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Mega tits video
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Nubia awoke to a wonderful bright sunny morning, though she awoke from a nightmare that has haunted her for the last 15 years. The 30 year old mother recalls the nightmare every day; ever since it happened, but it didn't let her affect her life.

She jumped off the bed and took a quick shower. Once she dried off, she changed into her working attire consisting of a white blouse, with a black knee length skirt and black heels.

Nubia gave one last glance at herself admiring how great she looked. She looked as great now as she did when she was younger. Though she is a little more voluptuous, her breast size increased a whole cup size and her hips had become much wider, giving her the MILF type look. Nubia headed downstairs to prepare a quick breakfast for herself and her daughter. No soon after finishing preparing the food, her 15 year old daughter walked into the kitchen wearing her school uniform.

They sat down and ate a peaceful breakfast while making small talk, before leaving the house. Nubia drove her daughter to school before going to work herself. The day was just like any other day a secretary would have, but little did she know what was coming to her. She got off work around 5 and went straight home. The mother pulled into the driveway and walked into her empty house only to see a dark figure in the corner of her eye.

But before she could react, she felt a blunt object hit the back of her head and she was knocked unconscious. When she awoke she was strapped to one of the kitchens chair by the wrist and ankles, with her mouth taped up. "HELP" she screamed, but could not be heard due to the tape over her mouth. Her eyes had widened once she saw the demon that had taken her innocence when she was just a teen along with his partner.

She tried to un-strap herself from the chair by dramatically moving back and forth and sided to side, but it was no use, she was tightly secured. "Wow I guess the cunt remembers us" Justin stated. "Oh yeah she does, look at how much she is panicking" Tyson said. Both men just laughed as they saw the young mother struggling to free herself. "Now calm down Nubia, you don't want to hurt yourself" the cocky man told her.

Justin pulled a chair in front of the tied mother and sat down. "I can't believe you actually had the guts to turn us in" Justin spoke. "Hopefully it was worth going through the sheer humiliation of everyone seeing what a slut you actually were" he added. He grabbed the tape from her mouth and completely pulled it off. "LET ME GO YOU BASTARDS" she yelled the second the taped was removed. "Oh come on Nubia, do we need to yell" the older man said. "FUCK YOU" she screamed.

"Get the hell out of my house" she added. "So what if we don't, you're gonna call the cops again?" Justin asked. "Oh your ass is gonna get thrown back in jail once I get off this chair" the confident woman said. "As if" Justin uttered as she saw Tyson leaving the kitchen. Within seconds he came back, but he returned with another person. "NO" the frightened mother yelled once she saw her 15 year old daughter being pulled into the room. Just like her mother, she was tied up to chair by the wrist and ankles and had tape over her mouth.

"LET HER GO YOU SON OF A BITCH" she hysterically screamed as she wailed. "Now why would we do such a thing" Justin said. "She has nothing to do with this, I know you came back for me, she just an innocent girl" Nubia pleaded.

"AWW aren't you a caring mother" Tyson joked. "FUCK YOU" she yelled. "Look at how scared your daughter is" Justin stated. The young teen had that worried look on her face. She had many things going through her mind. Who are they? What do they want? Why are they here? "Well maybe we should show the younging why we're here for" Justin announced. "Show" she asked herself. "We're gonna watch a little video" Justin said.

"DONT YOU DARE, YOU BASTARD" Nubia knew exactly what he was going to show. He informed the mother and popped the video into the VCR. "Now honey, we're gonna see what a slut your mother was" Justin said. They flipped the young teens chair around so she could see the TV. "Liz, don't." before yelling once again, Tyson taped her mouth back. "Shut up and let's enjoy it" he barked. Elizabeth looked in horror as she was seeing her own mother, her provider, her protector being treated as a whore on video.

She tried to look away but was forced by Justin to watch the tape. "Look at your mother, look what a fucking whore she is" he yelled. Elizabeth had tears running down her face, seeing her lovely mother passed around like a cheap slut.


They raised the volume, so now not only was Elizabeth watching her mother being raped, but listening to her begs and cries as well. Thirty or so minutes into the film Justin decided to finally make a new video of their own.

Justin lowered the TV as he said "Tyson I think its time for us to make a new video" "You're right dude" Tyson responded.

"Now who do think should go first" Justin asked, looking at the 30 year old mother and 15 year old daughter. Nubia frantically moved around since they knew what these perverts were going to do. She tried and tried, but had gone no where. Justin pulled part of the tape off Nubia's mouth and quickly was yelled out "DON'T YOU DARE FUCKING TOUCH US" He mocked her and placed the tape back in her mouth.

