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Passed out gf ass fucked
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1 Matchmaking As the week went on, David found himself watching the girls who passed through the dorm, and it was a while before he realized he was looking for the girl on the roof. However, he never saw anyone who looked like her, and after three days was ready to give up his search.

He was sitting in the lounge, leaning back, feet up on the chair, the book he was reading for his English class open and ignored on his lap. He stared out at the rain dripping down the window. It had rained since that day on the roof, casting a pall over everything at the campus. David chuckled to himself.

Not even a chance to sunbathe on the roof again. 'Hey, David. You reading that book or hoping to absorb the plot through your skin?' David looked in the direction of the cheerful voice to see a classmate of his walking towards him. He recognized the pretty blonde as a girl who'd just joined his English class, although her name escaped him for the moment.

He greeted her and motioned for her to sit. She perched on the edge of the chair opposite him and said cheerily, 'I'm Alessa, remember me?' He nodded. She didn't say anything more, so he resorted to small talk. 'Bitch of a book to read, huh?' He gestured at the novel in his lap. Alessa shrugged. 'Oh, it's not too bad once you get the hang of the plot. I had to read it in the class I was in before I joined yours.' She glanced at him.

'Do you know a Jennifer Thomas?' she asked, apparently out of the blue. David thought a bit. 'I can't say I do.

Why?' 'She's my roommate. She was asking about you' David's eyes narrowed. Could it be? 'What's she like?' Alessa described her roommate. There was nothing she liked better than a little matchmaking, especially where her overly shy roommate was concerned. As David listened, he felt his body react as he realized Jennifer was the girl he had been looking for. He had been waking in the morning to dreams of her; he had seen her in his fantasies, and what incredible fantasies, dominated as they were by the memory of seeing Jennifer convulsed in her multi-orgasmic state.

And now he could have the chance to find her. He grinned in delighted anticipation. 'Why don't you give me her number, or tell me where to find her? You say she's shy? Maybe I can do something about that.' 'She's shy because she's never, um, been with anyone before.' 'And you think she might like me?' David asked, feeling a little shiver of excited expectation. 'She already likes you, all you've got to do is help her get over her nervousness. I think you'll be rewarded.' Alessa took a piece of paper from the notebook she had tucked under her arm.

'Her schedule's on there and I'll make sure she's at the campus bar on Friday. After that, it'll be up to you,' she said as she grinned in return. 'Good luck. You'll likely need it.' 2 The Gift Jennifer groaned in frustration.

Her math class had to be the most utterly boring class to take. Each day she had sat through the class, staring at walls, daydreaming, just letting her mind wander. She glanced at her watch. It was about time for the professor to start winding up. Then finally he was done. With a sigh of relief, Jennifer packed up her notebook and textbook, tucked them under her arm, and left the room quickly. She hurried through the door, around the corner and muttered 'excuse me' to the large body that suddenly blocked her way.

When it didn't move, she glanced up angrily. 'Excuse me' her voice trailed off as she recognized who stood in front of her. David grinned down at her. 'Fancy meeting you here' Jennifer felt her face grow hot and knew she was blushing. She stepped sideways and moved forward quickly, just wanting to run and hide. As she moved away, David watched her retreating back, an amused smile on his face. Later, Jennifer curled up in her room studying, despite the sun having once again returned.

She would have liked to study on the roof, in the sun, but after the last time.her face went red and her body grew warm with the memory.

She shook her head and tried to concentrate on work. A knock on her door once again distracted her, and she opened it. 'Yes?' A young man stood before her, holding a vase filled with roses.

'Delivery for Jennifer Thomas,' the man said. 'Is this the right address?' Jennifer nodded, dumbfounded. "For me?" she thought. She took the roses and signed the receipt with a shaky hand. As she closed the door she checked for a card. Setting down the roses on her bureau, she plucked the tiny blue envelope from between the flowers. Opening it nervously, she read, "Do you realize how hot you make me? I keep remembering what I saw and want so much to see more.-David".

She dropped the card as if it were on fire, and then, just as quickly, picked it up again before her roommate could find it. She looked around, panicked, wondering where to hide the card. She finally tucked it deep inside her socks drawer and tried futilely to return to studying. 3 Dressing Alessa returned later still and immediately began to get ready to go out that evening.

She put on a miniskirt with no knickers, a cropped top with no bra, smoothed a hand over her flat stomach and checked her appearance in the mirror. Jennifer watched from where she was curled up on her bed. 'You look fine, Alessa. Leave it be.' Alessa turned to stare at her roommate. 'You should come with me, Jennifer. It's not like it's a big deal or anything' Jennifer shrugged.

'You know I don't like the campus bar.' 'You're shy, I know,' Alessa sighed. 'Look, Jen', you're never going to get to meet anybody if you don't try.' She walked over to her own closet and started going through the clothes. Pulling out a flimsy white cheesecloth blouse and a very short mini-skirt, she tossed them to Jennifer, adding stockings, suspenders and high-heeled shoes to the pile of clothes. 'Get dressed in those clothes.' Jennifer looked up to see Alessa standing before her, hands on her hips, a determined expression on her face.

