Inked brunette with big tits gets nailed cumshot facial

Inked brunette with big tits gets nailed cumshot facial
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written as the boy I am a 16 year old guy. I had never thought of my mom in a lustful, incestuous way before. I am not saying my mom is not attractive; she is very attractive, very nice figure, long red hair and small tits.

My dad bought my mom a boob job for her 40th birthday. It was a huge shock when my mom came home from her surgery with huge tits! She went as big as she could go which had to be a D-cup.

Now I found myself checking my mom out! At first it was just staring at her tits then I began to develop a desire to see my own mom topless. I actually sneaked into her room and secretly got a picture of her in her bra and panties. This photo soon became my masturbation picture. I knew it was wrong but I couldn't help myself, my mom was looking so hot now.

When I began to jack off to her picture, I tried not to think of anything but soon my 16 year old horny mind came up with all sorts of dirty, dark thoughts and scenario's. I had scenario's in my mind when a cranked one off about fucking my mom's tits and cumming all over them. Then they developed into thinking about her sucking my cock and finally ended up to where I would imagine in my mind what her tits would look like bouncing around as I fucked her.

Honestly, these became the only jack off fantasy's I had and they were the best too! I never blew that large of loads when I looked at regular porno magazines. I knew it was because it was my mom and these were forbidden thoughts.

After several months of jacking off to the picture and fantasy's of my mom I began to try and think of a way to see her topless, which then grew into a deep, deep hope that I would get to live out my desires with my mom, even just once. I was home sick from school, my mom decided to take half days at her work to come home and check up on me. Being sick did not stop me from masturbating, it just increased it since I had more time alone. I was in my bedroom, cranking one off to my mom's picture in my bed when I heard her come home.

I quickly hid the picture a bit upset that I did not get to finish myself off. My mom came up to my room, she was looking quite beautiful, she had on one of her business suits (suit jacket, white button up shirt, tight skirt). I was lying in my bed on top of my covers; she came in and said I was looking feverish. She bent over to feel my head; her top button was undone so I did my best to glance down her shirt to see as much of her tits as I could.

I looked up and my mom smiled at me, I didn't know if she saw me looking down her shirt or not. "You are feeling very hot. I better get you something for that fever." I watched my mom leave, checking out her ass wiggle as she walked away. I thought to myself, 'I'm hot cause I was jacking off to you mom!' When my mom came back in she had taken her jacket off, now I could see her white lace bra through her sheer white shirt.

My eyes focused right on her tits as she came back over to me with some medication. She sat on the bed while I swallowed the pills. As I did I couldn't help glancing a peak at her tits again.

What I didn't realize was that my cock had made a tent out of my boxer shorts I was wearing! When I noticed I quickly tried to adjust myself by pulling up on my waist band, hoping my mom did not see the erection I had going! I turned bright red, embarrassed that I had gotten such a visible hard-on in front of my mom.

She just smiled at me as she got up to leave my room. Then she stopped and turned around to face me. "It's ok, you don't have to be embarrassed Alex." "What do you mean mom?" "You know what I mean.

Trying to hide your erection because you were peeking down my shirt." I could not believe my mom caught me and brought it to my attention. She came back over to me, bent over again, I automatically looked down her shirt and then realized my mom just did that on purpose as she patted me on my head. "See you did it again." I felt so embarrassed, my mom just laughed at me. "Honey, everyone has been 'trying' not to look at my new boobs.

I knew this would happen and I figured you would be no different; after all you are a 16 year old boy, your hormones are racing so it's only natural." Then she looked at me again with her sweet smile, "So Alex did you like what you saw?" " what I saw.yes." My mom smiled at me as she rubbed my hair.

"Anything else I can do for you?" she asked me. Suddenly my deep dark side of my lust spoke up. "Well yes." I caught myself before I said anything more. My mom asked me what it was and at first I said nothing but she pressed me to go ahead and ask. Those taboo desires really took over my better judgment so I finished my question.

"Can I see them?" That caught my mom off guard. She didn't know what to say as she just looked at me shocked for a moment or two.

