Keral old man fuck with teen girl

Keral old man fuck with teen girl
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I lay reclining on the leather sofa, my legs stretched out in front of me, an overstuffed pillow behind my back. I sigh wiggling my bare toes, stretching my tired muscles. I reach my arm behind me, catching the glass off the table. Bringing it forward I swirl the amber liquid in the glass, hearing the clink of the ice as it slowly melts. I lower my eyelids, hiding my green eyes behind my lids, I let my eyes follow my hand placing the glass on my stomach. I focus in on one small drop, watching it slowly make a path down the side of the glass, I watch as it comes to my thumb where I hold the glass before rubbing my thumb over the condensation creating a thick smear.

Swirling again I raise it to my lips and take a small sip, taking the liquid into my mouth, I roll it around my tongue, and moaning softly as I swallow I feel the heat slowly roll down my throat into my chest and on to my stomach. Balancing the glass again on my stomach, I close my eyes feeling the coolness from the ac slowly seep into my body. I continue to take small sips of my drink, feeling it warm me. I've had a busy day and I am enjoying some needed down time. I sink a bit lower into the pillow, carefully placing the glass on the floor beside me.

Bringing my hands back to my body, I rest them on my stomach. Breathing deeply I feel my cock twitching. I contemplate the effort in removing my briefs, which means sitting up. Sighing I slide my hand down to my cock, slowly I run my hand down into my briefs resting it over my cock. Tugging the fabric I feel the air caress the exposed skin. I lay there a moment, my eyes closed basking the in the silence. I hear the sound of Ellen's steps on the slate floor, echoing in the empty room. I keep my eyes closed until I feel the sofa give down near my feet under her weight.

Opening my eyes to mere slits I regard her through them as she drapes her arm over the back of the sofa, slouching slightly, her own drink in hand. " That better not be my whiskey." I comment, and see her smirk. " No John, I'd never do that." she responds dryly with an amused twist of her mouth, before bringing the glass to her lips for a sip.

I turn slightly in the seat, placing my glass down on the table at the other end of the sofa. Leaning my head back I contemplate her, my head propped against the back of the sofa. " You are beautiful. What are you doing here?" I state, as she stretches herself out a little bit longer so that she can slip her feet into my lap.

I drop my hand to her feet, rubbing her along her ankle and running my fingers around the sensitive skin. " I have not seen you in a while. I decided to stop over." I sigh as I raise my head again, looking at her. She looks into my eyes as I continue to play with her ankles, slowly rubbing and massaging up her calf.

Ellen arches her back slightly, stretching the muscles there and the corner of my mouth kicks up as my eyes darken. She raises an eyebrow at me, asking an unspoken question. My face breaks out into a full grin as I bend her outside leg, moving it so it drops to the floor. Starting at her knees I slowly look up her length and it feels like my eyes score her skin and she feels the tell tale ache low in her stomach as I pause looking directly at her groin in her jeans before her nipples respond, pebbling against her bra as my eyes roam her breasts.

Ellen smiles back at me as my eyes look over her face.

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I move between her spread legs, slowly covering her body with mine. Soon I'm laying over her, my body easily covering hers. Tipping her chin up slightly I plant a soft kiss on her lips, feeling her mouth open under mine I deepen the kiss, and she moans softly in the back of her throat as my tongue slides into her mouth. I brace myself on my arms on either side of her head, begging her.

Ellen arches up against me slightly as we continue to kiss, hooking her arms around my waist she pulls me closer, threatening my position so I fit tighter against her. Ellen helplessly rolls her hips against me, feeling my cock hardening through our clothes. Ellen uses her tongue, running it along my bottom lip before sucking it into her mouth and nipping it softly. She feels and hears me groan before I start to kiss her aggressively, hungry for her mouth. She raises one hand to my head; catching the nap of my neck she pulls me down, pressing my mouth harder to hers.

I lean into the sofa's back grabbing her dropped leg, catching it over my hip and thigh. I grab her and start to suck her tongue in a deep hard kiss. She pauses, just for a moment, is her reaction when I force her hand to the bulge in my trousers and she feels the outline of my huge cock.

My erect cock is 10 inches long and nearly as thick as my wrist. Even flaccid it's big I have specially tailored trousers to keep it from being obvious. I know that Ellen has a small very tight pussy and our two previous times were very painful for her, I'm surprised she is here wanting to be fucked.

