Estrondando forte o cuzinho do boy saradinho

Estrondando forte o cuzinho do boy saradinho
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I wanted to release this one to go along with the first part. Though not chronological, reading these in order can still yield information useful later on. Such as in Volume II, shining a light on Scott's bisexuality as well as foreshadowing the events that surely potentiated it.

III and IV are next, both together. Then, the conclusion to this memorable day. Thank you so much for the positive reaction to Affairs of a Family in Sin! That meant a lot to me and there will be more to come! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- b]How I Met Karen's Clit / Improvising In Band Class Volume V -- Tales Of Sport And Hunting : Part Two [/b] Through fox's eyes, I've been watching you.

How do you free your mind, So that you're not confined, By our concept, Of what we call time. * * * And what I must now, Bring back, I'm wondering, Were you giants? Or friends? Even the more again, Lovers or enemies?

One or all of these? ------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lady has just left me on the sidewalk. Giving me head no more than fifty feet away from school!!

Snow falling lightly, I walk toward another day of learning. Though. Mostly daydreaming. Remembering the other time I'd already gotten domed up at this place. If Lady's knob job had been awesome -- that would make Karen's divine!!

So good.she gives you goosebumps. A girl to even give Lanny a run for her money. Picturing in my mind her stunning appearance. Truly divine! Standing 5'8" she is tall and slim. Her figure accentuating a sprouting frame sooo perfectly, with petite AA cups and a taught apple of an ass, small but succulent. With hair straight and feathery, light-brown and layered down to her neck.

As for her eyes, a shrewd hazel that bore into you as she talks. Along with her skin, which being the best feature about her -- is a beautiful amber brown. Yes. either Samoan or Hawaiian. I know, so hot. *********** ********************* ******************************* ***************************************** At the high-school football games, her and her friends take the opportunity away from both school and parents to fool around. These girls being at such times.

Rowdy, to say the least.


They gossip about boys mostly. Secret whisperings.over whose boyfriend's pole is bigger! Shame not being in any of these girls vocabularies!! Trying to approach her too, them surrounding her like that. Her, so tall and confident. In a jean skirt and heeled-sandals, yellow with straps at the ankles. My legs turn to jelly and my tongue sand, not helping either, that those girls are just as prime of ass as she is!!!

I freeze-up every time! To make matters worse on this occasion, I'm finally coming close enough to talk to her.

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Meanwhile, she is brashly telling them, "Last night I was watching one of my parents' pornos and my dad fuckin walked in on me!!!" Standing by the concessions, they shriek out their laughter. I remain camouflaged by the passing crowd.

Hearing this though, my throat catches as I listen to see what happens--"Yeah. I'd just snagged the tape from their drawer. I'd found it before." She looks around at them with a sly face.

"--you know, looking for a vibrator or something good in there. By the way." She winks. "She doesn't have one." They giggle. "She was gone and he was supposed to have been at work. He had come home cuz he forgot something, finding the drawer open and the tape gone!"--she pouts--"He came into my room.and -- walked in on me playing with my kitty!!!" They all laugh.

"OH MY God!" following from some. "What'd he do!!?" " 'What the hell are you doing!!?' "--she says in a gruffy voice--"Hehehe, so.what could I do!?

So. I told him." she whines, "--What you think!? Daddy!.masturbating.!" "Haaahaaa.!!! Did he freak out!!?" "Nah.I should have just kept on though -- seen what he'd of done!! No." She sighs. "I just gave him back his movie and apologized. He acts like it never even happened!!! Lame." More giggles. * * * * Walking out of class particularly sleepy one day. There she is, my golden vixen. Next to the water fountain, her and a friend harass any boy that happens by.

Indulging in some kind of practical joke. (My kind of girl!) Forwardly, she asks one, "Hi! Do you know where the clit is!?" He blushes, looking around shyly, "UHhhm.what?" Her friend, a tiny Hispanic with a fat ass, asks someone else, "How bout you?" As I drink next to him, my heart beats a mile per second. He tells them, "What, y--you?" Karen laughs, giving him her shoulder and facing me. Her eyes a faint blue, around a ring of gold, sparkling deviously.

