This time my donk felt more comfortable and I was use to having his

This time my donk felt more comfortable and I was use to having his
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So here is another story involving me and my uncle. For those of you who have not read any of my previous stories, I'll fill you in. When I was younger I went to stay with my uncle. He was single and had an extra room. I hadn't really known him growing up but everyone thought that it would be good for me. I was a rebellious teenager and I guess that they figured he would be able to relate with me. Turns out we related in a lot of ways.

As it turned out, we related for about a year. Uncle was older than me naturally, but only by about twelve years. He had never been married but I quickly found out that there were a lot of women that would have loved to be me. He was a big guy.


Probably about 6'2" and 220lbs.He had long black hair that I loved. His work as a roofer kept him in great shape but he was also busy a lot. At the time he lived on the reservation. If anyone is familiar with an indian reservation, you would know that there's not a lot to do and it gets a little old seeing the same faces everyday. That's why when people who didn't know that we were related, began to gossip. Eventually I got to know just about everyone and it all died down after they realized he was my uncle.

Little did they know that behind closed doors, I was fucking him on a regular basis. It was great. Uncle knew that I was a horny girl and never seemed to mind when I messed around with boys my own age. In fact, he encouraged me. I was a bit of a little slut, I have to admit. It just seemed like ever since I discovered sex, I wanted to try more and more things.

Me and uncle would talk alot. There was nothing hidden between us. Most nights when he would get home from work, we would sit for an hour or two and tell each other what was going on. It was during one of these conversations that I told him about something that I had been wanting to try for a long time.

A gang bang. I had been home alone one day when I got into some of his dirty movies and one of them happened to be a gang bang video. The sight of multiple guys with their hands all over her at once and different cocks to choose from at any given moment made me extremely wet. I guess that part of it was the excitement of never having done it before. Anyway, when I told uncle about it he looked stunned. "I don't think that's something you want to jump into just now," he said. "That's a bad way to ruin your reputation at such a young age." "But what if it was with some guys that were not even from here," I pleaded.

"Of course you would be included," I said smiling at him. "You know that I don't say no to you often, but in this instance I have to say absolutely not! Slow down", he said cautiously. "There's plenty of time for all of that." "I know", I said as I pouted. "I just thought it would be fun. Don't you?" I leaned close to him and let my hand slide down the front of his pants. I could feel that all of this talk had made him hard. "You wouldn't like to see your little niece getting fucked by all those big dicks?" I whispered and giggled as I started to work on his cock.

If I knew anything yet, it was how to use my mouth to get what I wanted.

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"Maybe we'll see what I can work out" he said as I took him down my throat. "Just think about it O.K.?" I asked as I started to suck harder. After that day we hadn't discussed it anymore. To tell you the truth, it had kind of left my mind. At that age we're all full of ideas and dreams that never seem to come about.

I guess it had been a couple of weeks that went by when one day, out of no where, uncle came home from work early.

It had been raining the last few days and I just figured that was the reason. The only thing strange was that there was a bag laying on my bed.

As I went through it I found two or three different little sexy outfits. Uncle always liked to have me dress up. Sometimes like a school girl or a nurse or different things so I just figured it was normal. Uncle had been in the shower and when he got out he asked if I was ready. "Ready for what?" I asked. "Don't worry about it" he said. "Just take a shower and get dressed. I gotta surprise for you." "What kind of surprise?" I yelled to him as I struggled to get out of my panties.

"Don't act like you don't remember", he said. "I told you I would see what I could do." Just as he said it, I remembered. My heart started to flutter and get excited. A million things rushed through my mind. Where? With who? How many? I immediately started fantasizing as the hot water rushed over my tiny body.

Right about then, I heard him on the other side of the curtain. "Now don't go getting all excited", he said. "It's just a couple of old friends of mine." "Do I know them?" I asked. "You're about to" he said laughing. Maybe it was the steam and the heat in the bathroom but I could smell the liquor in the air. He only drank every now and then but when he did, he was always fun.

