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That night, after fucking Kayla and Shelly, and finding out my wife was getting ganged by black guys behind my back, I lay in bed just thinking. Mostly my thoughts were of my wife, and wondering if I could trust Sophie. Was she telling me the truth? I knew there was only one way to find out. The next day, Sophie had to go next door and watch the neighbor's kids.

Julia was out by the pool, looking scrumptious for her age, in a black bikini. I watched her from the window for a while, then I went out to talk to her. I made up some bullshit about having to go into the city for a long meeting, and told her I wouldn't be back until supper time.

She grumbled, said she would miss me, and gave me a quick kiss goodbye. I got in my car, and just parked up the street, far away enough to not be spotted, but close enough to see the house.

Less than 30 minutes later a silver SUV pulled up, and parked right in front of my house. Two huge, muscular black men got out, and walked right in my front door. I got out of the car, walked over to my house, up the front steps, and into my house. They must've been upstairs. I crept up, but before I could even reach the top stair, I heard one of the men groan with pleasure. "Suck it, you fucking slut.

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uuhhhnnggghh." My heart was somewhat broken, but what could I say? I was guilty too. The bedroom door was opened just a crack, and I peeked.

My wife was on her knees between these two black men, one of their enormous monster cocks in her hand, and the other shoved down her throat. She was completely naked, her D-cup tits standing up proudly on her chest. (silicone, of course) She really did have a nice body for a 36 year old mom. It was tight, and she kept herself in great shape. She sucked both cocks furiously, switching back and forth. I heard a creak in the floor coming from downstairs, and quickly but quietly went to see what was going on.

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It was Sophie, she met me on the stairs looking so fucking hot. She was bra-free under her tight pink tank top, and her blue jean shorts were cut so short that her pockets hung out of the bottom. "Shhhhh!" I whispered, pointing to the door of the master bedroom.

"Your mom's got company, she thinks she's alone." I took her hand, and stealthily we hovered at the crack in the door.

Now Julia was bent over the bed, she was taking one of the massive black cocks in her pussy, and sucking the other one, moaning loudly around his thick meat.

Before I knew it, Sophie had dropped to her knees and was taking my cock out of my pants. She stroked it lightly before sucking it into her throat.

There I was, peering into my own bedroom, where my wife was being ganged by two strange black men, and my 16 year old stepdaughter was masterfully sucking my cock.

The black guy who had been fucking her switched off with the other guy. This went on for a few minutes, until the bigger of the two lay on our bed, and Julia lowered herself onto his thick meat. She rode him like mad, screaming and cumming all over him, then the other guy got behind her and shoved his enormous dick in my wife's ass. Now she was being double fucked by two black men, and her daughter was gagging herself on my cock.

"Fuck me, Carlos! Ohhhh yeah! Fuck that white pussy!" The grunting black man underneath her pounded his cock into my wife, and the one fucking her ass kept pace. In no time, not only was I cumming down Sophie's throat, but both black guys were unloading in my wife's fuckholes.

Sophie and I quickly retreated back outside, and down the street to my car. "I TOLD YOU!" She shouted at me, once we were safely inside the car. "I can't fucking believe it!" I was in a state of shock.

I was so angry that she was doing that behind my back, but so turned on by watching it. I was basically confused beyond belief.

"Why would she do this? Isn't my cock enough for her?!" Sophie reached over, lightly stroking my semi-hard dick through my pants. "You're enough for me, daddy," she said playfully. "But to be honest, I bet those black cocks feel amazing." That night at dinner, I didn't know what to say.

I kept quiet, and every time Julia asked me if I was okay, I just said I was tired, and needed to get to bed early. Julia acted completely innocent. It made me wonder how long she'd been at this, and if all her business trips were really just that.

"Hey, Jack." Sophie said, swallowing her mashed potatoes, much like she had swallowed my cum just a few hours earlier.

"Did you tell mom about the slumber party tomorrow night?" "What slumber party?" asked Julia. "Oh. yeah, Tim's daughter, Kayla is having a slumber party tomorrow night. She invited Sophie, and I think it would be a good chance for her to get to know other girls her age before the school year starts. Of course, I'll be going too.

Tim and I will try out his new pool table, while the kids have fun." "That sounds nice! What time is he expecting you?" "About 5pm," I lied. He had said 8, but I had a plan in the works. Sophie leered at me, but said nothing. The next day, I hung around the house. I was still in shock about my wife's affair with the two black men, but I played it cool.

Also, I was getting really excited about my own affairs. I kept picturing myself getting to stick my cock in all those little teen hotties in one night. Fuck, this was gonna be awesome, but I had some things to take care of first. Around 4pm, Sophie came in the office to tell me she was packed and ready to go.

