Dva takes double penetration and cumshot on her back

Dva takes double penetration and cumshot on her back
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FIFTEEN GIRLS The girls were scattered throughout the various rooms of Ashley's mom's gigantic mansion. Talking amongst themselves about the boys they liked in school, the lingerie they had decided to wear to Ashley's "Lingerie Party" that night, and of course about each other. "Did you hear about Anita?" Stacey was telling Kelley, Kristy and MIsty in a hushed voice from across the room.

Kristy and MIsty, the twins of the party both shook their heads no. "Her mom got her implants for her sweet 16 last month, havent you noticed they were looking a little bit bigger from the last lingerie party Ashley threw?" Stacey was telling the girls.

The twins looked at each other, and then giggled quietly. "I knew it! I told you Misty!" Kristy said pinching her twin sisters arm. "OW!" Misty said overreacting to the pinch. "I guess you were right Kris, and here I thought it was a pushup bra" Misty said rubbing her pinched arm.

On another side of the room Andrea, Lacy and Kayla were talking about Kayla's new black lace pushup bra that she had just bought from Victoria's Secret the day before. "Fucking 60 dollars for a bra!" Kayla exclaimed angrily looking down at her 34d's, that were nearly touching her chin they were pushd up so high. "It seems to do the trick" Lacy shrugged, "I mean, your boobs look like their about to explode right out of the bra." Andrea sighed looking at her natural 34dd's in her pink lace pushup bra.

"I wish I could wear a pushup bra without being in so much pain, these lingerie parties are the only time I get to wear one without having to really walk around. My tits totally kill my back" She said. DING DONG "Oh that must be the pizza man!" Ashley said excitingly running towards the door. "I hope he's cute!" Stephanie said to Dana and Holly as the girls fixed their breasts into thier bras.

DING DONG The doorbell rang again. "Hold your horses!" Ashley said going to the door and opening the peephole to look outside. "What. the fuck?" She said quietly, almost scared. "Whats wrong ashley?" Loryn asked walking into the room. "I think someone is playing a joke on us, it looks like there's a monster outside or something" Ashley replied not taking her eyes of the peephole.

BOOM!!! From out of nowhere the wooden door exploded into a thousand splinters across the room, and standing on the outside of it was an inhuman beast, certainly no pizza man at all. It had to be close to 8 feet tall, with large void black eyes, and sharp teeth that curled into an evil smile when he gazed upon all the girls in thier fancy underclothes.

"Did I come at a bad time!" He said grabbing Ashley by her head forcefully its massive hands. Make an example out of her death: Since Ashley is the first death out of all the girls, I'd figure he would probably make an example out of her, something quick and easy, yet still very gory and bloody. Ashley is fifteen years old. She has light blonde hair wrapped into a pony tail and light blue eyes that compliments her pale skin very well.

She is 5'5, 112 pounds and with a 34b bra size. She is in a orange satin pushup bra and matching boy shorts. The creature has Ashley by the head and he pulls her over the splintered door, does he: A. Shove her neck, and eyes into the splinters of the broken door, shooting blood everywhere but killing her instantly.

B. Shove his massive thumbs into poor Ashleys eyes until he mashes them into her brain, a slow but dull death. C. Slowly crushes her head, allowing her to scream and kick wildly as her brain oozes out of her ears and her eyes pop out sickengly. Ashley was shaking with incrediblely, complete unaware of who or what this new guest was, or of its purpose.

"Did you hire a stripper?" Kayla asked in her stupid teenage girl voice. Ashley screamed at the top of her lungs. "So its not a stripper?" Kalya asked again still not sure.

"Did someone say something about stripping her?" The creature said in an evil, low voice. With no strain at all he flipped Ashley over so she could face all the girls in the room, his massive hands still on her skull. The monster slowly started to crush Ashley's skull in its massive hands. Ashley's screams were loud and terrible at first, "SOMEBODY!!! THIS ISNT PART OF THE PARTY!" She screamed at her friends, who were all still too dumbfounded to even realize that poor Ashley was in mortal danger.

The beast gripped even harder on her cranium, begining to crush it from either side. "WIth friends like these, who needs enemies" He said, and that was the last thing Ashley heard before blood began to spew out of her ears.

Her legs kicked wildly in the air as she struggled to escape, but with every passing second the pain seemed to get worse and worse. She could feel the blood dripping out of her ears and knew that if one of her retarded freinds didnt do something she would soon be dead.

"Whats all the noise" The two twins of the party Kristy and Misty asked walking into the room from the kitchen. Ashley's mouth was now spewing blood. Her ears on the other hand were way past that stage.

Pinkish, gray brain fluid slowly seeped out of them as her arm and legs begin to spasm uncontrollably. The strength in the creatures massive hands was no match for her tiny skull, and her eyes popped out from the pressure. "Did she hire a stripper or xomething?" Misty asked Kristy, and Kristy shrugged in respone. Ashley's last thoughts very well could have been "Why are my friends so fucking retarded" but before she could even finish a thought she could feel her neck pop ff like a cherry, ever so slowly, but killing the poor girl in a matter of seconds.

Her body fell to the ground, blood stained and gooey from the brain material that seemed to ooze now from every orafice on her head, as her arms and legs still kicked, like a worm dissected in science class. The monster, with no effort at all, crushed the rest of Ashely's head in its hands, sending a fountain of blood spraying all over its hair covered body.

All fourteen remaining girls were now in the room, all stunned to silence of what they just saw. "Is she dead?" Kayla asked in her high pitched idiotic voice. The rest of the girls looked at her, then ran screaming into the kitchen.

"Guys! He didnt even give us the pizza yet!" Kayla said defiantly as her friends left her with the creature. MAKE SURE YOU ANSWER BOTH POLL QUESTIONS!!! THROUGHOUT THE STORY THERE WERE BE A FEW MULTIPLE POLLS AT ONCE, JUST TO MAKE THINGS INTERESTING. Where oh where will they run to: Now that the owner of the house has been disposed of, the rest of the girls need to find either weaons pto help fight off this horrible creature, or search for help.

The girls have met up in the kitchen, leaving Kayla to fend for herself as they discuss what to do next, do they: A. The girls decide maybe its best to head upstairs into Ashley's little sisters room, Kelley.

Kelley would certainly know if there were any weapons in the house, and its only right to mention that a beast decapitated her older sister with its bare hands. B. The girls decide its best to head for a phone and call the cops. Its clear that these girls arent the smartest girls in the world, but the police would have to believe them right? C. The girls decide to go outside and make a run for it until they find help.

So what if their 13 teenage girls in lingerie, if they dont find help soon they will be 14 dead girls in lingerie. Dumb, Da dumb dumb, DUMB! A.K.A. Kayla isn't really that smart death (AKA Little Red Riding Hood): If you havent noticed, these girls bra sizes are probably bigger than their IQ's, and Kayla is no exception. In fact, Kayla is pretty much border line retarded, incredibly hot, but just dumb. Kayla's own stupidity will be her downfall. Kayla is 16 yearsold.

She has long dark brown hair, thats wrapped into 2 pigtails that are thrown neatly over her shoulders. She has dark brown eyes and is very well tanned. She is 5'2, 101 pounds with a 34d bra size. She is in a blue pushup bra and a matching blue thong. The creature is stunned and somewhat awed by Kayla's idiocy as she approaches him, unaware of the danger, does she: A. Look at the creature and comment on how massive his hands are.

B. Look at the creature and comment on how big his teeth look. C. Look at the creature and comment on how big its dick is. Kayla wasn't exactly frozen in fear, more like lost in the cobwebs of her own mind, somewhere in there the alarm for danger was going off, but Kayla's stupidity once again rode over it.

"Wow, your hands are like fucking huge!" She said after a few seconds of silence. The demon looked at her, cocking its head slightly then grinning wide. Little spots of Ashley's blood on his massive fang like teeth.

"Care to compare?" He asked Kayla, raising his monsterous right hand completely flexed in the air. Kayla didnt even think. Automatically her hand was already streched out and silhoutting the creature's. The beast's hand locked on Kayla's and with terrible force begin to crush the poor girls hand.

"OW STOP!!! YOUR HURTING ME!!!" She yelped before the pain was unbearable. They could both hear the cracks and snaps of all her fingers and bones being totally eviceriated. With his other hand he charged forward, grabbing Kayla by the neck and lifting her up while pushing her against the wall. The alarm had finally went off in Kayla's dense head. "GAHHHH!!!" She gurggled trying to scream for the other girls help, but they were already gone.

the beast laughed as she aquirmed like a worm drying in the sun as he ripped her arm completely out of the socket, spraying even more blood over Ashley's mom's living room.

Kayla's noises were now inhuman. She screamed and cried like a weak animal being torn apart by wolves in the wild. The demon loosened his grip on her neck, letting her drop to the floor and totally soak in the pain of having her arm torn completely off.

Tears were fresh and constant as they rushed down her fiery face, turning the demon on. The site of these little skanks in their lingerie was just too much to handle. He cupped each of Kayla's breasts in each of his hands, all though she was still wearing her blue pushup bra. "AIEEEEE!" Her voice reached a new octave as her 34d's were being crushed before her very eyes. The thing tightened its grip as it lifted her in the air by her tits, continuing to crush them as he lifted her.

She tried to scream now but all the came out was blood and he continued to sqeeuze. The beast wasn't satisfied till Kayla's tits burst in his hands, shooting mammary tissue and blood out of her blue pushup bra and all over the beast and herself.

It was easily the worst pain any teenage girl had ever experienced, and as Kayla finally slipped into a last painful shock, she realized that this guy was probably not the pizza man at all.