She stood up, "Well I don't think that would be right Alex, after all I am your mom." She got to my doorway and stopped. "Can I ask you something Alex?" "Sure mom." "Did just looking down my shirt give you your erection?" I don't know why I answered so quickly I guess my dark desires were now in full control.

"Yes mom.

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You look really hot in that outfit and your tits are so big." I could not believe I just said that to my own mom. I felt I pushed it way past the line with that. I watched her reaction and she actually blushed, smiled and looked down at the floor. "Well I will take that as a compliment, being called hot by a teenage guy." Then she looked at me for a few moments. "I will show you my boobs but you have to promise never to tell anyone!

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OK? We would get into so much trouble." I couldn't believe it, I wanted to jump up and yell 'YES!' I was going to get to see my mom's tits. I would promise her anything and I did. "Yes mom I promise! I won't tell anyone." My mom slowly approached my bed again unbuttoning her shirt as she got closer. She stood in front of me and slowly let her shirt drop to my bedroom floor. Her tits looked even better up close in the bra than in the picture I took of her.

She slowly reached behind her back and undid her bra and then quickly held it against her tits with one hand as she took each shoulder strap off. "I'm serious Alex, YOU CAN NOT TELL ANYONE ABOUT THIS!" "I know mom, I know!

I said I wouldn't!" Then my mom nervously let the bra drop to the floor. I almost blew my wad right then and there in my boxer shots. My mom's tits looked great! Huge tits, large half dollar sized dark red areola and big nipples!

I asked her to sit down on the bed next to me so I could really see them. My mom hesitantly did that and I watched as her nipples grew! I lightly blew towards them, trying to get them fully erect. My mom picked up instantly on what I was doing. "Oh my god Alex! Stop that! You are blowing on my nipples trying to make them hard!" "Sorry mom.I got carried away with how beautiful your tits look!" My mom smiled and blushed then she pinched her nipples.

"There is that what you wanted to see Alex." Her nipples were at least a quarter of an inch long, perfect for sucking on! Then my mom shook her upper body back and forth making them sway and giggle around.

My cock was fully erect, making a tent out of my boxers again as well as a pre cum wet stain was becoming evident. "Do you like them? Do you think they look good?" my mom asked me. "They look great mom! They are the best tits I have ever seen!" My mom smiled at me and then she got up, bent over to pick up her bra and shirt. My lust, my taboo thoughts and my entire dark jack off fantasy's spoke up in my mind; almost forcing me to say what I did next.

"Mom, can I touch them?" My mom stopped what she was doing, holding her bra in her hand. She sat back down and just nodded her head yes. My hands were drawn to her tits like a magnet. I very lightly fondled them, enjoying the feeling of her tit flesh in my hands. I ran my finger tips lightly around her areola, my mom bit her lower lip and let out a very soft mew.

Then I started flick my fingers across her nipples, flicking her erect nipples around. My mom let out a loud sigh of delight. I expected her to tell me to stop but she didn't'. Her eyes glazed over as she kept looking at me, biting her lower lip. I saw her glance down; my cock had worked its way out of the fly of my boxer shorts.

I saw her gaze at my throbbing, red, pre cum oozing cock; then she looked me in the eyes again. I kept fondling her tits, squeezing them, playing with her nipples. My mom closed her eyes, tossing her hair back she bent her head back and let out another moan. This was my chance so I took it. I moved my face closer to her gorgeous tits, stuck my tongue out, holding my mom's tits in my hands I flicked my tongue across her nipples.

My mom moaned out, "Oooh Alex." She didn't tell me to stop so now I opened my mouth, planted my lips around one of her areola and I gave it such a sucking. I sucked long and hard on her tit. My mom squirmed around, moaning, "Oooh.this is so wrong.we shouldn't." I released her tit from my passion filled embraced by my lips, "Do you want me to stop." She just shook her head no.

