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Medical exam male gay porn His associate  Jake  who tagged along with
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At the Attorney's office my mother and I sat down to hear the will of my dad. He missed my 18th birthday by 2 weeks and now I was happy that I was old enough to handle my own affairs from what the Will stated what my father wanted with his wealth.

I was to have soul charge with his investments and decide how much to share out the annual income or not. My mother was not please, and was hoping it would be split in 2 at best and go our separate ways if we want.

The Attorney at the end slipped me a letter, making sure mother did not see it.


On the way back as my mother drove complained about the Will and that an 18 year old kid got so much power and control over his own mother. I just sat there and kept thinking she never use to be so annoying when dad was alive, and was wondering how she has changed from a meek mouse into a nagger in a few weeks.

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Finally I got home and went to my bedroom to read the letter. The 1st part was how he loves me and wish he was there seeing me grow into the man he saw I could be. It gave me the code to his safe and that all the household bills are there and other documents. Then about his investments and how it will grow each year above yearly annual gross, and that it was safer than being greedy and making millions so if you want just a comfortable living, leave it where it was.

The last page was about mum, what a shock it was to read. It told me how she hated sex, but loved money and that they fell out of love when she was carrying me and she turned to charity fund raising, coming into contact with high society with her looks and well to do manner. He would just take her against her will when wanted sex and she did whatever he demanded just so she can keep in her circle of fund raisers. And that whenever she wanted a thousand to give to whatever charity the girls was campaigning for, he make her earn it satisfying him in fucking her in any hole.

At the end he said not to give her any control of the estate or my life, and if I have no feelings for her to kick her out. She did nothing to build the family fortune and that the Attorney has all he needs if she tried to claim or alter the terms of the will.

Teatime I went down to the kitchen and mum did a fry-up as she felt tired, I didn't mind as my mind was all a flutter going over the letter, so something simple was better to eat. After we had eaten she said we need to talk about where we go from today onwards, so after we cleared the table we sat back at the table to talk.

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Right from the start it was she will talk and I listen about how being my mother she will run the house and I will obey her regards my chores, keeping my room tidy, and not coming home late now I am 18. Then she said I was to set up a standing order at the bank to give her £4000 each month, plus when she needs extra for any time.

Suddenly the letter flashed in my mind and I recalled it saying not let her have control.

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I raise my hand to show I had something to say to stop her in mid-sentence, She said "what you want to say" So I took deep breath and said right out that "It will be me who makes the decisions in this house" She said "Oh, you think so" Yes, and if you want to stay here and get any money, you will do as I say" I said.

She went quiet staring at me and I told her I had a letter given to me that day telling me all about how she loved money, but not dad, and only stayed so to keep in with her friends.

Did it say anything else about me, she asked. So I told her dad used the money to have whatever he wanted from her. So what will I have to do to please my son, she answered, I will do the housework and cook etc, she added. And of cause you can come and go as you please she said. Wow, I thought, what a quick turn round from what she said at the beginning. Then it hit me, she did all that and still dad fucked her to death for her to earn her keep. So I thought she got to give me more if she expected things to go on as before, but what?

Where it came from I don't know, I said give, "me a blow job" The shock of horror on her face said it all; it was not going to happen.

She said "I am your mother and that is incest. So you can leave in the morning, I said and that I was going to take the main bedroom anyway and that if she stayed, she was to have my pokey room. She said "you are serious, you want me to suck your cock" I had decided in the short space of time that I was going through with my demands, I was made for life and I did not need my mother any more.

She had kept her looks and shape for a 40 year old.

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I had always had thoughts about having her and after reading the letter it was spurring me on. You can't throw me out, I'm your mother, I have not worked since marrying your father, I have no qualifications or skills apart from raising money for charity, she blurted out. I inform her that she was not a good wife to dad and often not there for me because of her friends charity work coming first. Never came to the school on parents day's ever, or sport days and when I made the football team, play.

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So I looked down at my groin, then up to her and could feel my cock growing in my pants. If she did not do it, I was going to need to give myself a wank to relieve myself later. Mum thought for what felt like 5 minutes, but was near 2 when she got up and came round to my side of the table. She looked down at me and said " I never thought my own son would blackmail me to do this, I will so I can still live here and have my friends" Let's get this clear I said, I will have all the services that dad got from you, understand, understand I repeated and she gave a small nod of her head and looked as if she was about to cry with a little quiver of her lips.

She knelt down between my legs and with her hands began to un-zip my flies and fumble around to find my cock. It proved difficult to get out due to being fully excited, and she didn't know it, I was a virgin, but had seen a lot of porn on the internet.

