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TGirl 3 Teil angefordert
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Bestie's Bride I lay there, my life draining from me, from the four bullet holes in my torso looking up at my best friend in the world and wondering how a person gets to this point. 3 months earlier…&hellip. Juanita and I hit it off from the start. I had started at a new school with a small staff and did not really click with anyone within my first year and so it was a breath of fresh air the next year when Juanita started and we very quickly became friends.

Juanita was good looking but not spectacular, it was her inner beauty that made people love her, she was truly a blessing to all around her. While I acknowledged her fine physical attributes I managed to keep our friendship quite professional other than the very occasional daydream of her coming into my office and seducing me. We did not see each other socially until her husband started working with us two years after Juanita had come to the school. Sam was a great guy. Fantastic enthusiasm for everything he was involved in and a contagiously friendly manner.

It was not long before Sam and I had become best mates and partners in crime so to speak. Together Sam and Juanita looked like the tiny little bride and groom straight off the top of the most gorgeous wedding cake. Sam was around 5,5 and Juanita 5,2 and both of them had the most beautiful shade of skin. Being Spanish they were darker than me to start with but they also, having such a zest for life and the outdoors were permanently tanned to the most glorious dark olive colour.

Sam and Juanita invited my girlfriend Emma and me out to dinner almost immediately. We went to a charming little Korean barbeque Restaurant and shared a fantastic meal. We left the restaurant at 11 o'clock feeling like we had barely arrived as we had such an incredible night. Sam and Juanita told stories of their family back home and how they came to live in Australia.

They shared experiences of how they started out so humbly, working in kitchens and paid their way through teachers college to get to where they were now. Our friendship grew and continued to grow as we worked together and spent more time out of work together. I guess over time I lost interest in Emma and we kind of stopped seeing each other without anything being said.

We remained friends but I guess we both saw ourselves heading in different directions. To be truthful there was someone else in my life and my feelings for her were growing stronger every day. I knew I could never have Juanita but I adored her, I adored both her and Sam, how did I let this happen? How could I? I threw myself into my work and stopped going out with them socially.

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Sam and I were still great mates ate school but I avoided Juanita at all costs. Then one night it happened, fate threw me a curveball I just did not see coming. I needed to prepare food for three hundred guests and my right hand man was on camp with a bunch of students. Juanita was assigned to assist me in the kitchen in Sam's place.

It started out a lot of fun. "This is great Ben, I haven't seen much of you lately, it is so cool we can finally catch up" Juanita beamed. I couldn't keep my eyes off her and my heart raced all night. Every smile and every joke that she made increased my inner turmoil more and more and lead to the horrible decision, the action I never wanted to be capable off.

We were finishing up in the kitchen and the only people left in the school when Juanita cocked her head to one side and said "Ben tonight has been wonderful, I'm so glad we got to do this together" "I love you" was my response She threw a ttowel at me thinking I was kidding with her and went to pick up her bag.

I grabbed her arm and said "I wasn't kidding; I guess I have loved you since I met you" "But Ben you can't, we are friends, you and Sam are friends, just friends that's all" she said nervous and confused.

"I know but I love you and I have to have you" I said tightening my grip on her arm. "No you DON'T" she said angrily pulling her arm free of my grip. "Juanita" I said as I walked over and locked the door "I have to have you. I am losing sleep, I hardly eat, and all I think of day and night is being with you" She heard the click and started to cry "What are you doing?" she cried "Please come to me and tell me that you love me too" She ran for the door but I caught her by the arm and twisted it behind her back.

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"Oh god, please don't Ben. You don't love me" she cried in pain as she struggled in front of me. "I do, I do love you" I said as I span around and tried to kiss her. She turned her head away and sobbed even louder. "This is wrong Ben, please don't do this" I pushed her backward across the clean bench behind us as she wept bitterly and struggled uselessly against me to get free.

Finally she became exhausted from struggling so I pushed her skirt up past her hips and tore her panties from her body. "Oh god no, pleeeeease" she sobbed I pushed her shirt and bra up roughly then lent over her and kissed, sucked and bit her gorgeous little tits. Her nipples were the dark chocolate brown colour I had always imagined they would be and even tastier.

"Noooooohoho" she wailed as I feasted on her soft smooth flesh greedily. I put a big hand across one arm pinning it to her stomach and her to the bench while I undid and dropped my pants.

