Wife fucked by a group of dudes

Wife fucked by a group of dudes
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My first story. Just a heads up, my grammar is not perfect.


----------------------------------------------- The door opened slowly and inch by inch I started seeing her, her legs shapely, the skin he knew was soft and smelled of sweet jasmine, her hips flared out her tight panties leaving nothing to his imagination, she wore her underwear, a deep red, the bra almost straining to hold her soft D mounds. He swallowed hard, he could feel himself reacting.

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Her husky voice rang out to him "oh, James." a slow sexy smile came across her face, chocolate hair framing her face, she looked edible. She walked forwards her hips swaying suggestively, she pushed him back into his seat getting ever close to him, "you know the rules" she whispered into his ear, her breath making him shiver, he did know the rules, he couldn't touch, she gets to have her we with him.


His eyes drifted down to her beasts as she leant forwards, the spilled out of her bra slightly, he could almost see her nipples, he just wanted to rip the dam bra off, as his mind drifted she sat herself on his lap, her hips gently grinding against his now very responsive dick, she had his attention now, he groaned from the feel, but as he did she moved off him, she smiled her smile, she knew just how to get to him, it wasn't that hard.

She backed off from him to start a slow dance her hands running down her body, every curve he couldn't touch, her hands easily unclipped her bra, sliding it off she brought her hands to her tits, showing them to him, squeezing the slightly, she stepped forwards to put her tit in front of him, her voice came confident and husky "suck it, make it nice and wet" He didn't need anymore incouragment he leant forwards and like a starving man sucked her nipped, his tongue flicking against it making her moan, he started to bite gently, her moans came stronger, loader "Yes!

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Be rough with me!" he felt himself impossibly hard, her soft body now against him, urging him on. Nibbling harder now her breath grew more rugged, he looked up to see the list on her face, her lips pouted lightly, her face flushed red, she smirked down at him, and as she looked him in the eyes she brought his hands up to her mouth, taking one of his fingers she gently licked it, lightly kissed the top her tongue slid across it, he felt his groin tighten, she knew what she was doing to him and she loved it.

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She was now gently sucking it her tongue working as she did, he groaned still looking into her eyes, he was half tempted to give her the puppy look!

She finished with his finger and bringing it to her nipple she uttered "play with my other nipple and start sucking again!" he realised he was too wrapped up in her he'd stopped.


Continuing he licked her nipple as he rubbed the other with his now wet finger, her voice came almost amediantly "yeah! Do both at once, so good" she pushed her chest forwards, the soft warmth pressed to his face, she started to tremble, her tits were so sensitive! Just as he thought she'd come just from her tits, she backed off!

Her face was flushed and her breathing was rapid, she turned so he could see her perky bum and bent over, he caught on and fidgeted rubbing his bonner as she wasn't looking, she leant forwards to slowly pull down her panties her Pussy coming slowly into veiw, he licked his lips, her Pussy lips were basically dripping! She dropped her panties and stepped out of them, she turned in her full naked glory, his eyes swept over her, her nipples were hard and slightly red from his attentions, she smirked again, her hand coming to her Pussy, she rubbed it then brought it to his face "lick it" he licked it, the on his tongue, so sweet.

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She brought her hand back to her pussy rubbing it, she slowly started moaning and rocking her hops and he just sat watching the pleasure across her face as she stretched herself, her moans grew louder as she started to play with her nipples, he just couldn't stand it, it should be him touching her, he starting rubbing his dick through his trousers trying to bring some relief "stop" came her voice, she was then next to him pulling him onto the bed.

As she laid him down he gulped again "someone forgot the rules and needs to learn." she then crawled on top of him, he had the veiw of all of her, her pussy above his chest, she brought her hand and he watched her rub herself and other hand back to her beast, rubbing and pleasuring himself he watched as she got closer, he hips shaking as her moans got louder and then it was all over she screamed and squirmed on his chest collapsing on him.

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He savoured the feel of her skin but then she was gone. He looked over at her tosee her grab her underwear and go to the door " hope you learned" she said as she left.

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And hes was left with a raging hard on and just the memory of his tease, he would have her, get the feel between those soft thighs and kiss those soft posted lips, and he had just the plan, but should he really seduce his boss? Want a part 2?