Watching her open her mouth just as she lowered her head I felt I could come right away, she licked the head and spate and made a disgusting sound as if she had eaten something bad. It was bad, not had a wash since the morning and been to the toilet several times it must had smelt as bad as the taste she got. She returns her head and took a few inches into her mouth and started to use her tongue on the head. It felt great and I was holding on to my climate for dear life so to make it last, I grabbed her head and pushed it down so that my cock went in all the way and touched the back of her mouth, all 7+ inches.

I came and for the moment I did not care about anything in this world as she tried to remove herself from my cock. I kept her there till I knew that all my juices were out and in her mouth. Just before I release her head I told her she had better swallow the lot which she said she knows the rule as she lifted her head.

That was not so bad was it Mum, I said. We both stood up and I took hold of her and said "hang on, I want to feel what I own" and began to run my hands all over her body as she looked away, after feeling her tits, I moved a hand down to lift her dress and felt pantyhose tights instead of stockings. When dad was alive, she always wore stockings I having seen the clothes horse washing, she had thought those days was gone and brought tights.

No way honey, I ripped the dress front, sending the buttons in all directions and ripped the front completely down till it looked like a bathrobe. Pointing to the tights I informed her that she only wear stockings like before.

At least the bra and what I could make out of the panties was fine, silky and lace, I force my hands, first under her bra and then under her tights and panties to feel her pussy. It was hard getting my hand down there pass the tights and I hurt her as I force my finger in to her hole.

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I was not gentle and she was dry, as I said, "So no more tights or you will feel more pain than what you just had" she said sorry Tom and hangs her head down. I said we both need to clean up and relax in front of the TV till bedtime so you go first and put on some nice lingerie to come down in, because I am not finish with you.

I need time to recover my manhood and I wanted to fuck her so badly, and hoped to fuck both her pussy and arse.


After my shower, I put on my dressing gown and went down to the lounge. Mum was watching a soap opera and it finish before a football match that was shown later, she did offer to let me change channels, but I said OK for now. I sat on the sofa and told her to get up from the armchair and sit next to me.

She knew what the reason was and I was getting very hard again seeing her move across to me in the see though that she had on. I had not seen her body before and I knew I would have to fuck her soon.

As she sat next to me I put my arm around her and pulled her close to me and put a hand on her breast, it was soft and just right size giving me a hand full, I never like large tits and remembers the saying, "anything more than a handful is a waste" I moved to kiss her and she turned her head away, so with my hand I pulled her to face me and move my lips to hers.

Soon as we touched, I pushed my tongue into her mouth and explored every corner of her, and to my surprised she responded with hers, but not as eager as me.

I thought about how she was going to be real putty in my hands and what fun I was going to have with her. I let her watch her soap on TV, but I made her play with my cock and I played with her cunt. When the ads came on, Mum told me that she was not happy having her son use her like I said I will, and that sex was never something she craved for and begged for some other way to still live as before. Also that I will one day want or may a find a girl of my own aged.

My answer was that I will give it some thought. When I turned over to the football, it was not any team that I supported, and I was very eager to get into my mum, I could not understand how I kept myself off her so long.

Leaving the TV on, I just grabbed her and pushed her down on the cushions and opened her legs. My robe was already open from her playing with my prick and was hard; I miss hitting her pussy and had to fumble about till I found her opening. Just as I was about to thrush in mum, she said "please Tom, I am not ready, some foreplay before you fuck me" It was too late; I pushed in and entered till my balls touched her arse.

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She screamed in much pain and I did not know then couples have foreplay to get aroused. As I fucked her, she was so noisy and I shot my sperm deep inside her.

So my 1st fuck was with my mum, and I was raping her, and I liked it, I could not see any girl letting me do whatever I want. Mum said she was going to the bathroom to clean up, I stopped her and told her she had to clean me 1st, looking down at my limp cock. At first she thought I meant to wipe it clean till I said "you're Mouth, stupid" My cock started to raise with her licking it and cleaning my juices off.

She returned wearing a bathrobe, so I ordered her to remove it and that in this house she only wears what I want. She had removed her lingerie, so she sat next to me totally naked. Mum starting opening up about her life. She explained how her father was very dominate and made her marry dad, they did have some feelings for each other at first, but that she did not enjoy sex and has always found it difficult to get arouse sometimes.

After I was born, she was totally off any form of sex, and would not let Dad touch her and got into the charity work. She started buying expensive dresses and shoes to impress her new friends and fit in with them, Dad saw the credit cards statements and brew his top.

It was after she returned from an event when he was waiting for her.


He told her that if she wants to go on doing what she was doing, then she was to have sex more often with him. She refused, so dad grabbed her ripped every bit of clothing from her, then forced her to the floor and pinned her down and started to rape her very violently.

