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Anime old handsome gay porn movietures sexy muscle young men boys xxx
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It wasn't the first time I had felt this way about Josh, but it would be the first time I acted upon my feelings. It was a normal day at school (we were in the 10th grade this year), he and I had most of our classes together, and seeing how as to after school I usually went to his house, we spent most of the day together. Josh was (to say the least) perfect. The way his auburn hair bounced when he walked, his (slightly) chiseled abs, and that genuine smile of his.

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me on the other hand? I was flawed. big time. I-I was ginger, my hair was short, and often fashioned into a fauxhawk. My figure was awful, I was way to skinny. My eyes are also brown (not the most attractive color). We rode the bus home later that day to his house, and as usual, his parents wouldn't be home until later that that night. On the bus ride home we sat together (which is normal) and talked casually about how are days were and what we would do when we got to his house, which would inevitably consist of playing Call of Duty and and swimming.

Upon arriving at his house, we immediately went upstairs to put away our things and changed for the pool. Seeing him shirtless always.ALWAYS got my hormones going. Whenever he was shirtless, I would always notice the little things, like his pubic hair sticking out slightly from his shorts, his birth mark underneath his left nipple, or those veins in his arms that made him look ohhh so manly.

Over the years that I've known him I would catch myself wondering what his naked body would look like, but was never quite able to find myself lucky enough to find out.


The pool watch was rather warm compared to how it had been on other days (it's usually almost always freezing). Containing myself in the pool with him was extremely difficult, seeing as to how it wasn't so much swimming as it was 'water wrestling'.

I especially enjoyed this, seeing as I thought this was the closest we would ever come. Today, I noticed a few extra bumps and rubs across my ass and crotch, which I thought nothing of since we were getting a bit rowdy. It had come time to get out, when I hadn't realized I had worked up a boner. As soon as I stood up out of the water and saw his face, I knew what he was giving me that face for.

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an akward silence was in the air for almost half a minute, until I got the courage to say "Uhh. let's go get dressed?" he replied with "You go ahead, I'll be there in a minute." As I made my way up to his room, I couldn't help but wonder how akward the next 5 hours would be, my bestfriend had just seen me aroused when he was obviously the reason why.

I quickly made my up to his room and started getting dressed. Just as I was pulling up my pants, Josh wandered into the room. NAKED. I looked away in hope that he would get dressed as fast as possible, to avoid yet another embarrassing situation. Despite my hopes he just stood there, and eventually muttered the words that I least expected him to. "Look at me" he said, "Is this what turned you on down there, the thought of me?" I felt my face turn red and I couldn't even find words to speak.

He noted my silence and walked over to me and said "I turn you on don't I?" I simply nodded in agreement, to much in shock and awe at the situation, and again, to my amazement, he said, "You know dude, that kinda turns ME on." I turned to him, and he kissed me.

I didn't know what to say or do. so I just kissed him back. We found our way to his bed, and he fell down on top of me and I already knew he was going to be in control. He leaned down and kissed me some more, little did he know, this would be my first kiss.and my first time having sex.

He unziped my pants and smiled "Heh, fire crotch." I felt his tongue on my already hard cock, and soon enough, a warm-wet sensation enveloped it.

The sensation was nearly unbearable, and it only got better. I watched him as his head bobbed up and down on my crotch, one hand on my thigh, and the other my balls.

Soon enough, I was filling his throat with my seed.

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He layed on his back so I assumed it was my turn. I crawled in between his legs, and the aroma that came from his crotch sent my hormones into overdrive. It had such a musky, manly scent.

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I started licking his balls and made my way up his dick, I was unsure if I could take it all, but I went for it, and to my suprise, I took it all. I felt his hands rubbing my head and then he started forcing my head on his cock (I thought this was kinda hot), and every time he did, my nose would brush his pubes, and my chin would press against his balls. After several thrusts, he pulled out of my mouth and kissed me again.


Upon breaking this kiss he crouched on top of me and placed his cock near my ass. (I now know what preping is for.) Lubed with only my quickly evaporating saliva, I felt the head of his cock slide in between my cheeks and touch my asshole.

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He slowly, but with more effort than needed, started to force his way into my hole. After some painfully difficult pushing, he was finally inside of me and I felt his nutsack brushing against my butt.

After a deep sigh, he began thrusting way faster than he should have, and I was in excruciating pain, but underneath it all I was starting to feel a bit of pleasure. The pain eventually was tolerable, and the pleasure took over. The atmosphere of the room was starting to heat up, between his heavy breathing, my moaning, and our sweaty bodies.

As he increased his speed, his nuts started to bump more and more roughly, and soon enough, I was moaning his name. "Oh Josh, fuuuuuck, it feels good!" I wrapped my legs around his waist, I needed him to go DEEPER.


"HARDER!" I screamed. He started pounding me relentlessly, and then. he pushing deep inside of me and layed on top of me. In this moment, I could only think about how good my cock felt, pressed up against his stomach. I could feel his cock pulsing inside me, and I knew that he had came. He layed there for what seemed like an eternity, until he pulled his now soft, cum covered cock out of me. He flopped down next to me, I wanted to say something, but through my rapid panting, I couldn't get out any words.

I though I would just lay there and rest a little, but soon enough, I was dreaming. I awoke to find him, laying next to me, staring at the ceiling. It was akward for a while, but we eventually got over it. His parents arived about and hour or two after I had woken up.

They drove me home, and I spent all day thinking about what had happened. That was 2 years ago, now we are fresh out of High School and are dating. (Under the radar of course.)