Glamorous centerfold is displaying her spread soft pussy in close up

Glamorous centerfold is displaying her spread soft pussy in close up
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The Brother and Sister Next Door (part 5) Lisa watched from half way up the stairs as her drunk mom wants to make love to her son Brad. Both are laying sideways on the couch, Brad starts to run his hand up under his mom's nightgown. She has no panties on. He is impressed at her shapely figure. Mom is now excited and breathes heavy.

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She hasn't had sex in years. Brad feels her still firm tits and hears her moan softly. He feels his mom's hand on his boner, squeezing and rubbing it.

She pulls at his boxers. He helps her get them down. She feels his naked boner now, and jacks it slowly. Lisa is standing up now, straining to see it all.

Brad notices her, and holds up a "0" sign to her, behind moms back. Mom is rubbing Brads boner on her wet pussy, and moving her hips against it. Brad takes his mom's night gown clear off, so Lisa can see her.

Lisa lifts her arms up in a silent cheer.

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Brad is getting into this. His mom is hot. She's been kissing him and whispering to him. "oh brad, your making mom feel so good…I haven't felt this good in years& have a wonderful penis.I love to feel it&hellip.yes…feel mommy's breasts, and squeeze them baby…oh baby…that's it, suck on moms nipples&hellip. He's getting hotter the more she talks.

He reaches down and feels her big bush, soft and damp. He finds her big wet clit. She squirms and drives her tongue in his mouth. Lisa is standing up by the railing, her hand in her panties, fingering her clit as she watches Brad feel up their mom.

Lisa hears a noise…… It's dad!…staggering down the hall towards the stairs. She panics, she lays down along the railing on the stairs, and freezes still. Dad, still drunk, staggers down the stairs, still half asleep and steps right by her.

He keeps going and goes in the kitchen, not even noticing his wife laying naked on the couch. He grabs a beer from the refrigerator and heads up stairs.


Lisa has already gone to her room and peeks out thru her door crack in the dark. Dad staggers up and into his room, and shuts the door. Brad is frozen in place, his heart thumping hard. Mom still putting her tongue in his mouth, not even hearing her husband come and go.

Lisa creeps back to watch the action. Brad, lets out a big sigh,&hellip. and starts in kissing his mom, making him and her hotter. Mom whispers…".put it in brad.oh god,&hellip. put it in me now……Brad lifts her one leg and his mom puts his dick in her dripping wet pussy. Her pussy fits his dick so perfect, he just starts fucking her with deep thrusts.

Mom moans and says."oh yes baby,… do mommy, do mommy &hellip.make mommy feel good&hellip.yes.Yes…ooooooh bradddd& feel so good in me… Brad is so excited his hands are shaking, he turns her, and gets on top of her. Opens her legs wide and thrusts his dick in her faster.

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She wraps her legs around him and says: "…take me home brad.fill me with your seed…fill mommy up…and starts humping with him fast.

Brad reaches down and feels her hot clit, and rubs it firm. Mom jumps and moans a long moan&hellip.'.yes baby…do it do it…she sinks her tongue in deep in his mouth as she moans steady. Brad is feeling a pussy like no other, it's perfect. It's warm and wet and the perfect size. He feels mom's hands squeeze his butt cheeks and pull him in as deep as he will go.

Lisa has taken her shorts and panties off and is watching. Her pussy is dripping as she fingers herself. It's the hottest thing she's ever seen. Her eyes are glazed over, just staring at them. Her fingers tremble inside her, her other hand feels her now rock hard nipples. She going to climax when they do, she's timing it. Mom is squirming and pulling on Brad to get him in deep into her pussy. She starts in moaning, and then more, then faster&hellip.their fast fucking is making her voice shake.oh oh oh oh oh Oh OH OH…OH… Brad… baby,… I'm… cuming… baby, make&hellip.


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Cum… good…eeeeeeee YESSSS!!! She lifts her hips up to meet his thrusts and shakes…Brad can't hold it and the first blast of his cum fills his mom's pussy, each shot of cum shakes his body as mom joins him as their skin slaps loud together in a furious meshing of their juices. Brad cries a little as it takes his breath away. Mom cries out…"OH GOD BRAD!&hellip.Oh baby,…oh yes,… cum all you've got in mommy…that's it,… fill mommy's pussy full baby,&hellip.

full&hellip.keep it cuming in mommy,&hellip. all you've got, all of it…she squeezes his dick tight with her trembling pussy and locks down on it. She wants to keep his dick in her forever.