"Oh god, I'm begging you no" "You are so beautiful Juanita, I love you so much and you will see, just relax and let me show you" She refused to look down at my throbbing hard cock as I lined it up with her pussy.

I leaned in and opened her lips with a finger and thumb and spat twice into her pussy and then stood back up still holding her with one hand and rubbing my bulbous head up and down her slit with the other. She felt the tip slip in and thrust a curled finger into her mouth and bit down on it and closed her eyes tightly as I pushed into her.

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I could tell by her pain that I must have been much bigger than my buddy, well much wider at least. When my cock nudged her cervix her eyes nearly bugged out of her head and she started bawling as her body betrayed her and shuddered through her first orgasm.

I began thrusting in and out watching her beautiful face grimace in pain as I stretched her tiny pussy around my monster. Even in pain she took my breath away. Her small but beautiful tits jiggled as I began pounding her. She growled and sobbed her way through another orgasm and then another as I continued my relentless attack on her pussy.

I saw blood start to run from the finger she was biting on as she clamped down harder on it in attempt to fight off another orgasm but she could not. Her arm flopped down on the bench and she stopped struggling and just lay helplessly staring at the wall while I hammered her inside out. After a few minutes I felt my balls tingle and then it felt like they were on fire. The pressure grew more intense and then I stood tall and thrust my hips forward so that I was as far inside her as I could be as I exploded firing thick warm cum into her stomach and coating her insides.

I continued to pump in and out until every last drop was squeezed by her incredibly tight pussy out of my cock and then slid out. I bent over her and kissed her stomach just above where I imagined my semen was and then pulled up my pants. "I love you" I said quietly She held her torn clothes closed at the front of her and ran from the room sobbing.

I picked up a couple of bottles of cheap scotch on the way home and drank myself stupid at home. I rang work before I was completely out of it and let t hem know I would not be in tomorrow and continued to drink.

All that night and the next day I waited expecting the police to arrive and take me away. I thought about ringing Sam or Juanita and apologising, as useless as that sounded, I did not know what else I could do, and Sam was still away.

No police arrived and I could not dig up the courage to call anyone. I did however dig up the courage to go into work the following day. I did not see Juanita all day and was kind of glad for that fact.

I stayed back later and caught up on a few things I was now behind on in the kitchen. I was in no hurry to go home and think about the woman I had destroyed, the woman I loved or the friendships I had lost.

To my surprise I heard keys in the door and then footsteps into the room. I did not turn but instead braced myself for the feeling of cold steel piercing my skin from behind and ripping through me like I deserved. Instead I heard a quiet voice say "I will never forgive you for what you have done to me" Juanita was right behind me now.

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I turned and struggled for words and then she shocked me by opening and dropping the dress she was wearing to the floor, she was wearing nothing underneath. She stepped out of it and laid back across the bench, the same bench I had ravaged her on last night.

She lifted her legs and placed her feet on the bench and dropped her knees wide apart giving me full access to her. Confused I did not react for a couple of minutes. Finally I bent over and kissed her pussy softly and tenderly several times. Then I separated her lips with my probing tongue as it slid up and down her slit. She closed her eyes and stared blankly at the wall as I licked and sucked her to her first orgasm.

Her body shook and fired juice into my face but her face still stared blankly at the wall. Her eyed flickering as she came was the only noticeable response. I released my throbbing cock from my pants and entered her eagerly. She just lay there biting at her now bandaged finger and blinking whenever an orgasm swept through her delicious body "ungh, ungh, UNGH" she grunted as her body convulsed in orgasm as I too exploded inside her I was still lost for words as she stood and got dressed without looking at me.

"I hate you, you bastard" she said looking at me and then she turned and left. I dropped to my knees sobbing. I was so screwed up. What the hell had I done and how was I going to live with myself. Sam got home from camp and for days I waited for world war 3 to erupt but nothing.

It was like nothing had happened and I guessed that Juanita could not bring herself to tell him. I had just settled down to a fresh bottle of scotch one night when there was a knock at the door. Of course I expected Sam armed with some sort of weapon but it was Juanita. She did not wait to be invited in she just barged past me into the lounge and stared at me briefly and then shed her clothes again.

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"Juanita what. "How dare you ask me questions, you did this to me now shut up and fuck me" I was already in enough turmoil I didn't want to add to it but if this is what Juanita wanted or needed I had no right to keep it from her after what I had done.

I crossed the room and removed my clothes and kicked them to the side. Juanita surprised me by dropping to her knees and taking my cock into her mouth. I had dreamed for so long of this day and now it had arrived, however my heart was breaking for the way it had come about.


