Sexy czech cutie opens up her pink crack to the bizarre

Sexy czech cutie opens up her pink crack to the bizarre
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Kimiko checked her watch a final time as she pushed the "down" button and waited for the elevator on the 29th floor of the Transamerica Building. It was exactly 2:12 pm. She was dressed like every young female lawyer working for every downtown law firm: short, tight beige skirt, a translucent white silk blouse with pearl buttons that hinted at the lacy demi-bra beneath, and black high-heeled pumps.

Kimi loathed pantyhose, so she was wearing thigh-high stockings and a garter belt over her wispy bikini panties. The handle of the inevitable briefcase was clutched in her left hand. The chime sounded and the elevator door opened. There was one person inside already, a tall, tanned, muscular-looking man dressed completely in black black slacks and a black golf-shirt.

Kimi walked onto the elevator and stood facing him as the elevator began to move.

After a moment, she became aware that he was gazing fixedly at her, and she lifted her eyes to meet his. Almost instantly, she was transfixed, as his dark eyes bored into hers, seeming to hold them captive. She could not look away. His eyes penetrated her, as if he somehow knew all of her thoughts, all of her darkest secrets.

She felt herself flush, suddenly aware of wetness between her legs, of her panties clinging to her labia. Did he know? Without a word, without averting his eyes from hers, the mysterious man reached his hand out and pressed the red emergency button on the elevator panel, and it jolted to a sudden stop.

Kimi still met his direct gaze, as if under a spell. It was as if she had no will of her own, as if he were feeding her his thoughts, directing her with unspoken commands.


She found herself slowly descending to her knees before him, without knowing why she did it. She reached out and tugged on his belt, unfastening it as if hypnotized. He remained silent, impassive, as she undid his slacks, pulling them down, along with his shorts, revealing his penis.

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It was long and thick, partially erect, curving downward toward her, with a menacing helmet-like head. Kimi reached out and held it with her fingertips at the base, lifting it toward her, and slowly slid it into her mouth.

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Instantly, she was transformed into an insatiable sucking machine. Her mouth flooded with saliva, and she nursed hungrily on his smooth, satiny cock, taking him deep into her throat until she almost gagged, then withdrawing, then moving forward and burying him in her throat again. She made love to the strange man's cock, bowed down to it, worshipped it, prayed to it, soft slurping sounds filling the silence of the elevator. She didn't care that they may be on camera, that they might be discovered, that the elevator might start moving again.

All that mattered was the magnificent cock in her ravenous mouth. He did not thrust his hips. He didn't move at all, letting Kimi do all the work, bathing his cock in saliva as she sucked him, so much that it escaped her mouth and ran down her chin in rivulets. Finally, as if responding to another silent command, she stopped, and slowly arose, standing before him again. She was over a foot shorter than he was, even in her high heels. Still pinning her with that same penetrating gaze, his hands reached out slowly, and grasped the material of her silk blouse above her breasts.

He held it for a long moment&hellip.then with a sudden violent motion, ripped her blouse apart. Kimi whimpered with fear as he tore it asunder, the pearl buttons scattering on the carpet of the elevator. The tops of her breasts heaved above her exposed lacy bra. She wanted to cry out, but she somehow couldn't&hellip.she was helpless to prevent this man from doing whatever he chose. Now he reached out, and encircled her throat with his huge hand, pressing her back against the carpeted wall of the elevator and holding her there.

He leaned forward, and reached beneath her skirt, lifting the front of it, and roughly wrapped his fingers around the crotch of her drenched panties. Glaring into her frightened eyes, he jerked his hand and tore her panties to silky shreds. "Oh!!" she gasped, her face a mask of fear mingled with mounting lust.

The stranger reached under her arms and lifted her up, pressing her hard against the wall with his body. With one hand, he reached down and guided his stiff cock to the entrance to her naked cunt, dripping now with her wetness. With one hard, savage thrust, he buried it completely in her to his balls.

