Fat man latin gay sex Max might have had no idea what the deal was

Fat man latin gay sex Max might have had no idea what the deal was
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I have the luck of being able to stay over at my girlfriend's place, but i usually sleep in the in her brother's room. this situation didn't work out, so there is another room in the basement which is right across from her younger teenage sister.

as everyone in the house expected me in her brother's room, i broke my routine and started to sleep in the basement.

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this happened for a few nights, no big deal, but one night as i fell alseep, i awoke to something magical. first off, in the morning, everyone in the house gets ready for work and i sleep in as i have my own courses to take care of. everyone is out of the house early, leaving me and her younger sister still in the house as she prepares for school. one morning i awoke as i could hear music and something of a conversation.

as i came out of my slumber, i realized i could now see directly into her bedroom! she was literally bouncing around her room, jiggling to the music and kinda singing/talking to herself.

im assuming that since she's in her privacy of the basment and no one is home (except me, who she thinks is upstairs), she's more uninhibited. A quick description before i move on: - 5'3'' and probably a 103lbs.she's young and developing very nicely - shoulder length black hair, in a mod type haircut that frames her beautiful face with brown eyes - 32B cup breasts (i checked her drawers) and nice tight ass with very long legs and nice feet - very fit body, athletic and has a flat tummy and indentations in her back.but balanced out with nice breasts for her height and curvaceous hips to match.

My eyes finally focused and i realized she was walking around in a bathing suit top and a thong! My heart was racing, i was lying under the covers and was so nervous i could hardly catch my breath. There was this stunning little girl, shy at first glance, but she was acting like an exhibitionist. She was really getting into the flow of the music and started acting out the gyrations on the bed. It literally looked like she was simulating sex (she's a virgin) and she was moaning over top of the music.

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She was on her hands and knees on the bed and from my angle i could see the spread of her ass cheeks. Up and down her hips moved and i could see the faintest outline of her asshole from behind her thong.

i started to catch my breath and really started to fantasize fucking this young thing.

i started stroking my cock into an erection and jerk out all my nervousnous. After the song ended, she took off her bathing top and exposed her young, tight titties. They were Bcups and nice for her size. Her light brown nipples were kind of puffy and complimented the paleness of her complexion.

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She was searching for something, something.then she jumped on the bed again, but was looking on the other side. In that position, she was in a vulnerable "doggy" position and i nearly blew my load.

I could see more of her body with the top off and with the thong on, it was a 1in.


piece of fabric which seperated my eyes from the prize. She flipped over and removed her thong, throwing it to the floor.


OH MY GAWD! She had a full bush down low! I guess no one ever told her of hygiene, she had black pubes in every direction, but it didn't take away from her pussy.

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Her virgin pussy looked absolutely smooth, no lips and everything was tight, covered under a cowel of thick black hair. From that position of her room, i know that there is a full length mirror opposite the bed. i could see now that she was admiring her body in front of the mirror.

she cupped her breasts together while on her back and slowly opened her legs.

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she was looking at her pussy and anus, possibly picturing what I would be doing between there (i can hope can't i?). she started to finger herself a bit and rub her clit.

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it was really hard to see all the details from my room, but i could barely focus as i was stroking myself in rhythm to her insertions. she gave a slight moan and removed her fingers and put them to her lips. She licked up whatever juice was on her hands and realized that she better be getting dressed. she quickly put on her white bra and full covered panties. over top of that she put on a peek-a-boo tank top with green zip up to go with an accordian type skirt.

she rushed up the stairs and out the house, bursting my dreams as i crash into reality, reality.

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Still hot from the scene, i snuck into her room and picked up the discarded thong. i wrapped it around my head and took in the aroma of her musk. something about the whole scenario made her juices smell that much better.

The bit of wetness was so intoxicating as i layed on her bed and replayed each frame in my mind over and over while masterbating and staring at her pictures.

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i found a really good one where she was at a grad party and she had on this short skirt, she looked so young and immature in the photo. The good part was that she was sitting and her legs were splayed a bit so i could see her panties. With the whole scene set, i started to jerk. The picture of her legs spread, the flashback of her tits/pussy/ass, the thong hanging from my nose.uhhhh! I jerked a huge load into her thong, streams of cum was bursting from my cock, i just kept replaying what just happened and i couldn't stop.

The cum was so thick, that i just tossed it into the dirty laundry with all the rest. This was the beginning of my 5 chances of seeing her nude. She would later catch on to my game, but never call me out for seeing her. And even if she did, i have discovered much evidence to show her family that she may be evolving into a little nymph. I'll hold that "ace in the hole" until i can figure out how to take that next step.