'What?' She glanced from her roommate to the pile of clothes on the bed, and back to her roommate again. 'You must be joking.' 'No joke.' Alessa reached out to pull Jennifer's arms until the girl was standing up in front of her. 'Now, are you going to get dressed yourself or do I have to do it for you?' I've got to get her to the campus bar, she thought and then, when Jennifer still didn't move, she suddenly realised that she knew what to do.

'Take your clothes off,' she finally instructed. Seeing there was no way out of the situation, Jennifer stripped quickly. Once she was naked, Alessa handed her a scarf and said, 'Wrap this round your head as a blindfold and sit down.' When Jennifer was seated, she knelt down in front of her and pulled her knees apart. Then she leaned forwards and kissed Jennifer on the mouth, forcing her tongue between her lips.

She drew back and didn't do anything for a minute. Just as Jennifer started to wonder why nothing was happening, she felt another kiss, this time on first one and then the other of her nipples. The kisses became sucks, then stopped. 'Lie back,' said Alessa. Jennifer did so and nothing happened again until she felt Alessa kiss the inside of one of her thighs.

She started to get aroused when she felt a kiss on the inside of her other thigh. The kisses moved from one thigh to the other, each nearer to her pussy than before, and her breathing grew heavy. Then she felt Alessa licking up and down her slit and, when Alessa's tongue pushed deep into her pussy, she held her head tight against her. 'Yes, oh yes, I'm.' The licking stopped suddenly.

'Oh, please, you can't do this to me, not when I'm that close. Make me cum.' Alessa tugged Jennifer's hands away, freeing her head, and stood up. She pulled Jennifer's blindfold off and said, 'Now, get dressed.' Jennifer put her fingers on her clitoris and started to masturbate herself to the orgasm she had just been denied but Alessa yanked her hands away saying, 'Oh, no you don't.' 'Please, let me cum?' 'No, you go out like that.' 'What?

Oh, ok, ok,' said Jennifer and started to get dressed as directed. She looked at the cheesecloth blouse Alessa had chosen and started to exchange it for another top, but Alessa stopped her. 'Alessa, you're about 38D, aren't you?' 'Double D.' 'Well, I'm 42…E, so this blouse.are you sure?' Jennifer blushed at the thought of wearing the blouse. It would have been loose and flowing on Alessa but with her breasts it would be skin-tight when she had tied it up properly.

It was white and so sheer it was almost transparent. What made it worse was that, since it was so transparent, she couldn't wear a bra underneath as that would look plain awful and Alessa had just made sure her nipples were really erect.

'Alessa, everyone will be able to see everything.' Alessa shrugged. 'Look, just dress to kill. Then you won't have to worry about making conversation. No one will notice you're tongue-tied if you're dressed well enough.' 'Where are the knickers, Alessa?' 'Uh uh, NO knickers.' 'What, you must be joking.' 'I said "no knickers", now, get a move on.' Jennifer had to smile then and, realizing that Alessa wouldn't change her mind, she dressed hastily in what she was given.

The sheer blouse left the tops of her breasts uncovered almost to her hard nipples which showed through as darker lumps under the thin white cloth. She felt as if she would fall out of it should she do anything too active, like move, and it was so tight that she though it would split if she breathed too deeply. She tried untying the knot a bit but the vee opened too far leaving a vast amount of her cleavage exposed. And the skirt.well. 'Alessa, if this skirt was any shorter it would be a belt,' and she tried to tug it a little lower, but it didn't make much difference.

The skirt just covered her bottom and tops of the stockings, showing quite a lot and not leaving much to the imagination. She could even smell the aroma of her juices as they leaked out of her pussy and ran down the insides of her thighs.

'Perfect.' Alessa gave her a "thumbs up". 'Now, lets go.' 4 The Evening The minute they stepped inside the door to the Student Union bar, Jennifer felt crushed by the bodies around her.

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Alessa stayed with her only as far as the bar itself and, when she went to open her purse for some money to pay for drinks, Alessa stopped her and insisted on paying for them herself. Alessa then left her alone and she moved toward the dance floor with her boyfriend, Michael.

Jennifer watched helplessly after her and moved over towards the wall, trying to find a place where she could breathe and sip her drink in relative peace, wondering as well how long she could last before the arousal that Alessa had started would overcome her and she would have to go off to the toilets and masturbate herself to the orgasm she had been deprived of.

'Would you like to dance?' Jennifer glanced up to see David Leslie. She turned away, blushing. He tapped her on the shoulder, getting her to glance at him again. He smiled encouragingly. 'I just asked if you'd like to dance. One dance can't hurt, can it?' She shrugged, not trusting herself to say anything. He reached out and gently took the drink from her, setting it on a nearby table. Then, taking her by the hand, he led her out to the dance floor, where she could hear a slow song playing.

Placing his arms around her waist, he drew her close and started to sway. Jennifer could feel the heat coming from his hands at her back and tried to draw away.

He held her pinned in his arms, close to him, and she saw amusement in his eyes when she tried to put some space between their two bodies. He bent his head close to her ear and whispered, 'I have you now and I don't want you running away again.' She looked up at him and saw the grin on his face at his deliberate reminder. Her face went a bright red when she remembered everything she had been doing the first time she ran from him and she tried to smile back, then buried her head in his shoulder, her swollen nipples pushing against his chest.