As I showered a million things ran through my mind. I made sure to shave my pussy. I had been with a lot of older men and it seemed that was the one thing that they all loved, my little bald pussy. My hair I usually kept long but I had decided to wear it up in a ponytail. As I went in my room to dress I noticed that uncle had already laid out a set of clothes for me; a tiny pair of red leather shorts with a black garter belt and stockings.

Laying next to it was a matching red leather bra and long black gloves. It was almost the exact outfit that the girl in the video was wearing. I had long black hair and decided that I would leave it down for them. I never wore much make-up but tonight I decided that I would wear some matching red lipstick. I took my time as I checked my self in the mirror making sure that I looked as good as possible.

By now I heard them all in the living room drinking and laughing. I had butterflies in my stomach and almost jumped out of my skin as uncle knocked on my door. "Come on out honey" he said loud enough for them to hear. As I walked out a warm rush ran through my pussy.

I couldn't believe that I was about to do this. The two of them sat on the couch smiling at me as uncle walked me out to meet them.


"So…" the first one said. "Your uncle says you wanna play with all of us." "Maybe" I blushed. "Why don't you come over here and let me see what you look like honey" he said. He was someone I recognized. I had felt his eyes on me before around town. And it wasn't that I hadn't looked at him either. He was about uncles age and maybe a little smaller. He had short black hair and I remembered that he always rode a motorcycle.

He ran his hand between my thighs as I felt uncle behind me rubbing my shoulders. My pussy was getting wet and I watched intently as the third one got up from his chair. He was especially cute and I knew that he had worked for my uncle before.

From what I knew of him, he was always kind of quiet. He had huge arms and a big chest. As he got up he took his t-shirt off and walked towards us. My heart started to race as the thought of all of their cocks in me ran through my mind. I laid my hands on the one with no shirt's chest as he approached me. We kissed and I closed my eyes, feeling his hard body under my hands.

The one in front of me began to kiss my stomach and I could feel uncle behind me smoothing his hands over my little cheeks. I kneeled down slowly as I leaned forward to kiss the one on the chair. As we kissed I reached over and started to undo the shirtless ones pants. Soon they both had the front of their pants down. The very thing that I had been fantasizing about was now in front of me.

The one with the motorcycle had a nice sized cock with a big mushroom head on it. I stroked on it slowly, watching the head of it as I pulled the foreskin away. "That's it" he whispered. The shirtless one was huge. Probably the biggest dick I had seen up to that point. I wondered if I would be able to fit him inside of me. It scared me and excited me at the same time. As I stroked on the motorcycle man, I started to take the shirtless one in my mouth. As I sucked slowly, I could feel him growing even larger in my mouth.

Soon my tiny mouth was stretched as far as it could go. His huge rough hand lay under my jaw, guiding me back and forth on his rod slowly. He moaned as I took him out of my mouth and started to work the other ones giant mushroom. "Oh yeah", he said as I wrapped my lips around it. "She's a good little slut. You like sucking dicks you little whore?" he taunted quietly as I worked him.

"Mmm Hmm", I moaned with my mouth full. I could already taste his salty pre-cum on my tongue and all of it was making my pussy more wet. "I told you she was" uncle said as he rubbed his own big dick on my cheek. Soon I was switching back and forth between the three of them sucking and jacking them off in sequence.

My pussy was soaked and I didn't want it to ever end. As I sucked harder the motorcycle man got more aggressive. He held my face hard between his hands and thrust harder into the back of my throat.

I gagged and choked as he held me on it. "Suck it you little whore" he hissed as I gagged on his meat. "I'm gonna tear your little pussy up tonight " he said as the suck juices ran down my chin. Eventually he tore my face from his cock.

I gasped for air as I jerked hard on the other two. "Hold your tongue out" he ordered as he slapped his heavy dick on me. By now I was wanting to get fucked so bad. I sucked hard on uncle as the other two ran their hands all over me. As I pulled out for air I screamed, "somebody fuck my pussy, please." Before I knew it I was being picked up from behind and lifted upside down.