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Kimi moaned as he impaled her, her legs encircling his muscular hips. He grabbed her hands and roughly forced them against the wall on either side of her head. Slowly, he began to fuck her, his hips driving forward and forcing the air from her lungs with each thrust. Kimi's mind reeled with the intense arousal that careened through her viciously impaled body. This, she thought, is what she lived for, what she needed. To have a man's thick, rigid cock skewering in and out of her tightly-clasping cunt.

To be fucked against a wall by a man, any man, every man. To be filled to overflowing with his hot, pulsing sperm. Her entire being focused on his cock as it sawed in and out of her, jolting her clit with each inward plunge.

Like a jungle cat, now, she pulled up his shirt, clawing his back with her fingernails, beyond caring if she drew blood. Her lips were beside his head and she took his earlobe between her teeth and bit it as he fucked savagely into her, his hands now around her ass.

As if in retaliation, she felt his thick middle finger worming its way into her asshole, skewering in and out obscenely. Her voice was a hiss in his ear, her words coming in short gasps, almost sobs, rising in pitch as her orgasm approached.

In between her gasps, she sucked air in between her front teeth. "Yeah&hellip.yeah&hellip.yeah&hellip.yeah&hellip.yeah…do it!.FUCK me!&hellip.use me like a fucking whore!…yeah…yeah…yeah.HARDERRRRR!!!!

The silent man fucked her with a driving, implacable fury, his finger buried in her tightly clenched asshole as her vaginal muscles tightened around his pounding cock. Kimi felt every nerve ending in her body begin to erupt as he drove into her and she screamed in his ear, her orgasm crashing over her like a giant wave. "YEAH!…YEAH!!!…UH-HUH!!!.UH-HUH!!!!

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UH-HUH!!!!! UUUNNNNNNNHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" He slammed her against the wall, holding her there as his swollen cock suddenly flourished and spurted, flooding her wildly-spasming cunt with pulse after pulse of his hot, thick semen. Her body shook violently from the overwhelming force of her own savage climax, even as his cum pumped into her and soothed the conflagration burning within her.

His cock continued to lurch and flex, and she answered him by tightening her muscles again, milking the last oozes of semen from his nearly-spent balls.

At last he was done. He held her there until his orgasm subsided, and the trembling of her body eased. Then he slid his cock out of her, and let her slip down to the floor of the elevator exhausted, still gasping for breath. Without a word, he stepped back, pulled up his pants, zipped up, and fastened his belt.

He looked for all the world as though nothing had happened.

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He reached over and pushed the red button again, and the elevator jumped to life. He pressed the button for the 20th floor, and for the parking garage. When the elevator stopped, he walked out, leaving her there on the floor. The door opened again on the first parking level. Five people stood there waiting for the elevator, three men and two women, and they all gasped at once when they saw Kimi on the floor, her blouse ripped, her skirt up around her waist, her panties torn to tatters, a white ooze of semen running down her smooth inner thigh.

"Oh my God!" said one of the men in alarm.


"Are you hurt??" "N…no," said Kimi weakly. "No, I'm okay." She reached out her hand and he helped her get to her feet unsteadily. "But you've been attacked! Somebody call security!" said another man urgently. "No…please&hellip.there's no need," said Kimi, searching the five faces one by one. "It's really okay." "What are you TALKING about!" said one of the women.

"You've been raped, for God's sake!" " don't understand." said Kimi. Slowly, her features melted into a smile, and she winked conspiratorially. "It's all right. I liked it." The two women looked suddenly disgusted, while the men looked at her with a newfound fascination. Kimi turned, leaving them looking bewildered after her, and walked to her car. It was 2:42.

An hour later, Kimi was in her bathtub, still glowing from her climax, enjoying the feeling of the warm water on her skin, when the phone rang.

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She heard the answering machine click on, and then a male voice. "Kimi, you were fabulous as always. What an Oscar performance! I kept thinking the cops would be waiting for both of us when the door opened! Anyway, thanks for being up for anything my dirty little mind can contrive, darling.

You'll find a small token of my esteem in the console of your car, along with your regular payment.


Kimi smiled to herself. "All for just a half hour of fucking," she thought contentedly. "What a great country."