My Stepsisters Inner Slut Aidra Fox

My Stepsisters Inner Slut Aidra Fox
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Yukio's Adventures Part 2 **I want to take a moment to thank all the people who have taken the time to read my stories thus far and who have given me so much encouragement.

Your PM's and comments really have made me smile when I didn't think I was doing that well.

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Special thanks to JetiJah, workingman, Stillagood1, and BadinAGoodWay for their time and suggestions to a new writer. To all the Unknown people who took the time to rate my stories, thank you for taking the time to read them and to register your opinion.** At the end of the last story I had just finished having wild sex with Mr.

Fisher, my best friend Hillary's father. I was staying at her home overnight. I had gone to the kitchen to get water and one thing lead to another.

He father is a very handsome man, and I am not a good girl when it comes to sex. Sex is like a drug to me and always has been. We pick up the tales of my adventures at the end of Yukio's Adventures Part 1: I was slowly becoming aware of what we had done and of the world around us again.

I had no idea what would happen now. I lifted my head slowly, and looked at his eyes. He was looking down at me with a playful expression. "You are an unbelievable fuck Yukio. That was amazing." I just looked at him and leaned in and kissed his chin. I said "I guess I should not mention this to Hillary either." with a smile on my face.

"Not to Hillary, no." He had a strange expression in his eyes and was looking over my shoulder. I turned my head quickly. Standing there with her robe open, caressing herself, was Mrs. Fisher. She was cupping a breast and rubbing her wet pussy. She is a tall and lovely woman. She looks a lot like Hillary, only has more mature curves and her large D cup breasts are fuller than her daughter's.

She has the same long brown hair and startling green eyes that really grabbed a persons attention. Mrs. Fisher had just watched her husband fuck me hard and deep, using me like a fuck toy. I was straddling Mr. Fisher, naked, with his big cock still filling my eager pussy. Our combined juices leaking out of me. "That was so fucking hot Honey." She said to her husband. "I never imagined that sweet little Yukio was such a horny little bitch. Did you like fucking my husband you nasty little slut?" she asked me.

She never stopped caressing her breasts or fingering her pussy idly. She was looking at me with pure lust and I felt myself getting turned on.

"I loved fucking him. His cock is so big and he fucked me really well Mrs. Fisher." I replied. She looked positively rabid with lust and stopped caressing herself and walked toward us.

I felt myself tremble. I turned and looked back at Mr. Fisher and he smiled and pulled me to him kissing me hotly, his hands locked in my hair as he devoured my lips and tongue. Slowly I brought my hands up to his shoulders and kissed him back with all the passion I could muster. Mr Fisher was just as hot a fuck as he said I was.

The fact his seductive wife had seen us was kinky and nasty and heightened my arousal. As he and I shared our passionate kiss, I felt another pair of hands caressing me ass. Mrs. Fisher had arrived. When I felt her spread my ass cheeks and her tongue began licking my tight little ass I was in heaven and moan into her husbands mouth.

"Hot little bitch isn't she baby." she said. Her husband jerked my head back pulling my mouth off his and said "She is a very nasty little girl." Mr. Fisher leaned in and started sucking on my erect nipples holding me back by my hair. With my head bent backwards I saw Mrs. Fisher's face appear above me. She leaned down and started kissing me. As she did this I could feel her full breasts pushing into my head. I was on fire, knowing that this older man and woman were about to use my tight little teen body for their own personal playground.

Mr. fisher abruptly pulled away from my breasts and stood up. He carried me over to the counter we had began our fucking on and laid me back on it. He let me go and turned to his wife and they exchanged and hot kiss.

When he slapped her breast while kissing her she moaned into his mouth. I laid there and began fingering myself as I watched him slapping his wife's tits, alternating between them. I could see her skin was getting red from his slaps and from the way she was moaning she was loving it.

They stopped kissing and both stared at me with hunger in their eyes. Mr. Fisher said "Get the little slut ready" and slapped her ass. Mrs. Fisher gave him a playful growl and moved forward and grabbed my ankles, pulled me done and rolled me over onto my stomach. Just like her husband had fucked me earlier, she had me bent over the counter and my feet did not reach the floor.

She slapped my ass causing me to spasm and cry out. She laughed and spread my ass cheeks and started eating my ass like her life depended on it. Her tongue rimming my tight hole, then probing its way inside. I was writhing with the dirty pleasure of it, of having my best friends mother eating my tight ass.

Mr Fisher came up and grabbed my hair, pulling my face closer to his erect cock. He slapped my face lightly and said "Spit on my cock." I spit on his cock and on his balls as he lifted his cock up.

He locked his hands on my head and said "Open fuck slut." When I did so and he rammed his cock inside, making me gag on it. His big cock trying to force its way into my tiny throat was painful and made me keep gagging. He seemed to love this and kept forcing it in and out, telling me "Oh yeah, gag on that big white cock you nasty little slut". I could feel ropes of spit hanging from my mouth as he would pull all the way out and ram it back it. I could taste my own pussy juices at first, but less as my wet mouth was washing his cock clean.

