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Horny slut has bbc anal
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Snowball Fight It all started when I was around 14 years old, just getting used to growing up and learning about my sexuality. I was interested in trying new things, especially with girls. I lived in a pleasant town, with lots of friends in my neighborhood.

But one stood out. A few houses down lived a Stacey, who was a year younger. Though she hadn't developed fully, she was a striking figure with milky, smooth skin and fiery red hair that I couldn't stop thinking about. She was small, about 4 feet 8 at the time with petite tits, I would say A cup, and a tight but small little ass.

Every morning at the bus stop we would socialize, mostly just small talk and what not, but she never seemed to be too interested in me. This was very hard for me because soon she was all I could think about.

The only problem was I didn't know how to turn our conversations into something a more than just "How's your morning been?." I was also afraid of what she would think of me, since we had been neighbors and not only did we know each other for so long but we lived so close.

Also, our parents never really got along, the only reason I know of was that her family was a bit strange and her dad was a real asshole. This also scared me from making any further advances.

One lucky day, as winter was rolling in and we were all huddled up in jackets by the corner (which I hated because Stacey covered up her hair and covered her body in a thick jacket) she quietly came over to me and said, "Hey, would you like to come over after school today?" "Yeah that would be awesome," I replied timidly, not knowing what to think or say in the situation. "Great! See you when we get home!" she smiled showing off the most lovely expression I had ever seen. All day at school I couldn't focus, nothing mattered, not my boring math class or geography or even science which I usually loved.

The only thing on my mind was what I would do once I got over to Stacey's house. This was the first time Id been over to a girls house by myself, and I had no idea what to do or say. I was afraid her dad might be home or that I would make a fool out of myself just opening my mouth. But as the final seconds of the day ticked away, all I felt was excitement, hoping that this could be the start of something good. The bus ride home we both sat awkwardly in separate seats, only adding to my fear that this would be a very strange experience for the both of us.

We both just sat starring out the window listening to music, all the while I was hoping she was thinking about me the way I was of her. Just a kiss from those soft lips would make me the happiest boy, but maybe I was getting ahead of myself. She probably just wanted help with some homework or had a question about something trivial, the way girls often do. The bus screeched up to our corner and after letting off a hiss, opened the doors.

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We walked off her looking back to check if I was coming with. Our eyes met and I was lost in her big dark brown orbs. We walked into her home, and walking up the steps she called out "MOM, DAD, ANYONE HOME!" No reply. "Sweet" she smirked, " lets go to my room." And with that she grabbed my hand and pulled me into her bedroom a place id never ventured into before in my life.

As I sat down on the bed next to her I looked around, checking out the scenery. It seemed very nice with pink walls, a comfy pink bed, and posters of her favorite boy bands. Seemed pretty average to me. "So…" she said coyly, "ever been with a girl?" A little caught off guard I replied, "Uh like over their house?" "No silly!

Like kissed and stuff?" "Of course not! I'm only 14." "Hahah ok I was just wondering," she said seeming to leave the subject alone for now. We moved on to other things and I was getting more relaxed in the situation, which had a very strange start.

"Uh oh, my dads gonna be home soon! You gotta go or he'll think something's going on," she said urgently, looking at the clock. "Going on? Like what?" I asked naïvely. "Sex!!" she blurted.

Confused, we walked down the stairs and to the door. About to walk out, she said, "we really need to hang out again sometime soon." "Sure that sounds fun," I agreed, taking any chance I had to spend with this beautiful girl.

And before I could say anything else, she quickly kissed me, on the cheek. As her lips made contact to my skin it felt like an electric current was shot directly into me, coursing through my body, ending up with a stirring in my already temped dick.

"I uh, I gotta go," I said frantically, quickly walking out the door and jogging back to my house. That night the kiss was all I could think about, and naturally the only way I could even begin to fall asleep was to stroke my cock until I erupted in one of the biggest loads of my young life. I feel asleep with happy dreams of Stacey and me.

A week later, a huge winter storm rolled in, shutting down school for 3 days and to the relief of the every child in the neighborhood, giving the kids an extra long weekend.

One of the afternoons I was sitting on my bed when I heard the doorbell ring. Since I was the only one home, I went to answer it. To my surprise and delight, on the other side of the glass door was Stacey, looking extra cute in her white coat, leggings and snow boots.

Smiling, I told her to come inside. "Hey wanna have a snowball fight!?" she exclaimed. "With who?" I wondered looking around to see if she brought friends. "Just me silly!" Normally it would have upset me to be called silly so much but for her to say it I knew she was joking and if felt good for her to be playing with me.

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"Alright alright just lemme get changed first. Where do you wanna play?" "Can we go in your back yard?" she asked.

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"Of course, it'll be perfect we can use the deck for cover!" I said eagerly, ready to sow off my snowballing skills. With a smile she ran right through my house and out the back door into the cold. As fast as I could I got out there and ready to start. Of course she was already waiting for me, as soon as I stepped outside I was pelted right in the chest.