I filled her in on the plan, and a while later, we told Julia we were headed to the slumber party. She reminded us that she was headed back out of town to work the next day, and we said our goodbyes.

We parked in the same spot as the day before, and just a few minutes later, the SUV pulled up. This time, we didn't go in and watch, but Sophie did suck me off in the car while we waited for them to come out. When they did, and started to drive out of the neighborhood, I flagged them down. I told them it was my house they just came from, and my wife they'd just fucked. They thought I wanted to fight them, but I calmed them down by explaining to them that I understood, and was not angry.

Then I made them a proposition. "You see that fine young piece of ass in the passengers seat?" I said, pointing to Sophie. "Yeah, is that who you fuckin?" said the smaller one, who I found out was named Dee. "Oh yeah, buddy. I'm fucking her and her friends.

That's Julia's daughter." They looked surprised at first, but then laughed their asses off. "You a lucky dude, Jack." "Well how'd you like to be lucky too?" "She want some of this black dick? I'll fuck her right now." "Yeah, she wants it alright, but it's gonna cost you." "Why would we pay? Your wife fucks us for free," said the bigger one, Carlos. I wanted to beat him bloody over that comment, but I wasn't stupid, so I kept my cool.

"Because it's worth it. You like my wife?

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You'll love her little 16 year old daughter." We all agreed that we'd meet up at my house the next night. They would take turns fucking Sophie, and I would video record it for them, and give them both copies for a fee. My wife was going to regret what she had done, and I was going to profit from it.

We drove to Tim's house, and he greeted us in the driveway. He complimented Sophie on her beauty, and sent her inside. "Look, we've got Kayla, Shelly, Sophie, and this really shy chick. She's not very experienced, but we'll take care of that.

Just turned 15." We spoke a little more, but then made our way into the house. Sophie had wasted no time becoming friendly with the girls, and was naked in the middle of the living room floor on all fours. Kayla was lapping at her pussy from behind, and Sophie was moaning loudly. Shelly came down the stairs to greet us, looking fine as ever in only a thong. Behind her followed the new one. Her name was Lori, and she was fucking stunning.

Wearing a black bra and thong, her perfect body made my already hard dick throb to be inside her. She was short, about 4'll", 90lbs, and looked half Asian. Her black bobbed hair bounced as she walked down the stairs, smiling. Tim introduced me, and we all walked into the living room. Sophie was now between Kayla's legs, eating her pussy, shoving a medium sized vibrator into her tight little pussy. Shelly started kissing Lori, as Tim got close behind her, undoing her bra.

Her tits were amazing. Not big, but like 2 firm cones that stood prominently and proudly, with puffy pink nipples. Tim started fondling them from behind while she and Shelly made out. I walked over to Kayla who was screaming with pleasure from Sophie's tongue on her clit, and stuck my cock in her face.

She obliged, sucking me good, almost making me cum. Tim had moved to the couch, where Shelly impaled herself on his cock in reverse, and Lori bobbed her head up and down, licking Shelly's clit. Her ass was pointed right at me. It was a bubble butt- perfectly round and firm.

I sat on the other end of the couch, and Kayla hopped on my cock, facing me. She rode me hard for a few minutes, her large, awesome tits bouncing in my face. Now Shelly had gotten off of Tim's dick, and was on the floor licking Lori's cunt, which I was dying to see, myself.

"Jack, I've been dying to stick my cock in Sophie." "By all means!" I said with his stepdaughter still bouncing and cumming all over my raging boner. Sophie lay down on the couch on her side, and Tim slipped in behind her.

She raised her leg, and he slowly fed his 7 inches into her perfectly tight teen hole. She gasped and moaned as he began steadily fucking her. "Oh my fucking god! This is some hot fucking pussy!" He shouted, pounding her even harder. I was enjoying watching this, as well as the girl on girl session on the floor. Since Kayla was pretty tall, I had her stand up and bend over the chair next to the couch.

I wanted to be able to see the action while I pounded this little teenage slut. I fucked her violently, watching Lori and Shelly morph into a 69 position, and reveled in the sounds of the room. All the girls were moaning, screaming, shouting. It was more than I could handle. I looked down, watching my cock disappear in that incredibly snug, hot young pussy, and it was too much.

I blew my load all over her plump little ass. Around the same time, Tim had pulled his dick out of Sophie's dripping hole, and was shooting his load all over her flat, tanned stomach.

We all took a break, ate some pizza, and then moved the party upstairs, to the master bedroom. All the girls got naked, and were lined up in the bed when Tim and I came in. "I'm giving you first dibs on Lori," Tim said, with a wink and a smile. Kayla and Lori were in the middle and started making out with each other, so I crawled over next to Shelly, and Tim once again took Sophie.