I licked and kissed my way all over her tits; as I did I suddenly felt my mom's hand on my prick! She slowly began to stroke my cock as lavished her tits with pure lust. I looked up at her and she kept her eyes closed, enjoying my oral pleasuring of her tits as she began to stroke me off! I wrapped my lips around her other areola, sucking on it and with my tongue I kept flicking her nipple around, driving both of us wild.

We kept this up for 10 or 15 minutes. My mom was so good at stroking my cock, she didn't go too fast to make me cum; she just slowly stroked it as I worked out all my desires on her fantastic tits. Every now and then I would glance up at my mom, her eyes were closed as she was completely lost in the pleasure I giving to her with her tits. She moaned softly, stroking my cock with one hand and running her other hand through my hair. I could not believe I was getting to play with her tits, licking and sucking on them like there was no tomorrow.

Then my dirty thoughts took over again, telling me this was my chance to make my jack off fantasy's reality. I held my mom's tits in my hands, flicking my tongue across her nipples as I did I looked her in her eyes.

Her face was completely glazed over as she looked at me licking her nipples. "Mom, can I fuck your tits?" was all I said to her. She didn't say a word; she gently pushed me away from her tits. Then my mom crawled onto my bed and laid down next to me on her back! She was going to let me fuck her tits!

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I got up and stood over my mom ready to pull off my boxer shorts. She reached up and grabbed them, slowly pulling them down. My mom didn't take her eyes off of my very red and extremely hard cock. I stepped out of my boxers and then I got down on my knees, straddling her body. I placed my cock between her tits, my mom responded by putting her hands on her tits, pushing them tightly together around my prick.

Neither of us said a word, I just put my fantasies into action and began to ram my cock back and forth between her huge tits. I knew I was not going to last long; my mom's hand job had brought me so close to cumming already. I began to moan as the sensation of my cock fucking her tits shot through my 16 year old body. My mom kept looking up at me, then down at her tits, watching my prick work between her huge mounds. My cock was making her tits so sticky as more and more pre cum oozed out my cock head.

I lasted a couple of minutes, no more than that. I felt my jizm load building as fucked her tits faster and faster. I could tell my mom sensed that I was getting ready to blow my wad. I didn't know if should just let myself cum, knowing I would end up spurting my seed in my mom's face. Every time I jack off, my cum shoots out of my prick like a fire hose, I can make myself shoot my wad almost two feet with no problem. I got nervous and figured I better not try that, so instead when I was ready to blow my wad, I pulled my cock out from between her tits and jacked off across them instead.

I aimed my cock for her tits, my mom held them together as she intently watched me jacking off. Then I erupted with a cum load I never experienced before. My very first spurt was a huge spurt of jizm; I watched it splatter all over her nipples and areola. The next spurt of my thick white paste I aimed a little bit higher to get the tops of her tits, my wild stroking on my cock made me aim wrong and the spurt of cum landed on her chin and neck.

I quickly adjusted and blew several more large wads of hot seed all over her tits and hands. My mom looked shocked at the sheer volume of jizm that blew out of my prick and she didn't' seem phased by the cum on her chin and neck. When I finished I rolled off of my mom and laid down next to her, recovering from my unexpectedly large ejaculation.

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I watched as she began to play with my cum! Not a word was spoken, she slowly began to rub my cum all over her tits, as if it was some sort of lotion. She then took her jizm covered fingers and wiped them off on her stomach.

I watched as my sticky jizm slowly ran down her mounds. My mom grabbed her tits and slowly got up on to her knees making sure not spill any cum on my bed. She looked at me as she held her tits in her hands, my cum still all over her areola and nipples as well as my cum on her chin.

"Alex will you hold on my tits for a minute?" I reached up and held my mom's tits in my hands. I watched her wipe my seed off of her chin with two fingers and then she stuck them in mouth and ate my sperm, swallowing it right down! She grabbed her tits again and I watched with dirty pleasure as mom slowly licked my cum off of her mounds. She took her time, very slowly licking gob's of my jizm off.

