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Blonde sex doll fucks with feet
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My Japanese Love Part 6: The Trial Amya, Akira, Alicia, and I were sitting in the County courthouse awaiting the trial to start back up. Mark Hunter, our lawyer, called Amya and I up for questioning this morning. We both told our side and answer the question from both Mark, and Joe Charles, Hiro's lawyer.

All day long I have been having this uneasy feeling. I figured it was just nerves, but looking at Hiro sitting there isn't helping. Oh I am not scared of testifying against him. God knows that bastard deserves what's coming to him. The uneasy feeling I'm getting is the look in his eyes. I have never been one to read people well but I get the feeling like he is a man with nothing to lose. To me those are the most dangerous kind. This afternoon Mark is going to call Kari to the stand. I watch the judge enter the court room.

"All rise" says the bailiff and we all stand up. "Be seated" said Judge Hershner. "Mr. Hunter are you ready to call your next witness" "Yes your honor. The prosecution would like to call Ms. Kari Thompson to the stand" I watched Kari get up and walk to the witness stand and be sworn in. Sitting to my right Amya whispers to me "I hope Kari is doing well. She looks nervous" "I would be too if I had to tell 12 strangers what Hiro did to me" Akira who was on my left said.

"Now Ms. Thompson, Please tell the court how you met Hiro" Mark told Kari. As Kari told everyone about Hiro following her home and raping her. I couldn't get the image out of my head. I pictured an innocent 15 year old blonde hair girl walking home. Not a care in the world as her 34-C boobs bounded as she walked. Her slim body supporting her back bag on her slender shoulders.

Her hair gently blowing in the breeze. This innocent girl never seeing the stranger walking behind her, never knowing he was there until he pushed his way into her home, through her to the floor and raped her. I pictured her screaming and crying as this monster, this sick bastard destroyed her innocents. Not only destroying her innocents but impregnating and coming back every day to rape her again. The look on the jury said it all.

Hiro was going to hang for what he did. Kari begins crying as she recalled what she told Amya and I and the lawyer. There was not one person in this courtroom who didn't feel sorry for Kari. Well almost nobody. Hiro was the only one to have a look of rage on his face. As Kari recalled what Hiro told her what was going to happened to Amya and me, and how he would kill Matthew their 5 year old son.

Hiro exploded. "You bitch, you fucking worthless whore. How dare you? You will suffer for this" as he stood up to yell at Kari. "Mr. Yoshido calm down and sit down or I will hold you in contempt of this court" the judge roared. Hiro either didn't hear or didn't care he just kept yelling at Kari. "You fucking cunt you were nothing till I found you. I gave you everything. Oh the maggots will choke on your loose cunt.

Your nothing but a disease infested slut who will do anything just to get a hard cock inside her crusty bald well used CUNT" "THAT DOES IT. MR.

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YOSHIDO I HOLD YOU IN CONTEMPT OF MY COURT. BAILIFF REMOVE THIS MAN" That is when all hell broke loose. As the Bailiff went to remove Hiro, Hiro attacked. The Bailiff fell with just one hit. Hiro had hit him in the throat with a chop before he even knew what hit him. Kari ran from the stand as Hiro ran to her.

She didn't make any sound as she fell to the floor. A huge hole in her throat. Hiro turned to Amya. I got between Hiro and Amya. The world slowed down it seemed. I saw Hiro line up the weapon. It was a shiv fasten out of a toothbrush. I could see Kari's blood dripping from it and the look in Hiro's eyes said that it didn't matter who was next.

Both Amya and I were going to die. I wasn't about to let that happened. I drew back ready to strike him when it get with in distance. He was close and before I could swing I was knocked to the floor and a body lay on top of me.


It was Amya. She was facing Hiro holding her chest. My sweat beautiful Amya tried to protect me from Hiro. Instead of stabbing me, she took the hit. I looked at Hiro standing over us. Ready to strike his arm in the air. Then I heard pop, pop, pop, and Hiro was thrown back.

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His blood sprayed my face. I looked back and say Lee and Officer Sharlow standing there. Their 9mm guns drawn and smoke coming from both barrels.

From the number of shots I knew Hiro was dead. I say him laying motionless on the floor, but I didn't care. My poor sweet Amya was in my arms, blooding. She was turned whiter than a ghost. "Amya hold on baby helps coming." Akira and Alicia were by myself helping me screaming for help. Akira was crying and so was I. "AJ, my love&hellip.I'm so sorry. I…l couldn't let him hurt you again.

You are my world, my love. You saved me from him……It was the lease I could d.d…do" Amya said very softly. I couldn't believe it. My love was dying in my arms.

That bastard had pierced her chest. No matter how much pressure Alicia and I applied she was bleeding out. "Akira my dear sister" Amya struggled to say.

"Please honor me by taking care of AJ. AJ please look after my baby sister. She is going to need your guidance" "Anything Amya please just hold on, Please I love you and I don't want to lose you" I pleaded. "I love you too AJ. Please don't but too upset.