Mrs. Fisher, who had never stopped eating my ass, slid two fingers inside and began fucking it while she slapped my ass.

"Fuck the little cunt's face dear. Keep fucking it, gag her." I could feel tears coming from my eyes and was gasping for air between his forceful thrusts. Mr. Fisher tightened his grip and shoved his cock all the way in saying "Take it, come on, relax and take it in your throat slut." He kept putting pressure on it and would not release me or pull out.

I could feel it started to go down and swallowed and it slid in and he rammed it down and held it there. I could not breath and was seeing stars. "Holy shit she did it, look!" he said to Mrs. Fisher. "Oh my God, Holy fuck that's hot." She sounded shocked and so did he. He pulled out and I gagged and coughed and fought to get air in my lungs.

I was crying hard as I had never had a cock that big and definitely not ramming down my throat. Mr. Fisher leaned down and kissed my cheek and said "Yukio you are one wild little slut. That was unreal." He let me go as I was laying there gasping for air.

Mrs. Fisher appeared in front on me and sat on the counter spreading her legs wide, revealing that gorgeous trimmed pussy just inches from my face. She took hold of my hair and slid closer to my face, lifting my mouth up to her pussy.

"Eat it." Mrs. Fisher said as she ground her pussy against my mouth. Bringing my arms up I wrapped them around her thighs pulling her even tighter into me, immersing myself in her sweet pussy. I started licking and fucking it with my tongue, enjoying how she tasted and her juices were flowing out freely into my eager mouth. She was twitching under me as I started to lick her clit when suddenly I felt something a lot bigger than a finger nudging at my anal opening. I started thrashing trying to move away from it, but between my feet dangling, Mr.

Fisher holding me in place from behind and Mrs. Fisher holding onto my head tightly I knew that I had no escape. He was going to fuck my tight little Asian ass and there was nothing I could do. Who am I kidding, I wanted him to but was afraid he was going to break me in half.

Mr. Fisher slapped my ass and gripped it tightly, not allowing me to move at all as he slowly and deliberately drove that big hard cock inch by long hard fucking inch deeper and deeper into my tight ass. Meanwhile, Mrs. Fisher held me tight and kept fucking against my face as I moaned out and almost cried into her pussy. When I felt his abdomen hard against my ass I thought the worst was over.

Then he started fucking my ass. He pinned me there and used his strength to make sure he could fuck my ass the way he wanted, deep and hard and without mercy. I could feel the pleasure coming through all the pain and started to like this. I had anal sex a few times before, but never like this. I began attacking the pussy Mrs Fisher was driving into my face.

I tongue fucked her as I was fucked hard in the ass by her husband. When I began making small figure eights with my tongue around her clit she went crazy. I was trying hard to focus on this as my ass was truly drilled by her husbands rampant cock. Just as Mrs Fisher was about to cum I seized her clit between my teeth and sucked on it savagely.

Her hips leapt upwards as I tightened my grip to keep her pussy against my mouth. She began crying out her passion. "Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkk!" she cried. Her juices flowed into my mouth tasting sweet and hot. Driven over the edge by the sight of his wife caught in the throes of a powerful orgasm Mr Fisher's proud cock throbbed in my ass and he grunted as he shot his hot cum deep into my ass, which began to spasm as I was sent to the heavens.

All three of us rode out our passion and were left limp and spent by it. As I hung off the end of the counter, Mr Fisher moved back and collapsed into a chair. Mrs. Fisher lay limply before me breathing hard.

I fought to get my breathing under control and could still feel waves of orgasm slowly ebbing away. Slowly pushing myself backwards I slid down until my feet touched the floor. Leaning on the counter for support, I could feel Mr. Fisher's cum slowly leaking from my ass, slowly flowing out of me.

Mrs. Fisher had not moved and was still resting on her back, her legs spread apart. I slowly turned around placing my back against the counter. Mr. Fisher was breathing hard and watching me with a strange look. It was not lust, not passion. I could see it now, he was beginning to look worried. He was probably realizing the exact extent of what he and his wife had done. I was clearly in pain and could clearly imagine what he saw in his eyes.

A completely disheveled, cum soaked, and exhausted 16 year old girl. Her face flushed and red from having been slapped, moving slowly and unable to stand on her own. His cum leaking from her stretched and painfully red ass, and her hair plastered against her sweat covered body. A girl who was his daughter's friend and the eldest child of Hoshi, his friend and business associate.

A little 16 year old Japanese girl who if she cried rape would absolutely be believed. As I was considering this I could see it in his eyes. He knew had had crossed over a line that was new to him. Despite anything I had said, or how much I enjoyed it. nothing could change the fact I was underage. Mr. Fisher slowly got out of the chair and moved over to his wife. His worry giving him new strength. He gently helped her sit up and helped her down and to a chair.