Meanwhile, the other girls had gathered in the kitchen. "What the fuck was that thing!" Stacey said half screaming while still trying to keep her composure. "Whatever it was, it tore Ashley's head of like she was a ragdoll, what should we do?" Mindy asked the other girls as the huddled together.

From the other room they could hear Kayla scream "AIEEEEE!" "It got Kayla!" Sarah began to bawl. "Sarah, dont cry, please dont cry, your gonna make me cry too!" Lacy said choking up as she spoke. Loryn had heard enough. "Sarah, Lacy! Be glad your still and stop crying over those bitches. There will be tons of time to cry about them at their funerals, but i'll be damned if another one of my friends is going to die by the hands of that monster tonight!" She spoke epically as the girls listened intently.

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"Now hear is what we do" Loryn said continuing in taking charge of the situation. "Kelley knows where Ashley's dad keeps his guns, I bet we stand alot better of a chance if we have guns" Loryn was flowing now, building herself up and even believing herself as she rambled.

"But Kelley is upstairs! He'd trap us up there, and kill us one" Misty said, "by one" her twin sister Kristy said finishing the conversation. Loryn looked irritatedly at the twins, but then an idea popped into her head, and her look of irritation became a big smile. "Not if we lure him somewhere else" she said sneakily.

Left For Dead: Now with this poll you will choose Loryn's sneaky plan to lure the beast away so they can go wake up Kelley. The remaining girls follow Loryn's instructions in holding down the two twins Kristy and Misty and tying them together, both with their hands and legs tied together. But how can they be assured the beast will fall for the bait? Misty and Kristy are identical 15 yearold twins.

They both have dirty blondish, brown hair worn straight down and matching brown eyes. They are both 5'3 and weigh around 108 pounds each. Misty is in a baby blue satin bra and a matching thong, and Kristy is in a blood red satin bra and matching thong.

They both have 34b bra sizes. With the twins tied to each other, the other girls throw them into the room where the creature was last seen. While the rest of the girls make a run for it to Kelley's room. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: A. The demon takes the bait, and completely destroys the twin sisters using various items in the room. (lamp, television, piano, recliner, mounted antlers) B.

The demon feels bad for the sisters, and goes for the last girl in the line heading up the stairs, Andrea (16, 104 pounds, 5'5, 34dd tits) C. Decides that the twin sisters would make for a good bathroom. Pisses on one of them, and since his piss and cum are acidic that one twin will die, but he leaves the other for another time so one has to watch the other sister slowly die.

The beast didnt know what to make of what he was seeing when Stacey, Loryn and Mindy came in the room dragging along the twin sisters Kristy and Misty. The twins had been tied back to back, each of their legs and each of their arms tied together, with their arms beind behind their back.

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The twins also had ropes wrapped around both their ankles, waists, and even necks, making the twins pretty much immobile and sitting ducks for the demon. "YOU BITCHES WILL" Misty cried out, "NEVER GET AWAY WITH THIS" Kristy screamed automatically after her twin sister. "Holy shit! Your about to fucking die and you two are still annoying the shit out of me!" Loryn screamed grabbing each each twins pony tail in both of her hands. "STACEY! Get the socks!" Loryn demanded Stacey. Stacey shook her head and reached inside Mindy's bra pulling out 2 neatly placed white socks, and leaving MIndy's face to drop.

"Whoa! Hey! Stop!" Mindy said trying to grab her socks back from Stacey. "Mindy! We all know you stuff your bra. Your not fooling anyone" Loryn said snatching the socks away from the girls. Mindy looked down smugly, its not only that. But those socks were from victoria's secret, they cost me 20 dollars. their hello kitty." She said almost choking up a little. Loryn by this time had already sucessfully gagged the twins, and the beast still watched with a sick pleasure as he had single handidly managed to get the girls to turn on each.

"How great!" He thought to himself, as blood began to quickly rush to his penis. The thought of the girls betraying one another was the final straw and he just couldnt contain himself any longer. "Here! They're yours! Just leave the rest of us alone when your done with them okay!" Loryn said pushing the twins over onto the ground. "And if you could save the socks i'd love you forever!" Mindy yelled out to him.

"How dumb can these girls be!" He laughed in his head. "NOW RUN!!!" Loryn screamed at the top of her lungs as her, Stacey and Mindy made for the stairs. A few seconds later the remaining girls ran from out the kitchen to follow Stacey and Loryn up the stairs. It was the first time that the creature had a very good look at each of the girls, and that just turned him on even more.

Although the girls running up the stairs were to busy to notice, the twins eyes had been buldging the whole time, staring at the beast's 12 inch erect penis. Dripping cock sweat, and covered in black bristly hair it was easily comparible to a horses cock, but with alot more power behind it as the girls would soon find out. Lacy, Sarah, Mandy, Holly and Stephanie were the first wave of girls to make it up the steps, bunching at the bottom as they all tried to squeeze through and it was only made a tighter fit when the remaining girls ran out.

Dana, Anita and last Andrea, who was holding her crotch as if she had to pee extremely bad. That thought amused the demon and although the twins were tempting, Andrea seemed so much more fitting for the punishment he had in mind next. In just a few long steps the creature had made it to the bottom of the stairs, jumping in front of Andrea.

"Where do you think your going little girl! The party has just begun!" The creature said in a cackaling voice while the other girls ran up the stairs behind him, leaving poor Andrea for dead. "AHH! NOOOO! YOU WANT THE TWINS! NOT ME! PLEASSSEE NOT ME!" She said begging and crying as warm piss dripped down her leg from her hello kitty boyshorts.

The monster looked down at the floor, watching the pile of fresh piss accumalate. "Looks like this girl had an accident! You are no different then a dog that pisses in the house, and just like a dog, you need to be punished!" The beast said grabbing Andrea by her waist and shoving her head into the ceiling above. The ceiling cracked right upon from the force of Andrea's head, but luckily it didnt knock her out, if anything it let her know that it wasn't a dream and that didnt kill her, something else much worse would.

Violently she was ripped down from the ceiling and thrown onto the ground. "OWWWW!!!" She cried out holding her legs. "Oh god. Please. Please stop. No more." She said half dazed from the pain. The beast ignored her pathetic cry and grabbed her by her died red hair that was wrapped into a convient ponytail. He dragged her into the kitchen and shoved her back against the table as he reached for the tequila above her. "Now its a party! Open wide!" He screamed, shoving the bottle into Andrea's mouth.

Meanwhile the other girls had burst through 13 yearold Kelley's door. Kelley shot up out of bed, her brown eyes wide and groggy. "KELLEY! Does your dad have any guns in the house" Loryn said running over to the barely teenage girl. Kelley yawned, "Ya but he has them locked away in his room, or the only other gun I can think of is the antique one in the basement.

Why do we need a gun, and where is Ashley" Kelley said looking around, noticing that some of the girls were missing. "Um. You see Kelley, the thing is." Loryn was about to put it gently. "Some big fucking demon burst the door and sqeeuzed your sisters head to death" Stacey said with brutal honesty, cutting off Loryn.

Kelley looked confused. "Your joking right?" She said half laughing but still half scared. BOOM The girls heard a loud crashing noise while downstairs the demon had just shoved Andrea's head into the ceiling. "OWWWW!!!" All the girls heard the scream, but it for Kelley it was the rudest awakenining she could have ever imagined.

At first she struggled, but as soon as the first taste of tequila touched her tongue her gag reflex kicked in and she began to vomit up the pizza she had earlier, while the creature poured more tequila down her throat.

She choked, gagged, and vomitted in very short intervals for the next few minutes while the demon emptied the tequila bottle into her mouth, with most of it either being regurgitated onto her tits, or spilt on her 34dd's from her struggles. "PLEASE! I'M BEGGING YOU! HAVE MERCY! I DONT DESERVE THIS!" She cried in between coughing and vomitting. The beast laughed as he began to stroke his cock looking at the 16 yearold. He knew she didnt deserve any of what he was about to do to her, but that was just too bad for Andrea.

SO YOU WANNA SEE A BITCH RAPED ALREADY; The demon has Andrea by her ponytail and plans to make a human fuck toy out of her, but its upto you guys to decide what orafice he will brutally rape on her! Andrea is 16. She has long dark brown hair, dyed red and wrapped into a highset ponytail. She has auburn eyes. She is 5'6, 122 pounds with a 34dd bra size. She is in a black and orange lace bra and a matching thong. DOES HE; A.

Make Andrea give him the blowob from hell. Her jaw would snap, she would vomit up tequila and pizza and be forced to swallow it all back down while she gagged on the beast's massive cock, along with a few other terrible things including gallons of acidic cum being swallowed. B.

Ass rape Andrea, but while he is ass raping her he shoves her into the oven, letting her cook for a while, and eventually catching her 34dd's on fire from the tequila, and just the heat of the oven. C. Rape her vaginally, but while he rapes her vaginally he shoves her tits into the deepfryer, cooking her breast's while her pussy girates on his massive cock, getting him off and making her wish she stayed at home.

"NO!!! GET OFF OF ME!!!" Andrea shrieked trying to hold on to her orange lace thong as the beast tried to pull it down with one hand. He laughed at her amusing attemps to keep her underwear on, but as funny as it was to him, raping her was much more important. With one hand grabbing on to her thong he pulled up as hard as he could, wedging the thong tightly and painfully in Andrea's ass before it finally broke.

She was trembling naked in shame, trying to cover her hairless vagina with her hands while trying to back up, but finding herself hitting the counter. "No where to run baby doll, looks like your fucked. Literally!!!" The beast said lunging on the word literally.

