Hard ass spanking crying belt tears

Hard ass spanking crying belt tears
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CHAPTER SIX: BOARD OF DIRECTORS DINNER "Good evening, Sir." Mr. Woodburn asked me to greet each of the Directors as they arrived. They had been in his home before, just in very different circumstances, so I would only need to guide them in the general direction of the Great Room where he would be entertaining them as they arrived.

"Miss James, nice to see you joining us tonight." I nodded politely. "I must say I much prefer the way you were dressed earlier, though." He gave me a teasing smile.

"Charles has spoken glowingly about you, but until today had kept you for himself. After this afternoon, I can understand why." I smiled and blushed, then led him through the foyer and pointed him down the hall. I was dressed in an evening gown that was strapless, showing lots of cleavage, backless, sleeve dress that hugged every one of my curves to mid-thigh. When I arrived earlier, he teased me that I brought out a sexual vitality he hadn't known in years. His words sent a thrill through me, "I want to fuck you right now.

Wouldn't it be interesting to go through the night greeting and talking closely with them and the smell sex wafting up around you?" It certainly would. Just the comment made my pussy begin juicing. I was, of course, without underwear.

I mixed with the Directors. Mr. Woodburn guided me through the small group making more formal introductions.

They already knew me by name, and certainly from the Board Meeting, but this was for us to put familiarity to names. The gown I was wearing was somewhere between nice-dinner and provocative-dance.

It had the material and cut for dinner and the exposure at the bodice, back, and legs for provocative.


Mr. Woodburn planned for the casual drinks to last just long enough that my bare back would begin to receive touches. Mr.

Woodburn sat at the head of the table in his usual place. I was placed at the other end of the table with the six Directors on either side. As dinner progressed, comments continued about the slut aspect and the types of men and what activities might work as if the actions in the Board Room only hours earlier hadn't happened.

The discussion remained almost on a theoretical level if it weren't for the leering looks I caught from the table and the occasional touches to my arms or hands when it wouldn't be unnatural in another situation related to a business dinner.

As dinner was completed, we are enjoying after-dinner drinks back in the Great Room. Mr. Woodburn and I suddenly noticed we are by ourselves and the six Directors are huddled together. Fearing an appearance of having forgotten them, we moved to join their group.

The senior Director turned as we approached and asked if we minded giving them a few moments. We of course comply and take our drinks out to the patio. I ask what he thought was happening. He smiled, "They are coming to decision." I looked back through the glass wall. "A little late for that, isn't it?" He hugged me around the shoulders and touched his glass to mine.

"Not the decision about how we handle these account opportunities. The decision about the rest of the night." I smiled and took a sip. "After the Board Room, I would have thought that was determined." He chuckled in agreement. I pointed with my glass to the back to the kennels and changed the subject. "What do you think I need to do to get your wife more comfortable with those two out there?" He laughed.

"There are six people in there talking themselves into recognition that they are going to fuck you. And you are thinking about helping my wife with the dogs?" I smiled and stroked the front of his slacks feeling his cock harden.

"What happens with them is business like any of the clients in the future. What I can do for you and Mrs. Woodburn is … well, as you said, I am a personal slut and I take the personal very seriously." He took me into his arms.

Both my arms went around his neck, one still holding my drink away from his back. We kissed. We kissed hard and passionately.


His crotch pressed forward and I returned the urgent need with my own pressing body. "Uh hum." The voice came from behind me. We separated and faced the doorway from the room. "Why aren't we any longer surprised to find you out here like that?" There was light chuckling, which we joined with them. We approached them. Before Mr. Woodburn could do anything, I took the issue directly to them. "Well, Directors … you've had your initiation to me and now your discussion and you've come to some kind of conclusion and agreement?

What have you decided you would like to have happen now?" They were taken aback. They had anticipated dealing with Mr. Woodburn. "You are indeed a woman of strength and self-confidence. We can see how you mean that certain businessmen will be more susceptible to a business executive fucking underneath them than some hired whore." He continued to direct his attention to me, but his question went to Mr.

Woodburn. "Charles, you said she will do what you want her to do. What will she do for you?" I smiled and stepped up to him. Mr. Woodburn recognized the situation did not require his involvement. Although this hadn't been discussed, I already sensed his confidence in me as well as my own confidence in being the woman he desired me to be.