Remaining where I was I watched as he was whispering in her ear. I saw her eyes come fully open and she looked looked quickly and him and turned to look at me. She got herself up and walked over to me. She caressed my face gently and said "Are you okay Yukio?" She was probably actually worried about me, but I saw the same fear in her eyes.

I admit that it was kind of intoxicating and empowering to have these two in this situation. I would never report them, or say anything about this. We had enjoyed ourselves and quite honestly I was very satisfied.

Mrs. Fisher kept looking at me and caressing my face and took me to a chair and sat me down. She got up and got me a drink, a wine cooler. She opened it and placed it in front of me on the table.

Apparently my lack of words had them worried. I did not move on purpose and she slowly picked it up and brought it to my lips, gently tilting my head back and giving me a sip. She lowered it and kept caressing my hair. "Your going to be fine Yukio, I will help you. Don't worry sweetie. we are going to take care of you okay." I glanced at Mr. Fisher and he looked like he was going to have a heart attack.

Slowly turning my head and looking at her I said "Thank you Mrs. Fisher." and took another sip of my drink. She began gently massaging my shoulders as she began speaking "Your a wonderful young woman Yukio.

You helped us have the best sex of our marriage and we are so grateful to you for that. I hope you managed to enjoy it to. maybe we can make it up to you if you didn't have as many orgasms as you wanted." she was lightly laughing as she spoke. "I cannot believe how amazing you are" she continued "I don't know about my husband but I think your absolutely amazing and I really hope you liked what we all shared. We can do it differently if you ever want to play with us again." she concluded.

I did not say anything as I slowly sipped on my cooler. I knew full well they were speaking to each other over my head using their eyes. She was silent for a bit and knelt down beside me looking up into my eyes. "Would you like that Yukio? Would you ever like to play with us again?" Meeting her eyes with mine I said "I don't know." That was actually an honest answer, going back for seconds can be risky. I touched her hand that was on my thigh placing mine over hers. "Well we really hope you decide to.

We would love to show you how much we appreciate you sharing your beauty with us. Your a very special young lady." she said smiling up at me "Don't worry Mrs. Fisher. I'm not going to tell anyone anything, I swear.

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They won't understand. I would really like a shower and maybe some Advil please. My muscles are sore." I said looking into her beautiful green eyes smiling weakly.

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This was also the truth, I'm not a big girl and they had fucked me like a blow up doll. I would never turn on someone like that who had given me such pleasure and I had wanted it as much as they did. "I think I can do all that and more for you sweetie" Mrs. Fisher said smiling brightly. She kissed my forehead and turned to Mr. Fisher "Be a doll Honey and carry Yukio up to our bathroom so I can help her freshen up." she said.

He got up and came over and gently lifted me in his strong arms, cradling me against him gently. I was like a feather to him and knew it. As he carried me through the house and up the stairs to their luxurious room, Mrs. Fisher followed us. As he took me into the bathroom and set me down gently in an armchair he looked into my eyes and said "Are you sure your going to be okay baby?" I smiled at him and said "Yes. Don't worry Sir." He caressed my hair as Mrs.

Fisher got the shower ready. Mr. Fisher continued "Sorry I was so rough on you." I leaned forward and gently kissed his cheek and sat back again. He looked pretty relieved. Mrs. Fisher was as good as her word. She showered and bathed me tenderly and massaged away some of my aches. She was incredibly gentle and attentive. After she was done, I was seated back in the armchair wrapped in a warm terry cloth robe, while she gently dried and and brushed out my hair.

I was feeling really warm and content and I fell asleep. When I next opened my eyes I was laying in bed with Hillary again. The sun was streaming through the windows and she was stretching beside me. Hillary sat up and said "Wow it looks nice out." She got out of bed and went to the window and was looking outside. She turned around and saw bottles of water next to the bed. She got one and opened it and said "Did you get these for us?" I smiled and said "Yes". Honestly, I was so tired I could have gone right back to sleep.

Hillary jumped back on the bed and leaned in and kissed me softly. When the kiss ended she smiled so warmly at me "You were so amazing last night." Returning the warmth of her smile I said "You are very inspiring." She hugged me and said "Lets go get brunch and then we can swim and hang out until everyone comes over.

Maybe even head over to the Mall." She jumped off the bed and began getting some clothes. I realized that sleeping was not an option and got up. I put on yoga pants and a crop top and she did the same. We looked at each other and started to laugh. "Oh no, we dress the same." she said smiling. I laughed and followed her downstairs. She looked over at me and said "Did you already shower?" Smiling I said "Yes, after I went to get us water." "Wow, your good she said.

I will shower after we eat, I am soooooo hungry." We went into the kitchen and Marguerita served us brunch. The clock said it was just after eleven AM. Hillary, true to her word, ran upstairs to shower as I was finishing eating. Mr. and Mrs. Fisher came in and acted completely normal in front of the maid, wishing me a good morning and settling in to eat. They were both very well dressed and I learned had already packed for their overnight trip out of town for a wedding.

