.M.]: any time you want to talk is ok with me Luvemlttle [6:48 P.M.]: but i do need to eat soon XMmMmRainbow90x [6:48 P.M.]: as do I Luvemlttle [6:49 P.M.]: bye have a good day XMmMmRainbow90x [6:49 P.M.]: you too bye Now that had Dani understood how we felt and had somewhat given her approval to let us talk openly, things begin to get hot.

We stayed up the next night to finish reading Double Trouble. Now that I look back at it, the story reading was a pivotal point in our relationship. It told me that Jade had a very open mind and was accepting of my interests in young girls…after all, we share this interest. It also made me feel relieved to be totally honest with Jade. From this point on, we kept no more secrets from each other.

I could tell Jade was in a sexy mood because she was sending me random pictures of nude young girls as I was finishing the story. She came right out and asked me if I had played with myself while reading to her. I admitted that I had lightly stroked myself just enough to keep my dick hard while talking with her but I've never had "cyber sex" with anybody before because I thought of it as meaningless sex and I don't believe in that stuff.

Then she asked me if I might feel differently if I did it with somebody I had feelings for. It was obvious what she wanted. Jade asked me if Id be willing to try touching ourselves together. I said yes and asked her if it was ok if I looked at one of her old pictures while we masturbated. She told me to wait a minute. A minute later, up pops a file transfer in the Messenger window. This was not unusual because she often sent me pictures this way.

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The file was titled "me1". I was awestruck when it opened. It was a picture of Jade sitting in her chair wearing just a Tweety Bird t-shirt and a pair of skimpy white panties. Until now, all of Jade's pictures were over a year old and I was thrilled to see this. She hadn't changed much, but her hair was longer and she was a bit thinner. Simply put, she looked absolutely perfect. I had come to love her for who she is as a person, but man is she cute!

The time stamp showed that the picture was just taken. She told me Dani had just bought a new camera a few days ago but had kept it a secret until now. Jade wasn't done yet. She asked if I wanted more pictures of her.

Of course I said yes and she asked me how I wanted her to pose. She told me I only get three more, but she would do them any way I wanted. I've always preferred tasteful poses over action shots so I had a good idea of what I wanted to see. Jade then told me she was getting aroused and she wanted me to pull my pants down and play with myself while she took the other pictures for me.

Just knowing that Jade was so into this whole thing was very stimulating for me. This was all new to me. I nervously asked Jade if she was wet yet. She said she was a little wet and then I told her I wanted her to start rubbing herself while I told her how I wanted her to pose for me.

I wanted so badly to be there to rub her pussy for her, and it was making me crazy with desire. I did my best to calm myself enough to tell her how I wanted her to pose. Just to clarify, I asked Jade if she was willing to pose nude and she reminded me that she had told me it was all up to me.

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She looked so cute in the Tweety shirt so I asked her to just remove her panties and lay back with her legs just slightly apart. She did as I asked and I got my first look at her precious cunny. Just as she had told me before, she was still bald and I could see a small trace of moisture seeping from her slit.

I just imagined how sweet she would taste. For the next pose, I told her to stand up and raise her arms over her head as though she was adjusting her long brown hair. This caused her shirt to raise just enough to show off her tight belly and her cute little belly button. I was now jerking myself but I had to stop before I came without her.

My final request was a bit more kinky and I was hesitant to even tell Jade what I wanted. I asked her to remove her top and sit back in her chair with one leg resting over the arm rest. This was my first look at her bare chest. Jade's body is small for a thirteen year old and she has just started budding breasts. She has told me that her nipples are very sensitive and they swell when she plays with them. Then I asked her to spread her pussy lips to expose her tiny clit for me. The picture came out perfect, especially when I looked at the expression on her pretty face.

It was a perfect blend of a playful smile, but with a serious look in her eyes that spoke of a lady ready to make love. This was pure art in my eyes. My mind was dizzy with excitement but what stood out most was a question&hellip."how can I be so lucky to have captured the attention of such a beautiful young lady?".

I put this thought aside and got back to what we were sharing. Jade then told me that she was still in the position from the last picture and that's how she was going to stay until she brings herself to an orgasm. This made it very easy for me to imagine just how she looked while she played with her pussy.

I explained to her that I cum pretty fast once I decide to go for it, so I needed her to tell me when she was nearing her climax. I wanted our orgasms to be as close together as possible. Jade asked me to keep talking. This told me that my voice was a big part of her excitement and that meant a lot to me.