Andrea was dazed with pain in those first few seconds. It was like a firecracker had been placed in her pussy and left to explode, that was how intese the force of his cock was. "GODDDDDDDDD NOOOOO!" She managed to sceam, her voice hitting an insanely high octave before she was left to shrieks and cries of pain. The beast thrusted again, and on the second thrust he could start to feel her vaginal walls break around his massive cock, letting blood slide down onto his already sweaty cock, lubricating it even more.

He fucked Andrea hard, slamming her back into the counter, grabbing her pony tail and pulling it as hard as he could just to make her hurt that little extra bit. Now it would be at this point, that if Andrea was capable of putting together a rational thought that she might think to herself "could this get any worse?" But the demon made sure that even if she regained her composure, she would never have to ask herself that question.

He violently ripped his cock out of her bleeding cunt and spun her around to fuck her from behind, but not before dropping turning on Ashley's mom's deep fryer. During those few seconds, Andrea began to come back to her senses and she did not ask herself what next. Instead she looked down at the blood soaked floor, and her mutilated cunt, remembering that she was 4 months pregnant and just starting to show.

Which made her cry histerically, rather then scream in her agonizing pain. The next pain she felt was the monster grabbing on to her ass cheeks with its gigantic hands, its claw like fingers digging into her flesh, grabbing it and seperating her ass cheek. "Oh god no!" She choked on tears, then WHAM!

She could have sworn at that very second she heard her asshole rip apart. It did, and blood gushed out like a fountain. The force of that first cock ramming forced her onto the counter, and leaving her tits dangerously close to the now warm deepfryer. Her hands gripped on the marble counter, trying to hold on as best as she could, then again WHAM!

The beast thrusted even harder this time, and Andrea's hands faltered, her tits fell right into the deep fryer.

Since her tits were already covered in tequila, it had a very interesting effect inside the deep fryer. Her tits at first were being burned from the hot oil, but as the hot oil soaked into her bra the tequila began to mix in with the oil, causing any burns she was getting to be immediatly 10 times as painful as it normally would have been.

Making sure her tits weren't getting out of there the creature took his right hand and placed it on her back, pushing all of her 34dd's inside, laughing as the sizziling noises from her tits began to over power her crazed yelps. And all the while he still ass raped her. It went on for ten minutes. During which Andrea fell in and out of conciouness, and he would stop accordingly just to let her wake back up and be rewelcomed to the hell that she had been experiencing.

Once he had came, he pulled his dick out off her torn ass and lifted her bloodied tits out of the deepfryer. Her tits were massacred. Once huge, perky 34dd's were now bloodied and brittle.

The oil had cooked into her bra and her bra had melted into her skin, so as her tits slowly melted away in the oil, the underwire of her bra slowly dug further and further into her chest, nearly evicerating it. Even though her bra was now melted into her skin, her nipples were still intact and visible, although they now looked like dried raisens. And as for her 34dd's, they were completely unrecognizeable, most of the mammary tissue was still in lumps in the deep fryer, cooking to a golden brown while fresher tissue oozed out of her gaping chest wound.

He pulled onto her pony tail again and lifted her eyes to meet his eyes. Her eyes were vacant and lost, she was about to die, why couldnt he just let her die. Then she looked down. From her waist down she was melting away. Her vagina was now like a peice of balony on the floor, but some of it was also still dripping from her waist, her brain was to tired to understand how or why it was happening, only that it was another pain that she could do without. He dropped her head into the deep fryer and walked away as her choked gasps and noises of her head banging against the deep fryer echoed throughout the house.

"That sounded like Andrea screaming!" Mindy said jumping to her feet. "We gotta do something! We just go to! We cant leave her down there to die!" Sarah was pacing in Kelley's room, nervously biting at her fingernails.

"Stop fucking saying that Mindy! We cant save her! We have to save ourselves!" She lashed out. "What about my fucking sister Sarah! Is that what you were thinking when you let it kill her!" Kelley said rising to her feet and pushing Sarah. Sarah's eyes grew wide. "Listen little girl, I am sorry about your sister but dont you ever fucking push me again!" She grabbed a hold of Kelley's hair while she screamed.

Kelley made a loud cry and reached for Sarah's pink highlighted pony tail. "Shouldnt we stop them?" Mindy asked Loryn. Loryn laughed. "Let them fight.

Maybe that will give us enough time to make it to the basement, I mean we obviously dont need Kelley anymore, and I could spare another friend if it means I'll get away" she said callously. Mindy blinked and said "Ok" The monster was through with Andrea, and he still felt like he could wait for the twins, after all they are double the pleasure. So he made its way up the stairs silently and the closer he got to the top the more he could hear the sound of girls fighting. He passed Ashey's dad's fish tank and noted that they were pirahna's.

"How strange, yet convienent" he thought to himself as he stopped to count how many pirahna's were inside. Twelve. Very convientant indeed. He started to walk again, following the girlish screams when he passed the open bathroom to his right and a sudden collection of deer mounts. "How fucking stupid can these girls really be!" He was astonished by how easy they were making this.

Its A Catfight: In this poll you will pick what girl wins the catfight based on what they look like. As Mills Lane would say on Celebrity Death Match, "Lets Get It On!" Sarah is seventeen yearsold.

She has black hair with pink highlights. Her hair is wrapped into a ponytail and she has light green eyes. She is 5'5 and weighs 124 pounds.

She has a 34c bra size and is wearing a pink pushup bra and matching boy shorts. Kelley is thirteen yearsold. She has shoulder length, light brown hair that she is wearing in short pigtails. She has light brown eyes. She is 4'11 and 99 pounds. She has a 34b bra size and is wearing a hello kitty pushup bra and matching pajama pants. A. Sarah wins the fight, and throws Kelley into the hallway, right into the hands of the beast. While Kelley is trapped, Sarah and the other girls make a run for it downstairs.

B. Kelley wins the fight, and throws Sarah into the hallway, right into the hands of the beast. While Sarah is trapped, Kelley and the other girls make a run for it downstairs. The winner gets to live, and the loser gets, ya, well you pick it: Since your voting on the girl, why not vote on how she dies too?

I already set up some various options in the last paragraph. Pretty cliche, huh? But I will add a 4th option to this just to make things a little interesting! A. Drags the girl into the bathroom, where he has already filled the bathtub with bleach, clorox, mothballs, cologne, and whatever else he could find in the bathroom to drown her in. He will also smash her face against the mirror and toilet. Shove her head in the toilet and piss on it.

B. Drags the girl over to pirahna tank and shoves her head first. After a few seconds of getting her face munched on he shoves her torso completely in. Pirhana's swim inside her bra and eat away her tits.


He would continue to dunk her for his amusement until her tits are completely eaten by the pirahna's. C. He drags her to the deer mount and mounts her breasts on the antlers. With the antlers firmly jabbed into her tits, he proceeds to pull her legs, slowly ripping her tits from her own body.

After her tits he does it with her hands, then legs, and finally her jaw. D. The blowjob from hell. Andrea was just not enough for the time being to quench his lusty bloodthirst, and now his dick is covered in Andrea's shit and blood! So why not a blowob from the loosing girl. Only the girls dont know about his acidic cum yet.

"GET OFF ME YOU FUCKING CUNT!" Kelley screamed while Sarah grabbed onto her pigtails and pulled as hard as she could. Her guts, brain, eyes, muscles and even her tits were consumed by the wild hell hounds, and although Misty's brain was in too intense of a shock to register all of the pain, she did not die until several hours later.

Kelley watched at the door this whole time. At first she was crying histerically, but as the one dog latched its jaws on to Misty's tit she realized that she couldn't save Misty. She couldn't save any of the girls unless she saved herself first, but with that thought also came the dreadful realization that if Kelley ventured outside she would be the one having her tits chomped on by hell hounds. Kelley thought to herself silently.

Her eyes grew wide. "YES! OF COURSE!" She screamed aloud as she ran back up the stairs, leaving Misty to suffer alone for the last pathetic hours in her life. Dana was shrieking with fear as the demon approached her. Her hands were nailed to the work bench so all she could do was thrash around wildy and scream as he prepared to kill her.

It took its time looking for what to kill her with, but when he saw that Mindy was holding onto a bottle of vodka, he smiled evily and decided on what to do. He quickly walked to Mindy and yanked the bottle away from her hands.

Mindy was too drunk and stoned to notice right away, but when she did, she responded with a slow "heyyy! That was mine!" In a sweet but whiney voice. The beast smirked, pushed Mindy towards Stacey and Loryn, knocking all three girls off their feet and headed back towards Dana who was still thrashing out of control. The demon stepped in front of her, showed her the bottle of vodka, and although she did not know what he planned on doing with it yet, she screamed a blood curdling scream.

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He noted that Dana's voice was the loudest of the girls so far and how that her screams were ear piercing. He was going to enjoy this so much. He shoved the full bottle of vodka in her bra between her massive 34dd tits and grabbed two hammers from the work bench.

"Oh god no. OH FUCK NO!!! PLEASE DONT HURT ME!!! I DID NOTHING TO YOU!!! WHY DO YOU WANT TO HURT ME!!!?" She was bawling now. The beast had a hammer in each hand and was practicing swinging both of them on oppisite sides of Dana's boobs when he stopped to think about her question.

"I dont want to hurt you. I want to kill you. And if you really must have a reason for it, its nothing personally really, i just love hurting tits" he spoke in a deep british voice which threw off the remaining girls.Unfortunately for Dana, she didnt have time to think about it, because as soon as he finished the hammers were swingging down at oppisite sides of both her breasts. BOOM! CRACK! SPLASH! Dana's eyes bulged as the hammers recoiled back. With one single blow, the demon had managed to crack the vodka bottle that was wedged in her bra, and in turn, caused the most pain Dana had ever experienced in her life.