When Marguerita left the room Mr. Fisher reached into his suit coat pocket and took out a plain white envelope. He handed it to me saying "This is a little gift from us both. You were so amazing last night.

We wish we had time to actually buy you something this morning, but maybe you can take this and get something nice for yourself." They were both smiling as he spoke.

I opened the envelope. It contained twenty crisp new $100.00 bills. Holy shit they just gave me two thousand dollars raced through my mind. Does this make me a whore? My head came up fast and I looked at both of them searchingly. "Money?" I said. They both looked concerned and Mrs Fisher said "We are really sorry about it being cash sweetie, but we wanted to give you a gift.

Since we did not have time to buy you something special, we though cash might be a good idea. Particularly since, if we know our daughter, she is going to drag you to the Mall in the next few hours. It is a gift, nothing more. Its not a bad thing and we want you to understand that it is from both of us to show our appreciation." I looked at the money and slowly put it back in the envelope. Closing it, I slid it on the table towards them. "Thank you both so much, but you really didn't need to do that.

I can't even believe it and and cannot accept." I said. Mr. Fisher slid it back towards me and saying "Please, we realize it is not a proper gift and not what you truly deserve for giving us a priceless gift, but allow us this small demonstration of gratitude. However inadequate it is." I smiled at him.

He really was used to speaking to Japanese people. I wanted the money but had to refuse. Making one more attempt to decline I found it was just as gently and politely overcome. I accepted and place the envelope under my leg.

We ate as they chatted about the wedding, they said their goodbyes and were preparing to leave just as Hillary came back downstairs looking fresh and radiant. She was dressed in tight low rider jeans and a tight crop top bearing her midriff.

She looked so delicious I was not sure I wanted to leave the house, but kind of needed a break after last night.

I let them say their goodbyes and headed upstairs with the envelope. When I got there I quickly took Five hundred out and hid the rest in my bag. Dressing as quickly as I could I put on a black thong, matching black bra, and a black AC/DC cropped shirt that showed a nice amount of cleavage and left about an inch of my stomach exposed. The band logo was in silver. I pulled on blue jeans and black running shoes.

Looking in the mirror I thought I looked pretty good. After I put on some light makeup and perfume I headed downstairs. Hillary was attached to her cell phone again and was chatting, so I went and got a juice from the fridge. I walked to the window overlooking the pool and thought it would be nice to just lounge around. The Mall was more appealing than before since I was carry money in my pocket. My parents were always so careful about how much they gave me, not wanting to spoil me.

I would have to be careful about what I bought, nothing too flashy or I would be busted. Hillary came rushing into the kitchen and right over to me.

She was practically vibrating with excitement. "Okay so we are heading to the mall and guess who said he was going to meet us after he heard you were going?" I played really dumb to make her crazy and shrugged. "Hello. Michael is going!" I just stood there and she grabbed my shoulders "He really likes you!" I laughed and said "American girls are crazy!" She laughed with me and we he headed out to her car.

I don't know too many people my age who have a Mercedes given to them. Looking at her as we got in I realized she didn't know how lucky she was. This was normal too her, just part of the things she would come to expect in life. She would probably marry rich and keep living like this I thought. Then I felt badly because I knew I was jealous.

My parents would never buy me anything like this and it was wrong to be jealous of someones good fortune. As she drove she was playing music and talking on her cell, using a Bluetooth thank God, making sure everyone knew to come over tonight. She was really pushing it saying I would be there. This party sounded a lot bigger than the one her parents had agreed to. When I heard her talking about it being a BYOB I wondered what the hell she meant. When she was off the phone I asked "What is Bee-yob?" She looked really confused and said "Pardon?" "I do not understand what you mean by Bee-Yob?" I replied.

Hillary turned and looked at me saying "I have no idea what word your saying. can you spell it?" "B.Y.O.B, Bee-yob. What does this mean please?" I said calmly. Hillary burst open laughing and said "B.Y.O.B means Bring Your Own Beer." I nodded feeling kind of silly.

"Sorry, I didn't realize it was an acronym." I said. "Oh my God, that's hilarious." and she kept laughing.


I was feeling pretty foolish and she must of noticed. "Hey Yukio, I'm sorry. I forget sometimes that you are not from here and. ah shit I'm sorry." I smiled and said "It's okay. You forgetting is a kind of compliment." She was kind of embarrassed and said "I should not have laughed.

A friend would just explain it, not take pleasure in. I'm so stupid sometimes." "Yes you are but I would eat your pussy again anyway." I said giggling. Hillary laughed and said "It is so yours anytime you want it." When we pulled up at the Mall, we headed inside and I discovered our first stop was coffee.

