Mature Woman Playing with Herself

Mature Woman Playing with Herself
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"Oh, I think that little bro here is a little tense I think he needs to relax a little", the main guy nodded as he said this and the second assailant walked back over to girl.

"I think that you can't help yourself and that under your shorts you have a massive hard on", he used the knife to poke Paul's groin but didn't feel a stiff cock. "Oh I think this one isn't happy to see us use his sister. Cut her loose and bring her over here." Without delay she was released but instead of running away, the knife being held above her stopped her from struggling. She was pulled up and thrown to the floor almost perfectly placed between Paul's legs.

She looked up at her brother and could see he was trying to escape but as she looked back at him she could see he was really frightened. "Time to calm your brother bitch! I want you to pull down his shorts and slip his cock inside of your mouth." He paused to see the effect these words would have on both of these kids. Seeing the look of panic from both just pushed him further.

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"So here are the rules of the game. You are not allowed to take his cock out of your mouth until he comes and if you do I am going to cut off his cock", he smiled as he showed both of them the large and very sharp knife.

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She heard the words but it took a few moments to understand what they wanted her to do. She subconsciously moved between his legs and slipped her hands underneath her shorts and started to slid her hands towards his cock.

She didn't know what to think and was a little surprised that when she reached his groin that his cock wasn't hard.

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He almost jerked backwards as he felt her soft hands starting to touch his cock. This wasn't the first cock she had felt and had gotten a boy hard but it was the first time she had touched her brother. She could see him concentrating and she wanted to let him know that it was okay. He was shaking a little and was tense as hell but her gentle hands started to have an effect on him. He looked down in horror as his cock betrayed him and started to rise.

He was fighting shear embarrassment, terror but somehow her gentle manipulation had got him hard, his mind raced and didn't know what to feel or do but he did notice his sister's eyes and that made him feel a little easier.

He stared at her and she even managed a weak smile as she started to undo his trousers. "Come on bitch, hurry this up. I want to see you drink your brothers spunk", he quickly slapped the kneeing girl which sent her sideways. She picked herself up and and even though her head was spinning she managed to grab her brother's cock. She slipped it slowly in to her mouth and started to suck him. Without warning she felt her head being pushed on to the shaft and wasn't nearly ready for how far his cock was down her throat.

Her panic was short lived and she was thankful that her brothers cock was only 5 inches fully hard.

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She gulped down and carried on sucking as her captor's required. She was getting in a rhythm and she heard the odd moan as her mouth got to grips with his shaft. Her head bobbed up and down on his shaft and she was starting to calm down a little. She was feeling that her brother was trying to thrust deeper in her mouth and she guessed that he might well be close to coming. She did notice the movement behind her and tensed as she felt a body behind her.

The cold steel of the knife sliced the back of her jean shorts, she felt the rest of her clothes being removed and a hand grab her arse. She tensed but carried on sucking her brother's cock but she knew it was just about to get worse. Her captor could see that her arse was perfect and wanted a piece of it. He pulled her up so her arse was closer to his stiffening cock. He pulled her checks apart and could see the puckered hole and her stunning pussy.

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He didn't hold back and as he forced his finger into her pussy she froze trying not to drop the cock in her mouth. She closed her eyes as her pussy was violated, the pain was harsh and so was the speed of his fingers, he spat on her pussy and moved to two fingers.

Her attention was on her pussy and didn't notice as her brother stiffened and silently spunked down her throat. He ejaculated multiple times and she almost lost it trying keep it all. She swallowed hard and finally came up for air. Without notice her head was jerked backwards and she was dragged on to the floor. She tried to gain some composure but the way she fell meant that her legs were splayed and open to the world. The two assailants moved quickly to pick her up and throw her on the couch.

A hand clamped around her throat and instantly her legs were forced apart. The bigger of the two men moved between her legs and grabbed hold of his stiff cock. He wanted to see her the look in her eyes as he shoved his 8 inch cock inside of her. She tensed and shut her eyes as he positioned himself to open her up. The quick and brutal thrust sent pain shooting through her body as he tried to stuff as much of his cock inside of her.

He went as far as he could and just held there, he took a second and saw this beautiful girl writhing in pain and he really enjoyed watching her struggle.

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He slowly withdrew fully and noticed blood on his cock and smiled "this bitch was a virgin" the smile got bigger and offer of a high five from his partner was a fitting tribute. He added a little more effort as he punched his cock back in to her hole.

He worked on her and was without mercy, he grabbed her tits and returned to slapping her as the violent thrust caused them to move. He was getting a sweat on and was loving how tight her pussy was. It was a great fuck and he didn't want to stop.

He did notice that she wasn't struggling as much and was taking the cock pounding without tears. His friend was watching him fuck this girl and knew that her arse was his, he loved ripping open new arseholes and was hard watching his mate fuck this stupid bitch senseless.

Her tits were red, her pussy was red and she wasn't struggling anymore. He check on the brother and laughed as his little cock was stiff watching his sister being raped.

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"This sick fucker is turned on look at him and his stiffy", he pointed as his mate continued to fuck her but turned to see the boy's cock. He cheered and used his tit slapping hand to grab her hair and force her to see her brother's cock.

She tried not to look but a quick slap around the face made her open her eyes and not wanting to believe it she couldn't help notice her brother's cock. It was like a dagger to the heart and even know the pain was lessening and she was able to handle the pounding she started to sob. His increased rhythm was caused by her tears and this only increased his lust for her. He was like an animal, thrust, thrust, thrust he was into her pussy up to his hilt and kept on going and it was getting easier.

He stopped and violently flipped her over. Without letting her recover he found her hole again and continued to fuck her.


He wanted some leverage, so put his weight onto the back of her head pushing her deeper into the sofa. He was a fit guy who liked the gym and could feel he was coming and he wanted to come hard. His fuck rage was overwhelming and he didn't even see this 17 year old girl anymore, he just wanted to come. He grunted and gripped her harder, he fucked her harder and grunted some more, his blood pressure grew and he was totally focused; he actually lost control as the final thrust allowed the sweet release.

The complete euphoria he felt as he shot his load into her pussy was glorious. He pumped a few more times trying to get as much of him inside of her and then released the pressure from her body. A small moan could be heard by all in the room and the excitement was short lived knowing that this filthy cunt was enjoying being fucked like a animal.


The door bell stopped everybody in their tracks and panic was evident if only for a few seconds. Both men looked at each other and the bigger man withdrew and didn't really have time to look at the cum leaking out of her pussy down her leg and certainly didn't see her cum face as despite the pain, humiliation and horror she had the best orgasm of her short life.

They quickly moved to the door, one to open and one to hide to the side to surprise whoever is on the other side.

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They didn't know that behind the door was her boyfriend with his own erection hoping that he would get some tonight little did he know that not only would he be getting some he would be getting it all.