"Hello. How about you?" Holding her hand out to me as if with a microphone. "Do you know where the female clitoris is located?" Both girls smiling coyly. "Sure I do." "Your the first one to at least answer!" Karen says, her eyes looking right into mine, measuring up my confidence.

"So.where exactly then?" "Uhhhm." (Fuck it!) I think as the second ticks by. I might as well go all or nothing! If I lose this girl I'll regret it for the rest of my life. With my pointed finger, I let my hand glide it's way down to her vag.

"Right here." Pressing against her snatch, the force pushes us into the water fountain. "Uhh, hey!!" Her friend says. "Bingo!" She tells me, her eyes widening. Our bodies pressing together as I grope her for everyone to see.

Not able to help myself after. Rubbing on the soft skin of her yielding vagina but through her pants. (Oh man!.now.I-- ahhhh, I have to feel it!) "Wow. Mmmm you surprise me!" She taunts, "Aren't you a seventh grader?" She asks, while gently pushing my arm away. "Right." the other one says. "Let me walk you to your class." I tell her. "Okay.see ya Gabby." We walk from the crowded hall, down the stairs, toward the gym.

After we exchange names, she tells me nonchalantly, "If you want I know a place we could go, that's safe." (.That was easy!) Lightheaded, we walk outside, sluffing class, (That's what they call it here.) and sneaking off to snog and then some. Which, this whole time, has actually been a scam on my part!.

Though.if so and I am such a mac?.how come I'm the one following her.? Oh well, ultimately -- making out to strange for sure! **** Behind the gym, is a grassy area adjacent to where we run the field for PE. Encircled by swaying willow trees and next to a brook; the grass is full, green and soft.

We have it all to ourselves as we sit down in the picturesque getaway. She tells me, "So clit-man, show me again. Where is it?" Lying onto her back, she takes her time unzipping her jeans. Then, teasingly pulling them down her long legs. I watch entranced as they slide over her ankles, her feet and off of her to lay in the grass. My eyes tracing from her naked feet along her smooth legs and up to her white lace, with cute purple flowers. So hot. Automatically, I glide my way over to her.

Placing my tongue to her brown, lustrous thighs, trailing my hands up and down her legs and licking her skin right next to the panties. She moans when I tear off her shirt. Those sprouting buds revealing themselves to me in a tiny bra to match ."So. Sexyyy." I ask, "Who's that for?" "You." She offers. "Why thank you." My eyes devouring her honey skin, I kiss slowly down and along her stomach now, taking her bellybutton into my mouth and in between my teeth; she lets out a soft moan.

I kiss my way down and along her lower belly. Her legs easing open for me, twitching even while I tenderly peck the sensitive area. Moving lower. With my fingers I rub down on her burnt umber through her lace.

Smelling her sex as my face grazes along it, I make my way lower. Finally, brushing my lips to her very compact vulva, her sex pulsates for me through the material as I lustfully thrust my tongue into it. "Oooo I wanna taste your honey snatch so bad.!!" "You sure are a confident boy, aren't you!" Elated, I reply by sliding the panties down her legs and gently off of her feet.

Sliding my way down her legs and to her snatch, I poke my tongue lightly all around her clit hood. Tasting her perfection while I explore the pink with one finger, burying in and out of her marvelous tightness. Beyond tasty! Her pussy is ambrosial!! (Exactly.why -- divine describes my girl!) I tell her, "I'm goin' to have trouble getting in." "Shut up.retard.

Not that anyone said you could!" Smiling a snarky smile at me. I unzip and pull it out. "OOhhhh." She says. Bringing her hand down to right away stroke it. "Nice." She mutters as she jerks me off, my length at full attention. As she does, I rub her all over her body. Right there on the grass. Outside of school. My hand between her legs and her slit glistening in the sunlight -- oozing it's nectar from her sweet lips!

Amazed at her sexy perfection! I lower myself between her thighs. Swallowing the gorgeous twat, lip by taught lip. Then consuming her entire mound into my mouth, "OHhhhhh." she moans passionately. I tell her, "Oooooooooo, you taste SO good!" Swallowing every bit of her juices and moving up to thrust my tongue all around the skin of her tiny clit button as I do.