Shelly went down on me, just enough to get me to full attention, and then hopped up on top of me. She was fucking beautiful. I looked up at her perfect perky tits, and tight firm body thinking that nothing else but hot teen girls belonged on my cock.

She slid her tiny little pussy hole all the way down my thick, raging cock and slow fucked me. Tim was fucking Sophie hard, and her tits bounced like crazy as he did. Kayla was licking Lori's cunt, making her scream loudly with pleasure, then she stopped and looked up at me.


"I'm getting her nice and juicy for you." She giggled. Shelly came twice on my cock before getting off of it, and moving around to the back of Kayla, and began to lick her pussy from behind. Kayla told Lori that it was time. I got up, and she moved over, laying her perfect teen body out before me. I finally got to see that stunning pussy. It was very tiny, hairless, and her outer lips were closed tightly.

I opened them up, and she was dripping wet. She shivered intensely when I brushed her clit with my thumb. "Are you ready for this, Lori?" I asked, teasing her clit.

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"Ohhww, fuck yes, I'm ready! Fuck me with that big cock of yours, please!" I spread her legs further apart. Tim was now fucking Kayla from behind, Shelly was underneath her, licking Tim's balls as he fucked his slutty stepdaughter, and Sophie was eating Shelly's hot little cunt. I smacked her clit a couple of times with my cock, and she started begging for me to stick it in her. I entered her slowly. I thought the other teens were tight, but this little pussy was incredible.

It was like it was trying to push me out of it and suck me into it at the same time. I slowly inched more and more of my thick meat into her barely 15 year old snatch. It felt so good. I had just a couple inches to go, so I just slammed the rest of it into her. She screamed and her body shook. I fucked her slowly at first. I thought with as tight as she was, it might hurt her to give her the violent ramming that I desperately wanted to give her.

"Fuck me harder! Ohhhh. your dick is sooooo big.


Uuhhhnnnghhh. fuck!" "You like your little teen pussyhole being stretched by my big cock, baby?" "Ohhh. Ohhhhhh. fuuucckkk yes! Oooohhh. fuck me!" I started fucking her harder and faster, she came, and I had to stop thrusting because her pussy was clamping my cock so fucking hard. I almost came right then. Tim unloaded his seed all over all three girl's faces, and then collapsed in a heap on the edge of the bed.

They went to the bathroom to clean up a little, and I bent Lori over. Her ass was so perfect. Her little pink puckered asshole was glistening with her own cum, and I stuck my cock back in her beautiful young cunt.

I fucked her hard and she came again, her pussy walls vibrating and squeezing my cock as she did. The girls came back in. Sophie positioned herself underneath Lori, and began to lick and suck on my balls as I slow fucked this fucking hot little teenage slut. Shelly was eating Sophie's cunt, and Kayla was sucking her stepdad's half-hard cock once more.

I was in heaven. I didn't even give a fuck that my wife was a cheating whore, as long as I could get hot young ass like this all the time. I fucked Lori from behind a little longer, increasing my tempo as her screams became more pleading. "Cum in her pussy, Jack. I want it to drip out into my mouth!" Sophie shouted from below. "Ohhh yeah, baby!


Cum in my pussy! I want to feel you explode in my pussy hole!" I fucked her harder and faster, grabbing her firm teen ass cheeks, and ramming my cock into the tightest pussy I'd ever fucked. She screamed with another orgasm as I stuck my thumb into her little tiny asshole, to the first knuckle. "Ahhhhh. Ohhhhh fuuuuckkk, baby I'm coming again all over your huge fucking cock! Ohhh fuck. Ahhhhh!." I lost it. Shoved my cock in as far as it would go and began squirting massive amounts of my cum into her spasming pink hole.

"Fuck. Oh fuck, you little whore! I'm filling you up with my cum! Take my cum you fucking hot slut! Ahhghhhhhhhhh!" I pulled out, and Sophie's sweet little mouth was waiting.

I watched as gobs of cum dripped out of Lori's sweltering cunt and into my stepdaughter's mouth. She then pulled my cock into her mouth and sucked it clean. We spent the rest of the night fucking all the girls, and watching them fuck each other. Before the sun rose, Tim and I had filled all their pussies up with cum, and watched them all suck it out of one another. It was one of the best nights of my life, and I'll never forget it. After the girls passed out, Tim and I sat talking in his kitchen.

He mentioned that we should do it again tomorrow night at my house, and said that his friend, Rick, and his 16 year old daughter wanted to join us. It was then that I filled him in on the plan for the next night, and he was just as shocked as I was to hear of Julia's misdeeds with Carlos and Dee.

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"Well, why don't we all come over anyway, and make a party of it?" He said, slamming back a shot of whiskey. "Sounds good to me." It was another one of those offers that was just too perfect to pass up.