Brad goes so weak, he can't hold himself up, and holds on to her as his dick is still pumping it's last shots of cum in his mom.

Mom's face is so content looking, as she runs her fingers thru his hair and kisses him. Slowly she fades out muttering…'oh brad'…'oh god'…'your so beautiful brad…so beautiful'&hellip.


Brad keeps feeling up his mom's tits, so soft, so perfect. His dick jumps at times as the last pulses run there self out.

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Her pussy is warm and wet. He doesn't want to take his dick out, he's to weak, so he just leaves it in. Mom squirms a little, as her weak pussy squeezes his dick, and fades away.

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Lisa watched the whole thing and had to sit down as she got dizzy from the hottest climax she'd ever had. She realized she had 4 fingers in her pussy.


Her fingers sopping wet, as she just kept on fingering herself with her legs wide open on the stairs. She sat in disbelief of what she just witnessed. She wanted Brad more that ever now. She couldn't wait until mom and dad went to work on Monday. Lisa slips down and turns off the low lights, her legs are weak and shaky. She slowly makes it back up the stairs and to her room. She collapses in her bed, She can't sleep, she just keeps picturing Brad fucking their mom with so much hot lust.

She figures she better set her alarm to 5 am, and get Brad out of there, just in case. She stares into space, wishing she were her mom under Brad, feeling all his thrusts in her. At 4 am Brad wakes up… he feels panic. His dick is still semi hard and still in his mom's pussy. Mom has her tit pushed up and in his mouth, he has been sucking on her nipple during his sleep. She's running her fingers thru his hair slowly.

Her pussy squeezes his dick at times. He feels his dick fill with hardness again. Mom feels it too and holds him tight. Mom squirms a little, to feel his dick in her warm pussy.

Brad kisses his mom softly. She gasps for a little air, and softly pushes her tongue in his mouth. He runs his tongue with hers gently. She runs her hands over his bare back and down to his butt cheeks. She feels them and squeezes them softly. His dick is rock hard again, and pulsing inside her pussy.

She whispers softly…'brad, make mommy feel good again baby&'s ok …mommy wants you to& it again for mommy…just& it again. The sound of her sexy voice sends chills in Brads body. She grab's his hips and moves them around, making his dick move inside her.

She starts slow fucking him. He has to fuck her now, and moves with her. He feels her beautiful tits, and kisses her and they let their tongues run wild, twisting and feel each others. He feels her hard nipples with his fingers. She squeezes his butt cheeks hard now. It's building up again, as they gulp for air, and then back to kissing and sucking on their lips and tongues.

He loved the heat from her very warm pussy again, she's still very wet. She's whispering again…&hellip.'oh yes baby&hellip.oh yes&hellip.make mommy feel good inside her again…that's it …just like that&hellip.oh god yes, oh GOD yes!…do mommy brad…do it…push in deep for mommy… make mommy climax again…do itdo it baby&hellip.Oh brad…Oh…Oh.Oh OH.Oh.fuck me baby, fuck mommy good… yes it's cuming baby, it's cuming…… OH GOD BRAD!!!!&hellip.eeeeee&hellip.OH GOD YESSSSSS!!

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She locked his dick in her pussy and locked her legs around Brad, and shook and shook as he let go his massive load in her pussy. She squirmed her head back and forth and sunk her fingers deep in his back.

Brads dick pumped more shots in her pussy, as he almost blacks out, gasping for breath. More and more cum oozes out between her legs. She moaned a long moan as her pussy pulsed down on his dick, over and over. They locked their body's together and just held each other in joy. They let the spasms do the rest of their pleasure for them. Brad thought, my mom is the greatest fuck in the world, dad must be crazy. I'll take care of her from now on, fuck him, not giving her the pleasure she deserves.

They stayed locked together for a while, then Brad unwrapped her from him, and covered her up with a blanket. Lisa, not being able to sleep much, heard their moans, and sat at the top of the stairs naked and watched the whole thing, as she again, played with her now sore pussy. (continued)