This was worse than being simply tongue-tied. She had absolutely no idea what to think and little control over what she was doing. His hands were caressing the small of her back and even that simple touch was wreaking havoc with her senses. She looked up again and saw his eyes gleaming as he watched her face intently. He licked his lips and her attention focused on that part of his face. He had such nice lips. She wondered what it would feel like if he kissed her. David stared down at the girl in held so close in his arms, amazed at what she could do to his body simply by being near him.

He was hard and throbbing already and wanted nothing more than to get out of there so he could do what was really on his mind, which certainly wasn't dancing. She turned her face to him and he looked at her to see her eyes staring up at him as his hands stroked her back down to her bottom. He licked his lips and saw her gaze refocus on his mouth. Smiling gently, he bent his head to kiss her.

It was fire. Jennifer gasped for air as David's lips touched hers. The music stopped and he released her slowly, but she simply stood there, a bewildered expression on her face. In one small part of her mind she was didn't seem to matter how tongue-tied she was this time.she could do anything.

She looked around her and heard another song start, fast and spirited, and automatically felt her body start to move in time with the music.

She glanced at David and saw a wide grin on his face as he danced suggestively, smiling only at her. Jennifer felt her body respond and danced in kind, her hips moving teasingly close to his, then she darted away.touching his chest gently then moving back.a teasing glance, licking her lips, running her hands down her sides.

Her breathing became heavier and her nipples got more erect. She didn't notice that the knot of her blouse had come loose and the deep vee had opened wider, exposing more of her cleavage and the edges of the areolae of both her nipples. David knew that if he didn't leave soon, he would burst right here (and her blouse would slip all the way off; as it was he could see that it was only held up by her hard nipples which were already partly exposed).

She had finally relaxed and the way she moved her body, teasing him, had him so hot he could hardly think.

As the song ended he grasped her arms, drawing her tight up against him and covered her mouth with his own. As Jennifer's body melted against his; she could feel his hardness pressing between her legs and her hugely swollen nipples making solid lumps against his chest.

She ached to hold him and responded fervently to his kiss, fencing with his tongue, her hands snaking around the back of his head to play with the short hair at the base of his neck She moaned into his mouth and, as he drew back, her eyes pleaded with him to leave with her.

Placing an arm around her shoulder (for which Jennifer was grateful as she wasn't certain she could have remained upright on her own), David led her from the building and across campus to his room. As he opened the door and they stepped inside, she was suddenly uncertain again. She hesitated as David closed the door. He could see her nervousness in her eyes and knew that he wanted her to feel right about this.

He grinned, knowing that he had thought about this often already and wondered if she had as well. He watched as she looked around his room. 5 His Room 'Nice room,' she commented quietly. David shrugged. 'It's small, even for a single. Why don't you sit down, I'll be back in a minute.


By the way, your bag and your alarm clock are on the desk.' As he left, Jennifer looked around for a place to sit, seeing only a chair piled high with clothes and books, the desk next to it, the empty bed and the floor. Eyeing the bed nervously, she picked the bag and clock up off the desk, feeling a sudden rush of juices from her pussy as memories of what happened the previous weekend came flooding back and settled herself on the floor, leaning back against the bed.

Now that her mind had returned to her body, she was terrified once more. She knew she wanted him. Oh God, she thought, how I want him. She just wasn't sure if she could do it. She was so afraid of doing something wrong. She was so nervous that she felt she had to do something so she took her shoes off. When she looked down to open her rather large purse to get the baccy, skins and gear, she noticed that her blouse had slipped down, almost fully exposing both of her acorn-sized nipples.

She tried to rearrange her clothing, to cover herself up a bit, but the clip behind the decorative bow had partially broken and she only seemed to make it worse. She suddenly blushed when she opened her purse and she found Alessa's cock-shaped vibrator inside.

Now, when did she put that in here. That's why she stopped me from opening my purse in the bar. Oh god, this is so embarrassing she thought. She decided she had to do something else while she was waiting for David to return so she skinned up a couple of joints.

David pushed the door open, carrying a bowl filled with ice-cubes. Opening the door to his small refrigerator, he pulled out a bottle and settled it in the ice. Going to his closet, he pulled out two wine glasses and placed them next to the bottle. Then he noticed where Jennifer was sitting and wondered at the blush on her face and upper chest. He sighed inwardly, knowing that she was again tense. He sat down on the bed, next to her, and touched her shoulder gently.

Then he noticed she had tried to rearrange her top because more of her nipples were showing, a lot more. 'Jennifer, if you want, I'll take you home now.' Jennifer shook her head and glanced up at him. 'I don't want to go home,' she said softly, placing her hand on his knee. 'I just.' Her voice trailed off as she couldn't think of what she'd wanted to say. 'Do you mind if I spark this up?' 'No, I don't mind. Go ahead.' 'Do you know how beautiful you looked that day on the roof?' David asked softly.

Jennifer blushed again and turned away, wishing he hadn't reminded her of that time again and thinking of Alessa's vibrator, of the use they'd put it to that day and the fact that it was now in her purse.

