Indian Delhi Girlfriend Fingering herself

Indian Delhi Girlfriend Fingering herself
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[.It is my first story. A bit long but have written it with heart. Positive feedbacks will be appreciated.] [.It is my first story. A bit long but have written it with heart.

Positive feedback will be appreciated.] The story revolves around a teenager named Joey who lives with his mother in a small farm. It is situated near the Berg Lake which is close to the Mount Robson of the Canadian Rockies.

Joey is not like the normal teenager. Rather than enjoying the luxuries and parental governance that most kids possessin their childhood, Joey was forced to help her mother to earn their livelihood. His father died, when he was only of a couple of months, due to cancer.

Despite of all the hurdles and hardships, Joey's mother raised her son with utmost care and discipline. She taught him to read and write and made him follow all the mannerisms and responsibilities in his life.


Joey helped her mother in the farms and also bought firewood from the forests situated at the foothills. All these activities had ensured that he developed a strong muscular physique. Joey was around 6 feet in height and had inherited the handsome genes and features of his father.

His curly hair and the lovely blue eyes just made him even more adorable. However, the sad part was the fact that this handsome boy never had a chance to live a social life. Joey had no friends or relatives with whom he could spend time and socialize. The only other humans that he came across, except her mom, were the hikers and campers that came during the summers.

Joey would sometimes help these people by guiding them through the routes to the mountain top. One of the biggest drawbacks of living in such a deserted place was that, Joey's knowledge about his body and opposite gender was restricted. As soon as he entered puberty, Joey's body started undergoing developments. His voice grew deeper, facial hair and pubic hair started emerging.

The most confusing part to him was that his penis started feeling different. He sensed an unexplainable urge in his body and occasionally woke up with a hard-on. Life went on normally for Joey and his mother until one winter morning. Joey's mother informed him that the food stock was about to get over and that she needed to go to the city and fetch the required items. Also the wool yielded from the sheep, needed to be sold. This meant that she had to spend at least a couple of weeks there.

She instructed Joey to collect as much firewood as he can before the snow season starts. Joey obliged to his mother and started preparing for the approaching winters. He checked the entire fencing the whole afternoon and set out to collect firewood.

Unfortunately, nature had some different plans for him. With no prior warning, it started raining heavily and in the matter of minutes the small river from the mountain became stronger and wilder. With no other options but to go home, Joey started to head back for his farm. Suddenly, he heard somebody yelling not far from where he was.

Joey stopped in his tracks to judge from which direction it was coming. The yell became stronger and he realized it was coming from the river. When he reached to the shore he saw a figure being hurled by the strong river current.

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Joey decided to help the victim and dived in the water. As luck always favors the brave, the river bed was not too rocky and also Joey was able to swim against the flow. As he approached the victim, Joey realized two things.


Firstly, the person he was trying to help was a girl and secondly the screaming had resided. As soon as the girl was within a feet's distance, Joey lunged toward her and caught her by arm. Then he steadily began to pull her out from the stronger part of the current.

Swimming alone was manageable, but to carry another person was a different thing altogether.

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After struggling for a while, Joey finally was able to drag himself and the victim out of the river. He was completely exhausted and needed to catch his breath. After resting for a minute, Joey turned his attention towards the girl. She was still unconscious and thankfully did not suffer any major injuries.

But her body temperature was high. Joey tried to wake her but she did not respond. Finally, Joey decided to carry her back to his house. Joey first tried to pick her up in his arms. However, he gave up the thought as the river rescue had taken a toll on his body. Finally, he decided to carry the girl on his back. He locked the girl's legs around his stomach and guided her arms over his shoulders. The walk back to the house was about fifteen minutes. If saving a girl's life was not enough for the day, carrying her back to her house on his back was even more tiring.

But for Joey, the most awkward part of all was being in close proximity to a girl for the first time. Even though she was out for the count, still she was able to leave strong lasting effects on Joey. The river had completely soaked their clothes and this resulted in Joey being able to feel the skin of the girl against his own body.

Her breasts were tightly pressed to his back and Joey could sense them. Adding more spice to the situation were her toes, which hung exactly in front of his penis. With every step that Joey took, the girl's toes would touch or slightly brush his penis though the pants.


