Hot webcam girl dildo he took all my clothes off

Hot webcam girl dildo he took all my clothes off
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Cindy was hot to fuck both her parents at the same time after hearing about Julia's adventure, but she also wanted to fuck Brad again, and she wanted to see her mother fucking Aunt Josie, and she wanted to fuck Uncle Mark, and maybe her cousin Phip. She wondered if Julia had fucked him yet. She suspected she probably had, but if not, she'd love to take on him and Uncle Mark at the same time.


Hell, she wanted to fuck the entire family, and hoped the big double birthday party would turn out to be a family orgy like it sounded like it was shaping up to be. That night as she lay in bed thinking of all the possibilities, her pussy was aching for some sex, and she wanted more than to finger herself. especially after she'd already fucked everyone in the house. The more she thought about Julia's experience with both her parents, the more that appealed to her.

It sounded so exciting, having a cock and a pussy at the same time. The thought eventually drove her out of bed and she went downstairs for a drink, tiptoeing past her parents' bedroom, listening for any telltale signs.

She saw that their light was still on by the yellow pool creeping out under the slit at the bottom of their door. She went downstairs in her nightgown, feeling its lacy frills brushing the tops of her thighs.

She reached a hand to see if her panties were wet, and felt a few drops starting to spread. She fluffed up the top, ran her fingers through her hair, and poured herself a glass of white wine from the refrigerator. As she sipped the alcohol, a warmth filled her belly and she shivered as she thought about what to say to get into her parents bedroom, and their bed, and their pants, and to get them into hers. She shivered in delicious anticipation.

Setting the glass on the counter, she started back up the steps, stopping once more to listen at their door, hoping for some kind of sex noises.

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Instead, she felt the door opening inward just as she was leaning against it to listen. She fell into her father's arms. He had on only boxer shorts and pulled her to him to steady her. She pressed against him, feeling her tits rub up against his naked chest.

It sent a thrill up her and she looked up into his eyes, then over to the bed. Her mother was sprawled casually on top of the covers, wearing a thin sheer robe, her knees bent and a magazine perched on her knees. She looked casually over at Cindy and said, "Well, we were just talking about you." "You were?" Cindy said, her voice rising with hope. "Sure. Come on over here and look at this catalogue. It's some sexy lingerie from a mail order company.


We were wondering if we should order something. Maybe another matching set." She winked at Cindy and crooked a finger at her. Cindy walked slowly to the bed, giving her father a good view of her long legs under her nightgown, and bending over her mother on the bed so her breasts were clearly visible.

She wriggled her ass a little as she moved her head closer to her mother's, knowing her father wouild be watching. Jamey walked up behind her. "Show her the one I like," he said, his voice a pleasant purr in her ear. Sara flipped the pages and Cindy saw a blur of revealing fashions, some with cut outs for the tits and pussy, others dressy in a slinky, slutty sort of way, the kind she had seen movie stars wearing to balls.

Finally Sara pointed to what had to be the tiniest pair of panties she'd ever seen. They were mere threads at the sides, and a slightly thicker string up the crack of the ass in the back. The front was cut so low that the model had to have shaved her pussy not to reveal any hair.

The bra was a bare sliver under the breasts, just holding them up at a jutty angle, the nipples fully exposed. The model wore a flimsy, filmy robe over it, that barely brushed her thighs, and had no closure. It was meant to be worn open and clinging to the exposed titties. "Is this what you have picked out for me?" she asked, a flush running through her at the thought of wearing it for her parents.

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They were so close now she could feel the heat from both of them. "Do you like it darling?" Sara said. "Your Dad would love to see you in it." "Would you Daddy?" she asked. "You bet honey. But you're so goddamned sexy already I don't know if I'd be able to stand it." With that he put his hands around his daughters waist, pulling her back into him and moving his hands to fondle her breasts through the thin fabric of her nightgown. Cindy looked in her mother's eyes as her father massaged her titties.

She wasn't sure how to react now that her fantasy was becoming a reality, but her mother didn't make a move to stop Jamey, so Cindy leaned into his embrace, molding her ass into his groin, feeling his erection starting to grind into her. "Do you both want me?" she asked, hearing her voice grow husky as the desire overtook her.

"Do you both want to fuck me?" "Of course, darling," her mother said. "Yes, baby," her father said. "We always talk to each other about our sex life, so we knew we'd both fucked you before," her mother said. "And now you both want me at the same time, is that right?" Cindy asked.

