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Cute young french Teen ass fucked for money
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[Chapter 1] It was may be six in the morning, the sun was rising. Five men gathered in the foot of a low hill, leading their horses. They are rustlers; their aim is to get hold of the horses of Bar L.

Bill, their 45-year-old leader took a last look at his crew. "It is up their, all we have to do is climb up this slope and take those horses." He pointed up to the hill.

"The cook will ring the bell in a few minutes for breakfast. Joe and his nephew will take the ranch house. Sanchez, you and Mike will take the bunkhouse. Use your dynamite. And I will take a look at the barn." He said.

"The ranch house is at left, barn at right, bunkhouse is straight and the corral is in the corner, between the barn and bunkhouse. In the middle of the yard, is a well," said Joe. Joe Wood is 26-year-old, 6 feet tall, slim, black hair and he was holding a six-gun in his hand. "The cook, owner and his son will be in the main building. So that leaves three or four ranch-hands for barn and bunkhouse…" "Go!" hissed Bill as the cook rang the bell.

The five of them began to climb the slope very fast. They left their horses behind, reins in ground. Sanchez was in front of all, it is amazing how he can run this fast with his fat body.

He is also the oldest, 49. He shortened the fuse of his dynamite as he ran, followed by Mike. They quickly took cover behind the well. "Give me a light hombre," he said to Mike. Mike offered his cigarette; Sanchez ignited the fuse with Mike's cigarette light and threw it in the door of the bunkhouse. BOOM! "Come out, all of you, hands in the air!

Or the next one is going in amigos!" Sanchez screamed at the ranch-hands. [Chapter 2] Meanwhile Joe, followed by his nephew John, ran thru the open door of the ranch kitchen. The cook was serving breakfast to rancher's son; they both looked at them, mouth open, shocked.

Joe pointed his six-shooter at rancher's son; John aimed his Winchester rifle at the cook. Joe hit the rancher's son behind his head with his gun barrel, he dropped unconscious in the table, face in his plate.

BOOM! "Watch the cook…" Joe said, as the sound of dynamite blast shook the whole house. He ran towards the living room. BANG! A bullet took off Joe's hat. The rancher shot at him from the living room. However, he did not get a second chance. "Reach for the sky old man." he pointed his gun at the ranch owner's chest. The old rancher dropped his gun. "We got four." Mike screamed from the yard. "How much you've got?" "We got three," replied Joe. So that takes care of all men, he thought.

"What should I do with the cook Uncle Joe?" asked John from kitchen. John Smith, a 17-year-old 5'8" tall skinny kid, is Joe's older sister's only son. His father was a cowhand, died in a stampede. His mother got married again and her new husband didn't want a readymade kid. Therefore, he is hanging around with Joe, learning the ways of life. "Bring him here." Joe replied.

[Chapter 3] Five or six minutes later, the rancher, his son and all five of their staffs sat there huddled together in the barn floor, hands and legs tied with leather strips and surrounded by four of the rustlers. "God this went smooth." said Mike, "We didn't even fire a single shot." "I've checked the corral," Bill came in through the barn doors, "They've got 25 mustangs there, trained." "If we sell $40 a piece, we'll get $200 for each head." Said Joe, "That's not too bad, isn't it John." John gave a nod.

"Is there anyone else in the ranch house?" Sanchez pointed his shotgun at the rancher. The old man didn't answer. "Mike, go get our horses," said Bill. Mike went to get the horses.

Mike, 33 year old, 5'11" tall, is Bill's right hand man. He has a mustache. Sanchez has a mustache too, only bigger. "Let's take a look in the ranch house." Bill went towards the main building. "Watch them John," said Joe, he and Sanchez followed Bill. The rancher has a rottweiler, a big one. He weights more than 100Lbs. The stupid dog watched the whole event but didn't do anything. What's the purpose of him being here, if he isn't to guard the ranch, Joe thought.

Joe and Sanchez reached the living room when they saw Bill, he wasn't alone. He was pulling out a very pretty girl by her blonde hair from one of the bedrooms. She is too young to be the rancher's wife, might be his daughter, Joe thought. "Let's take her out." Bill went out to the yard with the girl, Sanchez followed. Joe stayed behind to check out the house first. [Chapter 4] Shelly is the rancher's busty daughter-in-law. She is 23 years old, married for only two months.

She is 5'3" tall, has middle of her back long wavy dirty blonde hair, thin lips and a very pretty face. She has big bosom, thin waist, curvy hips and nice & firm rounded ass; 34d-23-34 we call it these days. Bill pulled Shelly near the well.

