Fleshly oil rubbing on twat

Fleshly oil rubbing on twat
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Fbailey story number 646 The Fucking Slut I went out drinking as I usually do on a Friday night. You see Thursday is payday, my wife left me years ago, and my daughter is a fucking slut. I have no need to stay home to watch a string of horny teenagers come in and go up to her bedroom. I swear she is charging the bastards for sex too. That would make her a prostitute or a whore depending on how you look at it. One thing she isn't is a high price call girl.

In fact I think she is on her way to becoming a crack whore. Yes, I have a very low opinion of my daughter. She is failing every subject in school, the police have brought her home a few times for shoplifting, and the Principle keeps threatening to expel her. I told the police to arrest her and throw her into juvenile detention.

I told the Principle to do whatever he needed to do. Fuck…if she is like this at thirteen what to hell will she be like at eighteen? As I walked out the door on my way to the neighborhood bar, two scruffy teenage boys passed me on the way in. I held out my hand and said, "Pay me." Son of a bitch if they didn't hand over two ten-dollar bills. I knew she was charging them. I had a few drinks, talked with a couple of the guys, and even shot a few games of pool with Eddie. Sammy came in, walked over to me, and said, "My son paid your daughter twenty dollars to fuck her ass last week.

He said that he wasn't the first one that night to butt fuck her either. Just thought that you should know. Oh yes, and one thing he said that he got five of his buddies to get twenty bucks from their fathers. All six of those little bastards are going to butt fuck your little girl tonight so if she sits funny tomorrow, you'll know why." I damn near hit the bastard.

The whole bar heard what he said to me and they were laughing at me…at me. That fucking slut! I went home but I took my time about it.

I sat on the front lawn with my back up against the tree.

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In a few minutes I saw six kids coming out of my house. I was in the shadows so they didn't see me. They were laughing and talking about sticking their cocks in my daughter's ass and cumming, then shoving it into her pussy to drop the last shot, and finally making her lick their cocks clean before they left. Apparently she let all six butt fuck her. After they left I got up, entered the house, and locked the front door.

I walked up the flight of stairs and directly to her bedroom door. I opened it up and walked in. There was my naked daughter sitting on her bed counting a stack of money. She looked up and said, "Get to fuck out of my room." I said, "It's my room, it's my house, and you're my daughter.

From now on I get half." She looked at me and asked, "Half of what?" I laughed and said, "Half of that." Then I reached out and pulled all of it from her fingers." She said, "Hey, that's mine. I earned it." I said, "All cheap whores have pimps that take half if not more.

I'm being generous. Plus they get to fuck the merchandise any time that they want too." I counted out three hundred and ten dollars. I stuffed it all in my pocket and started to take my pants off.

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She said, "Hey you were only supposed to keep half." I said, "I changed my mind. You haven't been paying rent or cutting me in on any of the action so far. Lets call it even and start fresh tomorrow." I finished removing my pants and my underwear. I pushed her onto her belly and sat on her knees. Using both hands I opened her ass crack and looked at her asshole.

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It was red and swollen…just the way I had imagined it. I placed the head of my cock at her sphincter muscle and pushed it in.

She cried out, "No Daddy. Please. I just had six boys in there." I just pushed in further and further until she shut up. She knew it was no use, I was all ready deep in her.

She just lay there as I thrust into her. After several minutes I filled my little girl with cum…the same cum that created her about fourteen years ago.

When I finished I just lay down on top of her. She asked me to get off of her, but I didn't. I crushed her into the bed with my cock softening in her ass. After it has slipped out I rolled to one side and told her to suck it clean. She did. Then I took her to my bed where she stayed for the rest of the night.

In the morning I fucked her pussy. I had to admit that my little girl had three of the most enjoyable holes that I had ever been in. I asked her about her Saturday business. She told me that it was slow because I was usually home.

I told her to make some phone calls and let everyone know that she was open for business until nine o'clock. I wanted my little moneymaker to get earning us some money. I hid out in my bedroom for most of the day and then about eight o'clock I went to the bar and told them that they could fuck my little slut but that she was charging fifty for her cunt and a hundred for her ass.

I watched a couple of the guys try to slip out unnoticed. Later one guy asked me for directions to my house.

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When the first two guys came back in they were joking about seeing the third guy walking toward my house. Then I asked them if she was worth the money.


According to them she was worth every cent. I stayed until closing and then started home. Three guys walked with me asking if she would still be awake.

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I told them that I would be glad to wake her up for them if she wasn't. Needless to say she was in her room again counting her money when I walked in. She quickly handed me my share and stuffed hers under her mattress. I told her that I had brought three more guys home with me.

An hour or so later she climbed in bed with me. She said that she had put my share of the last three guys on my dresser. Then we both fell asleep. Sunday morning she just sucked me off and got up. She had told the boys to pass the word that she would spread her legs from nine to nine on Saturdays and Sundays from then on.

Plus on school days until nine at night too. After that I knew that she would not be shoplifting ever again. I didn't care if she got expelled either. That would just free her up on school days. It wasn't long before news had spread that my fucking slut was open for adult business from nine until midnight during the week and from nine until three in the morning on weekends.

I was usually in bed all ready when she crawled in with me.

Every day was payday with her. We were making a small fortune but we couldn't seem to do anything with it. If we deposited it in a bank eventually they would get suspicious.

So I started buying businesses from the owners with cash payments. The day she turned sixteen she quit school. When the Principle asked her how she intended on making a living she laughed in his face.

Then she said, "I don't have to work another day in my life if I don't want too. I own the landscaping firm that takes care of your lawn, I own the garage that fixes your car, and I even own the beauty saloon where your wife gets her hair done. In fact I have the maintenance contract, the pluming contract, and the electrical contract on this school and all of the schools in this district.

You might say that I do pretty well for a high school drop out." When she left he was gasping for air. Soon afterwards an ambulance carted him off to the hospital. The doctor said that he had suffered an anxiety attack and suggested that he not get so excited in the future.


The End The Fucking Slut 646