Hot threesome with double cumshots the plumber gets his pipe cleaned

Hot threesome with double cumshots the plumber gets his pipe cleaned
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This story is about an assistant of an photographer.jack has some new added fun to his sex life Jack(I) was working late at the pizza joint on friday as tommorrow is weekend so I can relax and as I was also running short on money.I have to pay for my zoology studies,rent,food and everything as I leave independently away from my parents though I pay them a visit on easter.

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My phone buzzes which bring me back from autonomy and I saw it's my girlfriend Lisa. Lisa is 5'8" tall ,blonde, shoulder length hair,32cc boobs but with tiny ass.I myself was 6'1" tall, muscles built,and a hot rod.We were doing pretty good at our relationship but we have some differences. She told me to be at her place as soon as I can as her parents went out of town and they won't be back till sunday noon.

These made my cock twitch in my pants,I quickly finished my extra work,collectey my pay & headed towards her home in my poor car. As I parked in her garage she was there in her diaphanous gown, I soon turned the engine off and closed her garage door.

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There was pure lust in her eyes,I could feel it. I thanked her for inviting me and we kissed for a long moment. First it was like any normal kiss but shown it evolved to my tongue battling with her and we grabbing each other bodies, my hand first went to her tiny ass but dissatisfaction brought them to her boobs. I was massaging them while she tried to rub my cock through my pants while moaning simultaneously. It was a month since we fucked and her anixety was obvious. She broke the kiss and soon we were in her living room on her couch.

Lisa said,"what do u need babe a beer or wineeee?"she winked at me while streching the last part. I told beer, she brought two of those from her refrigerator and she sat facing me on her ottman.

I complemented her on how gorgeous she was lokking in that negilee and she rewarded me with another deep mouth kiss. Soon we were grooping each other and lisa said"I need u inside me now". She unbuckled my bent and pulled my trouser & briefs in a single move while I removing my shirt. After I was ass naked I opened her gown and she was naked beneath. Soon I was massaging her tits while sucking on other and pinching nipple between my thumb.

She took my cock in her hand started massaging it vigorously and soon I was all hard as iron rod. She took me in her mouth and give an mazing blowjob and this brought me to my orgasm and I warned her ," I am close"she nodded (her signal to give to her my seeds) Soon my cock burst into 3--4 high stride then slow.

She swallowed everything then sucked me clean. I bossted her telling, "that was most amazingu were not this much skilled since we met last time". She answered she learnt from some online site.


I told her," it's now my turn" and she got on her couch and I slipped her panties of her feet and she spread her clean shaved pussy dripping wet juices on her couch. I kissed her forehead,lips,tits then proceed to her belly & finally to her cherry.

I dropped few kisses aroung her mound to tease her she liked it. She said ,"now start working I need to savour the same". I obliged and licked her pussy lips a few time they were large really large compared to her size. Then i inserted my finger in her vagina and started fucking herwhen her moan increased I added one more finger and she moaned even louder i know i hit her G-spot then i removed my fingers and spread her lips and taste her sweet aroma on my tongue. She put her both hands on my head and statred pushing me inI started tonguing her & same time my love ass made me insert one finger in her anus.

My other hand was masaging her tits one at a time and soon she orgasmed and said,"you need to fuck me hard". I know her facinado towards teasing so i keep sucking her at a slow pace. My manhood was now hard then ever. Soon she orgasmed again when I pinched her nipples and sucked same time while rubbing her clit with my thumb. I let her relax and withdrwn my mouth from her pussy but kept playing with her tits.

Soon she subsidized and we both sit there drinking our beer. She said,"that was amazing,I am going to made u cum more than ever when we fucked" with an wink which i know she was as today there was a different spark in her. She said,"she need to use the girls room" and she left.

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I was alone in her living room, i heard her lock the door. Soon her phone buzzed and it showed an message from darling. This made me open the text and it was,"babe it was nice fucking u and teaching u those skills, I think we can catch up soon". Now I know how she was different today and where she learnt all that cock sucking.

I was burning deep inside as i really liked her though i dont know yet whether it was love or attraction. But when she came back & i confronted her she was all pale and she tried to deny it but i showed her images of fucking him on her phone which i found when looking for more evidence.

We had an argument & i break up with her. I was driving in my car to my rental flat when my roommate buzzed to bring some beer and snacks with me as he was planning for a series marathon.

I know he was all good and i really now dont much care about Lisa so i agreed.


Half an hour later i reached home while chuck was setting up all equipment for a series & gaming marathon all night. Chuck was a similar build like me with dark hair, spectacles,cute face and a little less muscle.

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I briefed him about what happenend with Lisa and he said," I know that bitch is not for you,u deserve better than that". He tried to console me and soon i fell good and we were playing & watching "Game of thrones" and drinking the beer i bought. We fell asleep thereafter. Next morning being satyrday we both woke up late. First i got up and while i was cooking some breakfast chuck come & greeted me. He asked," how are you doing manaren't you over that asshole yet?" I replied"buddy which asshole!" And we laughed like hell.

We ate and got freshen up. We both were sitting at couch in our living our deciding about our sundays plan. We were talking generally about our jobs&studies. While chuck was much happy with his job at "The Esparasso" italian giant, i through light on how much low pay there is in pozza joint and no perks. Soon we were searching some job for me online but we pretty much ended on "Brazzers" like everytime.