In a flash he tore open her gown and lacy undergarments. Mike returned with the horses. "Hey boss. Where did you get this nice piece of ass?" Mike tied the horses to the hitch rail, grabbed a blanket from one of the horses and joined Shelly, Bill and Sanchez near the well. The three rustlers surrounded Shelly. Mark unrolled his blanket on the sandy ground and Bill pulled her upon it.

BOOM! A sound of a small pistol shot came from the ranch house. "Hey Joe, what was that?" Mike yelled at the house. "Nothing… just checking out a gun," came the reply after a few seconds. They concentrated back on their job on hand. "Kneel bitch." Bill said.

He undid his belt, unzipped his pants and pulled out his semi-erect dick. "Please don't do this…" Shelly begged. Bill gave a nod at Mike. Mike positioned himself behind her and pulled out his belt (not gun belt). Shelly panicked and kneeled in front Bill quickly.

"Now suck me whore." He said. Shelly looked at his face, uncertain. Bill looked at Mike and Mike smacked Shelly's ass very hard with his belt. She cried out in pain and took Bill's cock in her hand. It wasn't fully erect but still it was massive. She starts to lick its head and wank the shaft slowly. "C'mon bitch, swallow." Shelly took the dick in her mouth.

Bill's dick began to swell gradually in its warm and wet shelter, and soon it was 7" long and almost 2" in diameter, but still it was soft. Shelly couldn't even take half the meat in her mouth. "Shit, this bitch can't even make me hard." Bill grasped a handful of hair from the back of her head and pulled her head to his crotch. His dick entered Shelly's throat and her nose buried in his pubic hair. Shelly bit on the base of his cock in pain and shock. "Ssshh…" Bill pulled out of her throat and slapped her on the face very hard.

This slit her bottom lip a little. "Bite me again and I'll cut off your nipples," he looked at Mike, "whip her… and don't stop." Bill too kneeled on his knees.

"Noo…" Shelly couldn't finish her words as Bill entered her mouth and eventually her throat. He began to fuck her mouth hard. She gagged on his dick but this didn't stop him.

Her gagging sound made the men more excited. Sanchez knelt beside her and began to molest her breasts, pinching her nipples very hard sometimes. Shelly was leaning forward to suck Bill's dick, her hands pushing on his hips, trying to pull away.

Her back arched for some comfort, her ass sticking out in the air. This put her ass in an ideal position for a spanking/whipping.

Mike coiled his belt on his hand, shortening the length. He whipped her right ass cheek hard. She groaned in pain, but she wasn't in a good position to move away. He smacked her left cheek this time, only harder, leaving a crimson welt.

The next one landed on both cheeks, one on her lower back. Than one sudden blow came from below, that landed on her pussy. Shelly seriously tried to get away, but couldn't free herself from Bill's viselike grip. She began to sob. Each blow hurts like a hornet's sting. In the next few minutes, more than 60 blows landed on her ass, lower back, pussy, upper thighs and inside of the thighs.

Mike stopped at the first sight of blood on her ass. The place between Shelly's lower back and the middle of her thighs was of a deep red color now. Her now crimson ass was glowing like the sun. Bill was using her mouth like a pussy. He wasn't moving his hips; he moved her head back and forth on his dick, using her hair for leverage.

By the time Mike's whipping had stopped, Bill's cock was too big to fit in her mouth. It was now to its full glory, 9" long and 3" wide. They laid Shelly on her back and switched positions.

Bill positioned himself between her legs, Sanchez moved to her head as he unzipped his pants. And Mike went to the stable cum barn to find some props. Bill positioned his colossal dick on the slit of Shelly's red swollen pussy.

"Noo…" Shelly said, as she sobbed, "Please don't…" "Shut up whore! Or I'll slit your throat." Said Bill, "Sanchez, stuff her hole man." Sanchez straddled her face and put his cock in her mouth.

He fucked her mouth for a while, but it's too hard for a fat man like him to carry on in this uncomfortable position.

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He pulled out, "I'll take the second run with Joe and the kid." Then he moved towards the barn to check on John and the prisoners. Mike passed him on the way, carrying some random things in his hands.

He looked very happy with himself, Sanchez thought. Shelly felt Bill trying to enter her sore pussy. But he couldn't, he's too big. "Haven't you ever been fucked bitch?" Bill looked at Mike who has just returned, "Go get some grease, this bitch is too tight." "I got them with me.," said Mike, smiling.