Even though we were far apart, it was not about self pleasure&hellip.we were doing this as a couple who loved each other. I was new at this, so I just talked about how much I wanted to be with her so I could touch her, smell her and taste her. I guess it helped because a few moments later she told me she was "there" so I started jerking at the pace needed to get me to cum. Jade stopped typing for more than a minute so I knew she had reached her goal and we both peaked together.

I never imagined how intimate this could feel, considering we were connected only by text, pictures and sound. It was just as special as if we were sharing a bed. We had become lovers. After I thought about how nice the photos turned out, I asked Jade how she managed to do such a good job by herself. I never expected to hear what she told me. Her sister Dani had taken the pictures for her.

It seems as though Dani is more open minded than I expected. This gave me a much greater feeling that Jade and I will eventually get to meet in person. The only way it can happen, is with Dani's cooperation. I had mentioned earlier that they shared a special bond and now Jade would tell me just how close they are. First let me tell you the most obvious thing Jade and Dani have in common. At first, Jade was apprehensive about showing me pictures of Dani because she was afraid I would want to peruse her big sister after I saw how pretty she is.

After I assured Jade that I was no longer looking for anybody because I have her as my girlfriend, she started sending me some of Dani's photos, including some semi-nude modeling photos. It was evident why Jade was worried. Dani is absolutely gorgeous.

She is five foot four and has a great body. She is part Korean and part Portuguese, giving her the classic Asian look most men love so much. Besides Dani's beauty, she is also a very intelligent thinker. But I think what really stands out the most in my mind, is the close bond she shares with her little sister Jade. Simply put, they are both truly blessed to have each other. Jade had been dropping subtle hints to me to tell me there was much more to her relationship with Dani.

She told me they often sleep together. She went on to explain that Dani had the habit of kissing Jade's neck during her waking moments, but would claim that she thought she was with her boyfriend. I know that seems rather innocent, but my gut told me she wanted to tell me much more.

I let Jade wait until she was ready to tell me just what she shared with Dani. Once she started talking, she didn't stop until she told me everything. It was wonderful to know that Jade trusted me enough to tell me their story. I saved the conversation, and this is what she told me. When Jade turned ten, she had the natural desire to want to learn how to kiss. Well, she already knew how to kiss, but wanted to know what the big deal was with using tongues. The natural thing to do was to ask her big sister for advice.

Dani found this amusing and decided to help her little sister. She told Jade to bend her arm and then kiss the inner elbow crease with her tongue out. Jade did it but thought it was gross and burst out laughing. Then Jade asked what it feels like to touch tongues with another person. Dani told her to stick hers out, and they rubbed their tongues together outside of their mouths.


Once again, Jade thought it was gross and laughed about it. Dani then told her that it's different and better to actually kiss, and Jade agreed to try it. Dani kissed her and gently pulled on Jade's lower jaw to coax her to open her mouth. Dani swirled her tongue around Jade's.

Jade liked the feeling&hellip. held still for a few moments and then started moving her tongue around Dani's. Jade told me that she was moving her tongue too fast, so Dani told her to just relax and slow down. They kissed for a few minutes before it was over. Jade really liked how it felt to kiss her sister and wanted to continue. Dani reminded her that sisters aren't supposed to kiss like that so it was over&hellip.for now.

Nothing more happened for the next six months or so, but Jade often thought about wanting to kiss her big sister again. She enjoyed it but wasn't sure how to ask Dani for another kiss. Then one day, Jade was feeling sad about something.

Dani noticed her sister was sad and joked that all she needed was to make out with somebody to feel better. Jade told Dani that she wanted to kiss her again. She really wanted this, so she moved to Dani and kissed her like they had six months ago.

Dani was surprised, but she didn't stop her. Dani then took control by holding the back of Jade's head and rubbing her back with her other hand. Jade then followed by hugging her back, gently massaging her waist and hips. This went on for several minutes. When they parted mouths, Dani asked her sister if she felt better. Jade said she felt great, and then asked Dani if she felt better too. Dani told her that she didn't. When Jade asked her why she didn't feel better, Dani told her that the kiss was great and it made her horny but it made her feel uncomfortable.

Jade said she felt horny too, and she wanted to touch herself. Dani wasn't sure where to take this, so she told Jade to leave her alone for now. She later revealed to Jade that she masturbated after Jade left her alone.

Later that night, the two sisters had a long discussion about masturbation. Jade had been experimenting for a while so she already knew most of what Dani had to tell her. Jade was developing a desire to go beyond masturbating and kissing, so she asked Dani if they could have sex together…not as a couple in love, but just so she can experience it with another person.

