Sexy teen fucked hard and complete family They began pounding right

Sexy teen fucked hard and complete family They began pounding right
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I was tired. I had waited two extra hours in the departure lounge and then another two hours on the plane waiting for a takeoff slot. By the time we finally landed and I got into town, it was almost dark on a depressing fall day.

I checked into my favorite downtown hotel and went straight to my room. I used to live here, and I was looking forward to seeing my old girlfriend, but I was so tired I stood at the window deciding whether to call her right away or wait until the next day. I looked out onto the narrow brick alley that separated my hotel from the one next door.

The room across from me was lit, but the windows were steamed up. The people in that room must have just taken a shower. I watched the wind play with the dry leaves in the street as it got dark. As I stood there, the steam in the window gradually faded and I found myself watching an attractive couple, a little older than me, having sex. The woman was a tall blonde with sumptuous firm breasts. She was splayed naked on a small couch facing me, her head thrown back and her legs spread as the man knelt between her thighs and licked her.

I could see her responding to his tongue, panting as he stroked her. Her beautiful breasts heaved.

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My dick started to swell in my pants as I watched. I reached down to adjust it in my shorts and give it a little more room. I could see that the guy was bearing down on her clit. She was panting and I could tell that she was crying out with the oncoming orgasm.

Suddenly she lurched forward, apparently about to come, and as she did she saw me. I could see her freeze, and she tapped the guy on the head and said something to him. He stopped licking her and looked around and saw me.

I waved. He smiled and moved a bit aside so I could see the woman's spread cunt. It was juicy and pink. He slipped two fingers into her and pumped her as he looked over his shoulder at me. I could see his fingers glisten with her juices, and her lips seemed to grip his fingers as he drew them out. He turned back and said something to her, then picked up a glass of champagne and poured some on her pussy. I could see it sparkle as it flowed over her pussy.

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She arched her back and thrust her tits forward and spread her legs wider. Looking over his should as if to make sure I was still watching, the guy went back down on her, and she began to knead her breasts.

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She looked straight at me, meeting my eyes, as she did. I unzipped my pants and set my dick free. She watched, massaging her tits as her husband sucked her pussy, and I began to gently stroke my dick. She watched intently as I did. She held her breasts up and licked her own nipples with the tip of her tongue.

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They grew hard and stood up. I spit in the palm of my hand to lubricate it a bit and took long, smooth strokes as I watched her get off. She alternately watched my hand and met my eyes.

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When she looked me in the eye she would tongue her nipples, keeping them erect and wet. I pulled out my cell phone and pressed Tina's number. One ring, then two. "Hey, Rich," came her voice. "Are you in town?" "Yeah," I said as I stroked my dick. Across the way, the woman was getting close. Her legs were taut and stretched and she was sucking her own nipples.

"I'm at the Hyatt. Are you up for a little dinner and maybe a couple of drinks?" "You know it, big boy," she purred.

"I've missed you." She seemed to be breathing deeply. "What are you up to, young lady?" I asked. My dick was stiff and lubricated. Across the street, the woman was tensing up as her orgasm approached, her legs spread and taut. "Oh, not much. I just finished shaving my pussy.

I was just testing to see if I got it all." She seemed to be breathing deeply. "Mmmm. Tell me more." "I know you like it as smooth as a teenager. First I trimmed it with a hair clipper, then I used lubricated gel to lather it up and carefully shaved it with a razor." She drew a deep breath. "Then I rinsed it with cool water and now I'm working aloe vera cream into it.

First along my inner thighs, then up over my mound." The stimulus was almost too much, as the woman across the street squeezed her tits and flexed her legs.


"You have to rub gently but firmly along the outer lips to make sure you don't leave any stubble," Tina went on. Then, after another deep breath, "seems like I got it all there.


Then you have to spread your lips gently and run your fingers along the slit to make sure there are no strays." She moaned into the phone. "I wish I could help," I said, my own breath ragged as I stroked my tall man.

"Oh, the job is far from done," she said.

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"What are you up to?" "You wouldn't believe it," I said. My dick was starting to ooze a little precum. "Try me." "I just checked into my room, and I was looking out the window.

Across the street, I guess it must be the Marriott, I can see a couple having sex." "Wow. Do they know you are watching?" "That's the thing. They saw me watching, and they went back to it. He is licking and sucking her pussy and seems to be doing a pretty good job. He even moved aside so I could have a look at her cunt, all juicy and swollen.

She is meeting my eye and fondling her tits for me. I think she's about to cum." "Wow. And you're just watching this?" "Well, I did have to get a little release. I've been stroking myself for her. She seems to be enjoying it." "Mmmm." Her voice had dropped a tone and I heard her take a deep breath. "I know how she feels." "What time can we get together?" "Well, I don't know." Her breathing slowed and became a little more regular. "It won't take me long to dress because I don't plan on wearing anything but a dress.

Are you going to have anything for me other than dinner? Any dessert?" "You can count on it, gorgeous." I stopped stroking my man and drew the curtains. As I did, I could see the woman straining with orgasm as her husband buried his face in her sex. "Can you meet me in the bar in 45 minutes?" "Be there in half an hour," she said.


"And hold that sexy thought. But don't hold on to anything else." "I can't wait to see your handiwork," I said. "Bye." "Bye, lover." The phone went dead. I put my phone down and started to undress so I could take a shower. It was going to take all my self-discipline to keep from finishing myself off in the hot, soapy water.

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