He handed Bill a tin container. Then he showed Bill the other things that he brought. Two bottles of whisky, a riding crop, a stove and a … "Nice…" an evil smile came to his face, "Let's tie her up first." Shelly just had a glimpse of the things, but that was enough. Blood rushed away from her face, in a moment her face turned as white as chalk. She tried to scream, but Mike grabbed her mouth. Bill tore two pieces of cloth from her abandoned gown. He stuffed one in her mouth, gagging her and with the other one, he tied her mouth across.

Mike then tied her hands behind her back with a thin leather strip. All three of them were sweating under the burning sun. Shelly, lying buck naked under the sun, her whole body glistening in sweat, felt cold. [Chapter 5] Sanchez went inside the barn. It is divided in two parts.

First is the stable, it has a hayloft. The second part is barn. A small door connects the stable and barn, barn has a big sliding door sideways to load and unload. Sanchez saw John staring at a cowhand. He moved beside him. "Everything shipshape, little amigo?" "Um-hmm" was the reply.

Is he daydreaming or something, Sanchez thought. He looked at the cowboy John was looking at. "There's a cute little boy they got there.

How old is he? 13 maybe?" he said to John. "His hips are too rounded for a boy. I think he's queer." "No he isn't." replied John. "How do you know?" asked Sanchez. "Because, he's a she." "What!" Sanchez's heart almost came out of his mouth, "How do you know?" "I saw her neck while tying her.

Her hair is tied up under the hat. Plus her pants are oversized." John replied. "And when were you planning to tell us that?" "When Bill and Mike weren't around. You know… they are…" "Sí, I know, god knows what they are doing to that poor girl outside." "She's cute isn't she?" asked John. "Sí." said Sanchez, "Do you want to have a go with her?" "Yeah! Can I?" John was very excited. He hasn't been with a girl yet.

"Sure you can, let's take her up, to the hayloft." "No… please!" the girl panicked. "Don't worry baby, we are nice guys. We won't hurt you," said Sanchez. "Jack, please help me…" she looked at one of the guys pleadingly.

Who the hell is Jack, John thought. They took her to the hayloft. [Chapter 6] Betty is Shelly's 15-year-old sister. Jack is Shelly's husband, the rancher's son. She came here to live with her sister after her marriage, to accompany her for a few months. She has shoulder length dark brown hair, big brown eyes, button nose and a very cute face. She is 5'2" tall, slim, but not as slim that you can count her ribs from outside.

She has very little, almost no tits, slim waist and a handful of nice tight ass. She has darker skin than her older sister does, due to her tomboy nature and spending all those time under hot sun, riding horses. She was in her riding dress, preparing to take a ride.

She went to the bunkhouse to ask the cowhands to change her broken horseshoe, when the bandits attacked. Seamus, an elderly cowhand told her to hide her hair, change the riding skirt, and wear some pants before they surrendered.

She almost got away with it, but that damn bandit had to look at her neck and feel her ass! Sanchez and John brought her up to the loft and laid her down on a big pile of bound hay. "We'd be nice to you if you be nice to us." John told her. "Now do we have to tie you up, or you'd be a good girl." "Please don't hurt me…," she pleaded. "We won't, so be a good girl and take off your clothes." John said. "Listen you talk, Shorty." Sanchez applauded, "Joe will be very proud of you." He looked at Betty, "What are you looking at?

Open your clothes or we'll open it for you." He took off her hat and freed her hair. Betty sat up on the bundle of hay and unbuttoned her shirt, then took it off. She wasn't wearing any brassiere.

John pulled off her pants & panties together and placed himself between her legs. She looks shy, John thought. Probably because she was nude, he wondered, or was it because her chest was almost flat. She looked at John's face, "Please don't cum inside me." She pleaded.

"I don't want to be a mom yet." "This we can do." He said as Sanchez pulled her shoulder down and placed her head on the edge of the stack of hay. "I'll go first, and then you can take her cherry." Sanchez said, John gave a nod of understanding Both of them undid their pants and stepped out of them. Their fully erect cock sprang free of their undies. Sanchez placed his fat and ugly 6" long meat on her lips. John rubbed the head of his 5.5" long and 5" around (not across) stiff dick on her pussy slit.

Betty unwarily let out a moan of pleasure. As her mouth opened, Sanchez stuffed half of his ugly man-meat in her mouth. Betty closed her eyes in disgust. All she can do now was to hope that they would not impregnate her.

