Latino gay twinks fuck club teaching The night before I shot my first

Latino gay twinks fuck club teaching The night before I shot my first
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I just love dick, everything about it. It almost looks magical to me. I love how it just grows, how it looks, how it tastes. I love sucking, pushing it all the way deep into my throat, it is such a turn on, so sexual. I love tasting a man's cum, knowing it's my gift for pleasing him so well. To be honest, I've sucked a few more than I should have, but to this day, I still can't get enough.

This is my first story. It's about me, or more like, how I became what I am. I plan on following this story up with some of my sexual experiences. For those that continue reading my stories, it will serve as an introduction. Please bear with me, it won't be as sexual or forward as the stories that will follow, but I hope you all enjoy and comment.

I remember the first time I saw a penis, it was my baby brother's. I am 2 years older than him, so I was about 4 when he was like 2 I remember he was sitting there naked playing with some toys, when I noticed his penis. It was the first time that I truly paid attention as far as I remember. Mom was upstairs, so I took my time staring at it, looking at the details. It looked like a small wrinkled thumb to me, I thought it was weird. I didn't see it as something sexual, I was just curious, and I think it was the first time I saw a such a difference between a boy and a girl.

To add to me and my brother's differences, I'm a white skinned Mexican girl, he is black. I was (am) the daughter of a stunning Mexican girl and an older white man. My mom was 16 when she had me, my dad was about 38. My dad was a teacher at her school, and long story short, got her pregnant.

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He was fired and got a divorce, and mom dropped out of school. Mom's parents lived in Mexico, and she stayed with her sister in California.

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The news of her out of marriage pregnancy disgusted her family, and she was kicked out of the house. My mom moved in with my dad, and they struggled through those early years.

After I was born, things got worse, and my dad ended up going back to his ex-wife. My mom was left with no money, but a young, beautiful, big breasted, mexican girl is offered work quickly.

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An older black man gave her money and a place to stay, in exchange for her working at his stripclub in a bad part of town, and satisfying his needs of course. At this time, mom was 17. She became very popular quickly for her small frame, large breasts, and beautiful face. My mom lived with another teenage stripper. They would drop me off with my aunt at night before work, then go work at the stripclub, where mostly black men would pay the owner to fuck his teenage strippers.

By the time mom was 18, she was pregnant again, and didn't know who the father was. She continued working all through her pregnancy, and had a beautiful black baby with an unknown father. My father would come and see me every now and then, but seemed to care very little for my mom.

He was somewhat racist, and hated the fact that my mom was selling herself to black men, got pregnant, and she didn't know who the father was. My mom's family, my dad, her friends, everyone saw her for what I suppose she truly was, a whore. Growing up a baby from a whore mom is not much different than a regular mom, though I've never had another mom to compare her to.

Deep inside, we are all whores I suppose, so it's all the same. I never really lacked anything or had some form of hardship. She always had some money, and we never really lacked things.Thanks to her big breasts, me and my brother were well fed, and we loved sucking her tits. Not that I wouldn't eat, but I just loved the taste of her milk, and how close I felt to her while sucking her tits. Some of my first and fondest memories are of me sucking my mom's breasts.

I was about 4 by the time she finally got me off her, my brother 2. My mom married John when I was about 4. John was a big, fat, ugly looking, older black man. I could not understand why mom would marry this man. John was pretty well off, he worked in the oil business and made a good amount of money.


That added to my mom's stripping, and we were doing pretty good. We moved in to his huge two story house with a pool, and big yard. I didn't like John at first, but he quickly won me over buying me stuff. Mom worshipped this man, and would do anything he said. He met her at the strip club, and I assume he loved my mom being a whore. She continued working at the stripclub, mostly on weekend nights, and John made her wear very revealing clothing.

When she went out, John made her wear extra small miniskirts, and small tank tops that showed a lot of cleavege.