I remained partially erect as I watched her doing this. She did a great job cleaning my jizm up. Then she crawled around in front of me between my legs. "You looked shocked Alex. I guess you didn't think your mom swallows cum." "No mom, I never thought you would do that!" Which was a lie, in my masturbation fantasy's I pictured my mom swallowing every load of cum. Then she grabbed my cock, "Then I bet you never imagined I would do this." She leaned down and very slowly ran her tongue up my shaft.

She licked it like an ice cream cone before taking my entire, partially erect prick into her mouth. She left it there, sucking on it and running her wet tongue all over it. Then my mom let it very slowly slid out of her mouth. I just moaned, looking at my mom with a new passionate affection. "Alex, you know this is very wrong and you can never, never tell anyone." "I won't mom…please don't stop." "Oh so you are ready to get off again?" "No mom, it will take me awhile before I can blow my wad again." "Good.

Then you will enjoy getting your cock sucked for a long time. Is this your first blow job?" "Yes mom." She smiled at me before running her lips up one side of my shaft and down the other. I kept yelling in my head "My mom is going to suck my cock! My mom is going to give me a blow job!" I put my hands behind my head and watched with an intensity only a sex crazed 16 year old boy could; as my very own mom worked my prick with her mouth.

I think my blow job from my mom lasted almost half an hour which did not bother either of us. My mom really got into sucking my cock and I was completely lost in my lust watching her working my cock with her mouth and tongue.

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This was better than any porno movie I watched. This was turning out to be the best ever!


I kept thinking that as I watched my mom sucking my cock. Now I was beginning to feel jizm load building up in my prick. I thought to myself that when I was ready to cum, I was just going to do it. I was not going to warn my mom, I wanted to blow my wad into her mouth. She licked my cock head and looked at me, "Are you enjoying yourself Alex?" "Oh yes mom. Don't stop sucking my cock." She smiled at me and gobbled my prick down again.

Now I just watched her began to moan louder and louder. I could feel my prick swelling up and becoming even stiffer in my mom's mouth. My breathing increased as I tried very hard not to say anything, not to tell her I was about to cum. It slipped out as I was groaning, "Oh yeah mom, that's it. I'm gonna cum." She didn't stop; she just kept bobbing her head up and down on my cock even faster. As she bobbed her head up and down my cock she began to stroke the base of my prick as well.

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Then she slid my cock out of her mouth, running her lips up and down my shaft for a few moments. Then she just placed my prick head in her mouth as she stroked my cock as fast as she could.

I could barely hold back any longer from the pleasure my mom was giving me. She started to run her lips down my shaft and that is when I blew my wad. My first spurt of cum was a small one, it erupted out of my cock head and landed on my mom's face. She quickly took my prick into her mouth and at that moment I blasted the inside of her mouth with my hot jizm. I knew it was a huge wad I sent surging into her mouth and I could feel my mom swallowing it!

Another spurt fired out of my cock and down her throat. I did my best to fill my mom's mouth with my hot jizm and she did her best to swallow it as quickly as possible. I honestly did not want this moment to end; I wanted to keep cumming in her mouth all day long. Unfortunately I emptied my prick into her mouth really quickly but it was a moment I would always remember, my mom giving me a blow job and swallowing my load.

When I was done I watched her sit up after she was done sucking me dry. She wiped her mouth off and then wiped off the cum on her face, swallowing that too. She sat up and looked at me, "Mmm, good to the last drop.

You sure cum a lot Alex. Not to mention your sperm is so hot, so sticky and tastes so good. I could become addicted to it very easily. Your father's cum tastes good but yours tastes so much better." I didn't know what to say to her. But I didn't have much time to think of a response. My mom stood up on my bed and pulled her skirt up a bit, she removed her thong panties and before I knew it my topless mom dropped down onto her knees straddling my head.

"I am so wet Alex. I want you eat me out and get me off now." Then I had her pussy right in my face. She planted her very wet pussy right on my mouth and all I could do was taste her pussy. My mom tasted so good, I went crazy lapping at her wet cunt. As I licked at her pussy, she grabbed my hands and placed them on her huge tits.

