Gorgeous GILF riding young boner

Gorgeous GILF riding young boner
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"I'm on my way!" I giggled. I had my friend, my newly proclaimed "brother", Leo, on Skype, and he watched me as I went to my closet to pick out something to wear to his party, wrapped in my long pink bath robe. I pondered for a few seconds if I wanted to wear pants or a skirt, but I eventually settled on pants when he coughed impatiently from the computer behind me. I turned around quickly and stuck my tongue out at him then quickly grabbed the jeans and my striped t-shirt.

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I turned back to the computer and said, "I'm gonna get dressed, but I'll see you at your party, okay?" He sighed, looked away and licked his lips. When he looked back at me, he smiled.

"Okay, Alice. I'll see you when you get here. I can't wait to see you." I smiled back at him. "I can't wait either. I love you, bro!" "Love you too, sis." We logged out. As I started to get dressed, I couldn't help but wonder why he seemed upset when I wouldn't dress in front of him. He's like my brother! That would be weird. So I just shrugged it off as I slid on my flip flops, put on my headband and bag and headed out of the door. *** I was at his house, walking up the driveway to Leo's house.

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I was too shy and kept walking with my head down and brushing my dark hair out of my face. I would only know a few people here. The only real reason I'm here is because Leo was so excited to see me again. And it was his birthday, so I had to come. It would be my first time coming to his house, though. That feeling alone sparked a bit of an unusual excitement in me. And just then, he spotted me. "Alice! You made it!" Leo shouted over the music.


He licked his lips again as he jogged over to me and hugged me tight. He was so close to me… He smelled like heaven, and I swore I felt a bulge in his pants.

But that all vanished when he let go and looked me in the eyes and said, "I'm so glad you're here, sis. So glad." He held my hand and pulled me along. There were strings of twinkling lights hanging over the tables that gleamed in everyone's eyes. I saw some familiar faces, and they came over and hugged me. When Leo and I were alone again, he wrapped his arm around my waist and whispered, "You look beautiful tonight.

Absolutely beautiful." Then he leaned away and shouted, "Now that my best friend is here, we can get this party started!" *** Leo got the party so hyped up that everyone was on their feet, dancing in sync to the electric music.

He made his way around to dance with everyone, but he managed to find his way back to me. He smiled at me dancing by myself on the edge of the group, and he asked, "Can we dance?" and I nodded a happy yes.

As we were dancing, he would spin me around or scoop me up into his arms while I squealed for him to put me back down. After a while, we got comfortable with dancing with each other, and he got a little risqué with the dancing. When the attention was away from us, he held my waist firmly and pressed my butt against him.

My hips swayed on him, and he gripped my hips tighter. He pulled himself away from me and bumped himself back into me, then pulled away and bumped back, almost as if… As if he was grinding on me.


I turned around to him and continued dancing with him, making it seem as if I was clueless as to what he was doing, but I couldn't bring myself to deny… I was starting to want him.

His hands were still on my hips, and my body was pressed against him, my breasts squeezed against his chest, and my hips with his. He leaned closer to me, slowly leaning into my ear. He nibbled lightly on my earlobe and abruptly grabbed my butt and pulled me closer. I was getting really excited and anxious.

I wanted to do things to him that I never thought of doing to him before. He was my friend, and that would be wrong. But right now, it felt so right. When he stopped nibbling on my lobe, he whispered, "Come with me. I'll give you a tour of the house." He looked down at me then and smiled, and I couldn't help but see how sexy he was. His teeth were pearly white and perfect. His lips were full and tempting, and his skin was smooth and dark like chocolate.

And I wanted to eat all of him, slowly, slowly… He took me by the hand and pulled me around the crowd of people and into the house. It was dark outside and the lights in the house were out. The shades on the windows left stripes on our bodies and everything else in the room. He stopped for a second, pulled me in with his arm around my waist and the other on my cheek, brushing my hair behind my ear.

His hands lingered, one hand at my earlobe that he nibbled on earlier and the other on my lower back, his fingers lightly grazing over my bare skin that he found and exposed. I felt like every nerve in my body was tingling and spinning and nothing could kill this excitement inside of me. I needed this sudden hunger in me to be satisfied, but how? Suddenly, Leo looked down at me and bit his lip seductively before he pressed his lips against mine.

The heat from his body was filling mine with a terrible hunger and longer. I just wanted him, here, now. The way his tongue danced around mine and he licked my lips as he kissed me were like one huge tease, and I didn't want to be teased.

It put a moist, warm feeling in my heart and between my legs. I wouldn't be able to contain myself any longer. I pulled Leo's face closer to mine and kissed him harder, deeper and ended up biting and tugging on his lower lip without thinking. We both came up for air, and our lips lightly danced across each other. He whispered my name softly in my ear, making it sound more like a serpent's lustful hiss.

His hands moved down my back and down my butt slowly until they came forward and found my button on my jeans. Just as he was about to unbutton my jeans, someone called his name. It was a female, his mom. We both froze in a panic. "Leo, where did you and Alice go?" He pulled his hands away and simply grabbed my hand and dragged me up the stairs while shouting back, "I'm showing Alice around the house!" with the hiss still at the end of my name.

