Wanking in silky directoire knickers

Wanking in silky directoire knickers
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When I was in my mid-twenties, I had a friend who managed a very large pet store. I used to love to hang out there, because he had every kind of animal you can imagine. There was the usual assortment of fish, hamsters and cats, of course, but they also had a ton of exotic pets you wouldn't find just anywhere.

Some of them I couldn't understand anyone wanting for a pet, like giant centipedes, tarantulas, scorpions, and so on. But people did buy them. They also had many exotic birds, like toucans and other colorful tropical species. They even had wallabies, which are like small kangaroos. And they had a single chimpanzee, a female they called Carla.

Since a chimpanzee is not the simplest of pets to own, and many places have local laws against housing exotic animals, Carla had been there for a year or two. She had become kind of a favorite around the store, and was tame enough to be out of her cage for much of the day.

She was extremely bright, and she knew her name, as well as a surprising number of other things. With a little supervision, she would actually help in feeding the other pets. My friend had even succeeded in toilet-training her!

I think his initial idea was to make her easier to sell, but I suspect that nobody had any intention of selling Carla at this point. She had become a fixture around the place, and everyone liked her. One day, my friend called me to ask a big favor. His two employees had just quit on very short notice, leaving him to run the store all by himself, and he was supposed to be away the following week. He was the Best man at somebody's wedding, several states away.

"You already know everything you need to about keeping the place going. Could I hire you for a week? It would be a big help." Well, I was between jobs at that moment, so I told him I'd be glad to do it.

(I knew it would mean some long hours by myself, but I was between girlfriends too, so I really had no life. Besides, I enjoyed the store anyway.) He was relieved, and we arranged to have me spend a full day there before he left, so he could make sure I'd be alright.

At the end of the day, he locked up, gave me a key, thanked me profusely, and then I was on my own. My first day alone passed easily. I let Carla out of her cage, and she would take hold of my hand as she followed me around the store, eager for companionship. I gave her a few jobs, and she was actually a big help, quickly grasping whatever I asked her to do. All I had to do was point and explain with a few words, and she would run with it.

Through the course of the day, with nobody but the occasional customer to talk to, I found myself talking to Carla more and more. I began to feel as if she understood a lot more than everyone believed. she seemed to listen to every word, making eye contact and nodding her head as I spoke.

It was eerie at first, but as I accepted it, it began to feel natural. Finally, it was closing time, and I locked up and went back to the office, with Carla still in tow. Bushed, I sat down on the edge of the desk, and said, "Long day, eh, Carla? What to you think, did we do okay?" Carla nodded her head and grinned, making her quiet little sounds. On pure impulse, I stretched out my arms and said, "Come here and give me a hug!" Carla surprised me by jumping up and giving me a full-body embrace.

and I mean a FULL-body embrace, wrapping all four of her limbs around me and holding me tight. I was startled, but she was obviously trying to express her affection, so I hugged her back. I felt a little odd, but there was nobody there to see, and I had nowhere to go but back to my empty apartment, so what the hell. Carla stood a little over 4 feet tall, much of her height being from her narrow waist up to her broad shoulders, so this felt just like hugging a small woman (who happened to be covered in fur).

With that thought, I took notice that with her strong lower limbs wrapped around my butt, our crotches were pinned together.

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Then I realized that the heat of her body was starting to give me a hard-on! This was interesting. Searching my memory, I recalled reading that chimps mature sexually by about age 10. I remembered hearing my friend say that Carla was 11 years old, and since she had been here for awhile, that meant she had gone through "puberty" (if that's the term for a chimp) here at the store, without any contact with others of her kind.

If that was the case, then she was a virgin. but without all the inhibitions and hangups that a human girl would have. In other words, she was hot to trot at the first opportunity.


I had never thought about having sex with animals of any kind, but it was definitely crossing my mind now, despite any reservations. My hard-on grew of its own accord, and as it began to press against Carla's crotch, she started rubbing herself against me. At that point, I decided just to give in to the moment, ignore any "taboo" hangups, and see where things went. As Carla's hips went through their gentle rhythm, I joined her, pushing back in time with her against her crotch.

Sure enough, she began to speed up and press a little harder. "Does this feel good, Carla?" I asked her, and she made her soft cooing noises that always meant, "Yes." "It feels good to me, too," I said, and it did. As we rubbed our bodies together, I gradually let go of my preconceptions and enjoyed this completely. Carla certainly seemed to be into it, so why not take a little pleasure in each other, whether or not we were two different species?

Besides, it had been a while for me, and I ached for any release I could find, even if it wasn't with a real woman. Anxious to move ahead, I coaxed Carla into relaxing her grip just enough for me to undo my pants. As I went to do so, I saw that they were wet in two places.

a patch where Carla's awakening juices had soaked in, and a spot near the top of my dick, from my own stimulation. We were both ready for this!