Betty was now soaking wet because of the stimulation on her vaginal opening. She always dreamt of losing her virginity to her lover, lying on a soft warm bed. He French kissing her while slowly penetrating her pussy and ripping off her hymen. But here, instead of a lovers tongue, her mouth is stuffed with an ugly man's uglier dick.

Instead of a bed, she's on a pile of old hay. But the boy isn't that bad, is he? He has been gentle until now. She would have loved to take him as her lover, if he wasn't a rustler and he approached nicely… "Aaggg…" she groaned on Sanchez's cock in pain as she felt John tear thru her cherry. John took a hold of her hips and began to move between her legs slowly. He pushed his whole dick in her slick and warm pussy, grind their crotch together, stimulating her clitoris.

Then he pulled almost all the way out and then pushed in again. He slowly increased his tempo and soon she can feel a warm tingling but pleasing sensation first inside her pussy and then spread slowly to her lower abdomen.

Betty was sucking on half of his dick until now, so Sanchez grabbed her upturned face with both hands and pushed in. She gagged on his dick as it hit the back of her throat. Sanchez increased the pressure and slowly but surely his dick entered her throat.

She became restless, as she couldn't breathe. So Sanchez pulled out of her mouth. "Breathe thru your nose, you'll get used to it." He said. He gave her a few seconds and then entered her mouth again. She got the idea in a few minutes. By than Sanchez and John were pounding away on her mouth and pussy as hard as they can. John leaned forward on her chest and took her right nipple in his mouth and begun to suck hard on it. He grabbed the other one with his right hand. He pinched and bit on her nipples for a minute or two.

Then he withdrew from one nipple and bit and licked on every inch of her puffy breasts he can get hold of. This went on for more than 10 minutes. The dick in her throat didn't hurt anymore and the one in her pussy felt very nice. She had two small orgasms in the meantime.

John pulled up and put her right leg over his shoulder. He fucked her in this position for about five minutes as he squeezed and spanked her inner thigh with his right hand and pinched her clit with left. Then he squeezed her thigh near her pussy tightly, pinched hard on her clit and ground his fingers. This pushed her over the edge and she came hard on his cock. John drove his whole shaft into her pussy and stopped thrusting as he felt his balls tighten.

He didn't let go her clit, which prolonged her orgasm, but he was able to hold back his own climax. Sanchez pulled out of her mouth and went to the edge of loft to take a look at the prisoners.

John took a breather. "You Ok?" he asked. She tried to answer but she couldn't, she was breathless. She gave a few nods instead. Her chest was rising and dropping fast. "Kiss me!" she said suddenly. This caught John off-guard. Sure he would kiss or make out with any pretty girl, no problem. But he didn't want to taste Sanchez's pre-cum in her mouth. But again, how can he refuse, on her face.

What the hell… he pulled his dick out of her cunt and scooped some cunt juice out of her pussy with two fingers. He held them to her lips; she took them in and sucked them clean.

I will not taste a man's cum, but I have no problem tasting pussy, John thought. He pulled Betty up on her feet and gave her a deep kiss. He encircled her waist with his right hand and grabbed her ass tightly with his left hand. They both opened their mouth in the same time and John pushed his tongue in her mouth. Now this doesn't taste too bad, he thought.

She sucked his tongue dry, but it was wet again on her saliva. John finally pulled away from the kiss and she gave a final suck on his bottom lip. "My turn." Sanchez returned. "You want her ass?" "Sure!" John said. Sanchez lay down on the hay. "Come on baby; give pappy a piece of your sweet pussy." Betty straddled his hips and guided his fat cock into her pussy.

She leaned on Sanchez's chest, arched her back to put her ass in a nice position to get pounded and looked back at John, invitation in her eyes. "Damn boy, this girl is in love with you!" Sanchez exclaimed.

Her face turned red as John placed his cock on her anus. His cock was well lubed by her pussy juices. He pushed in slowly. He isn't very thick, so it didn't hurt her much.

Soon he was all the way in her ass. John almost came at the tight warm feeling of her ass. Sanchez began to push from below. A few moments later John grabbed her hips and began to push slowly. Both of them were increasing their tempo gradually and after three or four minutes, they were pounding her in unison. They carried on fucking her like this for half an hour, then John felt his balls tighten. He pushed Betty on Sanchez's belly and buried his entire shaft in her ass. It felt like his dick exploded inside her ass.