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The shirtless one's cock lay upside down in front of me as I felt his warm tongue begin to lap my little bald slit. Even though I was tiny, his hands held me strong. As uncle held my hair I sucked hard on the huge cock.

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His tongue twisted and wiggled in my tight little asshole as I squealed. Soon he was laying me gently down on all fours on the couch. Motorcycle man sat on one arm and pulled my face onto his dick once more. "Yea', suck it good whore!" he said as he gripped my ponytail hard. "Turn around" he said as he pulled my hips toward him. "I wanna taste that little pussy." He licked hard on my clit and I let out a loud moan. Soon I could feel his hot tongue in my asshole.

I immediately started to suck on uncles big dick, licking on the underside of his balls as I wiggled on the others tongue.

I started to go back and forth on uncle and the shirtless one's cocks when I felt the first ones big finger slide into my pussy.

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"Yea, that's it. Take it like a good little slut." I sucked harder and squeezed his big finger tight in my pussy. "Yes" I moaned in between cocks. "I'm your little whore". All of the rough talk was making me hotter and hotter. I could feel my little pussy burning with each wiggle of his finger.

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I just wanted to be man handled by their big dicks as soon as possible. Right about then he started to lick my asshole as he thrust his fingers back and forth in my cooze. "Oh shit!" I yelled.

"I need your dick in me!.Please!" I begged. "Oh yeah?" he snarled. "You sure a little bitty whore like you can handle this?" as he slid it down the crack of my ass. "Please&" I begged. Right then I felt the huge mushroom push it's way into me deep.

He buried it hard, tearing into my little bald hole like an animal. A hot wave rushed over me and I could feel myself cumming. I pulled the shirtless one's big dick out of my mouth and let out a loud shriek. "Oh fuck!.fuck&hellip.fuck&hellip.fuck…" I screamed. He pounded into me hard with each thrust as I felt his pubic hair rubbing on my ass. His hands gripped me tight around the waist and for the first time I wondered if he might hurt me. But the fright quickly turned to even more excitement as the other two started to eg him on.

"Yea, fuck that little pussy" I heard them saying as they pulled at my hair. "Make her re-think fucking us again" they sneered. All of it was better than I could have imagined.


As the motorcycle man stroked hard into my pussy, I was busy trying not to choke on the shirtless one's cock. His shaved balls were huge as I tried to lap at them with my tongue. The smell of his sweaty sack all over my face was turning me on.

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I reached up gently and guided his hand back to my ass. He must have known what I wanted because he licked his finger and slid it into my tight little shit hole right away. "MmmmHmmmm" I moaned as he explored my asshole with his middle finger. In between sucking I did my best to keep uncle hard.

I think he was just enjoying watching me as he stroked my back and watched his little niece get fucked. Soon motorcycle man was beginning to grunt and moan and I could feel his dick swelling in my pussy. "Yea baby" I cooed. "Give me that cum. Shoot that big fucking load on my little ass cheeks daddy!" "Yeah whore& like that?' he hissed. He started to pump harder and faster as I got louder and louder. "Oh yea, give it to me!" I yelled as he pushed one last time and exploded in me.

His hot semen filled me up and I could feel his slimy meat twitching in my little whole. "OH! Fuck!" he moaned as I turned to see his big wet dick pull out of me. He jerked some remaining drops of cum on my ass and slapped my cheeks hard. My pussy was throbbing as I looked up at the shirtless one and whispered, "You ready for some?" As he positioned himself behind me I started to get nervous.

His cock was huge and I was afraid of getting hurt. The whole time that I was getting fucked, this was the dick that I was anticipating. He was cut and I could feel the veins bulging in my mouth as I was sucking on him. I had sucked a lot of dicks and this one was the heaviest I had ever had in my hand or mouth. He took his time behind me, rubbing his big rough hands down the length of my back as I started to work uncles tool.

He laid his hot meat in the crack of my ass and slid it gently to the entrance of my pussy. Rubbing it gently up and down, he worked my little slit into wet little gash quickly. By now uncle was pulling my face into him faster and I could feel his balls swelling in my hand. The big dick broke into my tiny hole with a long slow stroke; burning deep as it went. I let out a scream as it kept going. "Ohhhh……&hellip." I could feel it sliding inside of me like a snake.

