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I arrived at work this morning as planned, and went directly into M's office. A few pleasantries were exchanged before we got down to business.

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"I want you to crawl over to me," he said. I always feel foolish right at the beginning of our games. It can be hard to switch gears sometimes, and in the morning it's particularly hard for me to change my frame of thought from the getting-ready- for-work-frenzy to wanton whore.

I made a small joke as I crawled around his desk about it being a bit early in the day to be on all fours. I think his comeback was something about it being effective. Having reached him sitting in his leather swivel chair, facing me, he unzipped his pants, pulled out his thick cock, and gave his second command: "Lick my balls." I don't profess to be a pro in that region, but had told him during our naughty email exchanges the previous day that it would turn me on to be given that very command.

I went at it whole heartedly, licking one slightly hairy ball first, gently sucking on it for a few seconds, then moving onto the other.

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M is fastidious about cleanliness, but there was an undeniably MALE scent in such closed quarters. It made me wet. At one point his extension rang, and he looked to make sure it wasn't the receptionist calling, saying she was in early and asking to be let into the locked office. While he shifted in his chair and leaned over to the phone, I kept diligently licking, not letting his shifted attention interrupt the job at hand. After a few minutes of this, he picked up his belt, which had been lying on his desk.

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"Now suck my cock," he ordered, and as I began fervently sucking on his thick shaft, he leaned over, pulled up my skirt, and began whipping my bare ass. After the 7th or 8th stroke (a couple of which landed right at the tops of my thighs-OUCH!) I moaned, and he allowed me to stop sucking while he continued beating me.

Usually, I am bent over his office chair when I get a whipping, or laid across the conference room table. This position was something new, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Still kneeling, I wrapped my arms around his waist and as each stroke landed, my entire body pressed into his. That closeness just made the whole scenario somehow more erotic…&hellip.that he could feel my body tense for the blows, and react when they hit.

And they hit hard. I think it was the angle, him leaning over me, that caused the strokes to land more towards the bottom of my ass, and tops of thighs, but man, oh man, did it hurt! After several more strokes, he ordered me to get on all fours again. Out of his desk drawer came the screwdriver he uses to fix small things around the office. He unscrewed the handle from the long metal tip.

We had talked about this the previous day as well, but I was still nervous, as he had decided that lube would not be allowed for today's escapades. The handle was roughly the size of a standard butt plug, even shaped similarly, with the exception of the ridges that lined it. M dribbled a wad of spit onto my asshole, and started working the handle in.

"Relax and take it like a good little whore," he ordered.

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"Yes, sir" I dutifully replied. Regardless I tensed a bit as he slowly worked it deeper and deeper into my ass.

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We had played with this tool before (what can I say, we both have very active sexual imaginations), and despite the small indentation at one end, again not unlike a butt plug, I always have this small irrational-or not-fear that the handle will somehow become lodged in my ass, and a trip to the ER will be required.

Talk about the supreme humiliation! But despite this fear, it was impossible to deny that it felt damn good. Once it was firmly lodged in place, M said: "Now get over to the chair and bend over." Screwdriver handle buried in my ass, huge tits out, I walked as gracefully as I could to the chair, and bent over.

M wasn't long to follow. He came around to the side of me, and ordered me to suck his cock, making sure it was nice and hard. I love sucking his cock. It's the most perfect one I've ever encountered. Perfect for me, anyway. Some might think it's a bit on the short side at 6 inches, but it is THICK. It fills my mouth, pussy, and ass perfectly. M likes it when I take his cock deep in my throat, so I obliged best I could.

When he was rock hard, he walked back behind me, and without much preamble, began fucking my pussy, and taunting me: "You'd like to have all your holes filled with cock at once, wouldn't you?" "Are you whore?" and things like "Do you like having your ass and pussy full at the same time?" Yes, yes, and YES! To prove this point, I reached around behind me, found his hand, and brought his thumb to my mouth, then began licking it up and down just as I have done to his cock on hundreds of occasions.

I sucked it.

I rubbed the tip on my mouth. I took it as deep as I could go, enjoying the feel of all my orifices being used for sexual purposes. Once his hand was free, he reached down and pinched my nipples. Hard, like I like it. He likes to test my endurance, squeezing as hard as he possible can, making me moan in agony/ecstasy. Then, if he 's in a cruel mood, he'll slap my tits repeatedly. Already being highly aroused from them hanging down and having the blood rush to them, this never fails to make me extremely wet.

Knowing he had me exactly where he wanted me, he asked;" Do you want me to fuck you in the ass?" I had to think for a minute, because we hadn't planned on doing that this morning. I was nervous about the handle being shoved in there without lube, never mind his thick, rock hard cock! I knew it was going to hurt, but I also knew that I wanted it. I wanted it bad. "yes, sir," I replied "Yes sir what?" "Please fuck me in the ass!

Oh god, fuck me hard" Out came the handle.


He spit again on my ass hole, and used the juices from my pussy to slick down my back entrance. He had me suck his cock some more, then walked back around me, and shoved his cock in.

There was definite resistance, and I could feel myself inching away from him, getting closer and closer to the chair. He reached down and squeezed my nipples hard again. "Take it like a good whore" he said again.

That did it. He has that much control over my body. It frightens me sometimes what he could get me to do with a few simple words. Once his cock was buried deep in my ass, it was simple to relax and take the ass fucking like an obedient slut.

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I love it. I could be fucked all day by him and probably still not feel it was enough. "Reach down and play with your pussy," he ordered. To be honest, I get so damn wet with him, it's hard. I have to wipe my hands on my thigh, then go back to my clit. If it weren't for my pussy being so slick with juices, I know I could have come.


As it was, he came first, shooting his cum deep in my ass, giving me a final command: " Keep my cum in your ass for a while." I would have liked to cum, and maybe I'll even sneak off to the bathroom at some point during the workday to jack myself off, but as he pointed out, I kind of like being denied orgasm. It adds another dimension to the control he has over me, not to mention keeps me hot, wet and ready for the moment when he calls me into his office later, when everyone is here, bends me over, and fucks me behind closed doors while everyone works diligently a mere 10 feet away.