He caught her chin in his hand and gently turned her to face him again. 'I mean it,' he said. 'I've dreamed of that, and of you.' He bent to kiss her gently and felt some of the tension ease out of her. 'You have?' Jennifer asked when they broke off, not quite believing him.

He chuckled. 'Oh yes, I have.' David sat up, popped open the bottle of champagne, handed her one glass which he then filled and poured one for himself. He chuckled again. 'If I haven't been thinking about you, then why would I have had this?' Jennifer shrugged, not used to this kind of flattery. 'You could have had it for someone else,' she said softly. 'Not for someone else, Jennifer.

Only for you.' He moved one of his legs so that Jennifer was between his knees, put down his glass and began massaging her shoulders. He could feel her start to relax again, leaning into his strong hands as he caressed her taut muscles. She turned her head to her left and looked up at him, taking another sip of her drink before putting the glass down and taking another toke of the joint.

He bent down and kissed her, working his tongue between her lips, and she suddenly grabbed the back of his head, pulling him to her. When she reached for his head she accidentally knocked his elbow, pushing his hand across to her right breast and his smallest finger under her blouse touching her nipple. She stiffened at the touch, then held his head tighter, so he couldn't move his hand away, and kissed him even deeper. He slipped a second finger under her blouse to touch her nipple and then a third.

She suddenly stopped him and he pulled away, thinking he'd done something wrong. 'No no,' she said, at the look on his face, 'you haven't done anything wrong, it's just that this blouse isn't mine and if you carry on like that you'll rip it.' She paused, knowing what she wanted but nervous again. Then she decided to take the plunge. 'I'd better take it off.' Jennifer put the joint down in the ashtray and stood up, stretching her arms back with her large breasts pushed forwards and straining against the thin fabric of the blouse.

She lifted the decorative bow to the side and touched the clip behind it, only for it to finally break completely, her breasts bursting out of their confinement.

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His hands stroked her bottom as his lips moved over her now fully-exposed breasts, teasing the swells of her breasts ever so gently as he kissed them. Then he took a nipple in his mouth and sucked, gently at first and then harder.

When he moved his mouth to suck the other nipple she interrupted him, saying, 'I've got to sit down,' in a shaky voice.

Jennifer felt her breath growing short and her mind slipping away leaving only sensation behind. She was grateful for her decision to sit, for it suddenly seemed as if all her bones had turned to mush, no longer supporting her body. She giggled slightly, startling David, as she thought of one thing that definitely shouldn't turn to mush.


He drew back when he felt her giggle and saw a devilish expression in her eyes. 'What is it?' he asked. She grinned impishly. 'I was just thinking how every time you touch me, it's as if I no longer have any bones inside me at all, I turn to mush.' She reached out a tentative finger to touch the bulge in his pants and said, 'I hope that won't turn to mush.' 'You do?' He pulled her against him as he moved around to lie back across the bead, bringing her to lie on top of him.

His hands reached up to touch her breasts, first one nipple, then the other, then cupping one breast in each hand.

He lifted his head to kiss them. 'Very nice,' he told her appreciatively. 'Almost as good as I dreamed' 'Almost?' Jennifer acted without thinking and swiped one of the pillows from behind her, hitting him soundly with it. 'It's not nice to insult the girl you're trying to seduce.' He distracted her by nibbling on one nipple, teasing it until it grew harder under his tongue, then suckling more.

'No insult intended,' he said slowly, between kisses. Jennifer forgot what she had considered an insult and gave herself up to the sensations that now coursed through her body. Each time his tongue touched a nipple, it seemed as though there was a line leading directly from it down to her pussy and could feel herself growing wetter every moment. As he caressed and kissed her, David slid his hands up her thighs and under the back of her short skirt to gently rub her buttocks.

'You,' he said softly, 'have one hell of a nice bottom.' 'Hey' he said a couple of minutes later, 'no knickers.' 'No, Alessa wouldn't let me wear any.' 'Will you thank her for me?' 'OK.' After David had kissed her deeply for a couple more minutes and squeezed her nipples gently, Jennifer broke off, pushed herself upright and sat back between his spread legs, her own legs hooked over his thighs. 'Well?' she said, in an indignant tone of voice. 'Well what?' 'You've just found I'm not wearing any knickers.

So what are you going to do about it?' This was an open invitation if ever he'd heard one so, eyes locked, David put his hands on the inside of Jennifer's thighs just above her knees and, with only the tips of his fingers and the lightest of touches, stroked up her legs towards her crotch until he reached her mound. When he felt the smoothness there he looked down at it, cupped it with his whole hand and slipped two fingers inside her hot, wet pussy.

Jennifer closed her eyes and gave a low moan as he did so, so he slipped a third finger in and pushed all three deep. She suddenly pushed his hand away, opened her eyes and, in a mock complaining tone, said, 'This isn't fair, you know. You have me more than half undressed and you're still fully clothed.' David stood and stripped quickly, leaving Jennifer to stare at his wonderful body.

He grinned, his erection pointing at her. She moved to sit on the edge of the bed with her legs either side of his, reached up to hold his member with both hands and planted little kisses over the tip.

'Well? Now I'm ahead of you.' He stood back and watched as Jennifer stood up. He watched as she slipped the skirt down over her hips, slowly and seductively, looking into his eyes the whole time.