After what seemed like forever, he stopped for a second, letting it lay inside of me pulsating and filling me completely. He started to stroke in and out slowly. It felt as if my little whole was going to tear and explode in cum at the same time. The feeling was great. I had never had such a big dick in me before and I was in love with it. As he started to fuck me harder I started to gasp for air.

My head was getting dizzier as I felt him in my stomach with each push. "Oh shit!." I moaned. "Fuck me with that big dick" I screamed as he squeezed hard on my nipples. By now I was cumming with what felt like each thrust. He pumped harder and harder as I cried.

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They were right. I was getting tore up and I loved it. "Oh yea! Fuck your little whore!" I screamed as uncle jacked off in front of me. I could feel his grip on my waist tighten and my toes curling as I started to cum some more.

Motorcycle man's juices were squeezing out the sides of my lips as the big dick did it's work. Soon I felt his thumb tear into my little asshole again as he worked my pussy over. Soon my face was getting slammed into uncles cock as he pounded me hard. My tiny frame was too small and my knees started to come off the couch with each powerful thrust. I could feel the tears running down my cheeks as my swollen pussy was getting nailed. He fucked me long and steady, pulling hard on my ponytail.

"Oh God" I cried. "Cum for me baby&hellip.please!" Soon motorcycle man was back with his cock in front of me coaxing him on. "Work that pussy" he kept saying. As I started to suck on his big mushroom again, I could feel him getting hard. I pulled him out and jacked hard on it as I stuffed uncle back inside my mouth. The thought of three hard dicks fucking me again was too much. Despite the workout my pussy was getting, I loved it. "Oh" I moaned. "I need all your cocks in my little slut pussy!" Right then motorcylcle man and the shirtless one traded off.

As he slid his mushroom into my cunt I climbed on top over the shirtless one. I laid my head on his big strong chest and lowered my hand on to his wet cock. I started to jack him off when I felt the other ones cock ripping into my ass. I let out a scream and felt his hands stinging my ass cheeks hard. "Oh yea! That's what I'm talking about!" he bragged as he started to fuck me hard in the ass. As I gasped and tried to lower myself onto the other ones huge dick I started to get dizzy. Soon they were both buried in me and I could feel them pushing at my stomach.

I squeezed tight on his chest as my pussy twitched and convulsed, cumming again. "Oh fuck" I yelled as the room got dimmer. By now uncle was stroking hard in front of me and positioning my face to take his load. As he grabbed hard at the back of my head I opened my mouth wide. His hot semen shot into my eye and started to plaster my face. As it dripped from my face I sucked hard on the end of his big twitching cock, trying to milk every last drop.

He stroked the side of my face gently as the salty cum mixed with my tears.

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"Are you having fun?" he asked. I just smiled up at him with cum all over my face and licked my lips. I guess that turned on the motorcycle man because at that point he made me turn to look at him. "You like that you little slut?" he said.

"Daddy's about to unload in this pretty little ass." "Oh yea, here it comes" he said as he watched his big dick sliding in and out of my ass. Soon I felt that swelling that a dick does before it explodes.

His hot juice pumped into my asshole and down my thighs. He leaned his head back and let out a loud groan as his dick slid up and against the other ones, coating his balls in his semen. As I looked between my legs I could see him rubbing his cock up against the other mans dick while he continued to fuck my pussy.

By now the shirtless one pulled me tight and started to moan. I felt another gush of warm juice filling me as he squeezed me tight and exploded in me for what seemed like an hour. "Oh fuck" he cried out as I watched the two dicks sliding in each other's cum and squirming between my thighs. We all lay still for a minute, exhausted. I could hardly breathe or walk as I climbed off of them and headed for my room.

I had gotton what I wanted and I loved it. It never happened again but not for lack of want. People just seem to come and go but I've never forgotton it and it makes me wet to this day.