Two sexy hot babes lesbo sex on the bed

Two sexy hot babes lesbo sex on the bed
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I'm your average thirty four year old Caucasian male, whom, like most people, experimented a little bit in my youth with homosexuality. My experimentation was very limited and consisted only of me giving head to a childhood friend with no reciprocation.

That lasted only a short couple of years before the both of us ended up going our separate ways in life.

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I've been with the same woman for ten years now and we have a great sex life. But recently I have been thinking back on the days of when I use to suck Mike's dick, and it makes me horny.

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So I decided to tell Tammy about that part of my life, and she told me I should find a dick to suck on and get my fill of it. This way I could get those feelings out of the way so that her and I could move on in our relationship. I felt that was a great idea. Since I don't know anyone I can blow, Tammy suggested that I go to one of the online dating services and browse through some ads.

I found that there are a lot of these sites on the web, and that there were way to many personals to browse through, so I placed an ad simply stating that I was wanted to suck dick. Over the next week, I got tons of responses from all kinds of guys from all over the state.

But there was one response that grabbed my attention more than the others. Almost all of them were guys who wanted a blow job, but this one response was from a guy in Los Angeles who wanted a lot more. His response was short and straight to the point. It read, "I just got out of prison and I'm looking for a white boy to be my bitch.

After your done sucking my cock, I'm going to bend you over and fuck the shit out of your asshole." Even though that message was to real and somewhat scary, I found myself strangely drawn to it. I never had, nor was I looking for anal sex, but something about his aggressiveness had me wanting to suck his dick though. I emailed him and told him that I didn't want anal sex and I was only looking to suck his dick.

I also asked him to send a picture of himself so I could see what he looked like since mine was already posted and he knew what I looked like. When he emailed me back, the first thing I saw, was his picture. The picture showed him standing with no shirt on, next to a weight bench, facing the camera.

You could see that he is a Mexican man somewhere in his 40's and very muscular.

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He obviously is a Cholo, covered in tattoo's and sporting a goat-tee beard with his hair slicked back. He stood there looking very stiff with no expressions on his face what so ever.

Without question, he was a man who could just take what he wanted in prison. At that point, I understood why he was looking for a man, rather than a woman to be his bitch. He was use to making other men his personal sex toy, and by the way he wrote his messages to me, he enjoyed the power that ability gave him.

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After viewing his photo, I really wanted to suck his dick bad. Something about him being in control turned me on big time. I then read his message to me and it read, "I don't care if you're a virgin. Meet me at 8:00pm, Friday night, in the parking lot of highland park, in highland park. Wash your ass, because your asshole is going to get pounded." after I read that, I noticed that my dick was harder than I have ever felt it. Tammy also noticed my harder then usual hard-on. She said it would be dangerous to go meet that guy and that he obviously wanted to rape my asshole.

But because I had suck a hard-on from the thought of that, she said I should meet the guy and let him do whatever he wanted to me. I decided to go through with the meeting and emailed him to let him know. For the next couple of days, I was seriously nervous, knowing that he was going to turn my butt into a sex toy. However, I wanted to suck his dick so bad that giving him my butthole was worth it. Friday came and I told a friend that I had a business meeting in L.A.

and asked him for a ride. I didn't want to take my own car just in case I tried to chicken out. About fifteen minutes after I was dropped off, a low rider car pulled into the parking lot and parked. I saw that the driver was the man I was there to meet, and my heart was pounding.

I was feeling scared and I began to wonder if that meeting was a good idea. There were three men in the car and all of them got out and walked towards me. The other two were also Cholo's, and I then realized that all of them were gang members, or at least they use to be.

I was trembling as Flaco stepped up in my face. He put his hand on my neck and put his face next to mine and firmly said, "Let me hear it." I knew what he wanted me to say, so I said, "I'm your bitch. Do whatever you want to me." he said, "these are my home-boys and they are going to play with you as well." I said, "I'll do whatever you guys want." It was to late to back out now, the only choice I had was to let do whatever they wanted.

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Since I knew I couldn't stop it, I figured I would at least try to enjoy it. They escorted me to the car and Flaco and I got into the back seat. As soon as we were in the car, Flaco pulled his pants down and grabbed my head and put it in his crotch.

His cock was huge.

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It wasn't only long, it was fat. The first thought was how it was going to hurt when he was ready to butt-fuck me. I grabbed his tight, round balls and began to caress them as I put his big fat uncircumsized cock into my mouth. His pre-cum tasted so good and I realized how much I really missed tasting that. As one of his home-boys watched, and the other drove, I sucked and licked Flaco's cock with all the passion that flowed out of me.

I moaned and groaned as I suck on his dick. He just kept his hand on my head and enjoyed my mouth. Every so often he would say, "ya bitch!

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Suck that fucking cock" and I did, like a mad man. I don't know how much time passed before we arrived at a house. But when we got there, another one of his home-boy's was inside. I was standing in the living room looking at the four of them when Flaco said to me, "take your clothes off bitch and get down on your knee's and open your mouth." As I was doing what I was told, the four of them also took their cloth's off.

I had a nice hard-on looking at all those big beautiful cocks and was eager to suck them all off. For some reason, I wasn't so scared anymore. They stepped up around me and I sucked and stroked on those dicks until Flaco grabbed my head and began fucking my mouth fast and hard. He began moaning and holding my head tighter and tighter, until I felt his dick swell up and hot cum began shooting against the back of my throat.

His cum tasted so good and I swallowed squirt after squirt as he continued to fuck and cum in my mouth. After he was done with my mouth, he pushed me down onto my hands and put my butt up in the air. Someone grabbed my head and put a dick in my mouth as Flaco spread my butt-cheeks open.

He said, "you got a nice tight hole white boy. I'm going to have a lot of fun popping it." I was a little scared again, but before I could think about it further, I felt the head of his dick rubbing lube on my butthole just before I felt his cock stretch my asshole wide open and his dick went all the way up inside me.

I moaned as loud as I could with a dick in my mouth, as I felt a dull pain shoot through my anus. Flaco went straight to it and began pounding my butthole hard and really deep at a steady pace.

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I just moaned hard as I felt his cock working my butthole, stroke after stroke, sliding in and out of my asshole. He was very much in control of the situation and his home-boy was in control of my mouth. After a little while of slight numbness, the feeling in my body was turning from pain to pleasure and I was beginning to enjoy the way my asshole was feeling.

It still hurt a little bit, but it hurt so good. I think it had something to do with the fact that him making me his bitch, had me so turned on, that I enjoyed that little bit of pain. He aggressively fucked my asshole a good long time as he buddy finally came in my mouth. I was sucking off one of the other guys when flaco pulled out and came around and grabbed my head by my hair and shot cum all over my face.

I then returned to sucking dick as I felt another dick slide up my asshole. Off and on all night, they took turns fucking my mouth and my asshole.


I was their little bitch and I loved it. By the morning however, I was wiped out. Really tired and my butthole was so sore I could barely walk.

But I managed to suck Flaco's dick as he took me back to the park to meet my ride. I enjoyed it very much, but I got it out of my system, for now anyway.


But I guess the moral of the story is, watch what you wish for, because you just might get it.