He looked at her daughter and said "You know Liz you sure look like your mother when she younger" "You know before she became a huge slut" he added. Elizabeth was a mirror image of her mother. The light brown skin with brown eyes, brown hair, a petite stature and her innocent looks were exactly like her mothers. But unlike her mother, Liz had a much more athletic body since she exercised a lot and was in a variety of sports in her school.

She also had much smaller perky breast and a tight round ass. "So Nubia, you think your daughter is up for the video" Justin sarcastically asked. "HHMMMMM" Nubia hysterically moved as she furiously looked at him. "I think she is" Tyson said. "You're right, we need to turn this innocent girl into the true whore she is, just like her precious mother" Justin mocked.

"And what a better way than to take her virginity in front of a camera, that's if she still is" he added as both men laughed. "Lets un-strap the fucking whore" Justin commanded. Both men stood over the young teenager and un-strapped her from the chair. She kicked and punched, but was overpower by the stronger men. "Dude, she's just like her mother" Tyson laughed.

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"Grab some tape lets tape the bitches hands" Justin demanded. Tyson grabbed a roll of duct tape and taped the young teen's hands behind her back.

Justin then threw her back on the chair. "Grab the camera" Justin ordered. Tyson grabbed the camera and started recording.

"So now Liz, in front of the camera, tell us your name and how old you are?" Justin asked her once he removed the tape from her mouth.

"SCREW YOU. BASTARD" she yelled. "Wow, we can do this the hard way or you do as we say" he proposed. The adolescent ignored him. "Tyson grab a knife and well you know what to do with Nubia" Justin said. It took Elizabeth by surprise; she never thought he would say that. It even took Tyson by surprise, but while recording he grabbed a knife from the kitchen and held it above Nubia's head.

"Listen you either do what we say and well just use your imagination" Justin spoke. The frightened, yet furious teen screamed "FUCK YOU, BETTER NOT LAY A HAND ON MY MOM" "HMMMM" was all Nubia could say as she was still gagged and tied down.

"Well then you better start doing as we say" Justin demanded. "FINE YOU SICK FUCK" she yelled. "Good, now tell us your name and how old are you?" Justin repeated himself.

Though hesitant, she blurted "My name is Elizabeth Acosta and I am 15 years old" "Good, so Liz why are we here today?" Justin asked.

"Because you guys are sick fucks" she said. "SLAP, SLAP" Elizabeth received across the face. "Do it right cunt" Justin yelled. "We're here to fuck you and your mother" he added. "Say it" he demanded. She had no other choice, "Me and my mother are going get fucked" "Good, now wasn't that easy" Justin said. "Are you a virgin?" he asked. "What??" she said in total shock. "Answer me" She turned her head but was slapped again. "Yes I am" she responded.

"Oh good we have another virgin" Justin said in excitement. "Bro, fuck the cunt already, I wants some piece of her already" Tyson said.

Justin grabbed the defenseless teen while her mother cried and wailed and threw her against the dinning table. He pinned her down against the table and said closed to her hear "I'm gonna enjoy fucking the shit out of you and your mother" She tried to push him off, but his weight was on top of her.

"Now calm down little girl" Justin mocked her. He stood back up while holding her down with his left arm. Luckily for JustinElizabeth had her school uniform skirt on, which made it an easier access for him.

He reached under the screaming teen's skirt and rubbed her panty covered pussy. After a few rubs, he grabbed part the panty and pulled them down to her thighs. Tyson came around and kneeled while Justin slowly removed the panties.

Her virgin tight somewhat hairy pussy was now exposed once Justin removed the panties completely, as they felt to the ground. Nubia was helpless, she wanted to help her daughter, but she couldn't do anything.

"LET ME GO" Elizabeth yelled. Justin rubbed her pussy before inserting a finger into her virgin pussy. "OOOOH" Elizabeth shivered.


"Wow she's fucking tight" Justin commented. Justin looked directly at Nubia and said "We're gonna have a lot of fun fucking your slutty daughter" "HHHMMM" Nubia moaned into the gag as she shed one tear. Justin moved his hands along her inner thigh to her buttocks before giving her a hard spank.

"AAAAAIIII" Elizabeth screamed. Elizabeth could feel his engorged hard on rubbing up against her; she knew she was going to be deflowered in front of her mother. After rubbing his hard-on on the young teen he unzipped his pants and whipped his cock out which was much bigger and fatter now than when he raped Nubia. "PLEASE DONT DO THIS, PLEASE DONT" the young teenager cried out once she felt his bare cock touching her ass. "Stop crying you bitch, maybe you should thank your mother for this" he barked.