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"Sirs, Ma'am, Mr. Woodburn can direct me to entice and flirt with men, which may be sufficient for some. He can also direct me to act as that hired whore you referred to if that is what is required. I will do those things for him." I looked into the Director's eyes and then looked at the others to gage where they were and I felt I knew exactly where they were. "If he wants me to suck cock, I'll do it as you found out. If he wants me to eat pussy, I'll do it as you found out, Ma'am.

If he wants me to fuck them and fill my pussy with cum, I'll do it eagerly. Does that answer your question, Sir? Mr. Woodburn has shown me how much I love sex." I considered my next statement. Then, "Or, are you looking for a demonstration of just how far I might go for him?" He looked back at the other five Directors and they all nodded back to him. I presented a challenge and they were accepting it. I smiled, not even waiting for the reply. I walked to Mr.

Woodburn, kissed him, then whispered into his ear. I saw his head turn involuntarily toward the back of the yard. He looked at me questioningly. I nodded. He stepped up to them while I remained behind. "If by your question you are looking to see how much control I have over her, I can't show you that." They glanced at each other.

"But, if you are looking to see what she is willing to do for me … that I can show you." Their faces returned to the expectation they had before. He received nods from them. I wasn't sure they were prepared to express anything more, possibly for fear of overstepping.

Despite being the Board of Directors, Mr. Woodburn had consolidated a lot of the power to himself. He turned to me. "Slut … you know where the kennel is. Bring back one of the dogs. Your choice." After I left, he turned to the others and chuckled. "I wonder if she'll put him on a leash? We've had a little trouble with them. We've discovered they had an interesting life before coming here." I approached the group with Paddy and he was not on a leash. I knew we hadn't yet completely broken him or Sammy of their desire to assault women, but we were making progress.

As we got closer, Paddy must have noticed the other woman and started running. I waited until he was 10 yards from her. "Stop! Leave it!" He stopped abruptly and pranced impatiently. "Sit!" He sat. I waited until he calmed. I then called he up next to me and had him sit.

I chuckled inwardly at the looks on their faces. None of them would have admitted what they thought what was about to happen. I touched Paddy's head and scratch his ears. He looked up at me and began licking my stocking covered thigh below my dress. "This is Paddy, an Irish Setter … get it?

Irish … Paddy?" There was nervous chuckling. "Sorry about the scare. The dogs came to them with an interesting history with women. Mrs. Woodburn and I are trying to retrain them and we have made some progress, I think." Mr. Woodburn was smiling and nodding at the dual meaning. The woman who was probably scared the most interjected, "Okay, but why are we talking about the dogs?" "Oh right … sorry, the dog, yes … well …" I turned to Mr.

Woodburn. He took over. "How about a demonstration of the extent to which she is willing to go for me?" The woman blurted, "No fucking way!" She clamped her hands over her mouth and blushed. Even in the patio lighting of night, we could all tell. The others laughed at the language they didn't expect coming from her. Mr. Woodburn chuckled, "Yes, have any of you ever seen a woman mounted by a dog?" "Holy shit!

I can't believe this." They all laughed, again. Me? I was once again inflamed with lust just at the thought of fucking this dog in front of the Board of Directors. What will be going through their minds the next time they see me while in the firm's offices? I walked up to the woman and turned my back to her. "Ma'am, would you please?" Without a word but with shaking fingers, she unclasped and unzipped my dress.

I stepped away and shimmied it down my body. They quickly saw that I was naked underneath. "Wow, is this the way you dress all the time, Miss James?" I smiled, "It is what Mr. Woodburn desires.

It is very erotic and arousing to be sitting in a meeting with co-workers and strangers and to be completely naked underneath." I stepped out onto the grass alongside the patio, knelt down, and called Paddy to me. I scratched his ears as his snout sought the scent wafting up to him. I looked up at Mr. Woodburn, "What do you think, Sir?" "Everything." Someone asked, "Everything?" "Just watch." I lay back and propped my shoulders up on my elbows, raised my knees and spread my legs.

Murmured comments came from them, both from the sight of my bare, open pussy, and the dog's head quickly moving to it. At the first long, eager swipe of his tongue, I dropped my head back and released a long and satisfied sigh and moan. Paddy was really getting into it; my pussy was already stimulated by the talk and now was flowing plentifully as he was lapping it up with the zeal I have only experienced from a dog. My body was a jumble of aroused nerves all tangled and sparking across each other as the dog's relentless dedication to savoring the fluids from my pussy increased with my increased flow.