Making sure her moans stay ecstatic. Sucking on her pussy lips to my content, I then find her candy cunt hole. She gasps as I now poke inside of her and thrust my tongue in and out of her pussy greedily. Soon, sliding up to her, to such a beautiful sight --lips of the lotus flower, slightly parted.

I'm dawdling as I tenderly kiss every inch of her torso on my way. Reaching her finally, our mouths coalesce in paradigm of our teen fling. Our tongues dancing in perfect song. Swirling in greeting and frantic to taste each other deeply. We part.


I smell a.spunkiness. "What is that?" I ask, touching her lips, smiling dreamily. "Honestly? She replies, "That would be Carlos." Carlos must have been -- at the most ten minutes before my turn!

(Which is why) I think to myself. (This will be the perfect segue.) " fuck? So.then, if your such a.slut.?" "Whoa!? Who you asking that TO!??" "I'm sorry girl, you just -- I meant your still SO's not a bad thing at all." "Ohhh reallly?? You know I AM a virgin.and fourteen still! Remember, asshole.?" "I heard you talk--well.uh, wait who's Carlos then?" She looks to me puzzled, "Heard me talk.

Wait! When? I don't even know you." She says becoming nonetheless more aroused. "Answer me first." "He's not my boyfriend, just a friend." "Just friend.

Leyla rubs her pussy with a vibrator boyfriend." "None." "Then why are you acting so. You know." I chuckle then clear my throat. "--easy with me.?" "What do you mean?" ( .

) "Your acting like I really can fuck you if I wanted, none of that bullshit!" She stares at me, "Well. Your so. Big." She looks down at it. "I want that!" "Haha, okay then.

Well, I uhh--" stunned by her whimsical attitude. "To tell the truth, I've had a thing for you since I first got to this school. So I've been working up the courage to ask you out. Lately, I've kind of.well, just been paying attention to you a lot I guess you could call it." Her unbelievable legs rest over mine as I stroke them, looking into her eyes. "I've been meaning to tell you though, it's not like anything weird.and today.I got my chance!" "'s still a little weird that you've been in my conversations without me even knowing." She says as she stares right through me with those eyes.

"Anyway, I kinda just say all that stuff cuz I'm always thinking about fucking, you know. If I didn't act like it's a joke. People'd think I'm a pervert for sure!" She giggles.

"Instead of just.oversexed?" I attempt, scratching grass from my side. "I guess. Sure!" She nods her ditsy head, bringing it down to brush against my arm. As she looks at me again, I see in her eyes a dark secret. (How's that possible? I'm still not sure. It's almost as if I noticed it, right there on the surface of her soul. Waiting and wanting to reveal itself to me.) Noticing this strange emotion in her, I ask, "What about that time.

With your dad?" Thinking to myself that this is. Exactly! What I should to be talking to her about! ".Are you sure your not stalking me?" "No, seriously! In fact, I was planning on asking you were telling that to your freinds!! And you scared me off with that shit!" Her face aglow she is suddenly frisky over something so taboo.


She tells me in a flood, "Yeah!?? I'm sorry. Can you you believe that though!!! My dad walks in as I'm hot and"--her hand trailing down the skin of her thigh--"soaked watching his video! When I told him what I was doing." With an impish grin her face darkens. She says,"Okay I like you.and Sure!

I'll go out with you! I'm gonna tell you. Oooo, I actually let him finger.! Ewwww." She shivers. "I know. I let him finger me.! " "For real! Holy shit! That's--" "You don't think it's gross!??" Feeling like I'd fallen into a dream. "Hell no! Then what happened?" As she stretches her legs out, she brings her hand to my stiff johnson.

"I told him. That I was masturbating, because all of my friends said that I needed to try it, since it felt sooo gooood." This Siren tells me this, while she jerks me off!! Next, lowering herself down to wrap her lips around the very tip of my head! Licking it all around teasingly. Then, swallowing it whole as she sucks my penis nice and slowly.