He reached around the sobbing teen and demanded "SPIT INTO MY HAND" "FUCK YOU" she yelled. Justin was getting irritated that the young teenager kept disobeying so he nodded Tyson over to Nubia. Tyson placed the camera on a cabinet that overlooked where they where. He grabbed the knife once again, pulled on the hysterical mother's hair and placed the knife against her neck. He wasn't going to kill her, but they wanted to put fear inside the young teen.

"NOW AS I SAID BEFORE, DO AS WE SAY YOU STUPID CUNT" Justin yelled. "Okay, okay don't hurt her" she said. He placed his hand under her face and made her spit a handful of saliva into his hand. Justin then rubbed his hard prick; lubricating it with her saliva. Once it was well lubricated he hiked her skirt up and rubbed her pussy once again, getting it nice and wet for him. He grabbed his prick with his free hand once she was ready for him.

"Now watch your daughter get fuck" Tyson whispered into Nubia's ear. Justin teased the adolescent by rubbing his cock and circling it around her soon to be fuck hole. After several seconds of teasing he placed his cock at her entrance and slowly pushed the head into her vagina. "OOOOOOOOHHH" the young teen moaned. Justin held the head in for several seconds, admiring her tightness. He slowly pushed the cock little by little at a time, wanting to cause her pain.

"OOOH GOD STOP IT HURTS, PLEASE STOP" Elizabeth screamed in agony as Justin pushed his cock further into her pussy. "SHUT UP CUNT, THIS IS NOTHING" Justin screamed. After several inches he felt his cock hit her hymen. With one push he broke through her. "AWWWWWWWW STOP" she yelled louder than ever. "AHH so she was a virgin" the men laughed. He continued pushing himself into her until his entire cock was buried deep inside her not so virgin anymore pussy.

Just like before, he held it in for a few seconds enjoying her tightness as she begged him to take his man hood out of her. After several seconds of holding it in he slowly pulled his cock out of her with a pop. He looked down at his slimy, bloody cock before pushing the head once again into her pussy. He unpinned her from the table and held onto her hips. With one swift, the horny man impaled his entire cock inside the 15 year old girl's cunt. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH" her painful scream filled the house.

"OOOOH FUCK" Justin screamed once he shoved the entire cock. It was painful for him, but it was even more painful for the young girl. "I think she needs a good fuck now, don't you think Nubia?" Justin sarcastically asked as he looked at the frightened mother. "Beg me to fuck you Liz" he demanded. The juvenile teen was unresponsive. "BEG" Justin barked as he gave her a hard smack on the back of her head. "Please.please fuck me" she responded. "Oh come on whore you can do better" he said as he smacked her ass.

"AAAIII" she screamed. "Please mister I beg you, I need your.your fat cock in me, fuck me" she begged. "Okay what ever you say" he smiled. He slowly started to push his hips back and forth, as his cock went in and out of her tight love box. "Oh fuck Liz your really tight" he moaned. "OOh god, please stop it hurts, I beg you stop" the adolescent girl begged. She was clearly in pain due to the begging's and facial expressions she was making.

But Justin could care less what she was going through as long as he was using her like a whore. Her mother looked in horror as she saw her daughter being used by the same man that had used her over 15 years ago.

Her face was covered in tears seeing her daughter raped before her eyes. But she was helpless; she had to witness her daughter's rape. "Ppplease stop, I beg you, you're hurting me" the young teenager cried. Her cries just encouraged the rapist to fasten his pace. The louder her begging's were the faster and deeper he went.

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He was at a point where he shoved his entire cock in and took it completely out. "You like that huh, you filthy whore" he barked. "Your just as slutty as your cow mother" he added. He was degrading the young teenager in front of her mother, but it added more excitement to the brutality he was giving her.

"HHHHMMMMM" Nubia screamed into the gag. Tyson had released the knife and held her head so she could watch every minute of her daughter's assault. "Look at your daughter, she's a cock lover, just like you" Tyson whispered into Nubia's ear. "OOOOH GOD, STOP, I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE.PPPPLEASE.OOOOOOOOHHH" Elizabeth cried out. He loved how his thighs smacked against her light brown skin bare ass while his cock penetrated her private hole.

What seem like an eternity of being violated was merely 20 or so minutes. "FUCK I'M GONNA CUM" Justin grunted. "NO, PLEASE DONT CUM IN ME" she yelled.