She had never have seen a cock that big. My six ex-wives were not able to accommodate me. All my lovers, mistresses, and one night stands have not been able to accommodate me, my current girlfriend tries to accommodate me.

My sexual appeitte is never satisfied and I have a strong association with sex and pain and I don't give a fuck about who I fuck as she is about to find out.

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I take pleasure in ripping her blouse open despite her meek protests and then squeezing her young firm tits hard before I get up off of her. I pull her up to a sitting position on the sofa, standing over her.

I see a mixture of fear and excitement in her eyes as I force her to handle my shaft and then drive it into her somewhat unwilling mouth. " Take it Ellen!" I snarl. Her blue eyes are watery as she attempts to stop me from deep throating her as she gags and chokes on my massive cock.

I shove it down her throat, it's a relief for her when I pull it out and force her thighs apart. Despite the pain I have given her, her cunt is wet and ready for a real hard fucking. I thrust my big hard cock into her and she gasps. I grab her tits with my hands forcing my hips forward as I shove it harder and faster in and out of her tight pussy.

I hear her yell with the pain as her pussy is stretched trying to accommodate, her hips push back to meet mine she is clearly enjoying it! Being filled by real man, and a rich one. This is better than the previous two times, her resistances then was too much and I had to use more force. Ellen's nails are digging into my back as she cums and then cums again. I thrust my big hard cock deep into her and finally I shoot several streams of cum up inside her. I collapse on top of her and lay there for a moment.

Finally my heart slows I stand up. My soft cock slides out of her sodden cunt and she sighs. We don't speak when Ellen returns 10 minutes later, I have her tight jeans off exposing a pink thong. Her firm tits with pink nipples are perfect in my eyes. I hold her firmly by the hair, my naked blonde slut and shove my big hard cock down her throat again. She writhes and twists trying to get away from me with tears streaming down her face as she gags but I ram my cock deeper into her throat.

" Stop crying and suck it horny Ellen" She knew I wasn't finished when she went to the bathroom after our quickie. After several minutes I pull my huge cock out of her mouth. She gasps for air. I shove her back onto the bed pulling her legs apart. Her eyes are open and she stares at my big cock.

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" Oh No!" She suddenly pleads. " It hurts!" " Oh yes Ellen." I correct her. " It's meant to fucking hurt!" I shove my cock into her tight wet cunt again. She cries again and feels my hand on her mouth muffling her scream. She's crying and her tits are bouncing up and down as I fuck her hard.

Ellen suddenly realizes that her sobbing makes me hornier. She keeps trying to push me away but I am a stronger than and once I have stretched her cunt I shoot my load deep inside. She's unconscious by the time I slide my long tool out of her abused cunt. She lies on the bed with her eyes closed and legs apart.

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A mixture of my cum and hers is oozing from her pussy as thick white wad of cum tinged with blood oozing out of her and dripping onto the bed which makes this moment special. Ellen wakes up and gets dressed coming out to the living room.

Looking up at her I see her nipples are hard and fingers edging their way inside her thong. Ellen suddenly says " I want you to fuck me again." " I don't fuck to order, Ellen!" I scold loudly grabbing her and pulling her back to the bedroom, she turns away from me pulling her thong off. I begin to think that Ellen is beginning to enjoy this. She bends over the bed, her ass facing me and her legs apart. Looking over her shoulder at me she hisses.

" Fuck me! Give me that big cock!" She feels my hand slap hard, across her nice ass cheeks. "I said I don't fuck to order!" I repeat. " Please John?" She corrects herself. My cock is rock hard now from her sucking and I am determined to give her what I want. I push the plum sized head of my hard cock into her slippery cunt from behind.

I am not surprised at how wet she is nor by her slowly accommodating me. Ellen yelps as I shove halfway inside her with one thrust. " Oh God! Give me that big cock! Give it to me. slow.Please!" She moans and pants trying to let the pain subside. I get into a good rhythm with her feeling her legs trembling as she cums. I consider pulling out and putting my cock in her ass but I am sure that would rip her apart if I did. My big cock is sliding in and out of her, my cock making slapping noises as Ellen squeals like a dog on heat.

While I am doing this she cums again. I realize that while this is fun it has to end sometime. So I pick up the pace and begin to shove it into her hard. Ellen has lost control and cums again but this time as I feel her pussy canal tighten around my shaft I cum with her. I slide out as I shoot my last spurt covering her ass with my cum. Some of it running down her leg. Ellen recovers quickly.