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Slipping pants and underwear down and out of the way, I told Carla, "Give me another hug," and she wrapped herself tight again. This time, though, her wet simian pussy-lips enfolded my dick, and I felt a rush of pleasure as her heat and moistness surrounded me, quickly starting to rub up and down again.

Carla cooed a little more enthusiastically, obviously enjoying the more intimate stimulation. A small part of me was saying this was wrong, but it felt too good for me to care. I put both of my hands under Carla's small butt, lifted her up a few inches, and slid the head of my dick around to where I figured her vagina ought to be. It wasn't too far off from where I had guessed, and I started pushing into her. Carla had never done this before, but as I began to enter her, she got the idea immediately, pulling against me in 3 or 4 excited thrusts.

Suddenly, I was all the way into her hot pussy, and she started grinding her hips against me and making constant cooing sounds. The feeling was so intense, I exploded into her after about 10 seconds, pumping and pumping for what seemed like forever.

I had ahold of Carla's small ass, but she pretty much supported her own weight as she continued to ride me, her sounds getting more and more excited. I had no idea how to tell when a chimpanzee has an orgasm, so I just kept thrusting into her, letting her take whatever pleasure she wanted, long after my own peak had subsided.

When she finally slowed down, I gently disengaged our bodies and set her back down to the floor.

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Retrieving my pants, I said, "Carla, you're very, very good." (This was both simple praise, which Carla would understand, and a comment on the sexual experience, which she wouldn't.

it had been more satisfying than many of the times I'd been with a girl!) "Would you like to go for a ride in my car?" She started jumping up and down at that, although I doubt she'd ever been in a car before.

I intended to take Carla home to my apartment for the night. Why not? I had nobody to go home to, and this way I'd be having great sex! She eagerly took my hand and followed me out to the car, as I locked up the store behind me.

She wasn't too thrilled by the seat belt, but she endured it for the short drive home. Then she took my hand again as I surreptitiously hurried her into my place, glad that it was dark so that nobody would notice.

Once in, I showed her the layout, explaining what the various rooms were for, including the bathroom. I ended in the bedroom, saying that this is where people sleep and "Give each other hugs, like we did." Carla nodded in seeming understanding, as I folded down the sheets and started to undress.

My dick was already getting hard again! Before taking Carla into my bed, I thought it might be good to clean her up a bit, so I led her into the shower with me. This was new for her, but she didn't seem to mind as I lathered us both up with shampoo. After rinsing her off thoroughly, I asked her for another "hug", and she eagerly pulled herself up to me again.

Finding her still-slippery hole, I slid back into her hot pussy, humping her against the shower wall as she clung to me again. It was even more intense the second time, there under the warm shower spray, and I held her long after we were both done, rubbing her strong, furry back.

Finally, I set her down, turned off the shower, and grabbed some towels to dry us both off with. (She needed three to dry off all of her fur.) Then I led her back to the bedroom, where we spent the next several hours enjoying each other in many ways.

I let my hand gently explore her pussy, discovering that she was built pretty much like a woman down there, complete with a clitoris that responded to gentle stimulation.


We had sex several times, with Carla's strong legs locked around my back, and my dick buried in her eager simian cunt. She learned to use her "feet" to grip me by the ass, giving her a new level of control over our thrusting, something a woman could never do.

I gave myself completely to this intoxicating creature, and we spent half the night in waves of pleasure before falling into an exhausted sleep, near dawn.

In the morning, I took Carla back to the store with me, but I decided she would spend her nights at my place, the rest of the week. I could barely make it through the day, anxious to resume where we had left off the night before! Finally, closing time arrived again, and I whisked Carla back to my apartment for an encore performance. She was as eager as she had been the first time, and we spent that night just like the last, repeating the shower scene and then humping our brains out into the wee hours.

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The whole week passed in a blur like that, days at the store and nights of pleasure with Carla. Her energy was boundless, and while she wasn't inventive at all (she was perfectly willing to hump me the same way every time, if I had wanted), she was always eager to try something new if I showed her how. For instance, I taught her to give me a blow job by putting one of her fingers in my mouth and sucking on it, then having her suck my own finger the same way (without using her teeth!), then giving her my erect dick.

With her elongated mouth and those generous lips, it was the best oral sex I'd ever had in my life. Carla even seemed to think of my cum as a "treat", a reward for a good job, and she lapped it up eagerly. By the end of the week, I had even overcome my inhibitions enough to return the favor, sucking on her simian pussy while she cooed her approval. Once or twice, we sucked each other in "69" position, as part of our nightly pleasures.

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The day arrived -- too soon -- when my friend got back, and he thanked me over and over again for minding the store for him. "I intend to pay you for this," he said, "but the budget is tight enough that I can't do it right now, at least not the way I want to. Can we work something out? I'll do anything you ask." "Okay," I said, "I'll take Carla." My friend thought it over for a minute, then smiled and said, "Done!" Thus began the oddest "marriage" you can imagine, having great sex every night with my very own love pet!