But before she knew it, Justin howled that he was cumming. She tried to wiggle herself off him, but he overpowered her and held her down.

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"OOOH fucccckkkkk" he moaned as he filled her insides with his man juice. She felt like gallons and gallons of cum were filling her cunt bowl. "NNOOOOO" Nubia muffled. He felt on top of her breathing heavily once he emptied himself in her. "You were a great fuck, Liz" he whispered into her hear. Justin was exhausted, but yet had a semi hard on. He wanted to fuck the teenager again, but he wanted to give Tyson a turn.

"I think the bitch is ready for another fuck, Tyson" Justin said. "You should feel how tight the cunt is" he added. "Oh I will, but I like 'em tighter" Tyson responded. Both men smiled at each other. Justin released Elizabeth from his grip before being pinned back down by Tyson. "Wow you left her glowing" Tyson laughed. He shoved two fingers into her well lubricated cunt and said "Wow she is tight, but I think the other hole is tighter" Liz was no idiot; she knew he was talking about her ass hole.

"NOOOO, DONT, NOT THERE, FUCK MY PUSSY BETTER" she desperately begged. "HMMMM" the helpless mother moaned as she moved around. "Shut up cunts, it wont hurt Liz" Tyson lied. "Well not for me" he added as both men laughed.

He circled her puckered asshole before inserting one of his fat fingers into her asshole. "AAAAAHHHH" she moaned. "Fuck she's tight" Tyson said. "I have an idea" Justin commented. "Maybe her mother should lubricate her asshole for you Tyson" he added.

"Dude that's a great idea; how about it Nubia?" Tyson asked. Justin removed the tape from Nubia's mouth and quickly yelled "LET US GO YOU SICK FUCKS, YOU HAD ENOUGH, LET HER GO YOU SON OF A BITCHES" "SLAP" Justin gave Nubia across the face. "SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU STUPID WORTHLESS CUNT" Justin barked.

"Your daughter needs her ass lubricated, and you're gonna do it for her" Justin said. "Screw you, I will do no such thing" she stated. "Listen you either do it or you don't, but I'm gonna fuck your daughter's ass no matter what" Tyson said.

"But it's just how much pain she will suffer and well I could care less" he added. The 30 year old mother was speechless. "Just fuck her Tyson" Justin demanded. "NO, please don't, I beg you" the young teenager begged. "Stop, I'll.I'll" Nubia gave up into their demands. "No mom, don't let them tell you what to do" Elizabeth said.

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"Shut up bitch, you have no saying" Justin barked. Justin slowly un-strapped the older woman from the chair before tying her hands behind her back. He un-strapped her from the chair and forced her to her knees behind her daughter.

"Now doesn't your daughter have a great ass" Justin said. "SCREW YOU" she screamed. "Let us go perverts" Elizabeth screamed as she desperately jerked around. Tyson pinned the young girl down onto the table. Justin grabbed Nubia by the hair and pulled hear head up to her daughter ass. "LICK YOUR DAUGTHERS ASS" Justin screamed.

She tried to move her head away from her daughter ass, but was held on by Justin. She tried to fight back as she drew closer to her daughters crack but was unable and before she knew it, she had her face buried between her daughter crack as her mouth found her hole.

For several seconds Justin left Nubia's head buried in her daughter butt crack before he pulled her back. "Now lick it" Justin demanded. She had no other choice but to do what she was told. She stuck her tongue out as he led her head to her daughter's virgin hole. Nubia's head stood an inch away from her daughter's ass and started to lick Elizabeth's ass hole. "OOOOH" shivers went up Elizabeth spine as she felt her mother's tongue roaming her ass hole.

"I don't want." Nubia said but was interrupted. "DO IT CUNT" Justin yelled. Nubia kept licking and slobbering her daughter tight hole, lubricating it well enough for the invasion she will receive. Both men started in awed as they saw the 30 year old mother who they fucked 15 years ago, licking her daughter's tight butt hole.

After several minutes of the mother-daughter lick-fest Justin demanded "Spit into her asshole" "WHAT??" Nubia asked. "You heard me, spit into her" he repeated. She build some saliva into her mouth and spat above her daughter ass hole. It trickled down into her ass hole and was licked once again. After several spitting and licking, Justin pulled the crying mother off her daughter and brought her up in front of her. Tyson stood behind the young teen and held onto her hips.

