Gezwungen und gefesselt

Gezwungen und gefesselt
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" suck it you cocksucking bitch screamed Mark come on whore i want to cum all over your face first Mom ' & then you can get me hard again & then i'll fuck Arthurs mom up the ass.


Eat it now all the way down cunt as he fucked her throat rougher than he had ever done before, He was getting turned on watching Arthur fuck Sonia with no mercy he had grabbed her by the leash and as he screwed her he spanked his old lady as his mom screamed loudly not knowing that because he had hypnotized her she was now his owned cunt. Meanwhile on the otherside of the room Chris had gotten superhard from the blowjob that Nyomi had given him sohe decided to shove his big white cock up his principals fat black ass.

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.While Chis got his jollies Emma had Nyomi eat her pussy. Sharon who had just finished eating MIstress Emmas cunt was now given another task & now gave Chris a rimjob .as 5ft 10 Nyomi screamed in pain & ecstasy as she had a giant sausage fill her ass.

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Chapter 1- Mark & Arthur Are MotherFuckers Joyce was jerking Marks rock hard prick as Sonia did the same for Arthur.

Soon both gave their moms some lube& told them to finger each others assholes which they did. Both moms were now nude wearing only their hooker boots ,collars & leashes.


Arthur went over first & shoved his prick up Joyce's asshow do u like that slut he asked ?, It hurts Sir ,Joyce answered but it feels soo goood. Next Mark who was bigger than Arthur shoved his 11 incher up Sonia's assshe was in blissful agony aaaaaaaaaaaah ooohthats sooo big Master she said immediately, Both guys laughed as they jammed their pricks up their moms fat asses.

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This went on til they both pulled out & had their mothers kneel side by side each other & unloaded loads of jism on both their faces. With their cellphones nearby they snapped photos of their mothers covered in love juice, In fact from that day forward both Joyce & Sonia would carry a wallet size jism facial photo in their purses.(to remember this day) Chapter 2 Sharon gets dpd Sharon was licking ass like it was steakfirst Chris & now Arthur.

Mark & Arthur had decided Sharon was their next target. Having just exchanged moms & ass fucked them and given both of them cumfacials.

They now focused on the short stacked english teacher Currently Sharon was being fucked doggy style by Marks monster dick as she slurped away on Arthurs ass. She didnt know why she was so wet and turned on but she was. Her husband had a small dick compared to Mark & Mistress Emma had never fucked her with a strapon dildo this big. Arthur suddenly took his ass away & he motioned for her to sit on his prick.

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.As she rode Arthur she could feel Marks lubed fingers in her ass. What was he doing she thought, It didnt take long for her to find out??? UGGGGGH ,AAAAH Sharon Peterson yelped they were fucking both her holes cunt & ass. She was in so much pain & yet felt ecstasywhat was wrong with hershe thought for just a sec?

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It was her first double penetration. Mistress Emma watched as Sonia ate her pussyChris was smoking a joint and Joyce was licking the young mans nuts. Chapter 3 WaterSports Both Arthur & Mark pulled out of Sharons cunt & ass and immediately came all over her face.

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Immediatelt they had the mind controlled teacher / milf, crawl on all fours to the bathroom. They both looked at Sharon who still had all that cum on her face & cleaned her face with at least a gallon of piss that streamed from their dicks. " There ya go Mrs Peterson " all clean Mark said with a smirk. Take a shower and clean up bitch Mistress Emma is waiting outside for ya Arthur remarked. Chapter 4 BTS Chris & Emma were smoking their joints as Joyce and Sonia provided the entertainment by dancing like a couple of ten dollar hookers Chris and Emma laughed cause they couldnt dance worth shit and were both covered in sperm.

"stop dancing you worthless sluts Arthur said loudly as he came out of the bathroom .Go join Sharon & take a shower & both of you no pussy licking allowed in there he said sarcastically(knowing they wouldnt they wouldnt do anything unless told by one of the hypnotists) Chapter 5 After the showerSex Slaves are All Clean Emma was getting her legs licked & her feet and toes sucked by her very submissive, submissiveSharon Peterson who during weekdays was also her English Teacher.

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Joyce Evans who was Emmas history teacher was now sucking Arthurs balls as Arthur watched as his friend Mark fistfucked the ebony, high school principal Nyomi. After Mark got Nyomi all wet from the fistfuck. Chris decided to sit on his sex slaves' face & have her eat his ass. The chocolate momma ate that vanilla asshole like it was watermelon. Chris was as happy as a pig in shit. (Nyomi continued licking her students/masters rear end) Chapter 6 After the Party The next morning Bill watched his wife Joyce take her sons prick up her ass in the kitchen as he ate breakfast.

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he was a cuckold he loved watching the 11 incher slam in his wifes slutty ass. Joyce had blown Mark earlier but now he wanted to get really kinkyshe loved her master she thought ?