Like he expected, when the both hammers came down at full force it caused the bottle to break everywhere, sending glass shards into her huge breasts, and filling her newly open wounds with fresh vodka. Dana at first could only feel the pain from her tits being smashed by hammers, which was a throbbing pain, but as the vodka began to soak into her fresh tit wounds her pain only increased, and as her tits throbbed they also felt like they were on fire.

"AHAHAHHHH! MOMMYYY!" Dana half screamed and half cried in pain. The beast wasnt paying attention to Dana's weak whimpering though, he was already in search of something else, and he found it when he picked up a pack of matches from the a closet in the corner of the room.

He lit a match but Dana wasn't paying attention, she was to busy wailing, putting on a huge production that the beast felt rather unnesceray. But then again, he thought to himself, he just hit both of her tits full force with hammers, ok, maybe she had a pretty good reason to be screaming like a bitch with a skinned knee, but if she thought just having her tits hit by hammers was the worse pain she would experience before the night was over, she was dead wrong.

Now that she had a few seconds to adjust to the mind throbbing pain, Dana realized the full agony she was in. Her hands were still aching from when he had nailed them to the work bench but that pain was made worse because all she wanted to do was rub her tits to maybe massage the pain away from them. She completely forgot her hands where nailed to the table and she tried to rip her hands away from it. She screamed a blood curdling scream as her hand bones and tendons cracked, ripped and tore apart.

"WHY ME!" She screamed as she continued to try and pull her hands away from the nails which only caused her more pain, but the pain in her tits was much worse, so it was a constant cycle of neverending anguish for her. The beast sparked the match and Dana was to busy self inflicting pain to herself to even notice how close it was to her vodka soaked bra.

Dana didnt even notice as he dropped the lit match directly in the middle of her cleavage. "AHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Dana's tits burst into flames as she thrashed ferociously. She kicked and screamed as her vodka soaked breasts only continued to burn her already damaged and tender tit flesh.

A few seconds later her entire chest burst into flames while Dana was forced to watch and suffer, realizing that she was a goner by this point. The beast was laughing histerically at the site of her flamming tits, and decided that the fire would kill Dana in a while any, hopefully a long while, and turned to the other girls.

They were gone, only Mandy remained, passed out from the pain of her broken shoulder. He swirved in disbelief and checked the other part of the room. They were nowhere to be found. The beast could'nt believe it. He was so concentrated on making sure Dana would suffer just as much as the girls before her that night, that the other skanks managed to sneak away, but how?

He went to Mandy and lifted her up by her broken shoulder, causing her to wake up and scream in pain. He dragged her to the sewage tank and in a horribly evil voice said "either you tell me where those cunts are, or gonna unload all of this shit on your face" he said pushing her face onto the iron of the sewage tank.

Playgirl is oozing with wetness after hardcore fucking

"GOD I DONT KNOW! PLEASE DONT DO THIS! I DONT WANT TO DIE" Mandy screamed. The beast sighed, and grabbed the hatchet again, slammed the hatchet into the sewage tank which caused it to burst open, slowly oozing old shit, piss, period blood, and whatever else would be in a sewage tank, onto Mandy's face.

Her screams increased and raised in pitch but soon were muffled as he shoved her face into the open shit hole. Once her face was completely in, he pushed on the back of her head as hard as he could, assuring that she would more then likely be the first teenage girl ever to suffocate on shit, and that thought amused him.

He turned back to Dana who was still screaming and flaming, but now her 34dd's looked like overcooked scrambled eggs that was overflowing out of her bra.

He smiled at that site also, walked towards Dana and with just one hand, lifted the table she was nailed to and threw it clear across the room. As he made his way up the stairs he could hear both girls still screaming for bloody murder, just waiting to die so their unnescary suffering would finally end. "Come on Lace!" Kelley was saying as Lacy crawled out of the dumbwaiter. "I cant believe anyone still has one of these" Loryn said to Stacey, checking out the old machine.

"Ya, but man how lucky are we" Stacey said. "Your welcome" Kelley chimed in. "I never said thank you" Stacey snapped back in her usual bitchy voice. Kelley's eyes grew sharp. "Well fuck you too then Stacey" She said walking towards Stacey.

"What the fuck are you gonna do about it!" Stacey said accepting the obvious invitation to fight. "Will you too just stop it! We're dropping like flies here, and all you two can do is fight! We need to stick together to at least get out of here!" Lacy shouted, making a production of the event. The beast could hear Lacy screaming, and new that it was coming from upstairs somewhere. Maybe back in Kelley's room, or maybe even higher in the house, like an attic, but how?

That thought only angered him as he entered the main room of the house. A thought occured to him as he almost passed up the room. Misty was missing, and that enraged him. He was livid with anger as he went into the kitchen in search of something to cause the next cunt he deciced to kill much more pain than any human could ever imagine.

He opened every cupboard in search of that one thing, and found it when he found the "wasaki" sauce. He smiled as a plan began to formulate in his brain while he made his way up the next flight of stairs in search for the girls.

The girls had tied Lacy's arms to the rafters of the attic, and her legs to the floor boards, made sure the ropes were good and tight, and that there was no way for Lacy to escape.

"You see, once he finds us, because of Lacy's dumb ass speach which she had to scream at the top of her lungs, he will see Lacy already tied up and automatically kill her, and while he does that, half of us take the dumb waiter, while the other half run down the stairs, so at least half of us have a chance of living" the unusually quiet Stepahnie was explaining her plan to the other girls, while they all shook their head in agreeance, all of them but Lacy that is.


Stacey at first looked irritatted, then laughed as an idea came to her mind. She studied the room in search of whatever would work, and she found in a small shard of glass. "NO! NO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING! AHHHHH!" Lacy was still histerical as Stacey began to carve words into Lacy's back. Lacy was yelping in pain and fear, trying to do something to save herself from the pain Stacey was causing her. "What are you doing Stace?" Loryn asked her, the other girls were clearly clueless to what Stacey was doing.

"Give me a second, and there we go" Stacey said as she was finishing up, and then BOOM! For the second time that night a door imploded and the demon was the cause of it. Splinters of wood scattered everywhere in the attic while the remaining girls fell back with fear.

Stacey also cowared back towards the wall, allowing the beast to see the sacrifice the girls had left for him. It looked different from when the girls had seen him before, there was something more menacing about the way he looked. He was completely erect, and his cock was covered in a plastic garbage bag.

The beast took his time walking through the destroyed doorway, analyzing the room. He sneered as he saw that the girls had sacrificed yet another one of thier freinds.He read the words Stacey carved into Lacy's back and laughed in his thick british voice.

WHAT DID STACEY WRITE ON HER BACK:- This isnt really all that important to the plot, but we need a few good jokes to keep this story interesting, so lets vote on what terrible thing Stacey carved into Lacy's back.

Lacy is wearing panties and a bra, but since I have been using actual pics, just imagine Lacy wearing the same bra and matching panties that the pic has. A. "INSERT HERE" with an arrow pointing down to Lacy's asshole B. "POINT, THRUST, REPEAT" with an arrow pointing down to Lacy's asshole C. "VIRGIN ASSHOLE" with an arrow pointing down to Lacy's asshole D. "WWJD?" with an arrow pointing down to Lacy's asshole DOES HE RAPE LACY? OR DOES HE RAPE ANOTHER GIRL? - The next girl to die is going to be ass raped if this isnt already obvious, but it's going to be an ass raping for the history books.

Along with the "wasabi" sauce he plans to make sure this girl suffers, but if not Lacy, who? A. Stephanie - B. Mindy - Lacy was thrashing in her bonds as the beast walked towards her, still laughing at the "WWJD" carved into her tanned back. "What would Jesus do?" He mused in his thick accent. Lacy responded with wild screaming. "Well, I dont think Jesus would approve about what I am going to do to you, and he might just figure that what i'm about to do to you is so vile, that he will have to send you down to hell after it" he said as he lubed his garbage bag covered cock with the wasabi sauce.

Lacy was screaming even more now, as she could feel his menacing presence right behind her. He grabbed her by her waist very quickly, causing her to jump and then shake uncontrollably. "Get off me! Get the fuck off me!" Lacy was straining her voice she was screaming so loud. With one hand he lifted her panties, and then ripped them competely off her, causing her minor pain, but scaring her even more.

He grabbed her by her pony tail and brought his lips to her ear, "I hope this is just as special for you, as its going to be for me" he said then let go of her pony tail. He placed both of his hands on both of her asscheeks and spread them. "Nooooo! You can't!

You would'nt!" The beast rammed his cock into her tight asshole and although it didnt fit at force, with a firm pull of her asscheeks he managed to shove the head of his cock in and that was all the momentum he needed.

"YOU ARE!" Lacy shrieked in a high pitch whimper that made the other girls cover their ears. Lacy's asshole tore at least a half inch from both ends with that first thrust, and another inch on the second, but after the first 2 initial thrusts his cock fit in her hole like a warm glove. Lacy's eyes were bulging as she tried to deal with the fiery pain of having her virgin asshole torn open. After a few minutes of ass fucking her, the beast decided it was time to add a little spice to their relationship, literally.

Sure Lacy was already in enough pain already, but the beast had to ask himself, "what would jesus do?" And although he wasn't to sure Lacy would agree with his answer, he decided that Jesus would probably ass rape Lacy with a wasabi sauce covered dick. Lacy went from interoable pain, to insurmountable pain. Her voice cracked as she screamed like she was being skinned alive as the beast continued to jack hammer his cock into her tight, but torn asshole.