"Not fair!" I yelled calling foul. "Too bad silly! Better find some cover" I ran to the side of the deck and immediately made a stack of snowballs. After about 10 minutes of fighting, I through a ball and with a perfect shot nailed her right in the face. "AHHHHHH" she cried out in distress.

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I ran over to check on her and make sure there was nothing wrong. Next thing I knew she grabbed my pants and dumped a whole handful of snow right onto my package. It hurt a lot and I started screaming in pain. Unaware of how sensitive a man is in that area, she just kept laughing. "Bitch!" I said, trying to smile through the pain and make a joke out of it.

"That really hurt…" "Aww I'm sorry, here ill try and make it better." I wasn't sure what she meant by that, but she started taking off her gloves and stuck her bare hands right down my pants and wrapped them right around my cold cock. "How does that feel," she asked with a sneaky smile. "W-what are you, d-doing?" I stuttered, not just because of the cold, but also out of pure shock. "Just warming you up!" and with that she started to massage and rub my sore but swelling cock.

Her warm hands felt incredible as they slowly fondled me making sure she felt and "warmed" every inch of it. "Wow its so hard!" she exclaimed. All I could do was blush as I was quickly loosing myself in ecstasy, feeling myself nearing an orgasm. To my surprise she brought one of her hands to my shriveled balls. Gently caressing them she asked, "wow is this what happens when you get cold?" "Y-yeah," I managed to blurt out. It felt so go I thought I was gonna explode, and I did.

Stacey quickly pulled her hands out as I shot my hot cum all over her hands. I could see the sticky ropes of cum hanging from her fingers as she held them in front of her face, shocked and confused. "Oh my god I'm so sorry Stacey!

I couldn't control myself. Come inside so we can get cleaned off." "Hahah ok," she said with a chuckle, which relieved me greatly that she wasn't mad.

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As she walked up the stairs, right before she disappeared, I swear I saw her lick her fingers clean. After she came back, we both just sat on the couch. "I'm so sorry I didn't mean to do that too you," I said to her, when in reality it was one of the best experiences of my life.

"Its ok, I've always wanted to see a boy cum," she said catching me of guard. "In fact, I really been wanting to touch you there for a while now, I think your really cute.

I'm sorry if it hurt in the beginning." I just sat there completely dumbfounded. Me cute! She was trying to touch me? Its as if my world was just flipped upside down and everything was a million times better. "I was actually wondering, do you think we could do more?" "Uh, well what did you have in mind," I said, eager to find out what she had in store for me. Without a word, she crept over to my side of the couch, and seductively kissed the side of my face, them moved her mouth on top of mine.

As our lips locked I felt her soft tongue sneak out from her mouth and start to taste my lips and the inside of my own. I began to explore hers as well and our tongues got caught in a wet embrace, which I will never forget.

Then to my delight she reached down into my pants once again and started to stroke my already raging hard on. She kept this up for a few minutes, and then broke our embrace, and pulling her hand from my dick. Feeling a little upset since I was so close to climax, I asked, "What's wrong?" All she did was give me one of her sneaky smiles and proceeded to work her way down so that her face was now mere inches from my cock.


Blowing on it lightly, the cool air sent intense chills up my spine and put my hairs on end. She really knew how to get me excited. She stuck out her tongue, and slowly ran circles around the head flicking the bottom every now and then.

She licked from the base to the tip, and then in one smooth motion engulfed almost 4 of my young 5-inch dick into her mouth. It was by far one of the best sensations I have ever felt in my life. Her warm mouth contracted all around my cock sending heat rippling through my body. She continued to use her tongue to taste all side the new intrusion into her mouth, the sensation caused me to jerk my hips up towards her face. This pushed the rest of me into her and instead of gaging, she kept trying to fit it farther down her throat.

At this point I was impossibly close to releasing my load inter her warm mouth. "Stacey, Stacey I'm gonna CU—," but before I could finish she pumped her mouth up and down quickly making sure to catch my sensitive head on each pass. I erupted into the back of her throat, sending more cum then I thought was possible into her mouth. Holding my cock in her mouth I felt her swallow as much as she could, but I could still see a small glob ooze out of the corner of her mouth.


She slowly pulled off of me, and wiped her mouth, getting every last drop into her stomach. It was probably the sexiest act I had ever witnessed. "Mmhmm, delicious" she said with a big smile. I was completely wiped, almost to tired to look up at her.

"That was really fun! Can we do this again soon?" she asked sounding so innocent, although I knew better. "Of course, whenever you want!" I replied knowing I would do anything in the world to make sure this happened again and again. "We'll probably be off school tomorrow too, want to come over and have another snowball fight?" "Absolutely!

Can't wait, but I gotta get back home now sorry," and with that she ran out the door just as quickly as she came. Leaving me spent and in disbelief if the event of the past hour had actually occurred or were a dream, and I drifted off to sleep…