Taking care to keep on with her tongue all the while. She brings herself away from it. Though her hand, still lazily rubs with her palm as well as her fingers brushing against it while she continues on midstream. "He just stood there not even saying anything! Looking at me, then to the TV, with this stupid look for like five minutes!

I knew it was wrong.and.but I was still SOO hot! MMmm getting off-- Uhhh to this huge guy! Tearing this girl up! Getting her asshole stretched and.AND my daddy standing right there!!! Hehehe. "It was wrong.but I wanted it SOO much -- I went on rubbing myself right there in front of him, looking over to see what he would do.

Mmmmm, he stood there watching me with his mouth open. Oh, it really got me off!! So.eventually, I called him over and.he came. I rubbed his chest trough his shirt." 'We shouldn't be doing this.' Ha-hehe. You know what I told him? Just finger me already! Oh my god.! That's what I said to my dad!!" She hangs her head to continue.

"He did.right away.hard." Her hands fly up and cover her face. "And then I came so hard! And was super embarrassed!." She shivers again. "Oooo! If I didn't tell someone soon I'd die of shame! I'm telling you only cuz. I, don't know--her dazzling green eyes looking right through me-- "I like you already." She continues to stare.

"You knew I'd done something with him!!!. What do you think then!? I'm a freak?!!" "I think I'm in love with you." I tell her in truth.

She laughs and wraps her mouth around my penis in sexy enthusiasm. I let out a moan. For being outside among such beauty, with this beauty confessing incest AND sucking me off as she does. I feel myself there already!! "Goddamn!" She swallows in slow deliberate thrusts, her mouth closing tightly around my cock as she fingers herself, so graceful, with her left ring finger.

Lips gliding over my penis, she takes it as far down her sexy mouth as she can. She sits on the grass, knees closed and bare feet placed cutely beside her tight, round butt; sitting on top of her legs, her posture is straight and dainty. Between my legs she strokes me with in adoration, her eyes obsessed even; bringing her mouth to it and sucking in a passionate rhythm. Swallowing the length, then brushing her lips back slowly her hand reaches out to stroke the rest, while munching on my head.

In her gold dashed eyes that same desire still flames. My hands reach out to her soft, brown hair as she still nibbles her lips on it. "Ohh my god!" I groan, then force her further down my shaft. Taking my length five then six inches into her mouth. God!! Seeing her take sooo much, I hold her there.

The angel does it so well. With two fingers and her thumb, she strokes the last couple of inches. She starts gagging. I let her pull away. She comes back to it, now her sexy chin damp as she goes on with the same fervor.

Watching this nympho goddess! "Ohhhh Shit, I'm gonna cum!" Her pretty hands rubbing all along my stomach and then down my pubic hair. Milking my cock with her cheeks, so cutely as she tongues my head. Until. Pointing it over her mouth, I -- Ssssspppppuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrt!!!!

Into her eye, across her bangs, the rest of it shooting clean over her head. She yelps giddily. (Another recent blessing!) Long, lusty ropes shoot out of my dickhead and onto her pretty lips. With the very last, watery drops squeezed into her open mouth she brings her lips together over my head and closes them.

Her entire mouth and chin frosted with gooey, dripping icicles that hang thick from her glowing olive skin. She giggles, swishing it around so cutely with puffed cheeks and manages yet -- to even pucker a stiff smile at me while she swallows it! Goosebumps. As I watch her take the frosting from her eye and twirl it around in her fingers. Goo still drips and strings from her chin and so she scoops it into her hand.

Not wanting any of it to go to waste, with her wrist she scrapes up the excess. Bringing it up to her mouth, she laps a bit of it onto her tongue, swallowing earnestly. Apparently still liking my taste, she spreads the rest of it from her lips and into her mouth. Bringing her hand to her mouth, she smacks each cum soaked finger to her lips, one by one, then brings her arm up to suck the remaining icing from her wrist.

