Sex stories about gay cock gobbler first time Skinny emo fellow Ethan

Sex stories about gay cock gobbler first time Skinny emo fellow Ethan
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One night a few months after catching my mom fucking our neighbor, I was wandering about the neighborhood after dark, smoking weed, and contemplating on the erotic and upsetting scenario I had seen on that fateful evening. I had been planning a highly exciting masturbation session, and I had some condoms, a little plastic bag with lotion, and another plastic bag with a pair of my mom's dirty panties that I had swiped from the dirty laundry. I walked by my neighbor's trailer and observed that he was gone.

I returned to the trailer a few minutes later and in the darkness I pried open one of the small windows in the back door and was able to unlock the door from inside. My eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness in his trailer and I went to his bedroom.

There I took two of his pillows and laid them on the middle of his bed. Using only a lighter for light, I placed mom's panties on the end of the top pillow as if they were being worn, and then I went to the front of the trailer.

I sat down in his recliner and smoked a few puffs from a joint and then let my enhanced imagination take over my mind. I imagined hearing the gravel popping under mom's car as she pulled in the driveway, I met her at the door and as she entered my hand rubbed over her ass.

She walked to the couch and sat her purse down. I approached her grinning with a knowing smile, she was nervous and I could feel lust emanating from her body.

When I was close to her I pressed her to the wall with my body as I kissed her mouth. After a minute, I took her by the hand and led her to "my" room. I told her I had to pee and I'd be right back.

I went into his bathroom and placed a lotion filled condom over my rigid cock. When I returned my imaginary mom was lying on the bed with nothing on but her panties, my heart was racing as I pulled her legs apart and buried my face in her crotch, the smell of her cunt was intoxicating. I licked and tasted the dried juices on her panties as I pulled them aside and lapped at her imaginary pussy. I closed my eyes and slowly licked around her hairy opening, one hand went under her ass and the other held her panties beside my tongue as I savored her smells and tasted the salty bitter taste of crusty panties.

I could vividly imagine the warmth radiating from her soft creamy thighs and her slowly moistening hair covered pussy. Soon my kissing, licking, and tasting had turned her panties soaking wet. I knew that she needed to feel me inside her mature, wanton fuckhole, so I stood, pulled her hips to the edge of the bed and slid my cock between the two pillows. As I thrust into her, she sounded off immediately, bursting into hearty panting and moaning as she began repeating the beautiful chorus that was always echoing in my mind, "OHH!, OHH!", she cried with each thrust of my swollen cock head into her nether regions.

My prick was thrusting into the lubricated rubber between the two pillows and as I shoved it in and out, I could clearly imagine the sounds of her squealing with delight. On several occasions I would stop and become motionless to stave off my fast approaching orgasm, I would listen for intruders for a few seconds, then in the total silence of the dark trailer I would concentrate on the noises I had heard her make that were now burned into my memory.

My thoughts focused in on her moaning cries I had overheard as I watched her shadowy form through the blurry window screen right next to me, her soft body had shook in response to the thrusts from the old man. I had her now lying in the exact same position and as I pounded into her, her fleshy buttock and soft breasts shook from her young sons pounding. I leaned forward and my weight pushed the two pillows together tightly, her voice was growing more excited and urgent as her pussy walls started tightening around my shaft.

My hands reached behind her ass and pulled her into me as I plowed deeper into mothers tightening tunnel.

Her face turned red, she was having trouble breathing as her body convulsed, she began those quivering cries just like she had made with the old man as the bed slammed into the wall. My mom was coming as my prick prodded deeply into her sacred opening. She had lost control of her body in the grip of a thunderous orgasm, her eyes looked like they would fall out of her head, she groaned loudly through clenched teeth as drool spilled from her bottom lip, every muscle in her abdomen seemed to spasm and tighten, including the walls of her slobbering pussy.

My virile young organs responded to her climax by forcefully ejecting wad after wad of my spunk as deep into her body as I could shoot it. The orgasm was my best yet. I quite nearly passed out in the intense exhilaration of the moment. My vivid imagination had taken me as close to my fantasy as I had ever been.


I lay there clutching the damp pillows and I wishing I could kiss her real lips now and tell her how much I loved her. I recovered slowly, I figured that my neighbor was probably on one of his regular trips out of town and frankly, I didn't care if he did show up! If he raised hell with me I would just kick his scrawny old ass and threaten to divulge his sinful secret to his family.

I went back to the living room and relaxed and talked with my imaginary mother about how much more I cared for her than he did and how my loving would be so much more satisfying to her.