The last few girls watched with grins on their faces as Lacy was being ass fucked to death, but nobody found it more enjoyable then Stephanie, who had started masterbating as soon as the beast started his assult. "Thats right! Fuck that little cunts hole like theres no tommorow!" Stephanie was fingering herself intensely. Loryn and Stacey looked at each other, "Steph.

I never knew you were a lesbian?" Stephanie kept on masterbating but automatically answered Loryn's question.

"I'm not, I'm just into guro and torture, I was getting off every time i've seen this fucker kill one of them cunts, I guess you guys just havent noticed because there were so many of us, and now its only us." Loryn and Stacey looked at each other again and shrugged, then continued to watch the beast reak havoc on Lacy's asshole.

Lacy's eye were bursting out of their sockets and her screams were hoarse and fading, yet they still had a sense of urgency and sheer agony in them. He grabbed onto her small breasts, and began to pull them apart while he continued to jam his dick inside her.

Stephanie continued to masterbate as she walked in front of Lacy, placing her faces right in front of her tits as the beast slowly tore. Since Lacy only had a 34b cup size, there wasn't that much to really rip off her body, but that didnt mean it wasnt any less painful than it was for Kayla.

Although Lacy didnt know it, her breast's were the most sensitive out of all the girls there, and for that reason alone the pain of her tits being ripped off slightly over rided the pain of being ass fucked with a wasabi covered dick.

Finally her tits ripped away from her body, causing her to writhe in pain. Stephanie's pace of fingering herself quickened, as Lacy's blood and mammary tissue sprayed on her face.

"OH FUCK YES! KILL HER! FUCKING KILL HER!" She was screaming with a girlish glee as Lacy continued to cry like a baby. Lacy's eyes rolled in the back of her head, while the beast felt her convulse on his cock. She was dying as he ass fucked her and for him it was the greatest feeling ever. "I didnt know Stephanie was such a freak" Stacey was telling Loryn. Loryn nodded.

"I've never seen any girl get turned on by anything so much before" she said. Mindy sparked her lighter and started to hit her bowl that she had kept in the cleavage of her bra all night. Stephanie heard the spark and turned her head to Mindy with a animalistic look in her eyes. Stephanie pounced on Mindy withen seconds, and there was no way for Mindy to even know what was coming so there was no way to defend herself.

Stephanie first slapped the bowl out of Mindy's hand, punched her dead in the face and then kicked her in the cunt. It was the kick to the cunt that sent Mindy too her knees crying and gasping for air but Stephanie did not stop for one second.

Stacey, Loryn and Kelley couldnt believe what they were seeing. Stephanie had always been the quiet goth girl of their group of friends, but none of them ever assumed she could be such a sadist. And she was a sadist. After a few hard kicks to Mindy's crotch, Stephanie was sure she felt her pelvis break, and that thought was only solidified by Mindy's sharpening scream. Stepahnie grabbed her by her hair and pulled her over to the dumbwaiter.

"No. Please god. Stop." Mindy gasped while she sobbed. "A little help here?" Stephanie said to nobody in particular. The beast stopped his assault on Lacy's asshole and looked at Stephanie grinning. He dropped Lacy and let her hang by the ropes that held her, twictching and convulsing as her tits and asshole slowly bled her to death. As he reached Stepanie he lifted the dumb waiter above the hole so there was just enough room for Mindy's head to cover, but that wasn't Stephanie's plan at all.

While the beast held the compartment open, Stephanie shoved Mindy's 34c tits inside and as soon as she did the Beast dropped it. It fell very fast for such a short distance and made a squish noise as it crushed Mindy's boobs.

Her tits were completely destroyed. It had completely ruptured both breasts, leaving them black and blue and oozing blood from the edges of the dumbwaiter. "Again!" Stephanie cackled histerically as she yanked Mindy free.

Mindy's tits scretched apart like a flex armstong. Her bloody mammary tissue smeared on the cold metal and still somehow dripped on to the floor as Stepahnie pulled her chest away from its bondage. The beast smiled at how cruel Stephanie was, lifted the dumbwaiter one last time, and shoved Mindy's head inside it, letting her tits drip-drop on the floor like a leaky faucet.

"Nooooo!" BOOM! The impact of the steel on her head was deafening. Mindy's skull was instantly cracked open. Her brain fluids spilled on the floor as she quickly twitched, moaned and pissed her blood soaked panties, filling the room with a repugnant smell.

Stephanie spit on Mindy's still convulsing corpse and said in a ominous voice, "3 little pigs. See how they run. 3 little cunts. Time to have some fun." It was like a nursery rhyme from hell, and it gave each of the remaining girls a chill.

Stephanie's eyes were wild now, and her hair was unkempt. She looked savage. "Oh did you guys think this was all just a random event? Hahaha." Her laugh was insane. "This is my boyfriend, Scar. Not only am I just a wee bit of a sadist, but I also have a very strong fetish for deformed circus creatures with huge cocks" She said rubbing on the beast.

He smiled, bent down, and kissed Stephanie gently on the head. "My darling" he spoke in that odd english accent of his.

Stacey, Loryn and Kelley were stunned, and for the first time that night, the 3 main girls feared for their petty mortality. "Now its just a question of who kills who, how they kill her, and how much cum she is going to swallow before she finally makes her trip to hell" Stephanie said walking to Lacy. Lacy was still coughing and crying, half alive and in a shit load of undeserved pain.

No pun intended. Stephanie was laughing all the while though, then she punched Lacy in the rib. Then again, and again, and again. She pulverized the defenseless Lacy, and all Lacy could do was scream, cough and wait for her bittersweet death while Stephanie continued to jab her. For 10 minutes the remaining girls had to watch Mindy slowly die, and watch Stephanie slowly kill Lacy.

Lacy's eyes rolled in the back of her head, and her tongue slipped into the back of her throat after ten minutes though. Blood smeared all over her body and continued to flush out of her like fountain. She twichted for a few more minutes, and although she was on the verge of dying Stephanie felt it nesccarry to kick her in the cunt a few times just to make her final seconds that much worse, and they were.

With Lacy and Mindy dead, Stephanie and Scar walked towards each other and embraced when they met. They kissed for a few seconds, and then pulled away.

Both of their faces splattered with innocent blood, and both with huge cheshire grins. "Oh fuck! Kill Loryn! She stuffs her bra and has never sucked a dick before in her life!" Stacey screamed pushing her best friend ahead of her.

Loryn quickly sidestepped Stacey though and then pushed Stacey in front of her saying "fuck that! Stacey's the girl you want! She has the tightest asshole ever! You could shove coal up there and in a week it will be a diamond! And I do not stuff my bra! Padded bras are not considered stuffing your bra!" Loryn and Stacey bickered, while Kelley was scared stiff, pissing her panties for no other reason but fear. Sarah was bigger then Kelley, and realisticly Kelly had no chance in hell unless she fought dirty.

She remembered about Sarah's knee injury she had a few years back during a soccer game, and how that although it was years ago now, she could still feel the pain. Kelley didn't had time to think about it so without even looking she kicked backwards, awkwardly hitting her knee and taking Sarah to the ground. "OWWW!" Sarah's cry was the most innocent of the screams thus far, it was like a little girl scraping her knee on a sidewalk, a sad, and lowly cry as she sobbed to herself.

"Oh my god! Sarah i'm sorry! I didnt mean it!" Kelley was nearly in tears realizing what she had done. Sarah couldn't speak she was in so much pain. Her accident had left her bed ridden for 6 months, and 3 constrocutive knee surgeries later and she still wasnt 100%, and now she was back to that horrible first pain. She cried on the ground, asking herself "what could happen next?" She opened her eyes to all her friends and found that their eyes were fixated beyond her.

Sarah slowly turned back and at first saw the massive legs, her eyes averted upward and saw the demon's smiling face looking down at her. "OH GOD SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!" She screamed at the top of her lungs as the creature reached down for her. It grabbed onto her shoulders and lifted her in the air, completely imbolizing her in his terrible grasp.

"HELP!!! HELP ME!!!" She screamed as her one good leg kicked in the air while the beast brought her to the mounted antlers on the wall so she was facing them. "KELLEY! KELLEY PLEASE HELP! I DONT WANT TO - BLAUHHHHH!" Sarah didn't even get to finish before the beast thrusted her tits on the sharp antlersinstantly impaling her 34c boobs.

Sarah shuddered in the monster's strong arms as he continued to push her tits down on the antlers until the antlers popped through the top of her breasts. Sarah's eyes bulged as she looked down at the bloodstained antlers, and the gaping holes in each of her breasts that were spewing blood. Kelley was crying histerically watching the beast mutilate Sarah while the other girls were stunned to silence.

Loryn was the first one to wake up from the trance, "we gotta get downstairs" she whispered to Stacey. Stacey nodded. They waited for the right moment to make a run for it, and found it when the demon impaled Sarah's left hand onto another deer antler, causing Sarah to scream even wildly.

They bolted behind the creature, making sure not to look back, even to see if any of the other girls were following while the beast tore Sarah's hand off by pulling it away from the antler.

Mindy was the next girl to make a run for it behind Stacey and Loryn, then the others girls made their way downstairs into the basement. Sarah was dazed and in shock from the immense pain she had been witnessed to and once again she asked herself "what could happen next?" and once again she found herself regretting it.

With brute force he broke her arms by twisting them behind her back and then started to pull. "POP" was the noise her arms made as he pulled them out of thier sockets, a loud distinctive "POP" that made Sarah sick to her stomach, and yet he continued to pull. Sarah shrieked in terror as she realized that her tits were being slowly ripped by the antlers protruding from them and with one last hard tug he had managed to do just that.