She said he was so turned on he was loving what he was doing, he made her suck his cock, which she had never done before, then said pick a number 1 to 3She chose 3, whereby he turned her over and force his cock into her arse. Having only ever had straight sex before, the pain was so much that she screamed the whole time till he came in her arse. From then on, The only normal life in the house was raising me, and once I started school dad got more demanding when I was not at home.

She begged me not to treat her like dad did, so I made her a deal. I will be gentle with her, but if she upsets me, I will punish her and that I still do what every I want, when I want with her. Also she wears only dresses and high heels, even when doing the house work. "Ok Tom" she answered. And also I will review the invoices and bills in the morning to see what dad paid out each month and gave to her.

Tonight you sleep in my room, I said. She said she get a few things and take them with her. I informed her that I meant the main bedroom is my room and that she will sleep with me, so all her things are there. Before going up stairs, I went to look in the safe because I realized it had not been opened since dad died four weeks ago, I knew all the bills are paid by the bank so no worries there.

But I did not expect to find sex toys, various dildos, cuffs and gags in there, along with what looked like £2000 in cash, money that we needed while we sorted out dad affairs as mum used the credit cards to buy food and the monthly statement came in soon after dad died. I took some of the toys upstairs and mum said it was good that we had some of them because they was what was used on her to get her arouse before sex and had climaxed. She admitted she did not like the cuffs and bondage stuff, when I was away with the school or staying with friends she sometimes was tied up and left alone in the house till dad returned.

We got into bed, and I leant over to her and we kissed good night with a French kiss, I then cuddle up to her as she turned to face away from me and I put a hand over to cup her tit.

I was too tired and my prick was also but it did find her crack, so I gave a little push so mum knew what was there. I whispered in her ear, "I will fuck your arse in the morning, I saw the Vaseline on the side" She said "you promise not to hurt me" No I promise to be gentle I said, did not say anything about pain.

With that I started to give her a love bite at her neck. No!! Don't give me a bite, others will see it. I carried on and making her give small cries as I bite harder now and then. In the morning I was woken up when mum tried to sneak out of bed and asked her where she was going, to get breakfast she replied.

I said you are forgetting something, get your arse back here, she returned and went straight on all fours so I could do her doggie. I pick up the Vaseline and smeared some around her backside, then some over my rapid growing cock and realized that I should had got her to give me a blowjob first, next time. She asked if we could start with a dildo and get her relaxed first, I said no, I want to feel how tight an arse can be, maybe next time.

I tried to enter her kneeling behind her between her legs, but found it difficult. Then I remembered the porn pictures where the man puts his leg outside hers as if to sit on the small of the back. I felt the hole and stated to put pressure to hit, and felt her muscle tense to stop it going in, I pushed harder and slowly enter the out ring, Mum started to moan and then got louder the more I entered.

Once I was couple of inches in, I pushed all the way in and mum cried out loud and collapsed on her arms and turned her face sideways so not to suffocate on the pillow. I like seeing her face all twisted up with the pain and slowly pulled out, then rammed back till my balls slapped her pussy. Mum screamed as loud as she could and begged me to stop, instead I started to go like an express train in and out and watch tears flow from her eyes. When I felt I was about to shoot my load, I left my pick in as deep as I could and filled her arse.

I pulled out my shrinking cock and mum was doing low moans, I gave her buttocks a very hard slap and she yelped and told her she can now do breakfast, while I shower. After eating and she had showered, waited in the bedroom for her and I told her I want to go through all her clothes and see what I will allow her to keep.

As it was almost, all was what I liked, it appeared that Dad and I had similar tastes in that women should look like women, a few trouser suits I told her she can keep for when she goes out with her friends. Did not want her to catch a cold in winter or die from the cold. But she must change into dresses when she gets in. Even the underwear was ok, alas, no stockings, she had thrown them all out, black, tan, some with seams along with the suspenders.

I told her she will go out to day and buy some, and to give me the receipts as I will now check all expenses. Then I remembered I did not inspect the shoes, I knew she has many pairs and some boots, they was all there, 3 and 4 inche heels, great I have a shoe fetish. I sorted out a matching bar & panties, a dress with high neck line because it was early spring, and 4inche court shoes. She asked for a pair of tights and I said "no way they are forbidden in this house" Ten minutes later she was out to the shopping mall and I was going to go through the safe.

It appeared she only got £3000 per month, not £4000 as she wanted, but we had enough in the bank accounts from the statements I saw to give her more. I decided I will give her what she wants because I feared that one day she would leave, and I liked the set up as it was. There was £1000 every 2 months going to charity of some kind from thank you letters addressed to mum and given to dad it appears kept in the safe.

So I thought I refused her those bonus payments for the monthly increase she got, then I can use the giving of it anytime in the future, plans was forming in my head.