She took her stockings off and the garter belt, then sat on the edge of the bed again and wrapped her arms around his body.

'Nice,' she whispered, rubbing her cheek against his chest, his erection trapped between her breasts in her cleavage. 'Very nice.' Her hands snaked up around him until she reached the base of his neck and wound her fingers through his hair. She tugged gently as she leaned back, bringing his lips to meet hers and pulling him down on top of her, her hands caressing his bottom as their tongues fenced.

Her breathing grew ragged as David rolled over to lie beside her, one hand tracing a circle lazily around a breast. 'You do have a very nice body,' he said softly, his eyes holding Jennifer's captive. She felt as if she were soaring, her mind caught by his eyes and by the feeling of his hand as it teased her body. His hand moved up to gently cup one breast, his thumb brushing lightly over the nipple.

'You have gorgeous breasts,' he whispered, as he bent his head to take the nipple in his mouth. Jennifer felt shocks course through her body as his tongue lightly teased and nibbled at the nipple till it was even more rigid. Then his tongue trailed down between her breasts and he nuzzled the hollow there before moving to gently lick the other nipple until it, too, was harder.

Jennifer found it difficult to think straight and knew that, if he continued much longer, she wasn't going to be able to hold back. 'David,' she whispered, her voice barely audible.

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It was so hard to even think. 'David, if you don't stop I'm going to.I'm going to.' 'Good' he interrupted softly. She could almost feel his mouth smile against her breast and he suckled even harder. His hand drifted gently down over her flat stomach, feeling the muscles jump.

He moved his hand lower still and stroked lightly over the smoothness of her mound, feeling her press against his palm as she moaned. He slipped two fingers into the warm moistness, finding her centre of pleasure hidden inside and rolled it around gently, his tongue still teasing her nipple, until she moaned and writhed beneath his hand.

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He felt her tense up and quickly moved to capture her lips with his own, pinning her beneath his body as he felt her sudden release with a warm fountain of wetness against his hand. She relaxed slowly, opening her eyes to see him staring down at her, a soft, amused expression in his eyes.

She blushed. 'You look like you did that day on the roof,' he said softly, brushing her lips with his, then moving to trail kisses lightly down her neck. 'So do you,' she whispered. She caught her breath and had to concentrate in order to speak. 'You do look a little different,' she said, a soft giggle escaping.

'Oh, really?' He propped himself up on his elbow to stare down at her. 'How so?' She ran her hand down his side and then reached down to touch his hardness with her fingertips. 'Well, you weren't naked up on the roof.' and she wrapped her hands around his cock, one above the other.

He shuddered as her hands caressed the length of his rigid cock. 'Still, if you'd looked hard enough, you could have seen how much I enjoyed watching you.' 'Oh, did you?' Jennifer grinned up at him. 'I will always enjoy watching you,' David said softly. Jennifer worked her hands up to his chest and pushed gently against him until he rolled over onto his back.

'What now?' he asked curiously as she stared down at him, seeming to devour him with her eyes. He could feel himself grow hotter as she stared, not touching him. Then she moved quickly to wedge her left knee between his thighs, parting his legs, her hands on the bed by his waist. Then she moved some more, her right knee joining her left and parting his legs further, and bent her head down to kiss the soft hairs on his chest.

She kissed lower and he felt himself tense as her breasts brushed over his hardness, her nipples on his thighs. She kissed lower still and he could feel her nipples pressing harder into his thighs as her mouth drew nearer to his cock. Closer and then away again, teasing him as she carefully avoided touching his cock. Then she grinned and bent till she kissed it lightly on the tip. She lifted her head to look at him and saw him watching her through passion-hooded eyes.

'Are you enjoying yourself still?' she asked teasingly. David nodded, knowing his voice wouldn't work anymore. When it seemed she had stopped, he tried to speak. His voice came out as if it hadn't been used in quite a while. 'Go ahead, continue what you were doing' She cocked her head and smiled at him, brushing her hair back behind her ears. 'Continue what? This?' She moved up to kiss his chest down to his cock, her breasts brushing over his erection. She paused.

'Or this?' Tucking her hair behind her ears again, she bent and kissed his cock, just once. 'Don't stop there,' he said. So Jennifer slowly took the tip of his cock in her mouth. She felt him tense and heard him moan as his fingers tangled in her hair, urging her to continue. She stroked his balls with one hand, while her tongue explored his rod, licking up and down, then teasing around the sensitive area of the head.

She paused and looked up at him. 'I want to try deepthroating you, but Alessa said it can be a little difficult.' She put her mouth over the head of his cock, sucked hard then took it out and looked up at him. 'Are you ready?' she asked. She took the tip of his cock in her mouth again, sucked a bit more of it in and a bit more and more still.

It reached the back of her mouth and she nearly gagged, but she kept it there. Then she forced more into her mouth and more and more until her nose was in his pubes and his cock was as far down her throat as it would go. She lifted her head up and pushed it down until his cock was all the way down her throat again.

Up and down, again and again. She felt his hips began to push up against her, heard his breathing grow ragged and moved back quickly before he could orgasm. 'Un-unh,' she shook her head and wagged a finger at him. 'No doing that until your cock is in my pussy.' David grinned.