Sarah was horrified by the what she was feeling and seeing as she watched her tits rip away violently from her chest but before she could even try to gurgle or scream the creature had placed her mouth on one of the antlers. Sarah was still in too much agony to function anything else other then the pain and she did not seem to notice that her mouth was on a deer antler like it was a loaded gun.

Then BAM! It was the most painful second of her life before she drifted away into death. The demon had slammed her head onto the antler, propelling it into her brain and killing her instantly leaving her a massacred corpse. "Another one bites the dust" Stacey said as her, Loryn and the rest of the girls heard the "POP!" of Sarah's arms breaking while they made their way down into the basement. "There is another way out of the basement right Kelley" Loryn asked the crying Kelley.

Kelley was still upset for what she had done to Sarah and had been crying ever since. "Yeah, my dad made sure when they built this house that the basement would have a - OH MY GOD ASHLEY!" She cut herself off running to the dead corpse of her sister. She was shaking uncontrollably as she looked down as Ashley's lifeless body. The demon made its way down the stairs, with Sarah's bra in its hand.

As he made his way down the stairs he saw that the twins were still pathetically struggling to get out of their bondage, and Kelley was bawling over her sisters corpse, the other girls however, were nowhere to be found. At A Crossroads: Now the beast has a choice, and its your choice to make for him! Whoever he picks next is gonna get the blowjob from hell, but you get to pick it, here are your choices!

Kelley is thirteen yearsold. She has shoulder length, light brown hair that she is wearing in short pigtails. She has light brown eyes. She is 4'11 and 99 pounds.

She has a 34b bra size and is wearing a hello kitty pushup bra and matching pajama pants. Misty and Kristy are identical 15 yearold twins.

They both have dirty blondish, brown hair worn straight down and matching brown eyes. They are both 5'3 and weigh around 108 pounds each. Misty is in a baby blue satin bra and a matching thong, and Kristy is in a blood red satin bra and matching thong. They both have 34b bra sizes. A. Kelley B. Misty C. Kristy For some strange reason, watching Kelley cry over her sister's dead corpse seemed to feel sympathy for the poor girl. In a split second desicion he made his choice of the next victim, and turned his eyes back to the pathetic twins.

Still gagged and tied to each other the twins had pissed themselves several times since they had been tied up, and their eyes were red from crying, which turned the beast on.

He towered of the twins as they shivered beneath him. He smiled down at the girls, and picked up Kristy by her pony tail and brought her to her knees, which in turn brought Misty onto her knees, but completely oblivious to what was about ot happen to her twin sister. Kristy was shrieking madly through the gag while the demon played with her hair. He pulled out the gag ever so gently to hear Kristy yelp in mid-scream.

"OH GOD NO! DONT HURT ME! I DID NOTHING TO YOU AND I DONT WANT TO DIE!" She cried as demon pulled his massive cock to her face, hanging it on her nose. "No. You cant want." She gulped and finished "that?" she asked her eyes shimmering from tears. The monster's response was a quick one as he shoved her mouth onto his erected cock just as she finished the word "that." Kristy's eye's bulged as she was completely histerical with fear.

The cock was a terrible texture, like fleshy sand paper that seemed to tear the roof of her mouth, and her tongue as he rammed it in. It slowly pushed her mouth further down onto its cock, and the further he went the more gagging noises she made, completely choking on his cock. It shoved its dick in completely, shoving his entire shaft down her throat, and even Misty could feel the girth protruding from the back of Kristy's throat, on the back of her neck.

He let Kristy choke in the position for a few seconds, and slowly lifted her head up off his cock, letting her get a few breathes before he started his massive onslaught to her mouth. She immediatly vomited on the floor, and the vomited again, sobbing in between the spews. The beast laughed to himself as Kristy continued to vomit, and Misty was kicking and screaming through the gag.

The beast lifted Kristy's chin so her eyes were gazing at his. She gulped down the vomit in her mouth without thinking, and pleaded one last time "please?" She said.

The beast lifted her arms out of the ropes they were entagled in, but still kept her connected to her sister, and for a second a glimmer of hope shined in Kristy's eyes. But it was soon crushed as he grabbed the back of her head, and with brutal force shoved her head down onto his cock, repeating it with such speed and force that Kristy at first couldnt feel the pain of having her jaw snap. But as he continued to thrust his member, the sharp pain of her broken jaw became almost unbearable.

The Blowjob from Hell: And here is where we mix things up! Instead of having a poll, I am going to write a list of things that could happen to Kristy during her blowjob, and your job is to pick the 3 things you would want to happen to her! Trying to mix things up a bit =) HERE ARE YOUR OPTIONS, CHOOSE 3; Kristy bites down on the cock but her teeth shatter; Kristy puts her arms against the demon's waist trying to stop herself from sucking, but he forces her forward anyways, snapping both of her arms at the elbows; The demon shoves his finger's into Kristy's eyes, gouging them out; The beast pisses in Kristy's mouth; The beast rips out Kristy's tongue; The beast reaches into Kristy's bra and rips of her tits For ten unbearably long minutes Kristy's small head was being pumped up and down onto the beast's cock, gagging her on every thrust.

Kristy already knew by that point that there was nothing left to do in her life but die. The pain was just too much, and even if she somehow lived through this, the amount of therapy she would need to undergo afterwards would make Sigmund frued blush. For a sweet sixteen yearold, who had never even kissed a boy, this was just too much for her sweet and innocent mind to handle.

"Im going to hell because of this! I'm a sinner! I promised myself for marriage and now look what I am doing" she said in her idle mind as the demon continued to rhythmically propell her face on to the head of his dick, and right back down to the hair on his balls. It was then she realized that if she was going to die in such a crude manner, why not try to fight back?

"What's the worst that can happen?" She asked herself subconsciously in thought. Kristy waited for an opportune time to make her move, and she found it when her dislocated jaw snapped back into place.

"MMMM" Kristy moaned as she bit down as hard as she could on the monsters cock, but to her horror it had the completely opposite effect she was hoping for. CRACK! Her two front teeth shattered into a several little pieces in her mouth, while he continued to ram his rod down her throat, completely unaware that Kristy had tried to fight back until blood began to gush out of her mouth.

The demon looked at her with a questioning glance, and pulled his massive member out of her mouth. Kristy gasped frantically for air while blood gushed from the open holes in her gums. The beast noticed this and looked down at his penis to find the two pathetic imprints from her teeth that she had left, and with that he decided "No more mr.

nice guy" He grabbed Kristy by the back of her head, pushed the head of his dick right in between her eyes, and began to piss directly in Kristy's tear filled face. "GAHHH!!! GURGLE-GURGLE" was the only noise she could make as he lowered his dick and aimed for her mouth.

Hot piss shot filled her mouth almostly instantly and all she could do was try to spit it out and cry while the beast laughed histerically. He shoved his still pissing dick back in Kristy's mouth and began to thrust her head up and down on his cock again, forcing her not only to taste the hot piss, but also swallow the salty liquid. Kristy was to the point of giving up when the beast finally stopped pissing, but right as he stopped pissing in her mouth she tasted a new liquid pumped into her throat.

It was cum. Kristy gagged as cum pumped into her already tired mouth and vomited as she tasted the salty man juice for the first time ever. It was disgustingly thick and creamy, but also salty and chunky, like old milk left out in the sun for weeks and all Kristy could do was hope that death would save her from her horrible ordeal now, and like all the other girls before, she asked herself, "what else could go wrong" The beast shoved her head all the way down onto the shaft of his cock and let go, choking her on its girth, and shooting cum directly into the her stomach.

With his two free hands he reached in both cups of her bra and grabbed a firm grip on her tits, and with no hesitation at all he ripped Kristy's 34b tits right from her body. With that she finally collapsed on the beast's dick, while he still shot acidic cum into her stomach.

Kristy had finally expired, although her body still twitched uncontrollably, like a worm being dissected in science class. The demon pulled his dick out and watched as the cum inside Kristy's mouth and stomach began to eat away at her flesh and organs. Soon her stomach was wide open, oozing bloody chunks, decaying organs, and salty cum onto the ground.

Her mouth was completely destroyed by this point too. Her jaw was completely separated from her body, her tongue was being melted away by the acidic cum, and her teeth no longer resembled the once perfect set she had just a few minutes before. Misty was still hysterically crying this whole time, but once she had seen the beast get up and move away from her sister, she managed to scream and cry even harder then before.

Her twin sister was dead, and there was nothing she could do about it. The beast looked at Kelley, who was still crying over her dead sister's remains, and then looked at Misty, who was just like Kelley at this point. He laughed and thought to himself. Whats next? Now that the beast has got off twice tonight, he feels that maybe its time to go back to just fucking up these little sluts as much as he can.

But where to start? SHOULD HE A. Go to the basement and start having fun with the other girls B. Kill Misty since she is already in front of him C. Kill Kelley since she is already in front of him "I cant believe Kelley was that dumb! I mean, didnt she already notice that her sister wasn't with us that entire time in her room?" Stacey was saying callously.

"Well she is Ashley's little sister" Loryn replied, "you know how fucking stupid she was. Really, I'm glad she's dead. Andrea too, she was a skankasourous rex, but I guess i'm gonna miss Sarah" she said with little emotion.

Lacy looked visably appaulled at what she was hearing. "Are you guys fucking serious! They were your friends!

Its not like we are in gym class and making fun of them for stuffing thier bras, they're dead, and all you can do is make catty comments!" She shriekd with anger while Loryn and Stacey watched stunned.

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"Listen, I didn't want to sacrifice Kristy or Misty, but you stupid bitches out voted me, and I didnt want to get sacrificed with them, because I know if I would have stuck up for them you would have turned on me too, but jesus christ! The least you can do is have some respect for them! I mean you killed them after all, and, what if, like, maybe one of them had an idea to kill that fucking thing, huh!" She said choking on tears and loosing her train of thought towards the end.