He poured a good deal of gooey cum in her anal cavity. He leaned on her back and inhaled her sweet aroma for a while.

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"C'mon get up! I want a piece of that ass now," said Sanchez. John moved up from her back and pulled her up. They positioned Betty in her hands and knees upon the haystack. Sanchez placed his dick in her ass and in one swift motion; he pushed the whole thing in. After the hammering and cum it received from John's cock, her sphincter was loose and nicely lubed.

He grabbed her hips and started pounding into her ass right away. John moved before her, his crotch was in front of her face and his dick almost touched her lips.

Betty looked up at him and then took his dirty dick in her mouth. She sucked her own ass juices clean from his cock. John grabbed her face tenderly with his hands. She continued to suck on his cock and soon he was hard again. [Chapter 7] Joe watched Bill haul the pretty blond girl outside. Sanchez followed them for a piece of action. Joe shook his head in despair. They are only cattle and horse thieves. Their job is to grab as many livestock as possible and make a run, not plunder & pillage.

Stealing horses is more than enough of a reason to get hanged in this country. To rape a woman and think about getting away with it is an absurd notion. But again, they are doomed anyway, and he doesn't want to left out of all that nice action. But first, he wanted to take a look around, maybe there's a strongbox around here. He entered the corridor. There are two bedrooms in the right side, another bedroom and the bathroom in left. He entered the left bedroom first. Nobody's here, only a double bed, a chair, a table and a dresser inside.

He checked the dresser, only old man's clothes, some papers and a box of .44 bullets. He took a look at the first room to the right, empty. Bill found the girl here. He moved along to the last room. He pushed open the door, and then BOOM! A drop-dead gorgeous girl in short silky pink nightie shot at him with her Derringer.

The bullet went thru below his armpit, taking a piece of his shirt on its way. This caught him off-guard, but he salvaged himself quickly. He moved to the girl quickly and seized her gun.

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He poked her left breast with his six-gun barrel. "Hey Joe, what was that?" Mike's voice came from outside. He put his index finger in his lips, indicating the girl to stay quiet. "Nothing… just checking out a gun." He hollered back. "Who are you?" he asked her. Instead of answering, she suddenly kicked him between his legs.

Joe couldn't breathe for a while. Grinding his jaws, he sustained the pain. He yanked her right hand behind her back and pushed the rebellious girl flat on her stomach upon her bed.

"So you want to play rough little girl?" he leaned onto the girl, squashing her body underneath his. He unzipped his pants with some effort and released his cock. He pulled up the hem of her nightie and uncovered her ass. Joe put his rapidly hardening penis between her soft ass cheeks and began to fuck the crack of her ass. Joe let go of her hand, pulled down the straps of her nightgown from her shoulders, and freed her nice little breasts.

She was in her sleeping dress, so she wasn't wearing any bra or panties. Her whole skimpy nightie assembled in the middle of her back, rest of her body fully exposed. Joe's penis was hard in her buttcrack in a minute or two, her sweat and his precum made the passage a slick and cozy place for his 7" long and 2" thick dick.

Joe can feel the warmth of her anus on his cock as his meat is brushing over it. This felt good but his balls still ached from her kick. He licked his fingers and put a good amount of saliva on them. Then he rubbed the saliva on his cock.

He grabbed her mouth with his left hand to muffle her sounds, positioned his cock-head to her anal opening with right, and pushed hard. Surely, only saliva isn't a good lube for ass fucking, but it is just enough to help tearing thru her sphincter. His head entered her asshole with a popping sound. The girl tried to scream as she felt a burning pain in her asshole, but Joe tightened his grip on her mouth and kept her silent.

Tears leaked from her eyes as Joe's dick ripped through her ass. He moved his right hand across her belly, grasped her left breast and squeezed it very hard. Then he starts hammering her asshole away. Fucking her ass wasn't easy, not for him and definitely not for her. There wasn't any lube and she was clenching her ass in pain, but he ploughed her ass anyway. He thrust into her ass 45-50 times, never really managing to shove his full length inside, a final inch he couldn't push in without the help of lube.

Then he stopped. This ought to teach her a lesson, he thought. Her shoulders were trembling as she was crying hysterically. "I'm going to let go of your mouth now, but don't scream. There are four men outside. And, believe me, you don't want to draw their attention." He moved his hand away from her mouth.

Especially you don't want Bill or Mike anywhere around you, he thought. "Please… take it out." She said in her broken voice, "It hurts so much." "You promise you'll cooperate?" he asked. She sniffled and gave a nod.