I liked the curvy woman with no fat but build around ass especially and some boobs atleast like i mentioned. Chuck loved the skinny one with eye catching boobs, i n short he was an boobs manwe dont care about hair colour,complexion all much. Soon after seeing some scenes of our favourite pornstar (in which one of them both our favourites were on each other 69 that made us skipping our heartbeat).

But we were disturbed when his phone vibrated and our computer made that static sounds ( this i know as i am Mr.GadgetI am really a Tech aficionado and my penchant for it made me spent most of my money on high end laptop with some pretty expensive softwaresthough it helped me not much in earning a living i was happy with it).

Meanwhile chuck answered his phone. He was sweet on phone andhe told me one of his collegues neighbour who is a Professional Photographer need some help with tech and as chuck & i hangout together many times after workhis collegue knows about meso she asked whether i can help her. I agreed and soon he forwarded me the conatact of her neighbour named Nikki. I called Nikki and we decided a time a meet at her place which was a 20 minute drive from my work place(pizza joint).

Chuck asked ,"what did she told?". I told him about our talk & fixation of meeting and i added that her voice was really sweet. (I dont know why i added that last part). Chuck added that finally it looks like my tech is helping me. On sunday we both went to our favourite spot for finshing and later at bar in night.

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Chuck didnt came home that night after he left with a skinny brunette from bar. In morning i wake still no dign of chuck so i went to work. At 3:00 I left pizza joint on my drive to met Julia, so i once again confromed with her through text. I reached her drive way by 3:25 and she was standing outside her two storey blue bird. She was completely different from my imagination. I imagined a middle age womansome fat and glasses. But she was all my fanatsy she was in her mid twenties, blonde,curvy figure and a nice 36D boobs.

She was wearing some loose black pants and a white t-shirt like an hoodie. For a moment i was dumbfounded and thought i might be at wrong house. So i checked agian my phone for bolck & house number.

She approached me when she saw me looking for house numbers and checking with my phone. She lowered herself on my window & asked," are you jack ?".

I replied yes and she introduced herself " myself Julia". She told me to park around her poach and then she turned back towards house then i noticed my biggest dream come true an perfect ample,curvy,no fat ass walking in front of me. But my professionalism made me control. I parked and soon we were inside her living room.

She offered me a beer and i accepted as she isn't going to charge me. Her living room was fully covered with photos of landscape,birds,skyline. She told me," I dont understand this new photography equipments as i work mostly on my analogue cameras". I replied ,"then why you want to change?" She pointed towards her broken camera on her coffee table alonwith some crewdrivers and screws hanging.

"It just broke and if I got repaired they are going to charge me for a new one almost as this are not available now a days and also at same price I can upgrade to digitals so preferred it. But as I never work with those equipment I need some help".

I replied ,"no problemthats why I am here" with a smile. She smiled back and asked me follow to her room upstairs. I was behind her on stairs and was just looking at her ass and when I entered her room there were all photographs but some different one and there stood her laptop on her study table. She seated on the side chair and I seated on the main chair.

On screen of laptop there was a nude girl gropping her breasts and while spreading her shaven pussy. It made my cock twitch.

I was mesmerized in that picture that i forgot she was there. She chuckled that it looks like I liked her work. He apologized immediately and she was okay with it. Julia said," I know it happens sometimesthis girl in the photograph want to send an sexy image to her fiancee so I made it possible as it isn't much good with selfie or phone cameras, beside the pay is much good and I was much bored with all wedding photography".

I told her no problem and complemented on her skills. Soon i was showing her how to touch up a few images. And she repeated them again by doing herself.

Then she rememberred something " I need to touch up an image urgently as Client need it by tommorrow". I said bring it up, she opened an folder in her drive and there was the image in which an man kissing pussy of an nude girl who must be probably his wife while she rubbing herself and he gropping her boobs.

Then man had an enormous tatoo on his back. She said ," i want that tatoo to be removed completely without any trace and no pigmentation". I told her that it maynot be possible with her software so i need to open my laptop. She said no worries.

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While I was arranging my equipment she sipped her beer. When i was all ready to go I copied that image to my laptop and started working on it even though with my skilld it was taking a lot of time as i was pretty much warmed up with that pic. I also feel an strong attraction towards Julia and I took an chance I touched her boobs accidentally while picking my beer while she was leaning over my laptop to see what I was doing.

She didnt said anything, but when I did it second time I apologized and she was cool with it. Soon I finished what she needed and it was sunset already. So we get up to leave, packing my equipment, her commenting she need to try it some other time as its late tonight. I didnt actually what she meant as she said it with a wink & looking at my croutch.

We decided time for our next meeting on Thursday same time. She begged pardon and leave & returned with her red purse and Julia said," I know photographer s assistant got paid a lot but I can give you $20 for an hour only now. Is it okay?". I hided my astonishment at the thought about so much money while looking at some porn Or near porn images with this hotty, by adding ," It will be okay". I departed. To be continued. Let me know what you feel about it and if any improvement nedds to be done sex was less in it but i need some strong base to proceed.

All comments are welcome.

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