Totally toy fucked Rino Asuka puts her lips around cock

Totally toy fucked Rino Asuka puts her lips around cock
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Surprise First at a Rest Stop The night was dark and moonless and it seemed I had been driving my little beater of a car forever down this virtually deserted two lane highway. It was now about 2:30 am and despite that, it was still surprisingly warm as I ticked off mile after mile though the barren sage brush plains. Warm enough in fact that my thin, smooth, 19 year old and very boyish body was attired only in a pair of jogging shorts and sneakers.

Sweat still beaded up on my skin since the air conditioner in this junk heap had gone out. Gas may have been keeping the car running but I was being powered by the caffeine of energy drinks. But what goes in must eventually come out and my bladder had been telling me for some time it needed relief.

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I had considered just pulling over and doing the deed on the side of the road but there were two problems with that. One was I had been warned by a local at my last gas stop that this stretch attracted a great many rattlesnakes at night who liked to warm their bellies on the pavement.

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The other was that the shorts I had on didn't have a fly so I would have to drop them and be butt naked while I took my piss. Just when I had almost consigned myself to having to do this despite the risks, a most welcome sign appeared in my headlights saying," Rest Area One Mile".

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I could hardly believe my luck and it seemed a very long mile indeed. Finally it appeared and I pulled in and parked in front of the rather small restroom building whose lights seemed like a beacon of hope.

The sound of chirping crickets was nearly deafening as I got out, briefly stretched, and then almost sprinted to the men's room. The room was an older style and fairly small, with beige tiled walls, two wash basins were directly ahead of me as I entered, about two feet to their left the were two small porcelain urinals, and to their left was a single toilet with a partition but no door.

I made a beeline to the first urinal and it being the middle of the night, I didn't hesitate at all in dropping my shorts to the floor and standing virtually naked before the porcelain savior before me. I relaxed my bladder and the yellow stream started to flow from my dick. It kept going and going, and I felt increasingly better as it did so.

Then I thought I heard something over the din of the crickets. To my amazement and horror I knew that two guys had just entered, but I was still in midstream and didn't want to stop even though I knew they were getting an eyeful of my very naked butt. I didn't want to acknowledge them so I just stared straight ahead or down at my dick. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed some movement. One of the guys was at the wash basin to my right and his big hand and forearm got a bunch of liquid soap from the dispenser.

I didn't really think anything of it at first then it seemed a bit odd when he didn't turn the water on. He finished whatever he was doing and disappeared behind me. Now, after what may have been the best piss of my young life I shuffled backwards a bit and bent way over to pull up my shorts. That's when it happened. A strong, powerful hand held my back so I couldn't stand up as a deep masculine voice commanded, "Leave em down." Now I was really scared. "HUH? WHAT are you DOING?!" I exclaimed.

"Relax", came the response.

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Then I felt something between the smooth sweaty globes of my buttocks and before I could fully comprehend what was going on or the implications, a slippery, soap-covered finger plunged all the way into butthole! "OH MY GOD!!! YOU CAN"T DO THAT!" I blurted, not believing what was going on.

It was really weird and I was scared out of my mind, but the most disturbing thing was it actually felt, well… GOOD?!

It started moving around in me, probing, exploring, and moving in and out.


"You like it don't you? You love having my finger up your ass DON"T YOU?!" the voice said as if it already knew the answer. "COME ON! BE HONEST BOY! His finger started caressing my prostate which sent shivers through my whole body and I involuntarily gasped "YES!".

Now a second finger joined the first stretching my hole a bit more. "That's real good kid because your butt is about to get something a LOT more interesting than a FINGER!" He said pulling them both out. The other guy's hands now held me and I heard the soap dispenser again.

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I was so naïve I still didn't really know for sure what was coming next though I think a part of me suspected. Still bent over and naked I waited trembling from anticipation and dread. "Ok kid, breath deep and relax your ass" he said as I felt something much larger than a finger touch my anus! It started pushing and retreating, working gradually deeper each time. Nervous as hell I nonetheless did as he said and tried to relax my reluctant butt. I took a huge breath and exhaled slowly as by body dropped its last futile defense.

The big, bulbous tip slipped past my sphincter and his entire cock sank to the hilt in the hot, soft confines of my RECTUM! The sensations of pleasure were like nothing I had ever imagined! We both let out a loud gasp. "YOU OK BOY?!

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" he asked starting to hump me. "Yeah" I just managed to say. "You love this too don't you? YOU LOVE GETTING FUCKED IN YOUR NAUGHTY LITTLE ASS DON"T YOU?!" he demanded. SAY IT!" "YES!" I said in all honesty. He relentlessly pounded into me and my back was starting to get sore from bending over when he grunted loudly and I felt him shoot his seed far into my bowels.

After the very last spurt ended he pulled his dripping dick out of my rear and stepped back. It was the other guy's turn.


He made me step out of the shorts that had puddled at my feet and had me bend over and brace myself against the wall between the urinals. This was a lot easier on my back and I was actually kind of missing having a cock in me. That was about to be remedied. I felt the tip of another organ being positioned against my now well-used anus. It started pushing and I could tell it was bigger than the last guy's.

My hole by now was thankfully loosened up and stretched to accommodate the new intruder with relative ease. Big hands gripped my hips and his penis slowly slid deeper, and deeper and deeper still into my sweaty young bottom.


Nothing had ever probed so far into me! And it felt amazing! This guy didn't say anything, he was all business, and that business was fucking my brains out. He plunged in and out of my butt with reckless abandon.

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The piston of a race car would have been envious! The first guy reached around and started jerking my erect cock with his hand. Between that and the big cock in my backside it was sensory overload. The guy grabbed my hips extra hard thrusting as deep as he could and spewed his semen into the sensitive cavern of my rectum! It was too much for me and my own cock pulsed and shot my load all over the tile floor!

The cock was pulled from my behind and they tossed my shorts into the far end of the toilet area. I was told not to move as they dressed.

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They left the building and I never had a clear view of the guys who had just taken my anal virginity. I put my shorts on and left. I didn't know what to make of the experience. Was it rape? I had actually enjoyed it and didn't struggle so maybe it wasn't.

Maybe it started that way and ended with my cooperation. Was I now gay or bi? All I could say for sure was that I had never experienced such pleasure and excitement in my life. And I wanted more!