She agreed that it was by far the best sex she had ever had. I exchanged seats and began speaking as if I were her and described to my son how good it felt to have his stiff prick impaling me and his seed spurting into me.

I soon had become her in my dazed mind, I was feeling what she would feel, and I wanted to get fucked again. I put on mom's silk panties with the wet crotch pressed tightly against my nuts. I searched around the house for a hard prick sized object and finally found a hammer with a nice long rubber coated handle.

I stretched a condom over the hammer handle and dribbled some of my come onto this makeshift shaft from my used rubber. I knelt down before the seat I had been sitting in and went down on "myself" and sucked on this imaginary prick.

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I could not take much of it into my mouth, but I tried my best to suck it as good as mom would. Now I arose, took my son by the hand and went back into the bedroom, I took mom's place on the bed and lubed up my ass with lotion, pulled my wet panties aside, and pressed my son's stiff cock against my tight opening.

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I dribbled some more sperm out of the used condom onto my chest and face and begged my son to please fuck me and give me more of his come. The stiff shaft stretched my opening, and only my insatiable lust kept me pressing it into me as I endured the pain of entry. Soon my baby's cock was buried inside me bringing me strange new sensations. I was imagining my own supple young body mounting me, and his hips thrust this invading object somewhere deep inside me.

I began lifting my hips to meet my son's thrusts and each time I thrust off of the mattress into him, the heavy hammer head would drop towards the bed making the shaft press up into my prostate and force pre-cum from the tip of my throbbing shaft. I did my best to replicate the lustful noises I had heard mom make when she was getting fucked. I urged my son on, "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck mommy's pussy baby!" I took the used condom and blew into it to inflate it like a balloon.

I now imagined my son withdrawing from my cunt and crawling up on me to place his jumping prick up to my mouth. "OHH! Give it to me!" I said as I held the inflated condom over my mouth with the open end pinched shut right in front of my lips. Then I closed my eyes and released the pinched end of the rubber. Warm sperm shot forcefully into my face and open mouth as I imagined my child's prick exploding in his mothers face. The smell and taste of this cumshot made me feel like I was a true she-slut.

I whimpered "more, more, fuck me, give me more", My son immediately returned to my fucking my hole and we thrust into each other again and again until gradually the sensation of my wet panties rubbing on my "clit" and his stiff rod pounding my "cervix" pushed me over the edge and I came in tidal waves of carnal joy, filling the crotch of my silk panties with my cream. There was not much basking in that orgasm.

I was sobered up by the fact that I had just acted kind of "queer", and that I had to extract a hammer from my sore butt hole. Not wanting to end my glorious masturbation session in the state of mind of a well fucked slut, I had to prove to myself that I was still a man. So, I re-lived that same scenario again before I left the room.

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But this time, I was back to myself, slamming my aching cock and balls into my imaginary mother, knowing now how good it must feel to her. I was happy to try my best to please her sopping wet pussy that had just been so thoroughly fucked twice by her own son's stiff young prick. The whole room smelled of sperm and just before shooting my load, I saw her panties lying next to me.

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I turned around into a 69 position and placed mom's panties to my lips and inhaled what was left of her aroma mixed with my sticky seed. I closed my eyes as my face sank into her wet crotch and my cock slid into her mouth. I was wallowing in the fluids on her panties and imagining those juices oozing from her warm cunt.

Mom's face received my slow cock thrusts eagerly and she let me fuck her mouth with the whole length of my shaft. My senses were meshed with my imagination of my mother and I locked in this lustful position.

We were moaning and trembling as orgasms approached, I realized that mom wanted to let me cum deep in her mouth and as I wallowed my face in her sticky wetness, I was launched into bliss for the third time in an hour and a half.

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My aching nuts pulled tight into my groin and cum pumped through my young dick and into pillows that for now, had become the most desired piece of flesh in my world.

I lifted my face from mom's wet panties and began picking up and removing all evidence of my intrusion, but I left much of the sticky mess all over the old man's bed and pillows for my him to sleep in.


I checked to see that no one was around, and then quietly left the trailer and headed home. I knew mom would be there when I walked in the door and she would ask where I had been and who I had been with. I considered telling her that I had been with her and let her ask what I meant by that. But I just told her I was out wandering around daydreaming and contemplating the wonders of life, she hugged me and said "I can imagine all kinds of bad things happening to you out there in the night".

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I was acutely aware of her breasts pressing into me during the brief moment of her hug, I told her that she should occupy her mind imagining good things happening to me instead of bad things, and then I went to my bedroom and stroked myself to sleep.