In all his imaginings of the past week, he had never had fantasies of Jennifer like this. He reached down and pulled her up on top of him, groaning as he felt her hard nipples dragging over his chest. She brought her knees forwards and sat upright astride his waist, holding his cock against her stomach. Then she put her feet flat on the bed, lifted herself up and, guiding his cock with one hand, lowered herself until just the head was inside. She paused, balancing herself with her hands on David's stomach, preparing for what she knew would be painful, and then plunged down quickly until he was all the way inside her.

She screamed with the abrupt pain as he broke her hymen and her eyes widened with surprise at the experience of feeling the incredible fullness of a cock, his cock, deep inside her pussy for the first time, then softened in the pleasure of the feeling.

Because of her shyness, she had had no experience; she had never actually gone this far. But this night was turning out to be one to remember. Jennifer relaxed again slowly and then began to move up and down, up slowly until only the head of his cock was inside her and plunging back down quickly until their pubic bones mashed together. Slowly up and swiftly back down again a few more times. Then she sat back with her hands on David's shins, her large breasts thrust up against David's palms as he reached out to massage her nipples, squeezing and pinching them.

Her hips moved, drawing up until just the head of his cock was inside her again then back down hard, driving him all the way inside her each time and putting extra pressure on her g-spot with each thrust. His hands dropped to her hips and moved across to caress her clitoris with his fingers, to where he could feel himself entering her. He found her pleasure button again and massaged it gently. He could feel himself nearing the edge but was determined to wait for Jennifer.

Jennifer felt the heat gathering between her legs. Her breath came in short gasps each time she felt David's hands touch her. He grasped her hips, pulling her hips down on him, driving deeper and deeper inside her, until she felt her world suddenly explode. A loud cry was ripped from her and she threw herself forward against his chest. As Jennifer cried out, David thrust deep inside, feeling his cock burst in response to the orgasmic spasms in her vaginal muscles, filling her with his warm fluids as she collapsed into his arms.

When she came back to reality, she felt David's arms around her, warm and comforting against her back. Her eyes flickered open to meet David's.

She saw a mixed expression in his eyes, one of wonder and surprise and gratitude, and she felt that this was mirrored in her own expression.

She reached to kiss him lightly, softly, until the kiss grew warmer and deeper, and she felt his hardness grow inside her once more. Jennifer drew back, looked into his eyes and said, 'You're not finished yet, tonight, you know.' 'What do you mean?' She lifted herself off him, his cock falling out of her pussy and flopping down onto his stomach.

He noticed some blood on it, her blood, then she got to her hands and knees between his legs and turned to face away from him. She looked back and said 'That was the first time for me and it hurt a bit, a lot.

I want to do it again without the hurt.' At the sight of twin globes of Jennifer's backside and the opening to her deep well of pleasure between them, David felt his passion rising again and his cock responding. He got to his knees, placed the tip of his cock at her opening, his hands on her hips, and pushed just the head into her vagina. He leaned forward to cup her huge breasts, one in each hand, the nipples making hard lumps against his palms, and flexed his hips ever so slightly, pushing in a little bit further.

Jennifer's low cry encouraged him to do it again, and again, and again, until he was in up to the hilt. Then he pulled almost all the way out and slowly eased his cock back in a little bit at a time, as before. He pulled almost all the way out and did it again, Jennifer giving more little whimpers as he did so. He pulled out again but this time he paused. Jennifer cried out, 'David, fuck me, please just fuck me, I can't wait any more,' and he pushed all the way inside in one slow smooth motion.

He pulled almost all the way out again and pushed back in slowly. Jennifer, by now, thought her pussy would go into meltdown and was moaning at the excruciating ecstasy of what was happening to her. 'Please, David, faster, faster. Oh please, faster.' He repeated the slow in-out actions a few times, teasing Jennifer with the promise of more.

Then he moved in and out a bit faster, and again a bit faster still, and again until he was ramming in and out of her pussy at a colossal speed.

'Oh DaviDavidayviiiiiiiiiiid, I'm.YEEEESSSS, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.' He suddenly felt Jennifer's pussy go into spasms, which set him off, and they felt the union of their joining in a huge explosion of pleasure. After a moment, coming down from the peak of their joint ecstasy, David pulled out and collapsed back with closed eyes and a stunned expression on his face.

All he could say was, 'Wow.' Jennifer turned her head, looked back at him and said, 'Wow? Is that all you can say, "wow?"' It was as if he didn't hear her, he just said, 'Wow' again.

Jennifer turned round, still on her hands and knees, and looked down at his now limp cock, then up at David's face and down again. I wonder she thought, and bent her head to kiss it. It twitched slightly in response.

She kissed it again. It twitched again and started to swell, just a bit. She laid down on her front, flat between David's legs with her arms over his thighs, elbows almost touching the bed, and wrapped her right hand round his cock. She started squeezing and relaxing her hand, making his cock swell more and more until it was almost as fully erect and hard as it had been before. David opened his eyes and looked down.