Dani wasn't ready for this yet, so she suggested that it might be fun to watch each other masturbate without touching each other. Jade was eager to try anything with her sister, so they both removed their pants and underwear and watched each other as the rubbed their pussies. They both brought themselves to orgasms and then fell asleep in Dani's bed for the night. Two nights later, it was Dani's idea to watch each other again. Only this time, Dani asked Jade to kiss her while Dani rubbed herself.

Jade kissed her sister and put her trembling hand on Dani's thigh for a brief moment. Then she held Dani's hand to help with the movement, and without saying anything, she moved her hand lower to rub her pussy while Dani continued working her clit. Jade didn't penetrate her, she just wanted to feel her sister's warm, wet flesh.

Dani then took Jade's little hand and directed it to her clit to bring her to cum. Jade was thrilled to be able to bring her big sister so much pleasure, and they both knew this was going to be a regular part of their lives from now on. The next night, they started the same thing over, but this time Jade played with her own cunny while rubbing Dani's too.

Dani wanted to give her sister the same pleasure she had received, so she took over and started playing with Jade's bald slit. This was too much for Jade to handle, and she came within moments. Jade then rested her head on Dani's bare belly to catch her breath. Her face was aimed at Dani's feet, giving her a nice look at the top of her well trimmed mound. Without speaking, Jade moved down and kissed Dani's pussy and started licking her clit. Dani's moaning told her it was ok to continue licking her big sisters pussy.

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Just as before, Jade loved giving her such pure pleasure. Dani asked Jade if she wanted hers licked now, and she said yes. Dani wanted this to be special so she really took her time. She started by gently kissing Jade around her mouth and tickled her neck with her lips and tongue.

She then moved back to kissing, only this time it was more passionate than playful. Dani then moved to her sister's chest and teased her tiny nipples with licks and kisses. Jade began rubbing herself, but Dani pulled her hand away and told her to let her do this by herself.

This was all so new and exciting for Jade, she thought she was going to cum before Dani even touched her. Dani must have sensed this, because she stopped for a moment to allow Jade to calm down. Dani then moved down the bed to Jade's legs and spread them just wide enough for her to lay between them, looking right at her moist, pink pussy.

She moved in closer and just the feel of her sister's breath on her lips caused Jade to shudder with anticipation. She was ready to explode and it was driving her mad with desire. Dani knew to move slowly and gently kissed Jade's slit for the first time. After a few cautious licks along her slit, she spread the lips to better expose Jade's little clit.

After a few teasing licks, Dani established a slow but constant rhythm with her tongue. Jade's heavy, rapid breathing told Dani that she was nearing her climax. She slightly quickened the pace of her licking and pressed her mouth firmly over her sister's pussy and within moments, Jade's entire body went rigid as she grabbed Dani's head and came like shes never came before.

Both sisters were completely spent now, and they soon drifted off to sleep in a tender, loving embrace. After that experience, Jade started to ask Dani for sex nearly every night. Dani explained to her that what they have is very special, and to keep it special, they have to control the urge and just do it on special nights. Jade then told me that they only had sex once or twice a month after that night, and it remains special each time they do it together.

These two beautiful sisters are now two beautiful lovers. The bond they share is so true and so deep, it has actually brought me to tears just writing about it. A lot of people look down at sister love, but when it is done right, it is nothing short of magical.

I have so much more to write about, so I have decided to end part two now and start on part three next. Jade and I have still not gone a single day without talking for at least six hours, and sometimes as much as twelve hours a day. She constantly impresses me with her thoughts, knowledge and insight on so many different topics. We have so much fun together and she has turned into a total nut.

She makes me laugh every time we talk. Our conversations almost always turn towards sex and we both say whatever we are thinking about. We talk in detail about everything we want to do when we become lovers. Jade is a very sexual young lady, well beyond her age.

I have grown to love her like I've never loved before. I still find it difficult to believe that I have Jade in my life. She is beautiful in so many ways. We have discussed so many things about ourselves, our hopes and our fears, and I will write about it all in part three.

We still plan on meeting, and we know it will happen. We just don't know when or how. I hope to write about our first meeting in part three. Before I end this, I want to explain how I decided to write this story. After reading Double Trouble to Jade, she jokingly told me I should write a story myself. Then she suggested that I write it about the two of us. It seemed silly at first, but after I thought about it I realized that it would be interesting for people to read.

Not only did she inspire me to write, but she has also been a big part of the entire process. Simply put, it is just as much her story as it is mine and I could have never done it without her.