Gay emo twink boy webcam movies With the camp to themselves Billy

Gay emo twink boy webcam movies With the camp to themselves  Billy
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My Wild Girlfriend's Roommate is Asleep (This is just a quicky one-shot) I dated this one girl in college who was really crazy and wild.


Now I mean a truly crazy bitch. Sometimes she was ultra sexy and horny, and other time a frigid bitch who wouldn't give me the time of day. On our last date she was in ultra-horny mode. She was kissing and rubbing herself all over me. I wanted to take her back to my place, but she demanded hers since was much closer. I thought we were going to die in a car wreck as she was already jacking me off while driving there, but we hurried into her dorm and up to her room.

I was kissing her neck and squeezing her ass hard to hear her happy squeals when we opened the door and found her dorm-mate Jessica sleeping soundly in her bed, even though Kate, my girlfriend, had assured me she was going to be out all night with her own boyfriend.

I felt really embarrassed being there, because Jessica was barely dressed and had her blankets all twisted so she was half hanging out with a lot of exposed flesh.


I really wanted tonight to have a happy ending, so I whispered urgently to Kate, "She's out cold. If we are quiet maybe we can just go to my place instead and not wake her up." Kate looked at me then looked at Jessica "Well, I'm horny now, and as you said, she's out cold." Then she got an evil grin on her face.

"Let's just see if we can have some fun." As soon as she said this, Kate walked over to Jessica's bed and pushed up the top of her sleep-shirt, already crumpled up at the base of one breast.

She exposed a small nipple on her big round breast and quickly latched her mouth onto Jessica's nipple. I stood there mesmerized like an idiot as Kate sucked away on the other girl's teet, until I nervously closed the door, making the room quite a lot darker. I reached over to turn on the gentle blue lava lamp Kate had by her bed and saw Kate had pulled down the blanket, revealing Jessica's nakedness except for the long shirt now crumpled up at her neck.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" asked Kate as she stood up and threw off her own shirt and bra in one motion.

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I tried to come up with something to say, but Kate just got at the foot of the bed and lowered her mouth onto Jessica's pussy. I quickly got undressed as Jessica moaned erotically in her sleep at Kate's sapphic ministrations.

I joined in by eagerly joining in by began sucking Jessica's nipples. Now they were firm and pointy as I sucked on them. Then Jessica woke. "Ohh, Kate, you always do that so well." Then she opened her eyes and saw me.

"Finally decided to share Fred? Can I suck his dick?" She didn't even wait for a response. Jessica grabbed my dick and pulled me up to her face where she engulfed it with her mouth.

Kate stood up and took off her jeans while Jessica pulled my ass to her face until I was tickling her tonsils. Then Kate pulled me away and threw me to her bed and quickly impaled her sweet pussy on my throbbing saliva covered cock, Jessica pouted, "Hey! No fair waking me up and not letting me play too you teasing tramp!", but Kate ignored her and just started slamming into me hard and fast.

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Jessica wasn't waiting either and climbed onto the bed with us also and straddled her thighs over my face. I grabbed that ass and dove into her already once-licked cunt and flicked my tongue over her clit and poked two fingers up her wet snatch.

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She went wild as Kate was, bouncing feverishly on my cock. They leaned into each other and while I couldn't see it, I could hear their moans cut on and off as they made out with each other.

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It was all too much for me and I groaned into Jessica's pussy as I unloaded a gallon of cum into Kate's steaming cunt. I heard her yell out and cum with me as Jessica's fingers frigged her clit. Her orgasm sucked the very life out of me and I thought I was going to die. Jessica moved off me with Kate as I sat up, but Jessica then went down on Kate saying in a sexy voice, "Oh boy.

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Normally I have to wait hours to suck Freddy's cum from your cunny. I bet it tastes even better when it's hot and fresh." Kate was sitting against the wall on the bed while Jessica, on all fours, ass and feet handing of the bed sideways, shoved her face nose deep between Kate's legs and made slurping sounds.

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Normally after cumming I'm exhausted for a while before falling asleep, but the scene was just so totally hot and impossible I couldn't resist being turned on. My cock was shrinking and tingling, but I knew I'd probably never get a chance like this again.

I stood up, rubbing my cock while watching these two sexy sluts and looking at the brand new pussy I'd licked, but not yet fucked, wiggle and shake as me while she ate my cum from my girlfriend's pussy.

That was enough to get anyone hard again and I quickly thrust my reinvigorated cock into that fresh pussy. I wasn't as tight as Kate's, but it didn't matter; it was new and I was fucking her, so it felt great. "Oh yea!" she cheered, "Looks like Freddy couldn't resist my sexy ass." I thrush hard, pounding her face into Kate's crotch and she went back to work on cum diving while I fucked her. After a few minutes of this Kate got up and out of the way, allowing Jessica to fuck me back with vigor.

It felt really weird fucking another woman in front of her but she just smiled and cuddled up beside me whispering to me as I fucked. "You like that slut?" I did, but just groaned instead of answering.

"Fuck that whore on my bed hard," Kate continued. Then she grabbed my balls from behind, "Are you gonna cum for her?" I was getting close now and nodded with another groan. Kate got behind me and started thrusting her own pelvis into my butt, matching my own actions while she spurred me on, "Fuck that bitch up.

Shoot your sperm inside her." Oh, boy. I was almost there and felt my throbbing begin and held my breath. "Oh Jezzus FUCK!" Jessica yelled as I thrust hard one last time. Then Kate whispered in my ear a half second before I came, "She's not on the pill." Then she pushed my ass forward and I couldn't move as my second load of sperm of the night exploded out of my body and splattered into a new eager womb.

My brain said pull out, but my reflexes, and the two women on either side of me pinned me in place as pulse after pulse of my swimmers were deposited deep into Jessica's quaking uterus.

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After a moment Kate let me go and I collapsed back onto Jessica's bed, mind numbed and too happy and tired to think straight as I passed out that bed by myself, while Kate and Jessica cuddled up in Kate's bed.