Jennifer took just the head of his cock into her mouth, looked deep into David's eyes and sucked really hard, her cheeks puckering in with the vacuum she was creating. She took it out and said, 'This time I want you to come in my mouth, ok.' David nodded, weakly, as Jennifer opened her mouth wide, pulled her lips back baring her teeth and lowered her head over his cock until her nose was in his pubes, holding the base of his cock with just forefinger and thumb.

Then she closed her lips, forming a seal around his cock and drew up, sucking in hard as she did so. She lowered her head again and drew up again. She increased the speed, but it wasn't necessary, as David knew he wouldn't be able to hold back for very long, and he didn't want to hold back this time. Jennifer felt the slight swelling of his cock, felt his cum start to rise under her thumb, then moved her hand away, closed her eyes and lowered her head all the way down.

David reached out, held the back of her head in both hands, pushed it down as far as it would go and emptied his load down the back of her throat in six huge spurts.

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He held her like that for a few moments and then took his hands away, releasing her head. She lifted her head, letting his rapidly softening cock fall from her mouth, and looked up. He was grinning at her. 'What?' she asked. 'I should meet more women on the roof.' He grinned.


She slapped him lightly on the stomach. 'Meanie.' She grinned back at him. 'I guess that means I'll just have to sunbathe on the roof again sometime.' David slowly ran his hands down her back. 'When you do, would you like some company?

Or how about this for an idea? I know a nice, out of the way, place, where no one ever goes.' 'I don't know, I mean I thought I was fairly safe on the roof of my block. It's not another rooftop, is it?' 'Oh no, this place is a couple of miles out of town, not a rooftop near and the only way to get there is along a dirt track.

How about it?' Jennifer smiled at him.

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'It's a date.' 'It's your turn now, lie down here.' 'We're taking turns now?' Jennifer moved to lie beside David on her back and he got up on one elbow, looking into her eyes. He kissed her gently then moved his head to her left nipple, leaving a trail of little kisses on her skin as he went.

He traced circles around her slightly hard nipple with his tongue then took it into his mouth and sucked. 'David.' He ignored her and carried on teasing the nipple back to full erectness. 'David,' she said, a bit louder. 'Yes.' 'Will you get me my purse?' He stretched his arm behind him to the floor where Jennifer had left her purse, picked it up and gave it to her. 'Ta.' She opened the flap, reached inside and pulled out the vibrator. 'While you were off getting the ice, I found that Alessa had put this in my purse earlier.

That's what I was so embarrassed about when you came back.' David took the toy, switched it on and a muted buzzing filled the air. 'You want me to use this, do you?' 'Ooooh, yes please.' 'Ok.' He touched it to Jennifer's already hard nipple and heard her give a slight moan in response. He suddenly switched it off and put it aside. 'I don't think you want me to use it really.' 'Yes I do.

Really.' 'Ok.' He picked it up and switched it on again. 'Where do you want me to use it?' 'Here,' and he touched it to one of her nipples. Then he touched the other nipple with it and bent to give the first a little suck.

'Or here,' and he moved it down to touch the inside of her thigh at the top of her leg, seeing the moisture appear at her slit.

Jennifer parted her legs wide, hooking one leg over his waist. 'Ooohhh, put it in, please just put it in.' David moved to kneel between her legs and looked up at Jennifer's face.

'Would you like me to do this, then?' and he stroked the buzzing thing up and down her now open slit, seeing her puffy lips swelling even more.

'Put it in. Put it in me.' He slowly pushed the toy part of the way into her vagina and leant forward to lick her bulging clitoris. 'Oh, that's right.' He turned the speed right down then pushed it in slowly the rest of the way.

When it was all the way inside he flicked the speed quickly up to full then back down to almost nothing, up to full and down to almost nothing again. He pulled it out, laid it along her slit and flicked the speed up and down again. He put the speed on full and pushed it all the way into her pussy.

'Yes, I'm cumming, I'm cumming.' 'Aaaaaagggggghhhhh.' Jennifer let out another scream as she reached her peak and suddenly went limp. 'Are you alright?' said David, thinking 'Oh dear, I am probably going to get a few complaints from the neighbours tomorrow.' 'Yes, I'm ok.

I'm very ok. But I wonder if death through orgasm is possible.' She yawned, covering her mouth in surprise. 'I think you wore me out.' David moved up to lie at her side, then nuzzled the side of her neck, whispering, 'Go to sleep, Jennifer. And dream sweet dreams. And when you wake up, I'll still be here' He watched as Jennifer smiled and whispered, 'I'm glad.' Then with another yawn, she closed her eyes.

He settled in next to her, holding her tight between his arms.

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She felt nice there. Gently rubbing her back until she fell asleep, he thought about how he would be there when she woke up in the morning, and what they would do when she woke up, until he fell asleep with a smile on his face. 6 The Morning After The Night Before Jennifer was woken the next morning with of a gentle kiss on her lips (the upper ones).

She lay still for a few minutes, eyes closed, luxuriating in the unaccustomed feeling of total relaxation and contentment.

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Was it all a dream? Could she have imagined it as she had so many other times since that day on the roof when she'd.and she felt herself blush with chagrin at the memory of what she'd done that day? Her full senses returned to her and she opened her eyes. She saw a strange ceiling above her head. This was not her own bed. A low, quiet, pleasing male voice whispered something in her ear.