Swallowing every last bit as if I was her only source of nourishment! I tell her, "Wa-- Wow, I'm going to fuck you!! We just need more time! And have it to ourselves.damn!" She nods saying, "You know, you can come over to my house Friday then!! My dad works at nights and my Mom's out of town!" (Hell Yeah!) I nod, "Alright -- it's a date." *********** ********************* ******************************* ***************************************** The day I took her up on that offer is a story for another volume.

She hangs with kids her age or older and ones that like to party at that! I spend all of my time with her at lunch and then all of my time in my classes sleeping off hangovers or daydreaming of the night before. Mornings though, she never makes it to school any earlier than five minutes shy of the bell. I've been walking through the empty halls as I recollect.

So, I make my way as usual, to the band room. (Being somewhat of a nerd still.) Plus, there's a substitute teacher who's been filling in for our band director on leave.

And MAN! It's Miss K. Because, her name is too hard to pronounce. Eastern European or something. (Sorry, never found out.) Average height and thick! A rather large bust and a beautiful face with an imposing nose, her nostrils thick but her cheeks graceful and her chin strong, though not too prominent. Her ears however are and very cute too, going along with silver-framed glasses that have bright brown, almond shaped eyes beneath the lenses.

Her dark-red hair, hangs in a bushy ponytail and her lips are very thick, rosy and the top one defined by a deep dimple. Her mouth as sexy as it is though is nothing but kind as she is smiling constantly. Overall, her face giving off a very chaste glow to its beauty. Though her ass, heart-shaped and. (During class bending over to pick something up, red thong peaking out from her pant-line.) Very juicy! Nothing chaste there! The kids make jokes about it. She hears and we know she likes it!

Overall, her body.being -- Goddamn inviting!. "Today!" I decide. "Today, I make my move." I'm going to see if I can't get any luck at all. All the boys would talk shit about doing such. But, none of them would have dared in their wildest dreams approach her like me.

Walking outside, through the quad and over to the usually isolated Fine Arts wing, I enter the band-room. Empty except for her.good. I watch Miss K walk up each platform of elevated floor toward the top where the office is, then follow behind her. On the hunt. Sitting down at her desk, she sees me and smiles cheerfully.

"Good morning Scott." "Morning." "Did you practice at all last night?" "Sure." I lie. "Well, did you need something?" Looking up from her desk. Okay what to do. I suddenly pull out a bit of melodrama! Pulling distraught off quite.actually quite well.

"Yeah. I didn't know who else to talk to about this.!" "What is it!?" "I was molested!!" I blurt out. "By some woman in her car! She picks up kids, I guess, and pretends to offer them a know." Standing, flustered, she comes around her desk and grabs a chair to sit at my side. Bright eyes filled with compassion, she asks, "What!?

Well.what happened?" "She touched me." "Touched you??" In my head I'm laughing. "Yeah! Down here." Grabbing my half-mass through my pants and shaking it at her. Eyes widening her smile disappears as her brow furrows.

"Are you just making this up!?" She asks, choosing to ignore me holding my junk up at her. "So what if I did make it up!?? I'm not. Obviously, she didn't force me to do anything against my own will. No. I guess I just wanted to brag about it!

Hahaha." "Oh!" She says and to my surprise. Laughs a nervous giggle too! Then, looks to me unsurely. "But what purpose!?"--pointing toward my dick--"Do you think you have for this!!?" "What else!!?" Pulling Scott Jr. free from his prison. He breathes fresh air. In a classroom! In front of a very sexy teacher no less.

Growing fully erect right before our eyes. She looks wide eyed, entranced by my size for sure. "I think you should put that away." She tells me.

I inch closer, touching her hand with mine while rubbing my cock for her to see. "I don't think so. I think you want this Miss. K." Eyes shifting toward my manhood her expression changes. "Okay, I'll jerk you off, it is out already. And." Reaching out with her hand, "Hard." A look of pleasure appearing on her face as she takes it and pumps with a firm grip.

"You know. You're actually the one who's molesting me!!" "Well. How does it feel?" Standing she tells me, "Not sure about, you close the door and show me." Rubbing herself through her dress pants she crows her excitement.

"MMmmm, I can't believe this." As I start to rub her pussy, she ignores the door." I undo her pants and pull them down her meaty ass. "Wait." she tells me but I pull them down her thighs anyway, exposing her large creamy buttocks then rubbing her cunt through an already moist thong.