I fondled her sticky tits, sticky from my cum, as I licked her cunt lips and sucked on her clit. My mom wiggled all around on my face, "That's it, eat your mom's pussy out. You are such a good son." This was my first time tasting a pussy and I loved it. I was digging my tongue into her cunt as far as I could shove, I wanted to devour all over her sweetness.

Then my mom took my sticky fingers, put them in her mouth and sucked on them for a bit like they were my cock. She let them out of her mouth and placed them back on her tits, "I can still taste your salty jizm you left on my tits." I don't know how long I licked at her pussy as my head was covered by her skirt, so I don't know how long it took for my mom to get off. All I know is she suddenly clamped down on my head with her knees, writhed around wildly on my face, screaming out loud.

Then a flood of sweetness rushed across my tongue and my face as she screamed out that she was cumming. As she did, she squeezed my hands hard making me squeeze her large tits. Now she just sat on my face for a minute or two before she rolled off of me. I looked at her and she was breathing hard, massaging her tits, her body covered in sweat.

She looked at me, "Alex would you be a good son and pull my skirt off." I quickly got up and yanked her skirt off, I basked at the sight of seeing my mom naked, and she had a very nicely shaved pussy, just a small thin strip of pubic hair. She looked at me, "Do you like what you see?" "Yeah mom." She spread her legs showing off her glistening wet pussy lips. With one hand she kept massaging her big tits and with her other hand she spread her cunt lips apart. "Alex, will you eat me out again?

You are so good at it; I want to get off again." My mom didn't have to ask me twice, I got down on my stomach and drove my tongue as far as I could into her pussy. I dug and licked at her cunt, watching my mom squirm as licked her sweet, wet cunt. As I licked away at her as well as sucked on he clit I watched as she played with her tits, sucking and licking on her own nipples. Every now and then she would let go of one of her tits and ran her hand through my hair, pushing my face into her pussy.

I took my time eating her out, I wanted to savor her taste and I wanted to make my mom squirm around for as long as possible. Time seemed to stand still as I kept licking my mom into a lust filled haze.

I actually ended up getting her off two more times over the next 45 minutes or so. I really loved eating her out and she did not complain either at having her pussy gone over with my tongue again and again. After I had gotten my mom off again she glanced over at the clock. "People will be coming home soon." She sounded very disappointed as she said that. I got up from between her legs, kneeling in front of her and that is when I really noticed that I had another raging hard-on.

My mom looked at my rock hard cock. "Alex, I think we need to take care of that before anyone gets home." She sat up and grabbed my prick looking at it while stroking it.

"I gave you your first blow job, right?" "Yes mom, it was my first blow job." At this point I just assumed she would suck me off again, or give me a hand job or have me fuck her tits again. She looked down, I thought at my cock but I was so wrong. She took my cock and began to slap it on her clit.

Then my mom looked at me, "Do you think you can fuck your mom?" My jaw dropped, I was completely speechless as all of my jack off fantasies were coming true. "Well Alex? Can you fuck me even though I'm your mom? Do you want to fuck me? You can cum inside of me if you want." As she said this she now ran my prick head up and down her wet pussy lips. It felt so good I let out a loud moan. "Oh so you like how that feels, your cock head on my pussy lips." "Yes mom.

I can fuck you; I want to fuck your brains out!" She smiled and giggled a bit, "Hmmm, I have never had my brains fucked out of me.


Seeing how much you loved eating me out, maybe you could fuck me that hard." She held my prick head against her pussy lips. "Are you ready Alex?" I just nodded yes. "You are going to love how this feels sweetheart. Now push your cock into my pussy, slowly!

I want you to enjoy your first time and I want to watch your cock going inside of me." I did as my mom said and the feeling was beyond anything I could have imagined. I groaned aloud with my mom as my cock slid into her tight, wet, hot pussy.

"Oh shit mom! I'm gonna love fucking you!" Once I got my cock all the way inside of her she told me to leave it there for a moment and to enjoy what it felt like inside of her.