All these things were having a strong effect on Joey and soon he felt the bulge in his pants growing bigger and bigger. This further affected the situation as her toes were now in a continuous contact with his penis. Joey's walking and the little swaying of the unconscious girl's legs to the movement resulted in Joey's penis being rubbed by the toes. Joey could not bear the sensation and increased his pace which made the rubbing even more vigorous.

Finally, after a long struggle they reached his house. Joey carefully placed the girl on a mattress and not on the bed as the wet clothes would have spoiled the bed sheets. Joey's mother was very strict regarding hygiene and cleanliness and would not appreciate an untidy bed sheet when she comes back from the city.

After placing the girl safely, Joey had a brief look at the girl. She had a beautiful face and looked about the same age as Joey. Joey admired her face for a while. Her rosy lips were the best feature of all and seemed to bring a smile on Joey's face for no reason. Joey decided that he needed to take a bath. He carefully closed the doors of the house and headed for the bathroom. Before entering the bathroom, he again had a look at the girl lying on the mattress.

For some reason he could not take his eyes away from her. Joey was truly awed by the beauty of this girl and also the journey back home still had its effects on him. Once in the bathroom, Joey had to wait for a while before the bucket got filled. Joey removed his T-shirt and undid his pants and underwear.

As he waiting for the bucket to fill up, he recalled all the happenings since the morning. It started with the rains, then the river rescue and finally, that walk to the house. As he thought of the continuous contact of his back and the breasts, and the confusing yet wonderful feeling of being touched on the penis, Joey's hands automatically went to his genitals and unknowingly he started feeling the erect throbbing manhood with his fingers.

It really felt incredible and even after the tiring day he felt lively and kept on increasing the pressure on his penis. He imagined the rubbing that he got from the girls toes and started rubbing himself frantically.

He was feeling so much ecstatic that he forgot about the overfilled water bucket. His eyes were closed and the rubbing just intensified his pleasures. He remembered the wonderful face of the girl and kept on stroking his penis.

He suddenly felt contraction and tension building in his lower back and the next moment his penis spurted a large amount of a white sticky substance. Joey was experiencing the most amazing feeling in his life and at the same time was confused about what had just happened. Joey finished off cleaning himself and dried his body.

He wore a pair of pajamas and remembered the girl. He went to check whether she regained consciousness. Unfortunately she was still the same way he had left her. Joey placed a hand on her forehead to check her body temperature. The fever had subsided to some extent. Joey again examined the girl and saw that the pants and the top she was wearing were torn from a couple of places. Also she suffered little bruises on her right hand and the stomach.

Joey decided that he needed to take care of those bruises or it might result in infections. Also the girl's clothes needed to be changed or else the fewer would never subside. This was a difficult part to achieve for Joey as his mother had always taught her to respect women and their privacy. Finally, after thinking for some while Joey decided that the situation required him to change the girl's clothes. He was confident that mother would have supported his decision.

So Joey bought the medical kit and also fetched a shirt and a pant from his cupboard to dress the girl with. Joey again went to the bathroom to get some water to clean her.

Joey returned back with the bucket and placed it aside. He once again looked at the pretty face in front of him and began working. He started with her face. With a wet cloth he carefully cleared her eyelids, nose and cheeks. The girl seemed to be in a deep sleep and did not respond to the touch at all.

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After cleaning her ears, neck and face, the next place was her mid body. Joey steadily began unbuttoning her blue shirt top. On reaching the final button, he hesitated for a second before recollecting himself. With his breathe on hold he slowly unbuttoned it. He had to lift her a little before he can completely pull of the shirt.

He lowered her down and had a good look at her body. His throat became dry when he saw what was on display for him. She had a slim but beautiful waistline and her tummy didn't seem to have an extra ounce of flesh other than what is required to call a perfect body. Her skin seemed to be glowing and looked fresh, in spite of the fact that it required to be cleaned.

Joey gently placed his palms on the belly and felt shocks through his own body. It was so soft that Joey could not control himself but caress her.

Joey carefully cleaned her stomach and side. He turned his attention to the higher region. The girl wore a black silk bra with a flower designed over the breasts. Now Joey had little knowledge about bras as he had seen them in her mother's cupboard. But what he didn't know was how to remove them. He tried to pull them off like T-shirt.