I was happy to find that out. We stopped at Starbucks and, java in hand, headed around to the stores. Hillary obviously had no worries about spending using a credit card. I can't even remember everything she bought. I was careful about it, but when Is aw the chance to buy a new bikini I had to do it. I choose one that hugged my tits but made it look like they could break free. It had a nice rainbow pattern and the bottoms were tiny and tied with strings on each side. I thought I looked sexy in it and asked Hillary what she thought.

"Do me a favour" she said "Don't wear that tonight, you will steal all the attention." she said jokingly.

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"Seriously, very hot. Yum." Feeling I had accomplished all I needed to I just enjoyed the experience of spending time with a true shopaholic. Hillary said "Lets get some ice cream or something. Not food court. I know just the place, you will love it." We jumped in her car again and headed back onto the road.

She cut through a subdivision and we ended up pulling into a small creamery that had an ice cream shop attached. It looked like it was out of the 1950's or something, but was also kind of busy so I figured this was going to be fun. We went inside and I was right, it was busy, and it looked retro but cool inside.

I was standing with Hillary in the line waiting to order and looking around at all the people. I didn't see anyone who looked familiar. I noticed Hillary and I were attracting looks from the guys anyways. I looked back at Hillary and she said "Focus." and started laughing. I looked at the board and decided on a Blueberry Milkshake. Not really too adventurous, but I love blueberries. Hillary looked at me like I was wasting a trip here but didn't try and get me to try anything else.

We moved down the counter to pick up our order and and a couple of guys got up and started coming over to us. I looked at Hillary and she said "Not a problem." When they got to us she said "Sorry, we paid already, have places to go, were not interested and don't have time to let you try and tell us what a big mistake were making." They just stopped and started to stutter some kind of reply.

"And we only date guys who can actually speak in complete sentences." They walked away and I said "Do you even know them?" She nodded and explained "They go another school but I've seen them around. They are always trying to pick up." I did not reply as I tasted my shake, which was excellent, and walked back outside with her.

We walked off to the side and sat at a small picnic table there. Only a few other people were outside all our age. Were we joking about all the things "B.Y.O.B." could stand for when a older style car pulled up. I glanced at it and saw it was trying hard to be a "Classic Car".

Now, I don't know a lot about cars but this one looked kind like it had seen better days and was not going to recapture them soon. It was big, had four doors and was black in colour for the most part, with patches of light grey. I was glancing back to Hillary as two guys were opening the doors. I was not interested until I heard a voice I hated say "So the little bitch likes sucking on things." Getting off the picnic table quickly, I turned to face Jake. The same guy I had thrown to the floor at school earlier (See Part 1) and it looked a lot like he was planning on pay back for his being expelled.

Perhaps having been thrown around by a 5' tall Japanese girl was another reason he seemed unhappy with our reunion. The other teenagers sitting around eating ice cream did not move or say anything at all. Feeling no particular need to speak, I noted that Jake had a short metal pipe in his hand and was advancing on me. His intent to use the pipe on me seemed rather clear to me.

Hillary yelled "Are you fucking nuts Jake? Leave her alone!" She had also gotten to her feet, so I moved to put myself between her and Jake, reaching back with my right hand touching her lightly.

I needed to know exactly where she was and wanted to make sure she stayed behind me. A quick glance toward the other guy who got out of the car told me he was not going to get involved. He was standing close to the car smoking a cigarette he had just lit. He looked bored.

Returning my eyes to Jake I saw he had closed within ten feet and was slowing down. He was moving the pipe in his hand up and down like he was priming to use it. This was a bad situation. It was broad daylight, but no one had gone for help. My greatest problem was I didn't want Hillary getting hurt. I knew she could not fight. A couple of younger guys started getting up, one saying "Hey man what the fuck are you doing?" Jake's buddy yelled "Sit the fuck down or get cut you fucking queers!" He had a small knife in his hand and his cigarette hanging from his mouth.

Radiating menace and arrogance Jake moved toward us saying "You little slope cunt, no chance now bitch. All you had to do was be nice to the Jake, but you fucked up. now the Jake is going to fuck you up." He looked like he was waiting for me to beg for mercy. It would be a long wait.

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"What is done is done. You will not gain anything here, walk away." I said. He did not look as though he would walk away, but I had to try at least. "Bitch, walk away. Tell you what. you crawl over here and suck my cock and maybe, just maybe that will be enough" he said laughing. "I don't eat small bones" I said. That should get this started I thought. Sure enough it pissed Jake off. He had no composure and simply started charging forward intent on hitting me with the pipe.

I pushed Hillary back and she fell to the ground. I dove over the picnic table, and rolled coming back to my feet facing him. Jake had jumped on the table and I choose that moment to strike. I did a roundhouse kick, sweeping his legs from under him. He landed on his back on the table, the wind being knocked out of him with the impact, his arms going wide of his head. Quickly I punched his right forearm at the same time I grabbed the pipe from it.

