Total face fucked whole with Raven Angel and Diesel Crow

Total face fucked whole with Raven Angel and Diesel Crow
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She always knew about my crush too, and was sometimes the kind of girl to tease me about it for her own amusement. For example, sometimes she'd discreetly start rubbing my knee at lunch, with all our friends seated around us. She would bring her hand higher and higher until she was excruciatingly close to my cock, just barely grazing it with her fingertips. I'd be the last one to leave the lunch table on the days she did this, not wanting any of our friends to see the lump in my pants she had caused.

Other times she wasn't so discreet, and she would make a big show out of her teasing in front of everybody. I never minded, though. It's high school. All the girls have all the guys walking around hard as a rock. But things were finally going to be different.


In our senior year of high school, I finally asked her out, and she said yes! She was going to give me a shot after all the years. This was also going to break a particularly long dry spell for me. The previous year, I went out with a girl who was also in our friends circle named Danielle. Things were good for a while, but she ended up leaving me after 8 months or so for some jock she had sworn was just a friend. I was devastated. She said she hadn't been happy for a while, and that it was partly because I couldn't satisfy her sexually.

She said I had a small dick, but I knew she was just being a bitch. Besides, she didn't matter anymore. I was going to have Brittany. You couldn't wipe the smile off my face if you tried on the night of our date. We met at the mall, and saw a movie before spending some time shopping and eating.

And I pulled out all the stops for this girl. I was flirty, paid for everything, made any joke I could to make her laugh, complimented her. I was a regular dream date out of a movie, and she liked it. She was having a great time. I knew I had sealed the deal with her when it was getting a little late, and she told me I should go home with her since her parents were out for the night. Yes! Dry spell broken!

I was going to fuck the girl of my dreams. We got to her house and started making out as soon as we got through the door. We were like one person, all lips and tongues and hands roaming everywhere.

I slipped my hand under the short skirt she was wearing and rubbed her ass. She moaned softly in my ear. I moved my hand slowly to her pussy and caressed it gently, feeling how wet she was through her panties. She moaned louder now. She started grinding her crotch against mine. I looked into her eyes and saw her hunger. She then led me up to her bedroom.

She had me lay down on her bed and started to strip for me. She was a 16 year old knockout. Barely 5'4 and weighed 120 pounds, all of it in her hips, ass, and tits.

I wanted to fuck her so badly. I was so damn hard for her. I couldn't help but grab my cock through my jeans and pull on it as she peeled off her clothes.

She seemed to like that. She made a show of it when she removed her panties finally. She pointed her ass at me and made it sway back in forth as she bent over. I was hypnotized. When she was fully naked, she crawled onto the bed.

We made out some more, and she reached down and grabbed my cock. When she did, she stopped kissing and looked down. It looked like she was confused. "Something wrong," I asked. "No. It's nothing," she said. "Why don't you take these jeans off?" Eagerly, I did. When I went to pull down my boxers, she stopped me. "I'll do that," she said, in a lusty voice, looking at me with her gorgeous green fuck me eyes. With one hand, she reached inside and grabbed a hold of my cock.

When her bare hand touched the skin of my erection for the first time, I felt like I was on fire. I almost came right then. For a second, I swore she made that confused face again, but I told myself I imagined it, because she carried on anyway.

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With her other hand, she swiftly pulled down my boxers. Now, I expected her to start things off with a handjob or maybe she was going to skip right to a blowjob. Or maybe she was so worked up and hot that she was going to skip all that and put me inside her. None of this happened, though. She just sat there on her knees, looking down at my throbbing erection wrapped in her soft fingers.

She was smiling. "Oh. My. God." She was shocked. "I didn't believe Danielle when she told me, but your's so fucking small." I arched myself up on my elbows and looked down. There it was, my cock, completely covered by her fist. Only the head stuck out, precum leaking out of the tip, streaming down her hand.

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I tried to defend myself. I told her I wasn't small, that maybe I was just average, but I wasn't small.

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She wasn't having it. "No, your dick is tiny. What are you, 3 inches? Maybe? I've fucked guys 2 times the size of you. I've fucked guys 3 times bigger. Your best friend Brian? Yeah, he's 3 times bigger.


I can't do anything with this little thing." At this point, something weird was happening. She was saying all these things about how small I was and how much bigger other guys, even my own friends, were, and all the while, she still held onto my dick. I was getting turned on. I don't know why. I couldn't help it. I felt so vulnerable. The worst part is, she could tell. My body betrayed me. "You're getting harder. I can feel you twitching.

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Are you enjoying this? Do you like me telling you all about how small your cock is?" My cock jumped in her fist. "So, that's a yes. Well." For the first time, her hand started to move, slowly, so damn slowly, up and down.


"Maybe I should tell you some more, since you like it so much. Since you like being told you have a tiny, little dick." I couldn't resist. The pleasure overtook me, and I arched my back, thrusting my hips, moving my dick along with the motions of her hands. "I should've known you had a small dick. You always pined after me and never did anything. Even when I would mess around with you. I would make you all hard." She squeezed my cock when she said 'hard', "and you never did anything about it.

I've done that to a lot of boys. They always end up taking me. You never did. Is it because you know you've got the dick of a little boy? You know you wouldn't be able to fuck me like the other guys in school can? I can't imagine how many nights you jerked off thinking about me, wishing you had the dick of a man to actually fuck me how you want to fuck me." I was moaning so much now. My eyes were closed, I was sweating, and moans that sounded like nothing I've ever heard before escaped my mouth.

She was right. I jerked off to her constantly. This was so much better, though.

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"I know you wanna fuck me now, but you can't. I won't let this little dick get any of my pussy. I won't even put you in my mouth. You don't deserve it. My holes are reserved for real cocks.

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I mean, are you even a boy? Maybe this is just a big clit. Maybe you've got a pussy after all." Brittany's other hand started to move lower between my legs.

"Let's check," she said. She plunged a finger into my ass. She fucked me with it. I was losing all control. "Yeah, you like that. You like getting finger fucked like a girl. Why don't you cum, tiny. Cum while I stroke your little baby cock and fuck your ass. Cum like a girl." Right then, I reached the point of no return.

I moaned so loudly, almost like an actual girl, and shot my load. It was the biggest load I ever shot, the most I ever came in my life. It went everywhere. All over her hand, her bed, and my chest. Brittany laughed maliciously as she watched me cum. When I was finally done, she laid next to me and put her cum soaked fingers into my mouth, one at a time.

I accepted each of them. I was so far gone. I would have done anything. "You should get dressed and leave. There's nothing else you can do for me. You should think about dropping out too, or moving away. Your life won't be the same once I tell everyone at school about this on Monday." I stared up at the ceiling, tasting my own cum on my tongue, almost glad that my life wouldn't be the same after tonight.