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He pulled his dick out of her asshole. There were traces of blood in it. Hopefully she will be alright. He wanted to do so many things to her! "I'll go wash up." He said. "Don't get off the bed." Joe left the room and entered the bathroom across the corridor. [Chapter 8] Back in the barn, Sanchez fucked Betty's ass flat out for at least 15 minutes. Then he pushed his whole shaft in and blew his load deep inside her ass. He was exhausted; after all, he was almost 50.


He pulled out of her ass after a minute. "Boy I'm done. I need to lie down for a while." Sanchez lay down on another pile of hay in the corner of the loft. Now John got the girl for his own, and he was hard again. He pulled out of her mouth. "Lie down." Her said and moved over between her legs. John pushed his cock in her cunt and started to move in and out quickly straight away.

Betty felt tired but still this felt good. She raised her hands at him and called him. John understood the gesture and leaned at her. Betty wrapped her hands around his neck and her legs around his waist.

She drew him on a long open-mouthed kiss and John pushed his tongue in her mouth. He probed her mouth with his tongue and she sucked in the saliva that dripped off his mouth. John slowed down the tempo a little, but now he was pounding her deep and hard. The pressure hurt her back but felt so good in her pussy; she sucked on his mouth with more enthusiasm. John felt Betty's pussy clench on his dick as she came again.

But he didn't stop, he increased the tempo again. In a few minutes, she had yet another orgasm. John felt his balls tighten, so he quickly pulled out of her pussy and guided his cock in her ass with his right hand. He started to fuck her ass with the same tempo.

After 20 thrusts, his dick was pouring his semen in her ass, but he didn't stop. He finished the kiss and hugged her very tightly. He endured the painful sensation on his penis by grinding his jaws together and embracing her harder. He continued fucking her asshole as he came for a few more minutes, but then he was too soft and worn out to carry on. He buried his cock deep in her ass, as it was creamed with three loads of cum. Then they started to make out again. Sanchez was hard again watching the show.

He came forth to take another turn. He tapped on John's shoulder and signaled him to make room. John pulled off her and went for the other pile of hay to lie down for a while. But Betty grabbed his hand and guided him beside her face. She changed her position and lay on her left side. Betty raised her upper body on her left elbow. She took John's dick in her mouth and began to suck the mixture of her ass juice and John & Sanchez's cum off it.

Sanchez placed his ugly cock on her pussy opening. "No…" she pulled out from John's dick and said, "fuck my ass." She didn't want Sanchez's shitty dick in her pussy. "You really like it in the ass, don't you?" Sanchez asked.

"Um-hmm…" she said as she began to suck on John's cock again. Betty was sucking John's limp dick and Sanchez was fucking her ass at a steady rhythm. "Shouldn't we go get Uncle Joe? All of us are having fun except him." John said. "Joe doesn't fuck 12 year old girls." Sanchez replied. "He says he has class. I say estiércol. Let him rot in that damn house." "How long have you two been together?" "We are riding together for five years now. Back in the days we; I, your Uncle Joe, Sam, Cliff and a guy named Noah used to rob banks." Sanchez said.

"How do you end up stealing cattle and horses with Bill and Mike?" John asked.

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"Well… Sam was too old to carry on and Cliff was shot in his guts during a heist. He died a very painful death." Sanchez shook his head in grief. "What happened to Noah?" "Uhh… Noah. Clever kid. He found himself a nice Mexican girl." Sanchez said.

"He was your uncle's best friend. They haven't talked ever since." "What happened after that?" John felt his dick stir up again. "Well… the gang collapsed after Noah and Sam's departure. This left only two of us. We had to make a living. So we joined Bill and Mark." "I don't like them." John said. "Joe and I don't like 'em either. They raped and killed two girls already after we joined with them.

Don't know how many before that." Betty panicked and stopped blowing him. She was staring at his face.

"Don't worry baby. We won't let them hurt you." John said to her, trying to give some reassurance. She didn't look very convinced, but she started to work on his dick again. "He says he'll shoot them one of these days," continued Sanchez, "and start his own gang. Or go back to his old job, being a cowhand." "I don't like rustling, too much risk and less money." John said. "We don't like it either.

Joe says he has a plan that will get rid of Bill & Mike, and also bring us big money…" Sanchez was ready to cum again. He grabbed Betty's left thigh and went flat out on her ass. After a while, he squeezed her thigh hard and blew his second and Betty's fourth load in her ass.