I allowed my elbows to relax and my shoulders to fall to the ground as I lost awareness of anything but that tongue and the feeling of supercharged sexuality through my body. I pressed the tiny heels of my shoes into the grass and lifted my hips off the ground, determined to entice more of his tongue onto or into my pussy.

When I came, it was an explosion. I cried out my release and my fingers dug into the grass, my hips pumping my pussy into the snout of the animal. I fell back to the ground and rolled defensively to my side, pulling my knees into my body.

Somewhere in the distance came voices. "Is she okay?" A familiar voice laughed, "Okay? She'll say she visited heaven.

A different time she forced herself to stay open to the other dog after her first orgasm. At the second orgasm, she almost blacked out." "Has she always been doing dogs?" "No, she was asked to do it her first time here." I smiled to myself and barely looked at the others, only to find Paddy who was being held at the collar by Mr. Woodburn. He released the dog and I patted the ground.

He responded immediately. It is amazing how quickly these dogs had adjusted to Mrs. Woodburn and me after only a few sessions with them. I shifted his hind leg up, exposing his crotch.

I heard the expected gasp from the woman and murmurs from some men. His cock was, as expected, already partially exposed from the sheath. But, 'everything' meant I still would suck him for effect.

I didn't waste time with preliminaries and his comfort, he was more used to being handled than I was handling him. I dropped my face into his belly and my mouth to his exposed cock. I licked the tip and released a satisfied 'mmmmm' for my audience.

I engulfed the cock and pumped my head over it with the same enthusiasm I had given their man-cocks earlier. My lips stopped when I felt the fur of the sheath before pulling back, sucking out the pre-cum, and pressing back down. For effect and education for the Directors, I pulled back and licked the length of the oddly shaped, reddish cock.

"Good boy, you do enjoy that don't you. Yes, look at that knot forming in your sheath, but I want your cum in my bitch pussy, not in my mouth." A feminine gasp came to me from the group. The murmurs and comments continued. I sneaked a peek to find the woman holding her breast and several men with hands over their cocks from the outside. I smiled as I shifted position, again. I was going to be well-fucked tonight! I moved to my hands and knees. The dog rose with me and I saw its erect cock sway underneath it.

I wasn't the only one. The woman exclaimed, "God, look at that cock." It was impressive, indeed. It was made more so by the shape and color and hanging beneath a dog. I slapped my butt cheek and braced myself. Only a moment later the dog was on my back. I flinched as a claw dragged over my side, but I had come to associate that with dog-sex.

We discussed socks for the dogs, but I insisted.

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If I was marked by the beasts I serviced, so much more appropriate. Mrs.


Woodburn felt the same way, treating them as a matter of pride that few people would ever see but her husband and me. The dog entered me after several thrusts even with my hand providing some guidance.

When it did, I groaned loudly and deeply, as deeply as the first thrust pushed his cock into me. The unequaled fucking that began elicited the expected gasps of amazement and wonder from the Directors.

The knot was already showing inside the sheath when we started and the dog didn't need much more stimulation from my pussy to be pressing the now exposed knot at my opening. I jammed my body back against him, timed for one of his thrusts, and the knot brutally spread my hole and entered me, sinking his cock further and filling my pussy.

I cried out and felt my orgasm leap several notches in that moment. His jerking cock, swelling and growing, and increasing leakage of pre-cum were the signs of his imminent climax, too. I raised my back, pressing his furry belly into my back and rotating my pelvis, allowing the knot to impact my g-spot. I exploded again almost on top of the first spurt of his cum. "What's wrong?" Again, the female voice. Mr. Woodburn's voice responded. "Nothing. Here look." He must have raised the dogs tail for them to see and I shivered that they were all getting a very intimate look at the knot bulging inside my pussy.

"Canines knot their bitches during the breeding.

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It's some evolutionary thing to aid in insemination. She has been connected this way for up to 10 minutes." More comments. The dog turned on me and that produced more comments. "Cock. Please … I want a cock." My voice even surprised me, but the exhibitionism of the situation continued to drive my need for more.

"Can someone give me a cock?" Something happened behind me, then knees appeared in front of me and a hard cock pointing at my face.

I smiled without looking to see who it was, knowing it wasn't Mr. Woodburn, though. I shifted my weight to one hand so the other could grasp the proffered cock at its base. The next moment it was engulfed in my mouth. He came inside my mouth before the dog released me. I could feel my pussy gaping and the dog cum leaking freely from it.