I kept expecting Sam to burst through the door with a baseball bat or a gun but it did not happen. Weeks went by and this continued.

I was managing at work but each day when I got home I would fall to pieces. Juanita looked terrible at work. She lost weight and didn't eat.


She stopped taking a pride in her appearance and she was merely surviving. She was definitely a far cry from the enthusiastic energetic bride Sam had left at home when he went off to camp. Sam became worried and he started asking me as a friend what to do, he confided in me and even pinpointed the time of her beginning her downward spiral to the camp and I gutlessly and selfishly had the nerve to tell him he should not have left her alone at home.

Sam started to blame himself and his mental and physical health started to slide as well. Sam and Juanita were asked to take a leave of absence by the school as it was obvious there were some personal issues to deal with.

This multiplied my guilt and grief and in desperation I decided I would break it off with Juanita and come clean and do whatever I could to help the friends I had destroyed so selfishly. I picked a time I knew that Sam would be out for the night with his soccer club and drove to their house.

Juanita let me in and began loosening her gown when I stopped her. "This has got to stop" I said. "Stop? Stop? It cannot and will not stop!" Juanita said "I am sorry I.I.raped you. I am sorrier than you could know. I just want to stop all of this and fix the hurt I have caused you and Sam" "If you really want to help then fuck me, FUCK MEEEEEE" she screamed I had to restrain her and put my hand over her mouth as she went berserk and started screaming wildly and hitting me.


When she was exhausted she slumped to the ground in tears. "I need you, I need yooooooou. Please fill me with your cock." She whined "You did this to me with your fucking big cock, now fuck me" "I know, I know but I can't stand what this is doing to Sam and to you" She sniffed and then got up and walked out of the room without looking at me.

I stood startled at her reaction and hoping I had convinced her. I stood with my head in my hands Click "Get your fucking clothes off" Juanita ordered, her voice and hands shaking as she aimed the pistol at me. At one time I would never believe the scene happening right now was possible, I didn't think Juanita was capable but now I did exactly as she ordered.

"Now lie on the floor, no, no, on your back, and lie on top of your hands" It hurt like crazy but I did as she said. She slid between my legs and shoved the gun hard into my ball sack as her mouth slid over my limp cock. Sweat was pouring out of me. "Calm down I don't want you dead I just want your huge cock inside me" "Than please put down the gun, I will do whatever you want, I owe you that" She looked at me and hesitated then put the gun on the coffee table next to us.

I closed my eyes and went hard in her mouth as it slid up and down my length. Before long she lowered herself onto me and started slamming down on me, her gorgeous little tits bouncing in my face as she did. She let me slip my hands out from underneath and I started squeezing and kneading her tits. She closed her eyes and rode forward and backward on me. It felt incredible her cunt was still tight around my cock and she was pushing me toward an early orgasm for sure.

I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to hold off. BANG. The first gunshot went off. I opened my eyes to see Juanita wide-eyed and drop jawed with a hole in the middle of her chest between her tits. "FUCK" I screamed and looked at the coffee table where the gun had been BANG. The second bullet hit Juanita in the face right in the middle of the forehead and sent her toppling off me and onto the floor. I went to stand up and for the first time saw Sam looking like a man possessed with the pistol aimed at my chest.

I tried to jump out of the way as he squeezed the trigger and felt the bullet hit me just above the right hip. The fourth and fifth bullet hit me in the right arm and shoulder.

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The last bullet which I'm sure was meant for my heart smashed my left collarbone to pieces and dropped me across the coffee table which gave way on two legs and sent me rolling into Sam's feet.

Sam dropped the emptied gun on the floor in front of me and backed himself toward the sofa behind him. He collapsed in the chair sobbing, and looking at the gun and the scene before him in disbelief. I dragged my right arm around as I heard sirens in the distance and grabbed the gun. I did my best to clear off any prints left on the gun and then squeezed a few empty rounds off so that mine were the only prints left.

Sam got up and staggered across the room toward Juanita and collapsed next to her. He lifted her lifeless body to his chest and howled in agony. Just then the police burst through the door. I aimed the empty gun straight at one of the officers as screams of "Put the gun down" echoed across the room. "I'm sorry Sam" I said "I'm sorry, I raped her and I'm sorry I killed her" With that I looked straight down the barrel of the closest officers gun and squeezed the trigger of my own empty pistol BANG.