Me sucking deeply this fantastic big cock of my english friend

Me sucking deeply this fantastic big cock of my english friend
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Sharing My Sister Part 6 (ammended) The next morning once I entered Sharon's bedroom once Helen had got up, and asked her if she was serious about mike and martin, she just shrugged her shoulders and said maybe if it felt right at the time, but she knew Tina would be interested. I told her I didn't know if I could handle that as I was extremely jealous watching her with Phil last night. She said she understood and was sorry I felt like that, but we weren't in a relationship and she was s free woman, to do what she wanted and with whom she wanted.

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This devastated me and left her room in tears and spent the next hour or so in tears lying on my bed. Helen came in to my bedroom and laid on the bed to comfort me, we were both fully dressed, she kept asking what was wrong, but I couldn't tell her as I wasn't aware that she knew about Sharon and myself, let alone Tina and phil.

As she put her arm around me and hugged me she let slip that she knew about Sharon and me, telling me that I should find someone to make me happy this wasn't what I wanted to hear, and I started to sob again, but she kept on hugging me tighter and tighter, she also started to stroke my hair, and I suddenly became aware of her perfumed body pressed hard against mine, I was aware that my cock was getting hard and she must be able to feel it, but as she knew about Sharon, I decided to chance my luck, and began slowly rubbing my hand up and down her back getting closer to her bum cheeks with each sweep, before finally cupping her left bum cheek through her jeans.

I pulled her hard against me knowing full well she would feel my hard cock against her body. I had now stopped crying and was gently nuzzling her neck; I became aware of the difference in her breathing. She then quite matter of factly asked me to make love to her. I asked her if she was sure she wanted to do this, to which she replied yes do, everything I had done with Sharon to her.


I moved my left hand around from her back and gently placed it over her budding right breast, and they were nowhere near as full or developed as Sharon's as she was 14 months younger at 15. As she didn't flinch I saw this as a green light, and kept my hand there before gently rubbing, her boobs through her bra and T shirt feeling her nipple stiffen, I moved my hand down and under her T shirt before moving up and pushing her bra up, I waited for a reaction looking directly into her eyes but didn't get one only a smile and nod of encouragement, so tipped my head down and engulfed her left nipple into my mouth and began swirling it around with my tongue.


I moved my right hand down and undone my jeans, pushing them down to mid thigh before releasing my cock through the slit in my Y fronts. Helen lay quite still with her arms around me, taking short sharp breathes, I moved my right hand away from my cock and placed it between her legs outside her jeansshe parted her legs slightly to allow me better accessI started rubbing her fanny quite firmly, felling the warmth and dampness emitting from the area.

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After doing this a few times I moved my hand to the top of her jeans and in one swift move undone the button and zip. Helen then moved her hands to the top of her jeans waistband in raising her hips pushed both her jeans and her panties down to mid thigh, before returning my hand to between her legs and rubbing her fanny lips, before parting the lips with my fingers and finding her clitoris with my thumb, I was amazed at how large it was compared to Sharon's and Tina's as I stroked it with my thumb Helen became more vocal and active as she began to writhe about on the bed as I entered 2 fingers inside her as well as my thumb on her clit.

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I moved my face around to hers and clamped our lips together in a vain attempt to stop her making so much noise, in doing so our tongues became entwined as they moved back and forth between both mouths. Helen reached down and started to stroke my cock holding it around the head and gently rubbing the most sensitive tip with her thumb, after a few seconds of this I could feel the spunk start to rise and whispered to Helen that if she didn't stop soon I would cum.

Helen said that she wanted me to fuck her first before I came so I had better put it in her. Helen sat up and removed her jeans and panties completely, as I did the same with my jeans and y fronts and parted her legs as wide as she could, as I leant across her so I could lie between her legsshe took hold of my cock and placed it at the entrance to her pussy before putting her hands on my arse cheeks and pulling me inside her as I savoured the feeling of penetrating a fresh pussy for the first time, she let out a small grimace as it entered her and stretched her lips for the first time, but there was plenty of lubrication to ease myself in and soon got into rhythm pistoning into her hard and fast as her pussy sucked my cock into herwith both my tongue and cock deep into herHelen was moaning loudly as I felt her pussy muscles ripple slightly as she had a slight orgasm.

Helen then moved her right hand down in between her body as I moved slight away from her but still inside her, Helen started to rub her clit in time to the rhythm of my cock and the spunk started to swell in my balls meaning I knew I wasn't going to last long but I was more concerned about the noise Helen was making and if Sharon could hear it.

My concern didn't last long as I shot 3 thick spurts deep inside Helen as she had a long drawn out orgasm as she thrashed about on the bed, biting her lip to stop her making noise, but in the process banging the headboard of the wall on the wall.

I rolled off Helen with my cock starting to shrink, but moved my head up level with her face and planted a big kiss on her lips, which melted into a long and sensuous snog.

I moved my right hand, down between her legs and gently started rubbing her outer lips, whilst making the spunk start to drip out of her. Helen reached down and started to play with my balls while with her other hand reached round the back of my head and pulled my tongue harder and deeper into her mouth, my fingers parted her fanny lips with my thumb starting to fuck her and with a mixture of both mine and her juices I used as lubrication I pushed 2 fingers hard up her arsehole, and proceeded to fuck both her fanny and her arse with my fingers.


Suddenly we were startled as Sharon pushed my bedroom door open, and entered the room but all she said was "enjoying yourselves are you, is this a private party?" I didn't reply as I didn't know how to respond, Helen just said what's good for the goose.

Sharon walked over to the edge of the bed, dropped to her knees looked at Helen, took my cock and balls out of Helen's hand and said may I, and dipped her head to engulf my cock which by know was showing some signs of life but not at full tilt yet, with Sharon's head bobbing up and down on my cock it wasn't long before it started to get hard but I was finding it quite hard to concentrate on Helen with what Sharon was doing to me.

Especially, when she started to swirl and flick her tongue around the head of my cock. Helen's moans grew in intensity as I increased the tempo of my fingers going in and out of her body until it all came to a crashing crescendo as she had a screaming orgasm again that morning.

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Which left me able to concentrate on what Sharon was doing to my cock. As Sharon was really good it didn't take long for me to feel the spunk again start to rise and my cock start to twitch a couple of times before I filled Sharon's mouth with spunk.

Sharon stood up carefully so as not to drip anything on her clothes and opened her mouth to show the spunk on her tongue before swallowing. She looked at me and said I will see you later for a proper session, before leaving the room and going downstairs. Helen crawled over me and off my bed before kissing me again and gathering up her clothes and getting dressed; she thanked me for a great first time and would really like to do it again some time.

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Although it would be another 4 months before I would get near her again. The events of that day changed my life forever as it was now out in the open between us kids and we would frequently have sessions in front of one another and there would be no more skulking around with whispered conversations. Next time Tina gets used and abused