Tall dude fucks blonde cab driver

Tall dude fucks blonde cab driver
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As I walked in, the smell of the body oil and extravagant flowers filled my lungs. The lighting was perfectly dim, it gave off a warm environment, perfect for the massage. By the time I came in, you were already laying there, naked, with the towel across your back and covering your perfect curves.

Your hair in a messy bun. It was the most amazing sight to walk in on, you were the most beautiful client I had. I walked over to you and covered my hand in oil, I rubbed my fingertips across your shoulder blades to get you used to my touch.


Once I was confident that you were, I pushed harder against your back, pushing my palms and fingers a little harder against you. You let out little sighs and it was the most intoxicating sound I had ever heard. But I had to stay focused. Stay professional. I worked my way throughout your entire back, covering it in the warm oil. You loved it and so did I. I slid my hands back up past your shoulder blades and down your arms, massaging and grasping them all the way down to your wrists.

I needed more oil as my hands were gradually drying. Once I was satisfied, I started on your hands again. Your palm, fingers, wrists, every inch. I moved to your calves and rolled my hands over them, focusing on getting out any knots. Finally I slid down to your feet, massaging every inch of them. You seemed ticklish so I moved on quickly. I had you flip onto your stomach as I gave you a towel so both your breasts and your vagina were covered. I started on your stomach, using my fingertips for a gentler approach.

Your skin was perfect, your body was perfect, and I didn't want it to end, I could do this for years. I refocused and started back at your chest and used my thumbs to push just hard enough. When I went back up to your shoulders, I accidentally knocked the towel off one of your breast.

You opened your eyes and saw the subtle fear on my face. You took the towel all the way off and said "go ahead" and closed your eyes. I was shocked and my heart was pounding. They were incredible.but I needed to stay professional as hard as it was and how hard you were secretly making me.


My hands immediately started rubbing and squeezing them. They felt so perfect in my hands, as if they were meant to be held by me. I realized I had already spent five minutes on them and tried to bring myself back to reality by deciding to move on.

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I headed back down to your thighs, then your knees, calves, and finally feet. As I worked back up to your thighs, I looked at the towel and my mind began to race."could I do it?" " would she care?".I decided that I'd go further and further up your leg until you stopped me. As I inched toward the towel I got more and more nervous.

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After about 10 seconds I was at the towel and you hadn't even flinched, so I positioned my hand so that i barely touched your vagina. You just let out a slight quiet gasp and grabbed the sheets.

You were ready for me. I couldnt hold back anymore, the professional was gone, I needed you. Now. I moved my hand under the towel and began rubbing you. Your breathing got faster, and you started letting out quiet moans. I slid a finger into you and a loud gasp escaped your mouth.

You looked at me with so much lust, I felt the boiling warm feeling in my loins grow to a dangerous level. As I pushed my finger in and out of you, you looked down between my legs and grabbed me. It sent shivers throughout my whole body. I started getting faster and you squeezed harder.it felt so good and I could tell you were also loving my touch. After a few minutes, you grabbed the sheets and started rolling your hips and I knew you were so close to cumming.

I fingered you as fast as I could and used my other hand to massage your breast. You let out a whimper as you squeezed your eyes shut and I knew you came for me. I got slower until I finally stopped and pulled my finger out of you.

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You smiled at me and I had you flip over onto your side. Once you were there, I had you bend your leg up. I started rubbing my hand between your legs and you rolled your hips.

The fire was burning uncontrollably, no more waiting. without you knowing I unbuttoned my pants and rubbed oil onto the tip of myself and in one quick careful motion, I rolled you into me and it slid all the way into you.

You grabbed my hip and screamed my name. Oh my god you felt so good.

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So warm. So Wet. I pushed in and out of you, overtaken by lust and pleasure.

You looked up at me and moaned with every thrust. We continued like this for so long I lost track. Oh god I was getting close. You saw the look on my face and knew I was seconds away from cumming. You told me how bad you wanted it.

With those words I couldn't hold it back, I pulled out and it shot across your hip and onto your side, it felt so good I was shaking. There was so much. I leaned down and we made out for a few seconds.

Then I cleaned up with the towels. You got dressed and slipped me your number as we kissed goodbye.

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A few hours later I texted you and after a few short minutes you said you were coming over tonight for round two.