Teenie takes off her garments to drill twat in a solo action

Teenie takes off her garments to drill twat in a solo action
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I can't believe how stupid I been! This could be the big break I've been dying for since I graduated Delmar Academy two years ago.

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One impulsive decision can unravel all I worked for, getting me blacklisted in the industry. Now one of the most influential producer has me in his office waiting my fate! "You know I should outright fire you young lady!" A knock on the door interrupts my reply, then it opens and a head can be seen "You wanted me Jerry?" Looking to the door "Ah Grayson, I need you to escort this young lady to your trailer and see if anything is missing!" Waying her out of his office as the phone on his desk rings.

Oh fuck, I can't believe that I'm in his presence, my childhood idol, Grayson Cartier, Mr. Doug Innis from my favorite show 'Glenvale Academy'. Right now I can't believe that he is escorting me to the scene of my shame, talking to me like we were friends. "Hey relax, I'm sure it's all a big mistake, you probably meant to get into Clooney's or Pitt's trailer instead of mine." His smile makes me relax a bit on to tense up once more as he takes me by the elbow guiding me up the steps of his trailer.

As I cross the threshold "Damn nice!" turning to see what he's looking at, finding him staring up at me a huge smile on his face and in his eyes. Oh my god he's checking me out!

"Hey like usual Jerry never introduced us I"m…!" 'You're Grayson Cartier three time winner of BAFTA Television Best Male Actor!" I blurt out like a starstruck girl instead of a confident 44 year old. "Yeah big deal right?" Still smiling at me "I know you're with the makeup department, but never caught your name before!" "Caitlyn Morrow!" His hand shoots out, I take it and we shake like long lost friend, His firm but tender mine shaking from nerves and excitement of actually touching my idol.

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I can't look at him as the memory of the last time I was in her. I can feel the blush of shame travelling from my toes straight to the top of me head. "Oh wow and I thought you were pretty in your nervous state but blushing your Bloody adorable!" his turn to blush " "Oh god pardon my language!" He still hd a firm hold on my hand as he leads me over to the small divan.

He has me sit down before joining me "So want to tell me why Jerry is in a snit?" "For something I did earlier today, after the last person left the makeup room!" finally getting the nerve up to look him eye to eye. His brownish green eyes seem to be gazing back into mine as they connect. Inside I feel my insides turning to liquid.

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Taking a breath before starting my tale --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our eyes connect and suddenly i'm feeling myself drowning in the pool of her eyes.

Down I go not wanting to come back to the surface. Her words start and all I can understand is she was here!.

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No One has ever trapped me with eyes like she has. "I'm so sorry that I was caught like that!" Coming back to reality "I'm sorry caught how?" Trying to act like I didn't understand what she was explaining "On your bed, clad only in stocking mesh bodysuit!" Her blush deepens as my eyes widen taking in her as she sits there in a royal blue t-shirt and cut-off shorts, Creamy white flesh against the dark brown fabric of the divan inflames my desire to see her in that body suit.

"Damn too bad I wasn't here!" moving closer to her "Say Caitlyn you wouldn't happen to mind recreating how you were caught would you?" damn if she blushes any further she'll set this place on fire like she done to my desire to have her.

Leaning in closer "My god you bloody beautiful!" Kissing her on the lips, then butterfly kissing her chin, down her neck. Stopping, pulling away "God I'm so sorry!" A quiet "I'm Not!" her hands going to the tail of her t-shirt I can't help but to drop my eyes watching, my mouth watering as she lifts the t-shirt revealing the toned six pack stomach and giving me just a slight hint of bare breast.


The hight her t-shirt goes the wider my eyes get, my mouth goes from watering to straight drool! God i want her! Standing up I reach for her, lifting her up into my arms, carrying her into the back of the trailer to the bed She offers no resistance as I lay her down on the mattress my hand cupping the breast flesh through the mesh, the nipple jutting through the open spaces of the mesh.

My mouth descending onto the left one like a heat seeking missile into the contrail of a jet fighter. The ultra sweet taste of her flesh drives me to get bolder. My hand undo her shorts, sliding them down her long slender sexy legs.

Cupping her venus mound through the mesh, feeling the heat and wetness contained within. Tracing her pussy lips, gently stimulating them before sliding inside to do the same to her clit. My mouth working her nipples alternatively, her pussy being fingered has her squirming under me attentions.

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"Pleaseee take meeee!!" as my hand becomes wet and sticky, "I would have to tear the mesh!" in my mind I already rip it clean off "Tear it!, cut it!, just do it! And take meee!" Doing as we both want, using two fingers to render a large enough hole to fuck her through. Dropping my pants and underwear, climbing onto the mattress and atop her, my cock at her mouth while I bury my mouth hard onto her pussy.

Sounds of slurping, moans of pleasure rush through the air, minutes pass before each of us anoint the other with their juice. Repositioning myself, gazing into her eyes, Gently working my hard cock into her warm moist slit. "Bloody jesus this is pure heaven!" starting to piston in and out of the single greatest pussy I've ever had the pleasure to fuck.

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Passionately using different stroke lengths and speed, her breath meeting my own as we both try to hold out to increase our pleasure. Then the most explosive climax I've ever had occurs.

Feeling like cum was gushing out from the tip, the sides of my shaft feeling like they being torn asunder so more cum could leave for it's new home!

Finally over, collapsing down ,rolling off to the right, she rolling into my chest, both of us unable to speak until our breathing is back to normal. A glance at a small clock telling that an hour and a half has eclipsed since I escorted Caitlyn from Jerry's office.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another hour passes as we lay there covered, entwined in each other's arms.

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Getting up to find my pants, "Caitlyn will you go to my place and wait for me to come home?" Takin out my keys passing then to her. Looking up from under the cover 'If you want me!" "What that didn't show you how much I want you?" A smile on her face "Alright but what about Mr. Duran?" "Leave him to me!" leaning down kissing her again before leaving to settle things with Jerry. Going directly to his office, knocking on the door "COME IN!" walking in taking a seat across from him at his desk "So Grayson was anything taken?" "Yeah and if she willing she can take it again and again anytime she wants to!" A confused look on his face.


"And what the hell does that means?" "Means I got me a new makeup girl from now on! Getting up leaving with the widest smile on my face The end