"Please I beg you don't" the adolescent girl cried out. "Please Justin don't do this, you had." once again Nubia was interrupted by Justin's smack across her face. He pulled the tape back on her mouth and sat her back down while holding onto her. Tyson unzipped his pants and released his monster cock out of his pants. It was much bigger and wider than Justin's was. Elizabeth looked in horror as she turned her head and looked at the monstrous cock that was going to be fucking her ass.

"NO, PLEASE ITS TOO BIG, ITS NOT GOING TO FIT, I BEG YOU" she pleaded with puppy eyes. "Good, keep begging" Tyson said. She kept trying to stand up, but was pinned down onto the table. After releasing his cock he spat on his hand and lubricated his huge cock. He grabbed his prick with his free hand and guided it into her soon to be fucked ass hole. He placed it just inches away from her butt hole before entering her.

"AAAAAAAWWW GODDDDDDD" Elizabeth screamed as his cock head made it self past her sphincter. Once the head of his cock made itself into her ass, he slowly pushed little by little causing her pain. "SSSSSTOP, YOUR TO BIG, PPPPLEASE, I BEG YOU" she cried out in pain. She thought loosing her pussy virginity was brutal, but her ass hole was a whole different story. The young teen felt as if she was being split in half. "Fuck bro, she's tight" Tyson moaned. He could feel her walls tightening up as he fed her more cock.

"Please god help me, stop I beg you.pppppppplease no more, it hurts toooooo much" Elizabeth cried out in agony. She felt like he was never going to stop feeding his cock, but after burring all but two inches he started to rhythmetically move back and forth. "OOHH shit, oooh shit" Tyson moaned as he started fucking the young teens ass. She was no longer fighting back since it made it more painful for her. But tears where constantly running down her eyes and her painful screams filled the house.

She was so loud that the neighbors might think someone was being raped or killed. He was fucking the 15 year old teen's ass much harder, deeper and faster. Making her beg for mercy. "You like that don't you, you stupid cow" he barked at her. "Your just like your fucking cock sucking mother" he said out loud.

Justin's cock had become extremely hard. And what a better way to release himself than to fuck his ex girlfriend who he raped years ago. He grabbed the meaty mother off the chair and pinned her down on the dinning table across her daughter. "HHHHMMMM" Nubia screamed. "I think you need a fuck like the one we gave you years ago" Justin said. He pulled the mother back up and said "It looks like your uncomfortable wearing that blouse" He grabbed her shirt and ripped it open, revealing her bra cover tits.

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He grabbed the knife and ripped the bra in half, exposing her D size tits. Tyson stopped, grabbed Elizabeth by the hair and asked "Doesn't your mother have great tits" He pushed her head against the table and continued fucking her. Justin molested the 30 year old woman's globes for several minutes before throwing her back down into the table.

He reached under he skirt and pulled her panties off. Justin then hiked her skirt up as her ass and pussy came into plain view. "There's that pussy and ass we fucked" Justin laughed. He didn't waste a minute.


He spat onto his cock and onto her ass hole to lubricate both. Once well lubricated he pushed his cock into her ass hole and started to push back and forth.

He pulled the tape off Nubia's mouth and began fucking the mature woman's ass. "OOOH GOD, OOOOO GOOOOOOOOODDD STOP Justin" Nubia screamed as her ass hole was being fucked by Justin once again.

"You missed my cock huh, slut?" he asked. "Beg me to fuck you harder?" he added. "OOOH GOD, FUCK YOU OOOHHH" she yelled. "Beg or we'll beat the crap out of your daughter" he demanded. She hesitated but reluctantly gave in. "OOH god Justin I miss.missed your fat cock, fuckkkkkk me harder, harder, fuck your whore harder" he forced herself to say that. With her dirty talk Justin sped up, fucking her faster and much more rough. As Nubia was getting her ass raped, Tyson felt he was about to explode.

"IM GONNA CUM" he announced. Elizabeth was in to much pain and constantly moaning for her to hear him saying he was going to cum. With in seconds he released his hot seed inside her bowls. Jets and jets of cum filled her ass hole. It was so much that cum started to leak out her butt hole. She thought he was never going to stop filling her with his cum. But once he emptied himself in her, he let his cock go limp before taking it out.

He grabbed the young teen's panties and cleaned his cock off while he started at her open ass hole with cum oozing out of it. She laid on top of the table, breathing heavily and she stared at her mother being raped. Tyson sat down on the chair and forced Elizabeth to sit on his lap while they watch the rape performance. Nubia was getting brutally ass raped while she was forced to beg Justin to give her more of his cock.

"Look at your daughter, you fucking cunt" Justin said as he grabbed her by the hair and forced her to look at her daughter while being ass fucked.