In my blissful state, I listened to the comments made around me. Mr. Woodburn's voice, "Well, lady and gentlemen, are you satisfied with what my slut is willing to do? Does she have your approval of these actions on our behalf? Understanding, of course, that the approval is officially off the record and can't be construed as sanctioned by the firm." A male voice, "Charles, you have our approval, but, yes, that approval can't be officially provided as it would bring the firm down if something were to go wrong." I rolled over and raised myself back up to my elbows, my body exposed and legs still spread.

My stockings were now stained at the knees. They shifted their attention to me with my movement. "That is understood, Directors, and we ask for nothing more than that understanding." They nodded to the mutual understanding, but their eyes don't leave my used body. "Now, I have just one more question for all of you … are you sure you are all completely 'satisfied'?" One of the males reached a hand to me and assisted me up.

His other hand cupped my breast as I rose. Someone else was touching my butt and another took my other breast. I smiled at them, but push away. Their expressions shifted from need to confused. I turn to Mr. Woodburn, "Sir, I think it would be good if I used your shower to clean up, first." I glanced over my shoulder at them, "The dogs can make quite a mess." I looked down between my legs and their gaze followed mine. The sheen of dog cum leaking down my thighs was visible.

"Sir, perhaps another drink for them. I promise to hurry." He smiled and led the others back into the house. They seemed to move a bit numbly.

I returned after one of the quickest showers I had ever taken. I avoided my hair getting wet, but I did take a moment to brush it. I left my soiled stocking on the floor and replaced them with a spare I always had available there, then slipped back into my shoes after wiping some dirt from the spiked heels. The 'click, clack' of my heels attracted their attention as I walked back into the room. They were all gathered in a group, dressed, and drinking casually.

I stopped a few steps into the room and stood with my hands on my hips. I gave them a pouty look, "And here I thought you needed more satisfaction." Mr. Woodburn walked to me, taking me in his arm around my shoulders as he walked me up to the others. "Silly, slut. Of course, you're going to be fucked. Not many are as comfortable being so casually naked as you, my dear." I let my face transform into a beaming smile. I dropped to my knees in front of the nearest male Director. After loosening his belt and unzipping his pants, I pulled them and his underwear down.

His cock was already nearly hard from anticipation and I captured it with my mouth almost before he knew what was happening. Soon, there were more hands on my body as I squeezed the man's balls and sucked on his cock. He was hard and pulsing in moments. I stood to guide him a few steps back until he fell into an easy chair. I turned around, spread my legs, and moved over his thighs until I was in position. I reached between my spread legs with my back to him, held his hard cock in the air and settled my rinsed-out pussy down over it.

I eased my body down fully until I was sitting on his thighs, then raised up, revealing his cock and the moisture on it from my pussy. I began fucking him in earnest with the others standing in front watching. One of the men moved forward. He had removed his jacket, tie, and pants. I leaned forward to take his cock into my mouth, my hips continuing to move up and down.

Two more men appeared at my sides, similarly naked except for shirts. I grasped each with hands and awkwardly began trying to attend to four cocks at once. I could manage to stimulate the two in my mouth and pussy, the other two I was trying to merely keep hard by stroking.

After the first two came in my, pussy and mouth, the other two moved me to the floor on my hands and knees. One approached me from the back and the other to my mouth. Again, I was being fucked at each end. This time, however, it really did feel like being fucked as both of the men were in stable positions to thrust their cocks at my body. * * * * * "You're not joining them, Mary?" Mr. Woodburn stepped alongside the only female Director on his Board.

"Outside I would have thought you were more excited by it all than anyone and your response in the Board Room was dramatic." She glanced at him and smiled.

"You always were so observant it could be disconcerting, Charles. Yes, I am excited and I want to, but …" "You don't want to be naked with six men and possibly imply that you are willing to have sex with them?" She smiled and nodded.

"Have you ever noticed the slight difference in the words about men and women engaged in sex? In my feeling, society seems to feel that men fuck and women are fucked. There is a preconception that a naked woman, any naked woman, is fair game, especially in a situation like this." He starts to add something, but she continues.

"I know, Charles, you would say that we are above those prejudices, people in our positions have risen above those base instinctual reactions." She turned to him and looked him in the eyes. "But just look. How much baser of instinctual reaction could we have. Don't get me wrong, I do want to be right there with them.