He yelped and I jumped back. I turned to see the cigarette had fallen from his friend's mouth and he had a look of shock on his face. Sensing Jake moving I turned to see him rolling off the table onto his feet. He got into a fighting stance with his fists up like a boxer, his feet shoulder width apart with his right leg back slightly. He was moving toward me in this manner. Clearly his initial overconfidence was gone. I still had the pipe in my right hand and twirled it in my hand when he got close.

I stopped it and made a fast faint with my right arm. When Jake moved to block it with his left forearm, having fallen for it completely, I kicked his right fist using a snap kick. Given our difference in height this caused his fist to fly back into his own face.

Jake staggered back a step. I knew his hand hurt more than his face did. Before he could recover I dropped low and struck his right shin with the pipe, then jammed the end of the pipe down on the top of his foot. As he was starting to bend forward from this I rolled forwards through the space between his legs and kicked the back of his right knee when I stopped behind him.

This caused him to fall backwards and I rolled off to the left side. When he landed on his back I rolled hard right toward him and brought my elbow down hard on his chest. As I heard him cry out I rolled away and stood quickly. He was starting to roll to his side slowly to try and recover so I stomped him in the left thigh.

Given the abuse both legs and his right foot had suffered, among other things, I did not imagine he was going to be standing to quickly. At the same moment I heard Hillary yell "Behind You!" I knew someone was coming fast. Without looking I launched a leaping back kick.

It was perfection and hit Jake's friend right in the chest as he was about to grab me. He flew backward and landed on them ground flat. I stepped back and glanced behind me kicking Jake in the right thigh.

That done, I looked back at his friend. He had curled up on his side and was holding his chest. The knife laying about eight feet away from him. He appeared to have no interest in recovering it quickly I was about to toss the pipe to the ground and suggest to Hillary we leave when the back door of the car opened. A girl rushed out of the car and yelled "Tommy!!!" at the top of her lungs and was running over. She looked at me and said "You're dead you fucking cunt!" and ran at me.

She was totally out of control and was in a blind rage. I noticed she was about the same size as Hillary, at the same moment when my shake struck her in the face and burst open blinding her.

She promptly tripped over Tommy and fell face first onto the ground very hard and very messy, blueberry shake all over her. I turned and looked at Hillary. She was watching the girl.

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An amused smile was creeping onto my face when Hillary looked at me and said "Sorry, but that Skank needed to be taken down." Unable to help myself I started to laugh.

It was infectious and Hillary joined me. I heard a few "Holy shits" and one guy say "That was so fucking cool." Remembering the situation I looked down at Jake. He was laying on the ground holding his right thigh. Tommy was still curled up, and "Skank" seemed to have pretty much done herself in. I was about to smile at Hillary when I looked past her and saw a Police car coming up fast. I looked over at the store and saw some people had come outside. Thankfully, when the car stopped, the Officer got out and looked over the scene.

He relaxed and said something into his radio. As he walked toward us he saw Jake on the ground. The Officer shook his head and said "Bad day at the office Jake?" I don't think Jake's reply of "Fuck you Coughlin!" did him any favours. The officer laughed and said "I think your pretty much fucked enough for both of us Jake." He rolled Jake over and handcuffed him.

Other Officer's were arriving. It was all very quick actually. In no time Jake, Tommy and "Skank" were all handcuffed and seated in the rear seats of different Police cars. Some other Officer's were speaking to witnesses while I waited calmly with Hillary. Seeing Officer Coughlan approaching I stood up quickly. When he reached me he took his hat off and said "So you are the young lady I have to thank for all this paperwork." he was smiling at me and I decided he was not that scary all.

Actually at 6'2" tall, about 210lbs, and having nice brown eyes and looking amazing in his uniform, he was actually pretty hot looking. I nodded in response and said "Sorry Sir." He kept smiling and said "Well, I'm actually very happy things went the way the did. I'm glad you and Miss Fisher are okay." I realized Hillary was smiling at him as well and was probably thinking the same thing I was.

"Jake is rather well known to us and I really hope you will cooperate with charges and be willing to give me a statement." "I will give you whatever you need Sir." I said to him "I already let Jake off the hook once and I am not going to do that again." Officer Coughlin's eyebrows went up and he asked what I was talking about.

I relayed everything that had occurred at School and how it was handled at that time. He then took me into his car and I gave him a statement, which he typed on his laptop. I could not help but smile at him the entire time we spoke. He was so nice to me and made me laugh.

I definitely made him laugh when I told him about Hillary and the shake that took down "The Skank." When we were done he handed me his card with a report number on it and gave me some advice regarding court procedure.

While I was speaking to him I saw my parents arrive. I asked if he called them and he told me he had. We got out of the car as my parents came over to us. Once again they shocked me. They were very calm about the incident, especially when Officer Coughlin explained that I had been attacked while doing nothing more than enjoying an ice cream. He walked away with my parents and talked to them privately.