But they did not budge. Finally he gave up the idea of removing them and decided to concentrate on her back. Now in order to clean her back Joey again had to lift her upper body. He raised her in the sitting position and tried to rest her against his shoulder.

The unconscious girl just dropped all her weight on Joey and the position resembled more like a hug. Joey let her rest like that and started working on her back.

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The feel of her bare skin was intoxicating him and for some reason he was enjoying this whole job. He carefully and softly cleaned each and every part of her back. In the process, he discovered the hook of the bra. He tried to unhook it with the only hand he was using while cleaning her. But after struggling to undo the hook, he decided to use his other hand. While doing so, he unknowingly pressed her body closer to himself.

This caused his bare chest to come in contact with the girl's body. It was too good a feeling for Joey and he just closed his eyes for a while did nothing. Finally, regaining his focus he began working on the hook. He was soon successful in unhooking it and removed the bra. Then he continued with the cleaning of the remaining parts of her back. As he lowered her back to the mattress, the girl's lips brushed Joey's cheeks. It felt extremely pleasurable to Joey and for some reason he felt like kissing them.

But he avoided doing so and got back to the work. Joey saw the first breasts of life and there were more than being just adorable. They looked soft and full. He never had imagined how they would be, but looking at her breasts, the only thought that came in his mind was to touch and feel them.

Finally he decided to clean them not with the cloth, but his own hands. He gently placed two fingers on the right breast. It felt so amazing. It was soft, smooth and irresistible. He caressed her breasts and occasionally wetted his hands to clean them. Joey turned his attention to the nipples.

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They were pinkish and felt amazing. Joey sprinkled few drops of water exactly on them. The entire body of the girl quivered a little by this action. Joey used a cloth and dried up her breasts and then went on to work at the remaining body. Now as the girl had suffered bruises on her right hand on stomach, Joey applied antiseptic using cotton. Joey then once again lifted the girl and buttoned up the shirt that he bought for her. Although the shirt was a bit oversized for this damsel but she looked sweet in it.

The next job was to clean the lower body which Joey thought would be easy.

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But he was again proved wrong. After slipping off the pants from her long legs, Joey was surprised to find that her innerwear drenched with small amount of blood. Joey thought that she might have suffered an injury in the river and quickly undressed her thong. Now, again this was a first pussy that Joey was witnessing.

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He was confused and not too sure about whether there was any injury there or no. The vaginal opening had a few dried up droplets of blood.

Other than that the entire area was not showing any signs of an injury. Joey carefully cleaned the area with water and was praying that all was fine. He really felt helpless as he knew nothing about the female genitals. After drying it up with the cloth, Joey ran a finger through the opening to recheck if had not missed any injured region. On the upper region of the opening, he noticed a swollen clitoris. Innocent Joey thought it to be the reason for the injury and blood.

He gently sprinkled cold water droplets. The girl responded with another quiver. Joey was convinced that the swollen region was injured and gently felt it to remove any dirt that might be there. The girl in her unconsciousness moaned and moved a little. Joey started to caress up the soar organ with gentle pressure. As it was too close to the opening, he did not risk applying the lotion.

His gentle massaging was having pleasing effects on the girl and she even moaned a couple of times. Finally Joey thought he had done enough and moved on to the legs. He completed the rest of the cleaning without any problems. In the end he also was able to cover up her lower body with the pants.

Joey collected all the girl's clothes and kept it in the bathroom for cleaning the next day. He was happy to successfully complete the job. He was sure that mother would be happy when he would tell her the entire story of how he helped this beautiful girl. It was late in the evening and Joey decided he would better prepare the bed for the night. The girl also needed to be bedded properly or else she would catch cold.

So Joey arranged the bed sheets of her mother's bed. He carried her to the bed and also pulled up blankets.

He made sure that she was comfortably placed. Before going to his own bed, Joey had a long look at the girl. She was so beautiful and looked like a goddess of pleasure. Joey could not resist himself and gave her a small goodnight kiss on cheeks.

He whispered in her ears, "Good night young lady. Get well soon". Finally it was time to sleep. He pulled up his blankets and said to himself,"Joey, you are never going to forget this day". Joey was pleased with his efforts and smiled before drifting off to a well earned sleep.

He had little idea that this was just the starting of a wonderful experience that was in store for him and something that would change his life forever!!