Around the house, she was mostly only allowed to wear a bra and thong, unless we had visit. Being a little girl, I admired my mom's beauty and body. I wanted to be just like her. Watching her breasts bounce all over the house all day, also made me want to suck her breasts, which John really loved to watch. He would only allow mom to feed my brother and I while he watched.

I clearly remember this one time when John started asking me about mom's breasts, and if I liked how big they were, and if I liked sucking on them, to which I answered yes. He told me he loved them too. He then called my mom over, and had her sit on his lap. He ordered my mom to take off her bra, and after some dialogue that I don't remember clearly, she complied. He told me, "you want to share with me." I said,"ok", and we both began sucking her breasts, while John reached between her legs rubbing her crotch.

I didn't think anything sexual of this at that time. I thought it was great family time of sorts. Once I finished, John excused himself and took mom off to their room. I went back to my room, next to theirs, where I could hear mom moaning and screaming, callindg him daddy, and having loud thumps on my wall.

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John pulled this scenario a few more times, but one time he had friends over, and mom was wearing her usual tank top and extra small mini skirt, sitting in John's lap. John started asking me about mom's boobs in front of his friends.

John kept insisting on the subject and my mom seemed embarrased. He guided me through telling them on how we shared mom's boobs and how we sucked on them together, and how great her milk tasted. His friends had a good laugh, and asked me more about this, while John groped mom's boobs, as everyone stared at them. Mom turned red and smiled kindly and told me to go to my room, that I needed to go to bed.

Soon after that night, mom stopped breast feeding me and my brother. John would order my mom to take off her bra, and start sucking on her tits in front of me and my brother, anytime he pleased.

It almost seemed like he was trying to get us tempted, always groping her breasts, taking her bra off, squeezing milk from them, sucking on them, making her taste her own milk.

He was always telling us how good it was, sometimes it seemed like he was rubbing it in our faces that he could have her when he wanted, and we couldn't.

I know mom didn't really like him doing that in front of us, but he liked showing off who was in charge, and she did eveything to keep him happy. I didn't understand everything at the time of course.

My life overall was good, but it seemed like mom would sacrifice herself to please him.

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I could her screaming every night, but didn't really know what was going on. I would often try and sneak out of my room and check to see if I could take a look into her room, but the door would be shut. I was always scared of lightning, and would often go sleep with them during hard rain and thunderstorms. She often opened the door for me naked, and I would sleep right in between her breasts.

This particular night, when I was about 4, it got really bad, and went to sleep with them. I fell asleep between them, but woke up later in the night, as I felt mom's big breasts on my body, as she carried me off the bed. She laid me down on a recliner next to the bed, not realizing I was awake. She walked back to her bed, and I could see her outline in the darkness, as she crawled above John's legs. He reached up with one hand and pulled her head to his crotch. I could hear her sucking and slurping, as she moved her head up and down.

The pace got faster, and her slurping became gagging sounds. It sounded like she was choking. After a few minutes of this, he got up and knelt behind her as she bent over and her hands and elbows. He got real close behind her, holding her hips, and began thrusting his hips forward and backward. Mom began moaning and screaming with every thrust, she was as loud as always.

He would spank her as he did this, making mom scream even louder. After a while of doing this, mom began screaming harder, and John would thrust harder, until he began grunting, then finally stopped. He pulled mom by the hair and ordered, "Come clean me up real good." Mom turned around towards him, and he pulled her by the hair to his crotch.

I heard her gagging for a little while, as he kept telling her,"Just like that bitch." He told her something quietly, then laid in bed. Mom got up and went to the restroom. She came back naked and carried me back to bed. From then on, everytime I heard mom screaming, I would remember that night, and imagine it in my head.

I loved listening to them, I suppose it was more curiosity than anything. That also sparked curiosity for my brother's crotch. I wondered what was going on, what mom was choking on. When I saw my brother naked, and really paid attention to his penis for the first time, I was more confused than ever. I just could not figure out what was going on.

Did John have something like that? Is that what mom sucked on? Why would she do that? I would find out what a real penis looked like not long after that. Please comment