She laid back down and looked up at me, "Ok Alex, now fuck me! Fuck me as hard and fast you want. You can cum as quickly as you want too." I will be honest; I went completely wild as I let my dark passion take control of my mind and body. I started to fuck her like a very inexperienced boy but I didn't care, I was fucking my mom, it felt great and we were both loving it!

I held her at the waist as I drove my cock in her cunt over and over again. I kept my eyes fixed on her pussy and watching my cock going in and out of her, I totally ignored her huge tits bouncing around with each thrust of my prick. I finally looked up at her; I wanted to see the look on my mom's face, to see if she was enjoying getting fucked by her son.

I saw her tits bouncing back and forth and that made me fuck her even harder! She was moaning away, begging me, and actually begging me to fuck her and not to stop! "Oh mom!

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I love fucking you! I want to fuck you every day! Your pussy feels so good, I'm gonna fill your cunt with my cum!" She opened her eyes with that, "You do that Alex! Fill my cunt with your hot, tasty salty jizm. I want to feel you cumming inside of me. Now fuck me good!" I pounded the hell out of my mom; every thrust was bringing me closer and closer to blowing my wad inside of her.

We both were grunting like some wild mating animals. She looked up at me, "Come Alex, fuck me! That's it, fuck me, fuck your mom. Fuck me good! Keep it up Alex; you keep fucking me like a good son. Do you like fucking me? Do you like fucking your mom, making her big tits bounce all over?" "Oh fuck yes mom!

I love fucking you!" I pounded my cock in her a couple more times, "This is every boy's wet dream fantasy, fucking their mom! All my friends have dreamed about fucking their moms', their sisters. I have dreamed about fucking you too! Now I'm getting to fuck you.shit this is a teenage boy's incestuous fantasy come true!

I love it!" I knew there was no way I was going to last long fucking my mom, it felt so good. When I felt my wad building up in my prick, knowing I was close to letting it fly I figured I would let my mom know.

"Mom, I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna fuck'n cum inside of your sweet, tight cunt." "Do it! Do it Alex! Cum inside of me! Show me how much you love fucking your mom and cum in my pussy! Come on Alex, I don't feel your cumming yet.

I want it! I need it!" I was wildly ramming my cock in her as fast as I could; I was now insane with lust. Within a few strokes I yelled out, "Here it come mom! I'm cumming!" I let my load fly, spurting deep into her cunt.

My mom felt it, "Oh yes Alex! More! Keep cumming! Fill my pussy with your jizm!" Spurt after spurt shot out of prick and into my mom. I was giving her a huge wad of my seed and loving every moment. Every thrust of my prick into her pumped more of my hot jizm into her. Like all good things it had to come to an end and as quickly as the moment started it ended and pulled my cock out of my mom's pussy. She looked down at my cock, glistening wet from her pussy juice, then she looked at pussy, giving it a couple of strokes with her fingers.

"Alex, we really can't tell anyone now what we did. Do you understand that?" I looked at my mom and said yes I understood and I promised I would not tell anyone. My mom got up off of my bed and began to pick up her clothes that were scattered all over my floor. I began to think about how I could turn this to my advantage. I thought about blackmailing my mom, telling her that I would tell what we did unless she let me fuck her whenever I wanted or at the very least, she had to give me blowjobs every day!

I was already hooked on our taboo encounter; the forbidden lust of our incestuous encounter had me hooked. Then as my mom reached my bedroom door with all of her clothes in her arms she stopped and turned around. "Since its Wednesday maybe you should just stay home the rest of the week; unless of course you are feeling better." There was something odd about what my mom was saying but all I could say in an innocent manner was, "I probably will stay home as long as you will call the school and tell them." She said she would and then she bit her lower lip and saying under breath, "I wish your father could cum that much and his jizm tasted so good." She looked at me, "I will call into work too for the rest of the week.

I will tell them you are too sick to be left alone. That is if you don't mind me staying home with you?" I knew at that moment my mom was as hooked as I would and I wouldn't need to blackmail her, she was going to find a way for us to keep having our forbidden sessions.