You have shown me happiness. I die without any regrets for what we shared. Be strong for me&hellip.My love" Amya pulled my face close to hers and kissed me deeply on the lips. I don't know how but I just knew it. I felt Amya's soul leave her. My sweet Japanese love, had died in my arms with my lips pressed against hers. There was no stopping my tears. I felt someone pull me away from Amya. EMTs had arrived and started working to revive her, but I knew they were going to fail.

She was gone. I looked at Akira and hugged her. I felt Alicia wrap her arms around both of us. There was no stopping it now. My world had just came crashing down. If it wasn't for Akira and Alicia I don't think I could have stand.

The EMT's pronounced Amya dead as well as Kari who dead from having her throat slashed open and the Bailiff who was killed when Hiro crushed his throat. Alicia drove Akira and I home. I wasn't in any condition to drive. Once home I walked straight to my room and shut the door. I dropped on my bed and cried. I went from crying to hitting the bed in anger. Why had God taken her from me? What have I done to anger him?

Then I went back to crying because I had hit Amya's pillow and I smelled her sweet scent on it. Oh Amya I thought as I buried my face in her pillow and passed out. I stayed in my room all night and all day the next day. I only left to use the bathroom that was it. I refused to eat. Barely drank anything.

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Everyone stopped over to check on me. But I really didn't pay any attention to them. I barely registered they were in the house. They would knock but I wouldn't answer. It was going on my third day in the room.

When I heard a knock at the door. "AJ can I come in and talk" Akira said. I remained quiet. I then heard her crying. "AJ please, talk to me. Let me know if you're alright. I already lost Amya and I don't want to lose you too. You don't have to go through this alone. I am here for you. Please let me in. Let me help you.

You were and are the sweetest most caring man I have met. It breaks my heart knowing your killing yourself. You are dishonoring Amya. She would have wanted you to go on and live your life. To be happy, right now your actions are dishonoring the memory that was your love." I don't know why but it dawned on me. OH MY GOD she's right. I had promised Amya I would take care of Akira and I have left her alone. I left a young woman alone in a foreign land. Everything came back to me.

I can't believe how horrible I now felt. Not just because I lost Amya but because I could have lost Akira and that I wasn't being myself. I wasn't honoring Amya. I got up and opened the door.

Akira was standing there and I couldn't believe my eyes. Akira who was this once beautiful girl was a wreck. Her eyes were swollen from crying. Her long hair as all over the place as if she never brushed it recently. She had one a pair of red sweat pants and a white shirt that was almost see through. I could make out the dark outlines of her areolas and her nipples.

Clearly like me she hadn't change out of any sleep ware in days. "I'm so sorry Akira." I said as I pulled her into my arms and hugged her. I started crying again. "It's ok AJ.I understand. I'm here for you. Please come and eat something. I'm so worried about you. I haven't been able to stop crying." "Shhhh. I'm coming to eat. Just promise me that you will lay with me tonight. I don't think I want to be alone." "Yes AJ I will lay with you and hold you.

You can even cry on my shoulders if you want to." Akira and I went out to the kitchen to get something to eat.

Alicia had been kind enough to make sure we had some food cooked and ready to eat. We sat at the table and ate. I still wasn't very hungry but I forced myself to eat a normal meal. Not for me but for Akira. She shouldn't have to worry about me. I smiled to myself thinking that it was sweet of her to worry, she was like Amya in that way. After dinner we both went back to my room and laid down. Akira held me and sang a song in Japanese to me. Its melody was so sweet and soothing that I fell asleep.

Sometime in the middle of the night I rolled over and felt a breast in my hand. It felt so nice and soft. I massaged its nipples through the thin fabric. I wonder when Amya bought this I thought. I slide my hand down her body rubbing her stomach. I opened my eyes and saw she her dark silhouette. She was sleeping peacefully.

So cute so tempting. I slide my hand down her pants. Silly girl wore sweat pants to bed. She must have been cold. I moved my hand down her pants and felt her bare pussy. She had no panties on. I felt her legs spread for me and I cupped it in my hand. I moved my face to her breast and kissed them through her shirt.

I felt her nipple getting hard. She moaned in her sleep. I never actually put my finger inside her pussy. I didn't want to yet. I wanted to get her all nice and wet.

I slowly slide down the bed, pulling the covers down. I hooked my fingers in the waste of her pants and slowly worked them off her tender body. I spread her legs and kissed her pussy. Amya moaned gently. Her pussy tasted so good. I lick her slit back to front sliding my tongue inside. I can honestly say I love eating Japanese.

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Amya's Japanese pussy that is. I could feel her juices start flowing, her pussy was getting wetter and wetter. I slide my finger into her pussy as I moved up to her clit. I sucked on it while hooking my finger into her pussy.

I found her G-shot and pushed against it. Amya moaned louder, lifting her hips up trying to drive my face deeper into her pussy.

An idea occurred to me. I removed my finger and replaced with my tongue. MMMMM I thought her pussy tastes better and better each time I eat it. I took my finger that was in her pussy and slowly teased her asshole with it.