"Encourage Justin to fuck your mother harder" Tyson demanded. "Fu.Fuck you" Elizabeth weakly said. "DO AS I SAY" he harshly tugged on her hair. Elizabeth had no other choice but to do as they told her.

"Fuck her Justin" she said. "Oh come on don't be shy" Tyson told her while pulling harder on her hair. "AAAAAII" she screamed.

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"FUCK HER JUSTIN, FUCK MY SLUTTY MOTHER, MAKE HER SCREAM" Elizabeth yelled. "What ever you say Liz" Justin said as he fucked her even hard than he was. "You like that don't you, you fucking whore" Justin yelled. "Beg for more" he demanded. "Harder Justin, harder, fuck my ass like the cheap slut I am" she said in order to satisfy him. Though she was being forced, the ass rape was brutal yet some what pleasurable.

She didn't want to admit, but she felt she was going to cum. She couldn't hold it anymore, the orgasm was building up so she started cumming. "Fuck the whore is cumming from the ass fuck" Justin said. Her legs shook uncontrollably as she started to came. "OOH FUCK" she yelled while squirting onto the floor. Her squirts just encouraged Justin to keep fucking her harder and deeper. After her huge orgasm, she felt weak and felt her legs would give up under her, but luckily her upper body was laying on the table and Justin had a hold tight of her ass while fucking it.

"I guess your mother is enjoying the rape" Tyson told Elizabeth. "Yes she does, she's just another fucking whore who should be out on the street fucking" Justin said. While Justin continued assaulting Nubia's ass, Tyson reached under the young teen's school skirt and started to massage her freshly fucked pussy.

"No don't" Elizabeth begged him. He made her lick his fingers before inserting two of them into her tight fuck hole. Like a piston, his fingers went into her pussy. He stopped for a moment before ripping her shirt open and pulling her bra up, revealing her perky young tits. "Wonderful tits, Liz" he complimented. "Please don't, STOP" she begged again as she squirmed around. He continued shoving his fingers into her love box while massaging her adolescent breast with his other hand. "OOOOOHHHHHH" Elizabeth moaned.

As Tyson fucked Elizabeth with his fingers, Justin groaned "OH FUCK I'MMM CUMMMING" With in seconds, he started to ejaculate himself inside the 30 year old mother's ass bowl.

"OOOOOH GOD" Nubia moaned being filled with Justin's hot sticky sperm. After filling Nubia's ass with cum he told Tyson "Hey you want a piece of her" "For sure dude" Tyson responded. "Lets go to the living room better" Justin suggested.

Justin withdrew from the tired mother and threw her onto he floor. He grabbed a handful of her hair and dragged her towards the living room. "AAAAAHHH LET GO Justin, I'LL WALK" Nubia begged. "Cunts deserve to be on the floor all the time" Justin commented, degrading the Nubia even more. Tyson did the same thing with Elizabeth and dragged her by the hair to the living room as he grabbed the camera from the cabinet.

Justin dropped the frightened mother near the sofa as did Tyson with the sobbing teenager. He then placed the camera on top of the TV, facing them. Both men stripped the clothes completely off to be more comfortable. "Get over here cunt" Justin said as he grabbed Elizabeth by the hair and pulled her up to the couch. He forced her to sit straight with her feet on top of her couch and her legs spread apart, exposing her abused pussy.

"I think your mother deserves to taste her daughter's pussy" Justin told the helpless girl. "I WONT, THIS IS ENOUGH, YOU SICK BASTARDS HAD YOUR FUN, FUCKING LEAVE US ALONE" the frantic mother screamed.

Both men just laughed at the "strong" woman's screams. While Justin held onto the 15 year old teen, Tyson grabbed the sobbing mother by her hair and made her bend over in front of her daughter. "Make your whore daughter cum" Tyson barked. "Fuck you" she yelled before she was pushed in between her daughters legs. "PLEASE DONT MAKE HER DO THAT" Elizabeth begged them as she tried to close her legs but was unable to. "Eat her, you fucking cunt" Justin screamed while Tyson held onto Nubia's head and moved it from side to side forcing the young mother to eat her own daughter.

After several seconds of forcing her down, Tyson released her head. "YOU FUCK" she screamed. "NOW EAT HER" Justin demanded. Nubia had no other choice, she had to do it or they would harm them even more. She stuck her tongue out and leaned forward. Inches from her daughter's adolescent cunt she circled it with her tongue before sucking and licking it.

