Hotty cant imagine life without getting asshole fucked hard

Hotty cant imagine life without getting asshole fucked hard
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"Mmm. Papi. ¿No quieres jugar conmigo un poco? Won't you play with me just a little? Pleeeease??" She begged me to play with her with her big, teasing brown eyes. How could I resist such a seductive request? I stood there for a second just to look at her crawling on the bed towards me. Her long, thick brown hair stretching down her back while some fell off her shoulder in front of her. She'd been stripped down to her underwear by yours truly.

Her big eyes staring up at me with her big lips smirking in a seductive, "Cat got your tongue?" smile. Taking in enough of her seductive beauty, I walk back to the bed as she sits up almost like an excited puppy. I thought it was kind of cute, so I chuckled a bit and she scolded me. My face went very serious then as I put my leg on the bed, reached over, and snatched her hair, bringing her face close to mine.

Her slight whimpering made me chuckle. "Who's your master, girl?" I asked with a strong dominance in my voice. "You, sir." She replied obediently as I smirked a bit more. "And who's my little toy??" "Me, sir." This made a big smile go across my face.

"And WHO are YOU to scold ME??" "No one, sir. I'm sorry." My face got very serious as I pulled her ear to my lips.

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"Do you think you deserve to be punished for what you did, Mia?" She moaned a very long, high pitched "Yesss Ssssssirr" in my ear, almost as if she were desperate to receive my punishment. I let go of her hair, backed away from the bed, and instructed her to stand in front of the bed with her hands on the sheets and ass right in front of me. I grabbed the bandanna off of the night post beside the headboard and walked back to her. I bent over her back and tied the cloth around the back of her head, covering her eyes.

"Who's a bad girl, Mia?" I heard a long, reluctant moan as I walked away to the closet. "Meeeeee." I don't think I've ever grinned so wildly." Disappointed that I couldn't find the belt or the whip, I walked back deciding to just use my hand. I was a bit pissed now, and being a masochist, I was more than prepared to take a bit out on her.

*SMAAAACK* Once. Twice. Three times.

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Four times. Five.

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She was moaning uncontrollably. "That's weird," I thought "It usually takes way more to get her like this. Was she already horny?" She was still moaning when I grabbed her by the hair and led her to the ground to sit on her knees in front of me. I untied the the blindfold and gave her the order to unzip me and suck all eight inches. She did as she was told and took out my hard member and held it in her hand.

Her eyes grow big every time she she's my manhood at full length. I lightly tapped the back of her head to signal for her to get started.

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She looked up at me as she licked me lightly under the head. A few minutes of her teasing and it was finally in her mouth. She still gags sometimes, even though she's done this quite a few times. In, out, in, out.

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I watched her as she worked it. She always went slow. It began to aggravate me seeing as how I wanted more. I wanted to feel my head hit the back of her throat. I aggressively grabbed the hair at the top of her head and began fucking her face, hard. I could hear her whimpering and gagging just a little.

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I could feel myself close to cumming. "I'm gonna come soon." I grunted. Almost as if those were the "magic words", she sped up and worked her hand at the lower part of the shaft to give me both a handjob and a blowjob at the same time.

It felt amazing and felt even better to look down and see this along with her big brown eyes. I let out somewhat a high pitched, sort of frustrated moan that I wasn't proud of and recovered with a dominant grunt as I grabbed her hair again.

God, it felt so good. "I'm gonna.

G'na cum. In just a. A few. Ugh!" She didn't skip a beat as I let into her. She just kept looking up at me as she swallowed every shot. I almost fell back, exhausted. She just sat there, looking content. She giggled just a bit.

I didn't have the energy to get pissed at her again. She does this every time. It's her little moment of control.

She's been pretty quiet due to my rule of no talking without permission. However, she feels that this is her free moment so she talks a lot while I'm sitting on the floor trying to catch my breath. "Hahaha! You always get like this! You're so easy, Adam. It's kinda funny watching you like this." I began getting frustrated. We're both seniors in high school.