Full recollection of the previous night suddenly returned to her. It wasn't a dream. She turned her head to see her lover's eyes inches from her own. She could say that now, "Her lover", and revelled for a moment in the sheer sensual pleasure of being able to say that about herself."Her lover". He was looking at her with a tender expression on his face and she felt an immediate sexual response to his look.

Then she felt the aching of the muscles in her loins protesting about the abusive treatment they had received the night before. She realized she must have a bit of time to recover before she could attempt any repetition of the activities of the previous night. But could she explain that to him without giving him the idea that it was some sort of rejection.

She would have to try, she would have to as she certainly wasn't able for anything like it yet and even the thought of someone touching her there gave her little twinges of pain. 'Good morning.' 'I said "do you want to have some breakfast or would you rather stay here?"' giving her a slightly suggestive grin. 'Oh David,' she said, edging sideways to put a bit of space between their naked bodies before the sheer animal attraction in his eyes could cause a response in her aching body, 'I've got to go home, and quickly, while I can move, before my muscles remember what I did to them last night and decide to protest even more than they are now.' 'Don't you want to stay?

Wouldn't you rather stay here and relax?' 'David, I want to stay, I want to be with you, forever, but I know what will happen if I do stay. At least I know what I'd like to do if I stay.and what you would like to do as well.

But I can't. You can see that, can't you? I just need time to recover.' 'Hmmmm, ok.' She got up out of their bed, yes, it was "their" bed, and found her discarded clothes from the previous night. She made a little grimace of pain as she started to squeeze into the cheesecloth blouse and felt it brush harshly against her aching nipples.

David noticed the look and offered the use of some of his clothes. 'You'll find spare sweatshirt and pants in that dresser drawer.' She accepted his offer with gratitude and didn't comment when he joked that she would have to see him later when he came to pick them up, though her vaginal muscles gave another twinge of protest at the thought.

Just before she left, she turned to face David. 'By the way.' 'Yes.' 'Just so you don't think my leaving so abruptly is some sort of rejection.' She paused and grinned. 'Yes?' She took hold of the bottom of the sweatshirt and whipped it up so that it was hooked over the top of her large breasts, being careful as she pulled it over her nipples, moved her hands quickly down to grab the waistband of the pants, her left on her hip and her right at her stomach, then pulled the front of the pants down with her right hand giving him a quick flash of her shaven pussy.

Just as quickly, she pulled the front of the pants up again, tugged the sweatshirt down, turned and ran from the room. When she got back to her room, Alessa was there waiting. 'So, you've found out what it's all about now, huh?' 'Oh yeah.oh, oh yessss' she said in a miserable tone of voice, 'and it doesn't half hurt.

It does get better, doesn't it?' 'Definitely. It gets a lot better. But for now, I've got one thing to say to you, well, two things actually.' 'What are they?' 'One: skin up and have a joint to relax yourself and two: then go to bed. Give yourself time to recover. I'll deal with David when he comes round to collect his clothes.' Jennifer's last waking thought before sleep overcame her and the subconscious self-repair instincts of her body rendered her insensible was How had Alessa known that they were David's clothes?

David arrived a couple of hours later, to be met by Alessa at the door. She picked up his sweatshirt and pants and shoved him back out into the hallway. 'What on earth did you do to that poor girl last night?' she demanded and stood waiting for his reply, tapping her foot in anger.

David looked at this big-titted brunette standing there, dressed in a pair of tiny white shorts, a tight white vest that didn't reach as far as her navel and with no bra, her nipples clearly poking through. He looked at this girl who was glaring at him, her eyes flashing sparks, and he felt an instant response that showed in his blue eyes.

He saw her reaction to his look, the way her eyes widened, the way her lips parted slightly and her breathing quickened, and liked her for it. He put such thoughts aside; there was only one person for him now.

And he wanted to see her, he NEEDED to see her. 'What do you mean, "What did I do to her?" She fucked my brains out,' he said indignantly.

'Keep your voice down,' Alessa said in a harsh whisper, 'she's asleep, and whatever it was you did, she's going to need time to recover. Give her a few days; you are NOT to go near her until I say so. You are to leave her alone until she is completely ok, and when you do see her again, you are to let her make ALL the moves. And you keep your hands to yourself, even her nipples hurt, fer gawds sake.' 'But I've got to go on a field trip on Tuesday, for a week.' When he tried to push past her to get to the door, Alessa moved to block his path.

'Then you won't see her until you get back. Now, there're your clothes. Go. Leave. NOW.' When Alessa returned to their room, Jennifer asked, sleepily, 'Who was that?' 'That was David. Now, don't you worry, I've given him his clothes and sent him packing. Go back to sleep.' Jennifer made as though to get out of bed and struggle to her feet. 'I should go after him.' Oh, she really did like this matchmaking lark, and getting these two together might turn out to be one of her best projects, but they were obviously so far gone on each other that they needed a bit of help otherwise their budding relationship might fail, crashing against she rocks of harsh reality.

A few days separation was definitely indicated. She put her hands on Jennifer's shoulders and pushed her back down to the bed. 'No you shouldn't. Make him wait for it. He's not going anywhere, believe you me, he's totally gone on you. Go back to sleep.'