He pulled out and went to rest again. John was hard again. He moved behind Betty and lay down on the bundle of hay in the same position as her, his belly on her back, like a spoon upon another.

"My sister is in the house. What if those bad men hurt her?" asked Betty. She's worried about her sister's life. "Don't worry. Joe has joined them by now. He'll not allow them to hurt her." assured Sanchez. Betty, assured of her sister's health, laid her head down on John's arm as he guided his cock in her ass.

The ass is tighter and warmer than pussy, and by now her ass is more slippery then her pussy after receiving all those cum. [Chapter 9] Joe went to the bathroom and cleaned the blood and feces off his dick with a wet washcloth. He tucked his dick back in his pants and moved out of the bathroom.

He looked inside the girl's room, she was still sobbing, lying on her stomach in the bed. Let's give her some time to calm down, he thought. He went to check on the girl outside. He looked at the group of people near the well. Bill was fucking her mouth, Sanchez fondling with her breasts and that son of a bitch Mike, he's whipping her everywhere with his belt.

Well… he likes to spank naughty girls too, in the bed. Hell, it is his second favorite thing to do with pretty little girls, first being fucking their ass. But always with his hands, never whip or belt. And he'll always spank their ass; never hit them in face or pussy.

But it's not too bad. As long as Sanchez is with them, her life will not be in danger. Joe went to the kitchen, fetched a bottle of cooking oil and moved back towards the girl's bedroom.

[Chapter 10] Gina is the rancher's 20-year-old daughter. She is 5'8" tall, slim and has below the shoulder length slightly wavy black hair. Her hair has an almost undetectable reddish hue. She has perky little tits, thin waist, curvy hips and tight round ass. She has long slender legs and the sexiest face, specially those pouty lips.

Boys/men of all age of nearby towns and ranches, who can already/still manages to get an erection, lusts for her.

She usually stays in town with her uncle and helps him in his restaurant. The funny thing is, she's the only thing in that place worth a taste. Yet that is the most profitable restaurant of the four in town. People just go there to gape at her while eating the below standard food. She feels awful for using her looks to take advantage of all those people. But again, her uncle pays her handsomely.

She is staying with her family for the weekend. Today she woke up in the sound of an explosion. Then her father came in running and told her to stay in her room no matter what happens and ran towards the living room. After that, she heard a gunshot. Things were quiet for minutes and she was thinking of taking a look, when she heard a footstep going into her brother's room and her brother's wife scream.

She took out her derringer from her purse and waited. After a while, a tall good-looking man entered and she shot him, and missed. That brute then dashed her on her own bed and raped her virgin ass. Just when she thought she was going to pass out, he showed her some mercy and pulled out of her asshole.

As the thug went to wash his dick, Gina started to think about finding a way to escape. But she didn't move. After a while when she calmed down and the thug didn't return, she thought she might just be able to escape thru the windows.

She fixed her nightie and went to the window. She pulled the shutters, but it was stuck. She pulled with all her might, but it wouldn't budge. Damn! "What the hell do you think you are doing?" Joe has returned with a bottle of cooking oil. He moved to her quickly and grabbed her. She began to struggle again. "So you've decided to act like a horse's ass! I'll have to tie you up than." He said, "And you need to get a little disciplined." Gina wanted to wail out of frustration, but she didn't want to bring all those men here and take them all at once.

Joe tore off her nightie and brought her both hands behind her back. He tied her both elbows together with a leather strip (they all have few of these in their pockets). Her perky tits were pushing out in this position. He told her to get on bed and onto her shoulders and knees. She looked back at him pleadingly.

"Please…" Smack! She couldn't finish, he slapped her ass very hard. "Ouch!" She climbed to the bed and got into the asked position. "Stick up your ass higher," he said, she complied.

"Now remember to stay quiet, for your own good. I don't want to tell them about you.


So don't make me." Gina's nice round ass was sticking up high in the air, ready for the ordeal. Joe moved behind her and grabbed her perfect ass cheeks.

He stroked her cheeks, squeezed them for a minute and slapped them lightly. Very nice, he thought. He moved his right hand between her thighs and placed his fingers in her pussy slit. He starts to rub the outer lips while squeezing her ass with other hand.

Gina doesn't want to, but she can feel her pussy becoming wet. "Oh! So you like this?" he asked. She didn't answer. Joe inserts his middle finger in her pussy and starts to stroke it gently. He pushed his finger all the way in her pussy and probed as deep as he can without hurting her.