She's like a housewife, very traditional. She does bring money into the house, but I'm the master of the house. She prefers it this way. I began to get really tired of hearing her talk. "Shut up, Mia. Go to the kitchen and make us dinner." She stood up and looked down at me like she was waiting for something.

"Please, Mami. Thank you. I love you." She smiled that beautiful smile I love so much, threw on my sweater, and went into the kitchen. After cleaning up and changing into new boxers and some night pants, I walked into the kitchen to the smell of delicious food. She was making fried chicken and some sides. I walked up behind her and hugged her waist, kissing her neck. She was allowed to talk when we're not doing something involving sex.

She asked me how my day was and I told her about my fight and black eye in between kisses. "Eres tan malo. Tienes que luchar no tanto. Stop fighting so much, Papi. You have a new mark every week." God I love it when she speaks Spanish to me. My little Puerto Rican doll. It turns me on more than it probably should.

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I slid my hand up my sweater and began fondling her DD-sized breasts. The other hand slid down the front of her lace panties. Still talking between kisses, I softly said "Then. Why don't you. Kiss them.


Better.?" I could feel her body shiver a bit as I nibbled her ear. "I need to finish dinner, Papi." I played with her clit and nipples and neck as she attempted to finish cooking. She called me a leach and talked a bit more, but there was only moaning after a little while. I could feel my cock throbbing. I wanted to fuck her so bad right then and there. She began moaning louder. She actually dropped a bowl from an orgasmic spasm. I couldn't help but laugh.


She turned all the burners off and began moaning violently. "I don't think I can wait until after dinner, Papi. Please fuck me now.

Pleeease!" Haha, how could I ignore such a sexy request? I took my hands out of her clothes and turned her around. I leaned down and kissed her.

Her moaning sent vibrations from her tongue, into my mouth, and began to shoot erotic electricity all through my body. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist as I simultaneously put my hands under her ass to make sure not to drop her. Slowly, I walked to the room, letting down her hair, leaving a trail of clothes along the way. "Mmm . Papi . ¿Vas a cogerme duro esta noche?" I really can't speak Spanish.

It's not really the language that turns me on; it's the accent that changes her voice to a seductive tone and the way she moves her tongue while speaking into or even away from my mouth."Translate, Baby." She kept moaning for a little bit then separated the kiss as she unhooked her bra, looking straight at me. "Are you gonna fuck me hard tonight, Papi?" I lost it right then and there.

I threw her bra and walked faster into the bedroom and dropped her onto the bed. I didn't feel that I had time to strip her underwear. I just hopped on my knees while she lay on her back, moved her panties to the side, and shoved it all into her tight pussy.

With every thrust, she moaned so loud. She spoke Spanish the whole time. I really couldn't understand anything but "harder" and "faster", but it was so sexy.

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I pulled her up so she was sitting in my lap on my dick. She began riding me while scratching my back and pulling my hair. I put one of her nipples into my mouth and both hands on her hips to increase thrusting. I wanted her to feel every inch and I could tell that's what she wanted too. "I'm. Gonna. Cum, Mami!" She began begging me to cum for her, saying she was extremely close as well.

I started going faster until I could go as fast as my body would let me. Harder. Harder. Harder. I could feel it coming as I yelled "Oooooooh Miaaaa!!! . Oh my god." She pulled my hair so hard as I heard her screaming my name too. I looked up at her, amazed. There are certain moments where I feel she looks the most beautiful and this was one of them. As we lay in bed catching our breath, I ran my fingers through her hair and she just lay there on my chest kissing my neck.

Eventually, I carried her to the bathtub and bathed her with a bath-sponge. She just lay there in the bathtub, relaxed as I clean her. I carried her to the bed and dressed her.


"Why don't you go set up dinner, Mia?" I kissed her long and hard. She got up as I headed to the shower. I think my favorite vision in the whole world is seeing my Mia smiling at me in the kitchen holding out a plate of homemade food just for me. We sat, ate dinner, and went to bed. I couldn't sleep from the pain of the scratches on my back and the memories running through my head.

I can't help to think about what to do next time.