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*** Leo ended up carrying me into his room and, when we were in his room, he closed the door behind him and flung me onto the bed. He laid on top of me and continued kissing me with his luscious lips. As his lips danced with mine, his hands moved to my shirt, prying it up over my stomach, over my bra, and over my head. If it weren't for the adrenaline rushing through me, I wouldn't even consider lying half naked with my friend like this. But I knew he wanted me as much as I wanted him, more and more with every passing moment.

His lips moved from my lips to my cheeks, to my neck, to my shoulders then my chest. He leaned me up and unsnapped my bra with one swift moment. My bra was gone with my shirt, and Leo seemed amazed by my medium-sized breasts. He cupped them in his hands delicately, took them in, then he began to suck on the left nipple, softly, then he started to get rough, biting the nipple and around the breast. As he moved on to the other breast, his other hand moved lower and lower down my body until he reached my pants.

He quickly slipped them off of me while I kicked off my flip flops and threw them on the floor, leaving me in just my underwear while he was fully clothed. As he continued to fondle with my breasts, I eased his shirt and his jeans off of him and let my hands roam around his smooth, almost perfect body.


From his smooth back to his softly protruding spine to his round, firm butt. My legs wrapped around his waist and pulled him in closer the harder he bit my breasts.

Then, he eased down my body to my underwear. With only his teeth, he slowly slipped them off and flung them off to the side, his eyes locked on mine. I couldn't help but put my pointer finger in my mouth and bite on it, I was holding back the moans that were growing and threatening to rip from my mouth. A sudden fire ignited in my body, and I parted my legs quickly, before Leo even asked.

"You've been waiting for this, haven't you, Alice?" he said in a lustful and sexy voice. I couldn't help it! He was so hot, and I was getting hotter the longer I laid here and craved him. He laid on top of me between my legs and whispered, "I've been waiting so long for this, Alice." Suddenly, I felt his finger inside me, and I couldn't help but moan loudly in his ear. His finger explored the insides of my pussy and dug deeper with every thrust.

After a few thrusts, he would twirl his finger around in my pussy, getting louder moans out of me and causing my toes to curl up. When he stopped, he pulled his finger out and, while his gaze was on me, licked his finger completely clean. "You taste amazing," he moaned hungrily. He moved off of the bed and pulled me by my legs so that my butt was on the edge of the bed. I put my legs on each of his shoulders, and his head disappeared between my legs.

Leo did not hesitate as his tongue licked in and around my pussy, licking my juices up like a child licking a lollipop. His tongue quickly moved in and out of my pussy, keeping a quick and almost unbearable rhythm.

I couldn't catch myself when I accidentally moaned, "Fuck, don't stop." His tongue started thrusting faster, and, when I thought he couldn't possibly do anything else, he pulled his tongue out and started flicking it over my clit.

My moans got heavier and my legs squeezed tight against him. My hand flashed to his head, keeping him there so he couldn't stop.

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I couldn't take it anymore; I screamed, "I'm about to cum!" a split second before the liquids squirted out of me and Leo licked it all up. I was panting like I'd just ran a mile, slowly releasing my grip on him, simply staring at him. He licked his lips again and pushed me back up on the bed. He wanted to lie on top of me again, but it was my turn to dominate him, to show him what I could do.

I wrapped his arms around my waist, let him feel my curves, as I let my naked body press and slide against his. I let my moist pussy slide over his hardening cock hiding in his underwear, teasing him just as he teased me. My hand softly stroked his cock through his underwear as I started grinding on him. But before we could continue, someone called. "Leo? Leo!" We both hopped up and quickly started helping each other dress.

I tossed him his shirt and he passed me my bra with his mouth. I giggled as I quickly finished dressing and brushed my hair down to look somewhat decent. Leo raised his eyebrow to me as he reached the door, and I nodded, walking up behind him, giving him the okay to open the door.

On the other side? His friend, Luna, who has been obsessed with Leo for the last year.


She eyed the two of us, me in particular, as she handed Leo a colorful bag with a ribbon on the front. "I'm sorry I'm late," she said in a chiming voice.

"I hope I haven't missed much." Her eyes happened to land on me at the last sentence. "Not at all! I was just, uh, showing Alice my baseball card collection." "In the dark?" "Yeah! The cards glow!" I couldn't help but giggle behind Leo. He must have heard it, because he pulled me closer to him by the front of my jeans, which made me giggle a little more.

"Well, your mom's looking for you too. It's time to cut your birthday cake." "Ooh, finally, the cake!" Leo squeezed my thigh then took off past Luna down the stairs. I was going to follow, but Luna grabbed a hold of my arm and pulled me back.

"What do you think you're doing?" I snapped. "What do you think you're doing with Leo?" She retorted.

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"He's not your boyfriend." "Not yours either." I sighed. "My relationship with Leo is none of your business, Luna. Stop obsessing over someone who doesn't want you." I stormed past her to go outside. Before I made it down the stairs, I could have sworn that I heard her mumble, "He's gonna be mine," before a door closed. Luna's always been known to be a bit… crazy.