Hot Girl Fucks Herself On Table

Hot Girl Fucks Herself On Table
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She sucked and she swallowed and it still ran out of the corners of her mouth and run down her chin and dripped onto her tits. "You did good cunt you are going to be a fantastic cocksucker.

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Something tells me you have done it before just not with a man's dick." "Yes Master Daddy I have sucked some of the boys however not anyone as well endowed as you." I took hold of the collar and pulled her to her feet and headed up stairs to the bedroom.

"Well cunt you have two more holes that need to be used and I think we need to get busy." I needed a good fuck, it had been nearly a year sense Sara died and now I have a new slut slave and my dick is hard as a rock as I pull her up the steps. Once we are in the bedroom I pull her to me and kiss her long and deep.

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"Now my little slut we are going to spend the night introducing you to my dick. Have you been fucking your school mates slut?" "I often laid here wondering if you being fucked, when you were out.

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So tell me whore do you let them fuck you." "Yes daddy I was 15 the first time it was with Tommy he and I watched a video of his dads and we did it." Maybe 8 or 9 times." "Well I am going to train you in the art of submission. You are going to learn to be a good cum slut it seems that you have developed the ability to suck dick however with some training you will learn to really please and become a great cocksucker and fuck toy" "Yes Master Daddy I have but one desire and that is to please you I will learn and work at been all you desire me to be." I looked at her standing there with her collar on and decided that she would learn I told her how to stand and/or kneel with her head bowed and her hands clasp behind her back.

How she would sit with her legs slightly open exposing her beautiful cunt.

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She will learn to be a lady in public and a fucking whore in private. I tell her to get on the bed and I start to kiss my way down her body taking my time to lick and kiss her, watching and feeling the desire grow.

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At her tits I spend time kissing and sucking, I suck each nipple into my mouth then biting down on them. She moans and a scream as I bite them.


Then moving down I get to her sweet, hot, wet pussy, and I start to kiss and lick it slipping my tongue between her lips and tasting her. Remembering the aroma and taste of Sara it is almost as if she had come back to me again. "Slut you will not cum!

Not until I give you permission." "Yes Master Daddy I will wait for your permission", she says with a tremble in her little girl voice. I slip a finger in and start to pump her then two and then three. I start fucking my bitch hard and I feel her getting close so I stop and move to her inner thighs kissing and rubbing them.


Then back to her wet cunt I slip my fingers back in and start to pump her again. "I want you to beg me to fuck you slut.

Beg me to give you my dick. Yell it, scream it, beg me cunt NOW!" "OH please fuck your little fuck slut Master Daddy please give me your big cock I need you to fuck me like the whore I am Master Daddy.


Make me cum and please fill me cunt up with your hot cum PLEASE FUCK ME!" With that I move up and rub the head of my dick against her open fuck hole, as she tries to make me slip into her. Holding back until the right moment the with one hard and fast push I enter her. I start to pump her adding more dick with each push until I feel the head pushing against her cervix. She is whimpering and moaning as we get into it. "Yes Maaaasster fuck me use me I am your fuck slut." With that I drew back and slapped her.

"Who's fucking you bitch what is my name." "Oh Master Daddy I am sorry it won't happen again, please forgive you little slut. It's just that your big cock feels so good in me!" She then pulled her legs up and wrapped them around my waist and started humping against me. "Remember you can not and will not cum until I give you permission." I can feel my balls tightening knowing I am going to cum I am so excited to be fucking her the feeling of her tight pussy clamping down around my cock, knowing I am fucking my daughter so beautiful so hot.

"Master Daddy can your little fuck slut cum PLEEEEAASSSSEEE!" With that I started to explode a hot load of cum in her cunt. "Yes whore cum cum on your daddy's cock! Cum you little fuck slut cum now." And with that she exploded into a over whelming organism screaming I AM CUMING.

I am cuming for you Master Daddy I am cuming!" I drop on top of her and just lay there. Finally I get enough strength to roll over and flop on the bed next to her. As I do her hand takes my cock and starts to work on it, without a word she leans over me and takes my half hard cock into her mouth and starts to lick and suck it until it is clean. "My lil' cunt I have another rule for you also from this day forward you will wake me with a blowjob then you well have breakfast for me when I come downstairs." "Yes Master Daddy I will suck your cock and wake you every morning thank you for allowing this slut that pleasure.