I want to use the slut just like they do. I'm just not sure it is the same for me as it is for them as much as we would like it to be." He nodded. He had to agree with her. As much as he would like to argue the point, the very nature of his idea of using a woman to manipulate business decisions proved her point.

He was also targeting the same type of person held by business and society to be above certain actions. She was right, of course, and she had to be careful to not risk her standing among these men. "I understand, Mary. Not participating, though, runs another risk of alienating yourself from them, don't you?

They participated and you didn't?" "What are you saying, Charles?" "Wait for the last man to engage the Tina. I'll whisper to her to offer herself on all fours. You leave your dress on but removed your pantyhose and panties.

Slip in front of her and let her eat your pussy. Your dress above will protect you, but you will have participated." She kissed his cheek, "This is exactly why you are running the company, Charles." * * * * * As the two men separated from me, Mr. Woodburn moved to me on the floor and whisper his instructions. I nodded and looked at the female Director, Mary Borden.

She had her dress pulled up around her waist and was pushing both her pantyhose and panties down her legs after kicking off her shoes. I remained on my hands and knees and looked behind me at the remaining male Director. "Come on, Sir. Do me this way, it is so much more dominating for you. I want to feel you take me, to fuck me." It was all that was required to work on his male ego. He knelt behind me, lined up his cock to my hole and drove it in.

I now had two loads in my pussy so I was expecting him to last longer, not because he might otherwise, but because there would be less friction despite my efforts at squeezing my pussy around him. That would be good because it would give more time to eat the female Director for the second time and clearly was not being as aggressive in this situation. As the man entered me and began fucking, the woman sat on the floor in front of me and slid herself forward, her dress bunched around her waist and her trimmed pussy coming nearer and nearer.

I looked up at her and winked. She glanced up at Mr. Woodburn, then back to me with a smile. She leaned back and sighed as my mouth covered her pussy … her very wet and pliable pussy. I was very preoccupied, but I felt a shift in the energy and I raised my face from the Director's pussy.

To my surprise and the other's as well, Mr. Woodburn was kneeling next to the Director and she was sucking his cock, his trousers fallen to his knees. The man behind me slowed his fucking and it might well have been due to the scene in front of him. The other Directors were standing in a tight circle as the last activity ran its course. Director Borden orgasmed, first. The man behind me started fucking my pussy harder, but more was happening front of me.

Whether something was said or it just happened, the woman pulled her pussy from my mouth and both she and Mr.

Woodburn moved to my head, both on their knees. Before I was sure how it happened, we were both licking and sucking on his cock presented between our mouths. When the cock wasn't in her mouth, her mouth showed an excited smile and her eyes were energized. I smiled back at her as I transferred the cock to her mouth and we traded it back and forth.

Another orgasm was taking hold of me as the man behind me was reaching his own climax.

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My head drooped and my hands shifted for stability as my orgasm spread from my pussy and clit up through my body. Only after I started recovering did I realize I had clasped one hand around hers. She stopped sucking Mr. Woodburn in order to stroke my head and shower me with kisses. With the recognition of what was happening, I pulled her face to mine and we kissed with deep passion. Then, I gazed into her eyes, "Ready to help me bring him to climax?" She nodded enthusiastically.

And we did together. * * * * * "Ma'am?" I was seeing the Directors out when the female Director exited. I chased her out to her car. She turned around and upon seeing me jogging out to her, my breasts bouncing, and long hair flying out behind me, she glanced nervously at the street outside the gated driveway and back to me. "My god, you are amazing! You aren't worried about the street?" I laugh. "Someone would have to be looking at just the right moment.

Besides, sometimes I think I would walk down the middle of it like this if he asked me to. Neither of us wants me arrested, though." I stood in front of her. "I sensed something in there when you came to me." She smiled.

"Your awareness in the midst of situations is almost as astute as Charles'. I can see you two working very well together. Yes, I regretted I couldn't really BE with you." I smiled, "I understand. A woman in your position even if the men are." She nodded. "I assume you have access to the network directory. My cell phone number is listed." "Shouldn't I go through Charles?" "I'm his slut when he needs me. Otherwise …" She smiled. ------------------------------------------------------------- This story continues in Chapter 7: Anal Training --------------------------------------------------------------------- I know it is not required and it doesn't seem to have any effect on negative voters, but I would appreciate a comment when negative votes are cast for my own benefit in developing these stories.

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