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Nubiles Porno heiße College Babes ihre lesbischen Seiten erkunden
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Drug Addict I travel an awful lot for business and practically live in my car and in motels. I had only gotten into that particular little town that very morning.

I had already met with my contacts, concluded all of my business, and had settled in for a peaceful night. I had even ordered a Chinese meal to be delivered. When I heard the loud banging on the door I opened it. I had expected a young China Man to be standing there with my evening meal however instead a young girl charged right in past me. In a very loud and slurred voice she demanded that I give her, her drugs immediately.

Her eyes were dilated and she didn't look like she could even focus on me. I decided that she must be going through some kind of withdrawal or something. She was also a very obnoxious little thing. She wouldn't listen to reason and then came flying at me. Out of shear desperation I slapped her hard across her face and pushed her back onto the bed.

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She hit her head pretty hard against the headboard and was out like a light. A while later there was a normal knock on the door and my dinner had arrived. I threw a blanket over my unwanted guest to hide her and then went to the door.

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As I was eating my shrimp and broccoli meal the young woman woke up. She was still very pissed but at least she wasn't flying off the handle that time. Peaches said that she was sixteen years old and that she was told that I would have drugs for her. Of course she couldn't remember the room number of her drug dealer, the name of the motel that he was supposed to be at, or even the name of the person that she was supposed to meet. To top it off Peaches didn't even have the money to pay for her drugs either.

Plus she was still quite obnoxious. I decided to have a little fun with this cute little drug addict.

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I told Peaches that since she had no money that I needed sex as payment for her drugs. To my utter surprise she didn't even bat an eye at that request. I was sure glad that I had gotten a box of condoms last week just to be safe.

Who knows who that little slut lets fuck her? Hell she probable doesn't even know herself. As they say…it's better to be safe than sorry. So anyway I told Peaches to get completely naked and then to start sucking my cock. Peaches gave me a terrible blowjob and it took her forever too. The only good thing was that I had my cock in the mouth of a pretty young girl and she was trying her best to suck on it.

Peaches kept coughing, she cried a lot, and she kept begging me for her crack. Hell by then even I wanted her crack! When I did finally cum in her mouth the little crack whore spit it out, so I slapped her hard across the face again and told her to keep sucking on it.

She cried some more but she also started sucking on my cock again too. It seemed to feel better that time. When Peaches got me hard that second time I just lay back on the bed, told her to get on top of me, and for her to do all of the work too. Again she cried and she begged me for a fix. I told her that she hadn't paid for her drugs yet. Eventually Peaches tore the condom pouch open and slipped it down over the head of my hard cock and all the way down the shaft. Peaches then climbed up on top of me and slipped her pussy down over the condom.

She was a lousy fuck too. I had to ask myself, how to hell could these crack whores ever earn enough money to pay for their habits? She couldn't suck and she sure as hell couldn't fuck. Peaches bounced up and down a couple of times and then she would stop until I bitched at her or slapped her tits. That was it! Every time that I slapped her tits I sure got her attention. So every time that Peaches stopped fucking me I would slap both of her tits hard and then harder still every time.

Then eventually I hit her tits so hard that she fell backwards between my legs with my cock still in her cunt. She had closed her eyes and fallen asleep just prior to those final slaps. Since I hadn't finished fucking her yet I just got in position and kept it up until I left a big gob of cum in the end of that condom.

When I looked down at Peaches her mouth was open, so I slowly emptied the contents of that condom into her mouth and watched as she slowly swallowed it all. When I looked down at her tits they were all red and even had my hand prints on them. I certainly knew that I could not trust a teenage junkie hooker in my room overnight, so I went out to my car and got some nylon wire ties out of my trunk along with a cutter to remove them with.

I took my nude junkie into the bathroom and tied her ankles to the sink. I covered her with a blanket and then I went to bed for the night.