But he couldn't find any barrier. "You've been with men before, haven't you?" Again, she didn't answer. Thwack! A stinging blow landed on her left ass cheek. "Answer me." "No!" "No what?" "No Sir!" "Don't call me sir broad." He almost laughed at her reply. He meant if she slept with any man. "Tell me have you ever been with a boy before." "No." "Than tell me, where's your cherry?" No reply.

He moved his face above her ass and spat on her asshole. Smack! He slapped her ass.

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"Answer me!" Nothing, he placed his right hand thumb in her anus. "Are you going to answer me or what, bitch?" He became angry and pushed his thumb in her asshole straight to the hilt. "Ouch! I don't have it, you dumb bastard!" she replied.

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Hmm… interesting, is it possible? But again, what the hell, what if she's lying? She still has a pussy to fuck. And the good thing is he can cut the formality crap now and get down straight to business. He dropped his pants and underwear to the ankles and freed his semi-hard dick.

Although his dick wasn't fully hard, he pushed his cock in her cunt. He began to thrust into her slowly as his cock became hard and reached to its maximum 7" length inside her pussy shaft. He erratically spanked her ass as he fucked her pussy for minutes. Smack! "What's you name girl?" Joe asked. Ouch! "Gina." Her face contorted in pain. Smack! "Who's that blonde girl?" "Shelly, my brother's wife," she replied.

"Why are you still slapping me? I'm answering everything." "I like to spank naughty girls like you." Smack! "And you better get used to this," Smack! "Because a lot of spanking you are going to get today." Smack! "And then some." Joe grabs her curvy hips with both hands and starts pounding her pussy fast. Gina feels a tingling sensation deep inside her pussy. She wished her hands weren't tied, so she could rub her clit. "You like this, bitch?

Huh?" Smack! Smack! Joe spanked her right ass cheek twice as he was going flat out in her pussy. "You like this?" "Uh-huh…" Gina, ass high in the air, face in her bed; was getting the pounding of her life, wanted to ask the thug to rub her clit, but then thought better of it. She felt the thug spit on her asshole again and suddenly, he forcefully pushed in two of his fingers in her anus. "Ah!" a moan of pain escapes her mouth.

This guy really likes my ass, she thought. As he was fucking her pussy in his top tempo, he began to finger fuck her ass. This doesn't feel so bad, she thought. She was in the verge of an orgasm now. She was losing control over her body, her ass trembling slightly in the air. Suddenly she can feel him swirl his fingers in the insides of her sphincter and she came hard in his dick. Joe felt his balls tighten and he pulled out of her pussy before losing control.

He looked at his cock. Boy she came a lot! She has creamed his whole dick. He pulled her up on a sitting position. "Look what you've done." He placed his dick on her pouty lips. "Now clean it." She took him in her mouth without wasting any time. She sucked half of his dick into her mouth and licked it clean of her own sweet juices. With her both hands tied she couldn't lick him properly. His cock rubbed all over her face and it became wet in her own cum and saliva.

She took his dick in her mouth again, engulfed half of it and began to suck on it like a lollypop. "How do you taste? Do you like it?" he asked. "Um-hmm." She groaned on his dick. "C'mon, let me taste." She thought he would suck her pussy. But instead, he pulled her up to her feet, leaned towards her and began to lick her sweet nectar off her face. He licked her juices from her cheeks, then her chin and then he licked her lips.

He kissed her on the mouth and tried to push his tongue inside her mouth. Gina felt so turned-on; she opened her lips and let him probe her mouth with his tongue.

He sucked in all her saliva from her mouth; she got hold of his tongue and began to suck it. After what felt like hours, he pulled off. Both of them began to breathe hard and fast.

"If I untie you will you behave?" he asked. "You promise you won't give me to them?" she asked back. "Yes." "And Shelly, how is she?" "She is taking on three guys outside now. But she'll be ok. My trusted men are around." "And you can't hurt my father and brother." "OK" Joe was getting annoyed. "Is that all?" "Just one more thing." She said. "Is there any other girl you find here?" "No, is there any?" Joe was stunned.

They've missed somebody. If she manages to escape and get help, we're done; he thought. "No. The cook's daughter sometimes comes here from town to see her father." She said. "Did you see any buckboard outside?" She tried to bluff her way out. "No." He sounded relieved.

"Guess she didn't come today." She said. Feeling relieved herself for different reasons. Betty has managed to escape than. Hopefully she'll bring help quickly.