We have a very high respect for Police and I knew they would listen to him, whatever he said. My parents came over and made sure that Hillary and I were alright.

They left asking us to please go straight back to Hillary's. Her parents had been called as well and had already spoken with mine. Hillary and I got into her car and began to leave as Officer Coughlin came walking over to us.

I put my window down and he leaned in against it and said "You two be good. Yukio if you have any problems or questions you call me okay." He was smiling at me. I returned it saying "I will. I promise." We both watched as he turned and walked away, enjoying the view. We looked at each other and started laughing.

On the way back to her home we were joking about asking him to drop by and show us his night stick. When we arrived at the house and walked inside I was a kind of surprised. The house had been rearranged while we were out. A number of nice decorative vases, and other valuable breakable objects, has all been removed. Furniture had been move around and there was a large dancing area where the large dining room table had been.

A serving table had been set up, and I could see that clearly a bar was set up. Hillary looked around like she expected this and she walked out the back onto the large terrace and the deck area for the pool.

She was looking around and smiling. There were really nice patio chairs and benches set up around the deck. Torches were scattered around the edge of the landscaped area and I was shocked to see a small tent set up and two guys were working away setting up a music system.

Turning to face Hillary I said "I thought you told you parents it was just a few people, people we both knew?" Sensing the concern in my voice she turned to me and hugged me saying "it's okay, believe me they won't get mad. I am doing everything right. No one can get into my parents room or even mine, just the guests rooms.

Anything that anyone could break is safely locked up inside my Dad's office. Anything like cash or jewellery is locked up to.


I also have a professional cleaning service coming tomorrow so that the house is amazing when they come home. It won't put any extra strain on Marguerita because she knows the people cleaning and does not have to be here for it. I even arranged a catererer to bring stuff and over there." she turned pointing to a section of patio by a barbeque kitchen ".is where they are going to do the ribs and everything." She looked at me in earnest and said "I do this sometimes, they know about it.

Daddy gets the bill." I gave her a concerned look and she said "what?" "how many people are coming?" with a worried voice. "If everyone brings or invites who they are supposed to. maybe 125 to 150. It was kind of short notice." She said as she was thinking. "Oh, that's a lot of people. I don't know that many." I said kind of nervously. She hugged me again and said "You are going to have a blast!

You will be so busy meeting people and having a great time that you won't even notice." with a great deal of excitement in her voice.

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I just nodded. My parents would kill me if I did this. Admittedly I was not sure this was such a great idea given everything that had happened today. A thought occurred to me "What about security?" I asked. Hillary just laughed and said "Let's see, most of the football team will make it and we know who should and should not be here. Don't worry so much." "What am I supposed to wear?" I asked. "There is going to be swimming, dancing, and a lot of hot guys here.

especially Michael" she said winking at me "So you should wear a bikini under a light blouse and maybe a pair of shorts. Skip the heels, you won't need them. Oh my God the hot tub is going to be so much fun. I'm going to put bubble stuff in it." "Won't that wreck it?" I asked feeling like a prude.

Hillary just laughed and said "Don't worry so much, your like someones Mother or something." I just looked around and saw some young men and a couple of young women in caterers attire bringing things into the yard. One asked Hillary if she wanted them to set up in the usual place and she simply nodded at them.

Seeing the younger Spanish maid coming from the house I said to Hillary "What is her name?" Hillary said "Oh that's Carmen. She works weekends and will be around if we need her." I watched Carmen walk over to the caterers and speak to them. Hillary headed over to the two guys setting up the D.J. Booth. Standing there watching all of this going on I felt kind of guilty, like I should be helping to do something.

Hillary had finished speaking to the music people and was heading into the house. I looked over and Carmen an walked over to her. She looked over and saw me coming and made her way around the chairs to me. "Can I hep you with something Miss." she asked politely. Carmen is a very pretty woman, about 24 years old around 5'6" tall. With her long black hair up in a ponytail, her white pressed blouse looking so crisp, and her black pants hugging her long legs and a really nice bubble butt, she looked really good.

Her breasts were full and looked very firm. I could see a hint of her lace white bra underneath her blouse. She did not wear a lot of makeup, but then she really didn't need to. Her dusky skin was really attractive. "I don't know really. My name is Yukio" "That is a beautiful name, it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Carmen. What's the matter, maybe I can help" she said smiling. "Is there anything I can do to help, you all seem so busy." I replied. Carmen laughed lightly and said "You are very kind, but no.

It would not be appropriate." She saw I was about to say something and continued "Miss Fisher has hired people for this. I'm not even that busy, just making sure everyone knows where things are if they need them." Her smile spread further and she indicated with her head something behind me saying "Very inappropriate considering you are the guest not only of the Fisher's, but apparently the Guest of Honour." I looked behind me and could see three men hanging a banner from the back of the house that said "Welcome to America Yukio!" The banner was done in red, white, and blue.