Stephanie, Holly, Dana, Anita, and Mandy were also almost in tears, realizing the weight of what they had done to their freinds because of what Loryn, Stacey and Mindy had told them to do, while Loryn and Stacey stared down Lacy angrily, and Mindy was too busy smoking a bowl to even pay attention to what Lacy was saying. "Are you done?" Loryn asked Lacy with a steely tone to her voice.

Lacy's mouth dropped as fresh tears started to form in her eyes. "ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS! YOUR AS INHUMAN AS THAT FUCKING THING UPSTAIRS IS! YOU TWO ARE KILLERS! YOU KILLED MISTY AND KRISTY!" Lacy screamed at the 2 girls, her voice cracking into a new pitch she had never reached before. "And Kelley killed Sarah, and you allowed us to sacrifice MIsty and Kristy.

Your a killer to Lacy. You know you are. You killed Misty and Kristy along with the rest of us, Sarah and Andrea killed her too, and they got what they deserved, and you will too. But me and Loryn are gonna live because we are not as stupid as you, and if these girls are smart they will follow us because so far we me and her have got you out of danger, and into the only room with weapons. The only room where we actually stand a chance at beating that thing.

So what if a few of those sluts died, I am alive Lacy, and I plan to stay alive no matter what it takes" Stacey said in a very elaborat sounding speech. "FUCK YOU STACEY!" I'LL BE THE LAST ONE IF THERE IS A LAST ONE! YOU'LL SEE, I'LL KILL THAT THING MYSELF IF I HAVE TO!" Lacy screamed again. Stacey at first laughed, then her face quickly went into a grimace.

She quickly reached for the shotgun that the girls had found in Ashley's basement and aimed it towards Lacy. "OH MY GOD! WHAT ARE YOU DOING STACEY!" Lacy cried putting her hands in the air, and pissing her pink panties with fear. "Lacy. Turn around" Loryn said in a cruel, sarcastic tone. Lacy's knees were shaking uncontrollably, and hot piss continued to stream down her leg, but all she could do was stare at the barrel of the shotgun.

"No. Please. Put the gun down Stacey. PLEASE!" She begged. Stacey sighed and put the gun to her side. "Lacy, turn around" she said making a turn around motion with her hand.

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Lacy was still trembling, but her eyes widened with fear suddenly realizing that all of the other girls were not looking at her, but past her. She slowly turned around and his worst fear had come true, the beast was staring down at her, smiling a hideous grin.

"Oh god. Oh God!!! OH GOD!!" She yelped realizing the sudden and incredible danger she was in. The beast took no time in grabbing Lacy by her pony tail and lifting her in the air, leaving her to kick and scream wildly.

"SHOOT IT! STACEY! SHOOT IT!" She screamed as he brought her face to his face. Stacey sighed, cocked the shotgun, aimed it at the beast and shot one round.


The beast shot back when the bullet hit him, writhing from pain and bleeding for the first time in his life, which also allowed Lacy to escape. Lacy scrambled to her feet and ran behind Holly and shoved her towards the beast. "WHAT THE FUCK LACE!" Holly screamed as Lacy pushed her. Lacy grabbed the shotgun from Stacey and waited for Holly to turn around, and when Holly did, Lacy shot it directly at Holly's kneecap.

Her kneecap shattered almost instantly as the bullet ripped through the tendons and bones, leaving Holly in excruciating pain. "FUCKKKK!" She cried in agony and fell to the ground. Blood squirted everywhere and Holly was histerically screaming, but the remaining girls were fixated on Lacy and what she had just done. "I'll be the last one" Lacy said giving the gun back to Stacey. "WHY!!! WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU!" Holly was bawling, realzing that Lacy had just pretty much killed her for no reason other than to save herself.

This whole time the monster was also stunned, but took the time to gather his strength again, and prepare to destroy Holly. He walked up towards the injured girl and kicked her onto her back with brute force. Holly yiped in mindblowing pain.

Her leg felt like it was on fire, and the beast kicked her so hard that she was sure he had broken all of her ribs on her left side. It grabbed both of Holly's thighs and lifted her in the air. "AHHHH!!! AHHHH!!!" Was all she was screaming as the pain from her evicerated knee continued to grow more unbearable. The beast began to pull Holly's legs apart like she was a wishbone.

She was screaming like a wild animal, pissing herself and crying like a baby as he continued to tear her apart like string cheese. She could feel her vagina tear slowly as he continued to rip her apart, but even though she was in such incredible pain, she could still feel every extra nerve in her pussy throb.

He continued to tear her. Soon her pelvis was snapped in half, and her torso began to split up the middle like a gutted pig. Then her chest, right up the tits and also splitting her 34c black lace bra right in half, all the while she still managed to stay alive. Which she found incredibly unfortunate. He finally ripped her completely in half, her skull pulling apart like it was a fortune cookie, and all her inside organs spilling everywhere on the cement floor.

Her brain fell in two onto the ground and make a sick splashing noise when it did. The other girls looked stunned. This was alot more serious then any of them had realized and they had no clue what to do next as the beast approached them. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT; Ok, the beast is back down with the other girls and he is pissed off. So the next girl is probably going to have an even worse death than Holly, so lets make it something gory, and lets let you guys choose the girl!

CHOOSE A GIRL A. Mandy. She is fifteen years old. She has long blond hair with pigtails. She has light green eyes.


She is 5'1 and weighs 99 pounds. She has a 34d bra size and is wearing a lime green bra and matching thong. B. Anita. She is seventeen years old. She has brownish, blond hair that she wears in a pony tail. She has blue eyes. She is 5'5 and 117 pounds. She has a 34c bra size and is in a white lace pushup bra and matching thong. C. Stephanie. She is fourteen years old. She has shoulder length, black hair that she is wearing in short pigtails. She has light brown eyes. She is 4'11 and 80 pounds.

She has a 32b bra size and is wearing a black satin bra and a matching thong. CHOOSE A DEATH A. He takes the girl by the back of her head and shoves a hose into her mouth. He attaches the hose to the sewage tank and makes it so raw sewage is shooting down her throat.

While sewage shoots down her throat he fingers her until she cums, then she dies, choking on shit. B. He takes the girl by the back of her head and drags her to the sink.

He proceeds to pour bleach, ammonia, and water into the sink and forces the girls face and tits into the sink, burning her incredibly badly. C. He takes the girl by the back of the head and slams her face into the water heater until it bursts open. Then he holds her tits and lets her tits burn off, then continues the process with her face. The beast walked slowly towards the remaining girls, who remained huddled in the corner of the basement, each of them trying to think of seperate plans.

Slowly he made his way towards them which caused Mandy to scream in terror. "HE'S FUCKING WITH US! WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR, HE'S GONNA KILL US ANYWAYS! SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING!" She screamed like a scared little girl. "You do something about it then, you fucking baby" Stacey said pushing Mandy directly into the beast. Mandy yelped as the beast caught her by the shoulders and looked down at her, his face in a twisted grimace.

"NOOOOOO!" She screamed as she pissed her white thong, staining it yellow. Before the beast could even have his way with Mandy, Anita was there with a hatchet. "I wont have you kill any more of my friends!" She screamed as she charged with the hatchet.

The beast sidestepped her, and with that simple dodge he had managed to send Anita flying into the water heater with the hatchet cutting into the cheap metal ever so slightly enough to spray a thin line of boling hot water onto Anita's back. "AIEEE!" She yiped like a small dog that had been stepped on as the searing hot water sizzled on her back, instantly melting the flesh and slowly burning into her muscles.

Sharp pangs of pain attacked Anita's brain and with that fresh tears filled her eyes, as she began to sob and rub her burning wound. The beast still had Mandy by the shoulders but was now to preoccupied with Anita to even deal with her, so he threw her onto the ground with intense force. Her shoulder popping out of place as she hit but the beast paid no attention to that noise, or Mandy's cries of pain there after. He had his sights set on Anita and since Anita was still dealing with the agonizing pain from the hot water, she was totally defenseless and clueless to the approaching danger.

The demon came on Anita with no prior sign of warning, almost like a cat stalking a mouse. He had grabbed her by her blond pony tail and yanked it into the air, lifting her with it. "OHHH GODDD NOOO!!!" She cried in annoying squeek of a voice while with his free hand, the beast took the hatchet that was still just ever so slightly wedged into the water heater and began to hack away at it further, causing a cascade of boiling hot water to spray on Anita's back.

Her back was red and raw the very second the water touched her back, and just a few seconds after she could her skin beggining to tear from the muscles underneath, and her spinal chord felt like it could rip right out of her back.

After those first few seconds of initial shock and pain, the monster decided to take it up a notch.

He flipped Anita around and forced her face to the open crack on the water heater, letting it blast her gorgeous face with full force, sending her into a pain frenzy. Her arms and legs kicked frantically and histerically in the air. She tried to scream but the very second she opened her mouth the boiling water filled it, melting her tongue in seconds, and dissolving her gums leaving her teeth to fall inside her mouth, only hanging by boiling nerve endings.

He had focused much of the spray on her crystal blue eyes though. Figuring that his little demonstation of Holly was not enough to keep these girls in line, and if he had to gouge a bitch's eye with searing hot water just so he can rape and kill them in peace, well god dammit that is what he would have to do and Anita would have to be that girl.