She grabs some Kleenex and wiping herself. Then she begins to get dressed as quickly as she had undressed. She is all set to go before I have managed to get my cock back into my trousers.

She gives me a quick peck on the cheek as we leave for dinner. During dinner with Ellen my cock hardens immediately when I see her nipples harden in her braless tight white top. We arrive back at my house going to the bedroom. Ellen sits on the edge of the bed as I stand over her, she looks up at me with fear and excitment. Her short skirt shows off her bare thighs again and her tight top is bulging with the full bare breasts underneath just waiting to be used and abused.

" Good Ellen!" I purr. She looks at me then glances down at my crotch seeing the hard bulge in my trousers. I kneel before her, my hands go up her short black skirt and she feels my fingers pull on her panties as I lower them carefully.

I pull them off at the same time removing her heels as I push her thighs apart. Placing my knee between hers I glance at her tight pussy reaching forward rubbing two fingers over her slit. " Lovely!" I say. " Young fresh and wet." I pull her forward on the bed until her ass is on the edge.

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Standing up I lower my jeans and briefs revealing my rock hard cock. Moving it towards her face I put it to her lips. She holds her mouth firmly shut trying to move her head.

I slap her face and she opens her mouth. She feels my cock head slide across her lips and into her wet warm mouth. I lean into her and start to buck my hips as I fuck her mouth. She gags and chokes but manages to suck me.

" Yes lick it. " I say between moans and groans.

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Feeling more confident she sweeps her tongue around my cock taking more and more into her mouth. She feels me pushing myself into her holding back her blonde hair so I can see what I'm doing. My adrenaline is growing now as I pump my long hard cock in and out of her mouth. Pushing her back on the bed I climb onto the bed grabbing her head.


" Please John, don't do this again, please! I can't take more!" She begs. I ignore her putting my hand between her legs to separate them but she is fighting me again. I lose patiences with her now reaching both hands down I separate her legs.

Quickly I re-position myself on my knees between her thighs pushing my cock into her making her cry out.

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Thrusting back and forth against her protests and becoming turned on knowing that Ellen does not want it again, I'm slamming into her hard and deep for the fourth time. Her futile protests start to lessen now and her body takes over and is loving my invasion as she arches her back pushing her heaving breasts forward, still inside the tight top.

She suddenly lets out a shattering orgasm and she feels her juices release smothering my cock inside her. I feel it too as she is getting into this and her body is starting to move with mine. Pulling out I suddenly place my head between her legs lapping up all her juices.

She is squirming again this time with pleasure trying to rub and grind her pussy onto my face.


" Get on your knees Ellen." I demand with a mixture of fear and excitement she obeys. Lifting her skirt up over her ass cheeks she reaches back with her hand against my leg encouraging me on. I slide easily back into her and start thrusting into her hard, her moaning making me fuck her harder.

I suddenly cums with force into her glistening pussy my cock is still hard. I move my cock to the entrance of her tight virgin asshole. I see that she isn't keen on this and tries to raise her ass so my cock slips into her pussy again. After a couple of thrusts I move back to her ass pushing the tip in softly. She lets out a small cry as I push myself in some more. " No please, not this!" She begs. " Well it is time to fuck your ass." I snarl back at her and she feels my hand slap down hard on her ass cheeks." My cock is now stretching and burning in her ass and it is more pain than pleasure for her, I don't care as I violate her tender tight virgin asshole.

Her muscles want to push me out again but I'm fighting against them pushing my cock further and further into her. Soon she feels my balls slapping against her pussy. I hold my position before she feels me slip my cock back out again. The pain is there and she begins to wonder if she will ever learn to enjoy this when it feels like torture.

She feels me push my cock back in as she cries out again. Tears come to her eyes. I finally pull my cock from her ass and put it back into her pussy again. The sight of her ass stretched to fight my cock is almost too much for me. I cum again shooting deep into her before pushing her down to the bed. Without hesitation I stand, dressing before leaving the room. Ellen looks exhausted as she lies face down on the bed.

Her makeup is messed up by the tears on her cheeks and she wonders how she ever got into this mess.

Then once I have left she sits up. After a few minutes Ellen comes into the living room, " Your leaving?" I demand. " Well!" She looks nervously at me. " I might stay over. Is that all right?" I stand away from her looking at the way she is dressed, in a tight white top and tight black skirt, tan stockings and black heels.

I smile as I open my robe to expose my rock hard pulsating cock. " Perfect!" I grin. " You know what to do!"