"You bet we do," her father whispered in her ear, his hot breath tickling against her. "Well, that's just what I had in mind, too. I was hoping I'd find you both awake so I could get you both together. Just like." "Just like what, or is it who?" her mother said, an added urgency rising in her voice. "Just like Julia. She told me about fucking Aunt Josie and Uncle Mark at the same time, and it made me so hot I wanted to try it for myself." "Would you like to fuck your aunt and uncle, too?" Sara said, looking at her daughter expectantly.


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Isn't that what you've got planned for the big double party? With those sexy outfits and everything." "We want to fuck you right now, and we'll just see what happens at the party," Sara said, motioning her daughter to join her on the bed.

Cindy moved closer, kissing her mother on the lips and snaking her tongue into her mouth, feeling the passion rise in her. At the same time, her father raised her nightgown and fondled her ass cheeks through her silky panties.

He quickly stripped them down, giving her ass a cool breeze, though he quickly heated it up again with his insistent probing. Jamey ran his hand up his daughter's lovely ass, feeling its taut plumpness in his hands, savoring the firm feel of the twin cheeks.

He roamed up and down her crack, letting his finger slide up her cunt lips, gathering moisture from her dripping pussy. He bent down and slid one finger inside her, bringing a moan of pleasure to her lips, a moan her mother quickly muffled with a deep, probing kiss, pushing her tongue deep into her daughter's mouth, feeling the passion start to build in her.

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"Come on up here on the bed," her mother said, reaching for her daughter's tits as Cindy crawled onto the bedsheets beside her beautiful mother. She couldn't get enough of sex once they'd started priming her for it. Her mouth went hungrily for her mother's tits, sucking first one, then the other into her greedy mouth. She remembered the taste of Julia's cunt, and wanted to lap her mother's juices.

"I want to eat you, Mom," she said between ragged breaths of air. "Mmmmm. My pleasure," Sara said. "Go ahead. Eat me out. I'd love to find out if my daughter is a good pussy eater." Cindy wriggled her head between her mother's spread legs and began licking at her cunt lips, alternating between sucking on her clit and stabbing into her cunt.

Sara lay back and watched her daughter eat her, enthralled with the sight. At the same time, Jamey had moved up behind her, and was working his fingers into Cindy's cunt. Once they were well lubricated with her pussy juice, he slid one out and worked it up toward her lovely young asshole, then as she ate her mother's pussy, her father reamed her asshole with his finger wet from her own slick pussy.

She screamed with mixed pain and delight, but gradually got used to the feeling of his finger writhing up her asshole. She moved her butt back against the pressing finger, then groaned for him to fill her pussy. Jamey removed his finger from her tight ass, then positioned himself behind her.

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He was ready to fuck her, and he pushed his cock head against his daughter's steaming pussy. Her lips parted and accepted the swollen cock.

She sighed with pleasure, tasting her mother's cunt and feeling her father fucking deep inside her pussy at the same time.

Cindy didn't know what could ever be better than the sensation she was feeling right now. "Our daughter is a good little pussy eater," Sara hissed.

"And a great little fucker," Jamey grunted. He slid a finger back up her ass and she nearly swooned. "I love fucking you both," Cindy said, her mouth brimming with her mother's pussy juice, and her ass and pussy filled with her father's cock and finger. It was an absolutely unbelievably erotic sensation. "I want you both to cum," she said. "I'm right on the verge, but I want to feel Dad cumming in my pussy while Mom gushes in my mouth and I cream all over both of you." "What a hot fucking daughter we've got," Sara yelled.

"Oh, yes, a real fucking babe, a hot cock sucker, fucker and pussy eater," Jamey joined in. "Just fuck me, fuck me," Cindy screamed as she felt herself teetering on the edge of an intense orgasm. Jamey started to cum first, his cum shooting into his daughter's pussy in hot, gooey spurts.

He grabbed her ass with his free hand and pumped her as hard as he could, draining every drop deep within her. His orgasm spurred his wife on, and she soon filled her daughter's mouth with mountains of her own creamy cum.

Cindy erupted with them, her pussy sucking wildly at her father's cock, and her tongue lapping voraciously at her mother's pussy.

"The whole damn family came together," Cindy sighed with satisfaction as she collapsed against her mother's wonderfully soft breasts. "Not quite," Sara said. "We don't have Brad here." "Oh, yeah," Cindy purred, "his cum tastes yummy too." "The complete family circle," Jamey said.

"Next time bring your brother in with you, baby. The family that fucks together, comes together." "Yeah," Cindy said, "Like now. And I want to suck him and you together Daddy." "And what about me?" Sara asked.

"Oh, well, um, let's see. How about if we both suck them both off together. You know, kind of switch hitting." "Switch sucking, you mean?" "Um hmm, that's what I meant." "Sounds like a yummy idea.

I can hardly wait." [email protected]~~~

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