Since her eyes were the most sensitive things the incredibly hot water had touched so far, it was no suprise that Anita's pain easily increased by at least 100%, and this was shown by the inhuman screams she was producing. "AGHHH!!! AIIEEE!!! GAHHH!!!" Her chipmunky voice cried in sheer horror and pure agony. Her left eye was instantly pushed into the back of her skull and melted, while her right eye fell out of her socket all together and landed in the cleavage of her white pushup bra.

By this time she was a blubbering mess of masscara and muliated face flesh, but that was not enough for the beast. Sure he could have probably held her face to the open spray for a few more seconds, and it probably would have melted her brain, but that was too good for Anita, too good for any of those girls that night really, and he did have to make an example after all.

So he lifted Anita higher, moving her face above the hole, and moving her tits right in front of it. Anita's mind recoiled in horror. She had reached a new plateua of pain and it only seemed to get worse by the second. The water shot out of the heater with such power onto her tits that her bra almost dissolved instantly. "Cheap bra buying bitch" Stacey said callously, still unpreterbed by the deaths of any of her friends.

Anita's tits began to start to look like too large tomatoes, red and firm, but the more he held her tits to that open hole the more they started to look like tomatoes that were slowly being peeled. Soon hot boiling blood gushed from an open crack in her breast, and it only tore the hole more and more, causing more hot blood to gush out, caushing her breasts to continue to rip, all the while hot water shot into the open cavity in her tits. In a few more minutes her tits began to dry up.

The wet mammory tissue inside began to slowly cook and boil from the heat of the water and started to dry up like raisens in the sun. He held her like that for several minutes, until she stopped kicking and flailing, and then he threw her onto the ground, took a big boot, and stomped on her skull, shooting hot brain matter, and blood everywhere. The laughed, picked up her remains and threw them on the stairs. Then he picked up Holly's remains and did the same, all while the girls watched in fear.

The last thing he did was move Ashley's dad huge work bench in front of the stairs, blocking off their exit and killing any hope they might have had. "Misty! Misty what is going on!" Kelley was crying as she untied Misty. Misty was hysterically crying also. "Oh my god. Kristy! Kristy!

What did they do to you!" She was bawling uncontrollably. Kelley gulped and took a deep breath. "Misty, please, I know how it feels to lose a sister, but we need to get out of here before that thing kills us!" She was saying while shaking Misty, trying to shake some sense into the delerious girl.

Misty's eyes grew sharp. She looked into Kelley's eyes and hissed "You were here too! I was tied up so I couldnt help her, but you just stood there the whole time and let her die!" Misty lunged at Kelley, knocking both girls to the ground. MIsty pulled Kelley by her hair and yanked it hard while screaming "YOU LET HER DIE! YOU FUCKING CUNT!" Kelley was too stunned to make a move and just had enough instincts to kick Misty in the cunt before things got serious.

Misty let out a gasp and held her womanhood. Kelley scrambled up and fixed her hair. "Jesus fucking christ Misty! My sister is dead too, and where the fuck were you! Huh?! WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU!" She started to cry. Kelley knelt down beside Misty and started to rub her back. "I'm really sorry about your sister Misty, but there is no way I could have even began to stop him, and at least we are still alive for the time being" Kelley gulped at the last part. "We better leave before he comes back upstairs" She said looking at Misty who was still reeling in vaginal pain.

"Fuck you!" Misty spat, moving her shoulder so Kelley couldn't rub it anymore. Misty rose to her feet and headed for the door. "I'm not going anywhere with you! Go find your own fucking help, or die in this house for all I care!" Misty said stepping over Ashley's corpse and walking outside. SHE WON'T GET AWAY THAT EASY :- Misty might be a little delusional at this point of the night, but things are about to go from bad, to worse, but you guys need to choose on how bad it will A.

She walks outside and finds herself being attacked by hell hounds. They bite, chew and possibly rape Misty, then tear apart like a ragdoll until she is nothing but scattered pieces.

B. She walks out the front door and falls into one of the beast's traps. She hit a trip wire and a glass box filled with bullet ants breaks on her head, dazing her for a second. But as she gains her composure, bullet ants are biting her all over, especially in the cleavage of her bra.

C. Another beast pops out of nowhere, beats Misty around for a bit, drags her to the back of Ashley's dad's truck and ties her feet to it, stomach down, so her tits will be the first things to go. He hot wires the car and drives around the block, since Ashley lives in a rich neighborhood she has no neighbors close to see whats going on. Mandy was still hysterically crying on the ground with pain from her broken shoulder, but the demon had his sites on another girl for the moment.

He smiled as he grabbed Dana and held her in his massive arms. "NO! NO! PLEASE NOT ME!" She was screaming and kicking as he carried her to Ashley's dad's work bench. He slammed her hand onto the table, and with his free hand grabbed a hammer and some nails. "Oh god! NO!" Dana screamed as he placed one nail on her left hand, and quickly drove the hammer down, spiking the nail into her hand and causing Dana to scream in immense pain.

"OWWW! PLEASE STOP! NO MORE!" She screamed while he repeated the same process with her other hand, completely leaving her immobile while the other girls watched trapped in the corner, still thinking of a plan of escape. LETS DESTROY SOME MORE TITS : For this death I've decided to list some fun things we can do to Dana's tits to make sure she suffers a bunch, but eventually dies from blood loss and or overall pain. A. He takes a bottle of Vodka that the girls had been drinking, places it in the middle of Dana's bra (cleavage), takes two hammers in each hand and proceeds to smash both her tits together with the hammer.

It causes the vodka bottle to break, spilling vodka into her bra, and also sending sharp glass shards into her tits. After the vodka soaks into her fresh cuts, he lites her vodka soaked bra on fire and moves on for the other girls. B. He takes some of Ashley's dad's stashed away fireworks and decides to place them in her bra. Under her shoulder straps, right on top of her nipples, in the middle of her cleavage, and even one up her pussy for good luck.

He sets them up so the wics take a while to explode, so while he is working on the other girls, perodically a part of Dana's tits will explode, eventually killing her. C. He hooks up some jumper cables to the under wire of Dana's bra and then hooks the other side to a generator. It takes a while, but while he kills the other girls, Dana's tits slowly electrocute, causing her incredible pain, eventually bursting her bra into flames, and causing her tits to burst like marshmallows in a microwave.

D. The beast finds a nifty little container of 'hydrochloric acid" and pours it on certain parts of her body. Down her panties, on her tits. After a minute of a few mind games, he drops all the hydrochloric acid directly on her tits.

She screams in agony but is forced to watch as her tits melt away from her body. Misty walked quickly outside, reminding herself that every step away from that house was one step closer to being safe. She looked up and squinted into the darkness. It was darker then any summer night she could remember, and colder too. She shuddered, "Ashley and her fucking stupid ideas. Lets have a lingerie party guys, we wont get killed by a maniac or anything. God i'm so happy she's dead" Misty was saying to herself.

"AWOOOO!" Something howled in the distance and it caused Misty to stop dead in her tracks. "Whose there?" Misty said quietly and in a scared voice. "GWAAAROOO" The howl was more like a harsh and evil laugh this time, and it was followed by several more half howls and growls. Misty began to circle in her spot, trying to find what was making the noise as it came closer and closer to her. Suddenly a flash of black was running in strides towards Misty.

She raised her hands instinctively to protect her face, but instead of aiming for her face the blur ran straight into her legs and clamped on to her cunt with its razor sharp teeth. Misty screamed a blood curdling scream and fell to the ground as the jaws sank into her pussy, ripping it apart with every shake of its head.


When she hit the ground, it took a second but she could finally make out the shape of a dog, but it seemed so much more vicious then a dog. Its teeth were like a bears, and its jaw seemed to snap onto her cunt with its razor sharp teeth.

Misty screamed a blood curdling scream and fell to the ground as the jaws sank into her pussy, ripping it apart with every shake of its head. When she hit the ground, it took a second but she could finally make out the shape of a dog, but it seemed so much more vicious then a dog. Its teeth were like a bears, and its jaw seemed to snap onto her cunt like a mouse trap on a mouse's head. And then another hell hound was there, biting down on her left arm with its massive teeth and pulling it out of the socket.

Misty screamed even louder then before as sharp pain attacked her brain, and then there was another dog biting at her right leg. After a few more seconds of Misty screaming and struggling, the dogs were upon her at full force, a total of 8 of them. 2 dogs were ripping apart the flesh of her tiny left arm, and another hound tearing into her right. One of the dogs had managed to get a great chomp onto Misty's left tit which caused her extreme pain and discomfort, three bit and scratched at her legs, while the original hell hound still violently chewed on her cunt, leaving her lower waste a mix of torn pussy, blood, piss, and dog drool.

And although there was too much pain being distrubuted all over Misty's body for her overloaded mind to handle, she had managed to stay alive long enough to feel each of her limps and extremeties pulled away from her. First her arms were yanked off in a terribly pain full jerk, and nearly at the same time as blood erupted from her open arm wounds. Then her legs were snapped off like chicken bones right below both of her knees, the 3 dogs that had been tearing at them started to eat the flesh off her detached legs, while more blood poured from her new wounds.

And Misty was alive, concious, and feeling it all happen. She was screaming like a maniac at this point, actually screaming over the howling and cackaling dogs, until another dog ran towards her, lifted its leg, and began to piss on her face. Hot urine filled her open, screaming mouth, making her situation just that much worse, and adding an equal amount of insult, to her injuries. Her left tit was the next thing to be ripped from from Misty's frail frame, and that was the final burst of intense pain to send Misty into a pain ridden shock.

She started convulsing like a fish out of water, while her fresh blood sprayed on the ground and in the air. The dogs ate Misty's remains for the remainder of the night leaving nothing unspoiled. OK, this is an unfinished choose your own adventure story I did for gurochan that I want to finish.

Just figured I would post it on here before I update it.