I was able to get it in, a little tight but we don't have anal sex that often. I finger fucked her ass while tongue fucking her pussy. This was too much for my love. I saw her arch her back, grab my head and drive it into her pussy as she came. "MMM baby I just love it when you cum all over my face" I told her. I got up and removed my pants and shirt.

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I got on my knees and lined my cock up with her cock hungry pussy. I teased her slit with my mushroom head. She moaned loader. Her moans were like a begging sound to me.

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They were saying fuck me now. I rammed my cock deep into her pussy and started fucking her like a mad man. "Oh Amya your so tight it's believable" "OOHHHH What oh no AJ Please slow down. I'm not Amya." "Not Amya what are you… OH shit Akira Oh my god I'm sorry" I said as I quickly pulled out of her. What the fuck was I thinking? Amya was killed a few days ago.

Akira come here to hold me and I just tried to fuck her. Damn it all to hell I am no better than Hiro I just tried to rape her in her sleep. "It's ok AJ it felt good and it's not like we haven't done it before." "I know but still. I was taking advantage of you if not raping you. You didn't consent to it." "That's where your wrong.

Remember. Amya made us promise we would look after each other. Well I believe that includes sex. We are both adults here AJ. To be honest I have missed having your cock inside me. It felt so good the day you took my virginity. I have wanted to do it again. This time alone without anybody around watching or joining. Now please I'm horny now. Make love to me. Let me help you. Let me be your Japanese love. Like Amya I do love you.


Take my body, my heart, my love, They belong to you because nobody will ever please me the way you did" I was stunned for a moment. I saw Akira remove her shirt, reach up and cup my face. She pulled us together and we kissed.

Sliding our tongues into each other's mouths, I cupped her breast and teased her nipples. She moaned in my mouth as she laid down pulling me with her.

We never broke our kiss. I felt her hand slide between our bodies and grab my cock. I felt her wet pussy as she move it inside. Instinct took over. I slide my cock slowly into her pussy. She was tight, but she was innocent. Not virgin innocent but innocent all the same. I was the first man she fucked, probably the first man she really gave herself too. I wasn't about to spoil it by being an animal to her. I kept myself in check. I slowly pushed in and out of her pussy. I don't know why but I wanted to last a long time.

We broke our kiss and I moved to kiss neck. I felt her hands around my body pull me tighter against her small body.

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I thrust and thrust into her pussy. I felt my balls turning. I know I was going to cum. I arched my back and thrust deeply into her pussy. My cock felt like a volcano, erupting hot cum inside this Japanese love tunnel. "Oh AJ your cum feels so good. Give it to me. Fuck me good yes." Moaned Akira. I picked up Akira's legs and put them on my shoulders. Then I started going to town on her pussy. Still being gentle but speeding up just a bit. I could feel my cock hitting her G-spot.

Her nails were digging into my back as I worked her pussy. Akira's mouth was opened but she couldn't moan. I felt her pussy become a vice as what had to be her most powerful orgasm hit. She was so tight I had to stop or I was going to break my cock off.

I felt something wet run down my back. I knew right then that her nails dug hard and deeply into me causing me to bleed. "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH AAAAAAAHHHHHHH Yes baby I'm Cumming oh my sweet AJ.

This pussy belongs to you. No other man is going to have it." "Akira you're so sweet. I know we promised to take care of each other and I will hold up my end. I'm still rock hard. I hope you don't mind if I fuck you some more. " "Why would I mind? I love the feeling of your cock inside me. I don't ever want you to take it out. If you need to fuck someone come find me and fuck me please." I slowly started working my cock in and out of her pussy again.

Despite her juices she was still tight and I find myself loving it more and more. I let her legs go and she wrapped them and her arms around me pulling me in for a kiss. We sat there making out while I fucked her. I rolled us over and let her ride me. She was a cup size bigger than Amya and I was going to take advantage of that. I sat up and started lick and sucking on her nipples as she rode me.

I place a hand behind me and met each of her downward thrust of her pussy with an upward thrust of my own. In no time I felt myself getting close to. "Akira I'm getting close" I told her. "OH baby please hold it. I want to us to cum together. I knew what she want so I laid down and started playing with her clit. This sent her into over drive.

"I can't hold it anymore Akira I'm gonna&hellip.OH shit I'm ……" I couldn't finish I was Cumming so hard I was speechless. At the first shot of my cum I felt Akira's pussy clamp down for her orgasm. "OOOO YES baby we are doing it.

We're Cumming together." Akira collapsed on top of me. I wrapped my arms around her. I could feel our cummy mixture running down my cock. I looked at her. I knew then that things between had changed. Things were going to be different between us.

We were going to honor Amya's wish and look after each other, but I had to wonder. Could Amya have meant for Akira and I to be together as two passing in the night type lovers, or would did she mean for Akira to take her place and become my wife.

After all she was the one that wanted me to have sex with Akira. I found myself slowly drifting off to sleep. My well used cock buried inside Akira's pussy. My last thought was. It's sudden but I think I am falling in love with Akira, the beautiful sisters of my new dead Japanese Love. I wonder what Yoshi and Hana would think about this?