"OOOH GOD" the juvenile moaned as she felt her mother roaming her tight pussy. Both men once again stared in awed as they watched the older woman eating the moaning daughter. Tyson had become extremely hard, so he knelt down behind Nubia and hiked her skirt up. "NNO NOTTT." Nubia worded before being interrupted. "Keep eating your fucking daughter" Justin demanded. Nubia followed orders and kept continuing pleasuring her daughter.

Tyson grabbed the 30 year old woman's wide hips and inserted the head of his cock into her butt hole. "OOOOH" she moaned as she felt him entering her. Her ass was burning from the previous anal assault, and Tyson added further pain to it. Inch by inch, the horny man entered the helpless woman's ass. Nubia halted to a stop and screamed "STOPPPPP" "Please it hurts, I beg you" she cried out.

"Eat your slutty daughter" Tyson barked. Tears ran down her eyes, but continued eating her daughter. Slowly, but painfully she felt her ass being stretch by the monster cock invading her ass. She couldn't bare the pain, she moaned into her daughter's tight crotch while ravishing her pussy.

Once Tyson had his entire cock he pulled out and pushed back in. Back and forth the horny pervert raped Nubia. "FUCK JUST LIKE BEFORE" Tyson moaned. "Yeah I know" Justin responded as he was watching the whole ordeal. Tyson fastened his pace with each thrust he gave. Nubia was shedding tears and moaning in agony into her daughter pussy while her daughter was moaning from the licking and sucking her mother was giving her.

"BEG ME TO FUCK YOUR MOM HARDER, LIZ" Tyson yelled. She was unresponsive to his demand, she had to much hatred in herself, need the less to encourage the rapist to fuck her mothers ass.

"Smack, smack, smack" her mother received on her buttocks. "AAAAAAAAAIIIII" she screamed as she felt the burning sensation run through her body. "SAY IT" Justin demanded while slowly wanking his cock.

"Fuck her" the young teen finally yelled. "Oh come on you can do better than that" Tyson said. She hesitated but had no other choice "Fu.Fuck my, fuck her, fuck her ass hard" Tyson smiled at the frowned teen and began fucking her mother hard and faster than ever.

Nubia stopped eating her daughter and screamed in AGONY. She felt like she was literally being split in half. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH PLEASE NO.NO MORE STOP, IT HUUUUUURRRTSSS, I BEG" she desperately begged. "Please stop you're hurting her" Elizabeth cried out.

"What for she's a great fuck" Tyson heavily said while ripping Nubia's ass apart. Tyson grabbed Nubia's head and forced her back in between her daughter legs.

"Make her cum" Justin demanded while fondling the 15 year old teenager's breast. Nubia continued eating her daughter, yet was suffering from the anal rape she was receiving.

"Fuck Tyson you sure know how to please a lady" Justin joked. "Of course, they're all the same" he responded.

"FUUUCK, I'M GONNA CUM" Tyson said out loud. After a few more strokes, he withdrew, but with one motion he shoved his entire cock into her motherly cunt. "AAAAAAAAAH FUCK" Nubia screamed as she felt the fat black cock invade her cunt. Just like her ass, he quickly and roughly fucked her pussy. He was banging her so hard that not only was his thighs smacking hard against her bare abused ass, but she kept getting pushed forward onto her daughter with each shove he gave. His balls ache and became very tense.

"FUCK IM CUMMING" he barked. With eyes wide opened, Nubia begged "NO PLEASE NOT IN ME" She tried to shake him off, but Tyson held onto her tightly. Elizabeth tried to get up and help her mother but was helpless as well since she was held down by Justin as he was fingering her tight teen pussy. "OOOH FUCK" Tyson screamed as he started to fill the mother's womb with his man seed. "OOOH GOD" Nubia moaned while she was being stuffed with her rapist semen. She felt like he was never going to finish filling her up.

Jets and jets spurted out of him; so much that it had started leaking out her. After seconds of filling her adult cunt, he collapsed on top of her. Elizabeth couldn't hold back anymore. Though she was hating what they where doing to them, she was a woman and she felt like she was about to have a huge orgasm. "OOOOHH GOD HELP ME" the young horny teen howled.

Within seconds, a huge orgasm rushed through her. They found out she was a squirted like her mother. She looked like a sprinkler; she was cumming all over the place. "What a squirter" Justin said. She was shaking uncontrollably as she was cumming, while her mother was watching her angel daughter cumming.