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When I woke up in the morning Peaches was calling out loudly so I went in just to shut her up. I didn't want anyone to get suspicious. She was right back to crying and demanding her drugs again. When I told that I needed some money she said that she had already paid me. I told her that she gave me a lousy blowjob and that she passed out before she made me cum too. I told her that I couldn't give her the stash until I had butt fucked her now. She started to cry again and said that she doesn't like to do that.

I told her that that was the payment that I needed now. I told her that it had better be good too for the quality of the drugs involved.


She was shaking uncontrollably but she said okay. She needed her fix so bad that she would have let me do anything to her. I had to laugh because she was in fact letting me do "anything" to her.

Apparently she didn't like anal sex at all but if it got her the drugs she needed then she was willing to do it. So this pathetic little sixteen-year-old crack whore had finally reached the bottom of the barrel. I almost felt sorry for her. Almost! I released Peaches from the bathroom sink and took her to the bed.

I placed her on her knees on the very edge of the bed and then pressed her face down into a pillow. I had to smile when I looked at her like that. Her ass was high in the air, her knees were out wide, and her tiny tits were there for the taking.


Her pussy was foul looking and was covered with crusted on pussy juice and it smelled of piss too. It was funny but her asshole was the cleanest thing about her.

That light brown ring was calling to my cock. It was saying, here I am Mr. Cock fuck me if you want too. As soon as my cock touched her asshole Peaches started to whimper and cry harder.

She buried her face in the pillow. I popped the head of my cock just inside her sphincter muscle and she screamed into that pillow. When I asked her if I should stop she said no because she needed her drugs so badly.

In a way I hated to take advantage of that young girl like that but what to fuck, she was practically begging me to take advantage of her. In fact at that point in time I could have sold her to a dozen derelicts out in some alley behind a sleazy bar and she wouldn't have minded one bit as long as she believed that she would get her drugs afterwards.

I hope to hell I never get that bad. As I eased my condom-encased cock into her tight little rectum she just kept crying. I enjoyed that morning fuck because I still had to pee and it was still as hell. It was a great fuck.

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I almost never get anal sex from a woman, much less a pretty young girl like her. I reached around and grabbed onto her little titties just as hard as I could. I pinched and twisted her nipples just as hard as I could too. I wanted to hurt her on purpose. What to fuck, she was already crying anyway so what harm would it do.

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I thrust my cock into her rectum with all my force. The condom helped a lot by blocking the feeling so that it took me much longer than normal to cum in her but when I finally did, it sure was fantastic.

For me at least! That butt fuck was by far the best of the three, maybe because she just knelt there and let me do all of the work. What to fuck most of my girlfriends fuck just like that anyway, with me doing all of the work. Sometimes I think that I'm just jerking off inside of them. While Peaches continued to cry and beg me for her fix I just got dressed and packed my suitcase.

At that particular motel my room was in the very back and my car was parked right in front of my room. The older cheaper motels are still like that.

The backside is usually the quietest place too. So anyway I took Peaches out to my car. She was still totally naked and I told her to sit in the front passenger side and to be quiet or I wouldn't give her the drugs that she so desperately needed. Peaches thought that I was taking her to someplace where she would get her drugs, little did she know. Then I put all of her clothes in a bag and threw them in the trunk of my car.

As I drove my car out of town on my way to the Interstate I couldn't quite decide what to do with Peaches. She sat there naked, shivering, crying, and looking very pathetic.

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Finally I pulled off the road and drove out a long dirt roadway to a secluded place. I simply told Peaches to get out of the car. She cried and looked at me as if she knew that I wasn't going to give her the drugs that she desperately needed. However Peaches did as she was told and got out.

As she stood there naked and crying I just drove away! I looked in the rearview mirror and watched her as she watched me in disbelief. I thought about stopping and getting her clothes out of the trunk but I didn't.

I turned back onto the main road and headed for the Interstate and my next stop. As I drove away I couldn't help but wonder what a naked sixteen-year-old drug addict would do out in the middle of nowhere. I was actually hoping that the police would find her roaming around and take her in for some help. Had Peaches reached the point of no return? Was her mother also a crack whore? Would she ever get her life together?

I would never know! The End Drug Addict 140