I know I must have looked very surprised. Carmen gently placed a hand on my back and said "Have a good time tonight, it's you party." I turned my head to look at her and she was smiling brightly.

"Thank you Carmen." I said as she turned to go back to the caterers. I stood for a moment and just took in the scenery around, enjoying the beautiful weather, the lovely landscaping around me, and the undercurrent of excitement that could be felt around me. Even watching the people working seemed to be enjoying the day. Turning about I looked at the banner again. Reading it message I actually felt a lump in my throat. America is such a big country and I had seen next to nothing of it.

I was a complete stranger to Hillary and everyone else at the school a short time ago. I will never forget that day and will remember how wonderful it felt realizing that I was actually welcome. The people I had encountered may seem odd to me at times, may even frustrate me, but I was happy to be among such kind people. I was always going to love Japan and would go back often to visit, but this seemed like a very exciting beginning. Pulling myself back to reality I walked into the house and was nearly bowled over by Hillary.

"Did you see the banner?" she asked. "Yes, it is very beautiful and thank you." I said as I gave her a hug. "Ah damn" she said "I wanted it to be a surprise." "What do we do now?" Hillary handed me a vodka cooler and said "We have a drink while we get ready." We headed upstairs and into her room. I got out my new bikini and removed the tags. Glancing over at Hillary I saw she was stripping off her clothes and what can I say, I liked to see it.

As her gorgeous body was revealed I could not help myself and tackled her onto the bed. She was laughing and I turned her onto her stomach and leaned in. For shock value I put my teeth on her wonderfully firm and rounded ass and bit it lightly. She yelped and tried to turn over, and I was more than happy to help her. She kept laughing and saying "We have to get ready" until my mouth fastened onto her sweet pussy.

Suddenly getting ready seemed really lost it's urgency. I wrapped my arms around her thighs spreading them as I kick, kisses, nibbled and explored her sweetness. She was so responsive and I marvelled at how easy it was to know exactly what my beautiful friend wanted.

Inserting two fingers into her pussy I curled them and began massaging her G spot with a desire to bring her off hard and fast. I focused me tongue on her clit and slid my thumb down to tease her the tight little rosebud of her ass. In no time Hillary was gasping and moaning incoherently until her back arched and she convulsed in orgasm screaming my name.

She went rigid and then shuddered repeatedly as her orgasm crested and slowly began to release her from it's grip. I withdrew my fingers and kissed my way up until I reached her face. She was glowing and smiled at me contentedly. "Oh my God I don't think you are ever going to be allowed to go home. I am keeping you, yup your staying right here." Pausing between gentle kisses I said "I love doing that for you, are you happy?" Hillary looked at me and slid a hand up into my hair and gently pulled me down and kissed me long and with passion.

"If I was ever to fall for a woman, it would be you. You blow my mind Yukio, I don't even know where to start." she said as our kiss ended. Staring into her eyes I could see she was serious, the truth of it was radiating from her green eyes.

I gently kissed her again and said "Neither do I." She was one of the most stunningly beautiful girls I had ever met and I really was lost in those eyes. so green and so alluring. "Should we get ready?" I asked. She smiled and said "Yes, but we need to shower." She got up and took my hand and lead me to her large glass enclosed shower stall. She finished undressing me and had me sit on the counter. Leaning in she kissed me gently and then said "Last night you fucked me and worshipped me until I passed out, giving me the first real orgasms I have ever had.

Just now you gave me so much pleasure. You are so giving and you never even tried to ask me to return the favour. I'm doing it right now." She slid to her knees, and used her hands to spread my thighs apart. Looking up at me seductively she said "your pussy is so fucking beautiful." and she leaned forward and kissed it. I moved a hand to her head as she began licking me, passionately opening me up so she could get even further inside with her tongue.

I was already so turned on from earlier that I leaned back against the wall putting both hands on her head as I felt the sweet sensations she was causing began coursing through me. She used only her mouth for the longest time, bringing me to the brink, and holding me there teetering on the edge of orgasmic relief.

When she inserted to fingers and took my clit between her teeth my orgasm began to form and was coming at me like a speeding train. I arched my back and cried out when it hit.

I was squirting my juices into her face as she never let up. I was lost and soaring in heaven and she had brought me to this place. Coming back to earth I was still shuddering, my stomach muscles and legs twitching in post orgasmic release. Breathing really hard, I looked down at her. Hillary was licking her lips and said "Wow, that was epic." I had to agree. She helped me recover and we showered together taking time to kiss and caress each other.

We dried each other off and went and finished getting ready. Following Hillary's advice I wore my bikini under a loose tan coloured cotton blouse and a dark blue denim miniskirt. I put on my flat sandals as I was not comfortable wandering around in bare feet. We took time to give each other a manicure and pedicure, then painted our nails. This was of course accompanied by music, more coolers and a lot of laughter.

When we went downstairs we were just in time. People had started to arrive for the party and it looks like it will be a good one!