Justin released her and let her fall flat on the couch. After watching the young mother being brutalized by the black man and the 15 year old teen squirting like a water pistol, Justin became extremely hard. While Tyson and Nubia sat down on the love sofa perpendicular to the couch, Justin sat next to the exhausted daughter and pulled her back up. He grabbed her from the waist and made her sit in top of him, with both her legs on either side of his legs.

"Please no more" the young teen begged. Justin just laughed at her begs, before forcing her down on his cock. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAWWW" she screamed as she felt his cock enter her tight rectum. "TAKE IT OUT, TAKE IT OUT, PPPPPLEASE" she frantically screamed. "Let her go, stop already" Nubia screamed. Justin ignored both of their pleads and proceeded on fucking the young teen. He forced her to jump up and down on his cock.

"OOOh god, oooh god, oooh GOOOOOOOOOOD" Elizabeth screamed as she felt his engorged cock penetrating her. With her hands still tied behind her back, Justin had complete control of her. He forced her to rapidly and roughly move up and down.

She begged and cried out loud, but it just encouraged him to fuck her harder. "Say you love it cunt, say you love it up your ass" Justin commanded. "I love it" she said weakly. "WHAT" he yelled. "I love it, I love your fucking fat cock up my slutty ass, FFUUUUCKK ME HARDER" she yelled in order to please him, After several minutes of humiliation, Justin moaned "Oh fuck I'm gonna cum" Just as he said it, he tensed up and released himself inside her.

"OOOH FUCK" he said as he was filling her ass bowls with his semen. After several seconds of emptying himself in her, he let his cock go limp before pushing her off. "YOU BASTARD SHE'S JUST A TEENAGER" the 30 year old mother stated with anger in her eyes. "Your daughter is a fucking whore, either way she was probably going to fuck every guy she knew" Justin said. "FUCKKK. YOOO." she said before being slapped by Tyson.

Tyson pushed Nubia off him and threw her aside her daughter. Both were exhausted and needed a break. They sat the two woman on the sofa before grabbing a bottle of wine that Nubia kept and started drinking it themselves.

They paused the video camera and ordered some porn of cable so the foursome could watch. It was pitch black by this time, but they weren't in a rush they had plenty of time left. The two women stayed quiet looking at each other and the floor while the two rapist laid back and relaxed making cruel comments about the mother and daughter.

After about an 20 minutes of relaxing, the two horny men continued the assault on the helpless mother and daughter.

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Before the "night" had ended, both family members were fucked many times while being video taped. Not only did each take turns fucking Nubia and Elizabeth, but they gangbanged each and made the two women play with each other. After the nightmare was over, both men cleaned themselves up and grabbed their stuff. They grabbed the tape and taped the young daughter from her feet and placed tape on her mouth before stuffing her into the closet.

They sat the 30 year old mother on the sofa Justin spoke "You and your daughter where a great fuck" "Best fuck we ever had" he added. "I Hope you guys rot in hell for what you did, you wont." She was interrupted by Justin "If you dare to speak of this, we will make sure to not only ruin your life again, but your precious daughter as well" "Yeahwe will show what a fucking whore your daughter actually is, and we will make sure we are not the only ones to rape the fucking cunt" Tyson said.

"So if you try to throw us back in the can, your daughter will have a terrible life, like you did." Justin said. "Her friends, family, co workers will know who she is" he stated. Nubia was speechless after being threatened. She did not want her daughter to go through the same hard times she did when she was raped.

She knew if she were to go to the cops, her daughter will be utterly humiliated by the video. "I hope you son." Tyson placed a tape around her mouth. "Don't move until the house is quiet, if you do well you know what will happen" Justin threatened before throwing her into the closet where her daughter was. They closed the door and proceeded to add insult by taking their valuables and things to keep as a "trophy." Once they robbed them, they got into their car and drove into the dark, to never be seen again.

After the house was quiet, they found a way to loosen themselves from the tape and were able to free themselves. Both women were badly bruised, abused and shaken, but they were able to ever so slowly come back into reality. They couldn't believe they were just raped. Both knowing their situation, they had no choice but to keep what just happened to them to themselves. Just days after they decided to move out of town and move across country.

They said their good byes to friends and family and moved across the country. After settling down, Elizabeth continued going to school while her mother held two steady jobs. But as the days went on both women started feeling sick and soon after going to the doctor they found out they were each pregnant.

Months later, Nubia found out she was having a baby girl, while her young daughter was having a girl and a boy. The life ahead of them was going to be a rough one, but nothing will ever be as terrible as the rape they received.

THE END (Hope you enjoyed the story, Email me at [email protected] for any suggestions or comments)