Fingers grinding through the material and against her wet lips. She moans and forgets about the door. I whisper into her ear, "Do you wanna suck it?" Suddenly though, she is looking back while quickly trying to button her pants back up. There are three kids who have chosen NOW of all times to stroll into the band-room!!! One of them, Mitch, sees just long enough to witness Miss K as well as me, naked and erect, walking out of sight.

"Whoooa!" he yells. "Hey you guys come here, check THIS shit out!" It was Shane, Mitch, and Jed. "Look at Scott, he's got his dick out over here.with Miss K!" "Scott's what!!?" says Jed. All of them rush over to Miss K who coming out of the office, is blushing fiercely and telling them to be quiet.

"Scott was.just. Showing me something." She attempts. "Showing you what? His dick!??" Shane asks loudly. "Don't talk to me like that!" Mitch adds his thoughts, "Okay, chill man. How's this. Hehe, we lock the door and let Miss K and Scott was then.

We can just watch and see for ourselves.!?" Hearing this I walk nude out of the office, with a, "Whoa!" from both Jed and Shane, I say "Okay! That sounds good to me!" Two more people, a girl and another boy have walked in!!! Mitch is asking Miss K for the keys while the newcomers stand fixed at the door. Miss K says, "We can't do that. This is sooo wrong." "Come on give me the keys, it's wai-- how long do we have?" "We still have thirty-five minutes til the first bell!" Shane eagerly tells him.

"We have plenty of time then, it's perfect." "Yeah!" says Jed "Come on Miss K, it'll be.well -- worth it! For you at least! Haha!" "Okay fine," she tells them. "But this is on you guys! And I'm sticking to that if I have to!" She pouts. "Your forcing me!" "Fine with me." Shane says.

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By now, I've found the keys in her office and I walk down and close the door, turning the key into place. "Hey!!" Lauren shouts, "What the hell are you doing!" Lauren's hair is short and fiery red, cropped just below her ears. She has a little acne, but man does her body make up for it!

In a checkered brown white-fleeced hoodie. Her breasts a full A cup, underneath a pink spaghetti top reaching down only to her belly button; I admire her ass the most, in those tight white pants. Fitting over her snatch so snugly. Even her ghost white skin turns me on as I check her out with a wolfish stare.

"What's it look like.I'm locking this door." I tell her. Ben says, "Why? And, why are--" "Why are you naked!!?" Lauren shouts. Miss K steps down and says, "Me and Scott are going to have a little presentation for you guys." "A presentation.?" Ben asks. "About what.male anatomy?" "Hahaha, listen to this idiot!" Jed says from up top. "LOOK, it's obvious Miss K just wants some of THAT!" "She does huh!" Next to him Mitch and Shane both laugh and agree.

"I do, do I??" She asks. The three guys now coming down to join us. "How come?" I remark suddenly. "I'm the still the only one with my clothes off?" Everyone stares at me, to then look around at each other.

Five boys, a fresh girl and a busty thirty-two year old woman! All soaking in the sky-rocketing sexual atmosphere. Me.stroking my shaft in front of them. "It's.big." Lauren says into the silence. Miss K then walks over to me and getting on her knees, finally puts me into her mouth.

Sucking just the tip while agilely stroking the rest of my penis. The class watches in awe as I'm now lifting her shirt off of her and over her bulging double C's. The crimson cotton of her bra clashing with her hair as her jiggly tits bounce in rhythm, her head bobbing slowly back and forth.

She tries to get ALL of it down and chokes. As she coughs, I take her bra off. To the rest of the classes delight. Her thickness now unveiled from waste up, her tits sagging deliciously as she goes back and forth over my rod. Mitch and Shane have begun to make out. I know, unexpected! Mitch reaching down, gropes Shane's junk as their tongues collide in homo passion.

Seeing this Lauren teases her mound through her tight pants and watches them as well as Miss K suck me off. Jed too who watches Miss K unzips and pulls out his own erect, five inch. Lauren, seeing this, says, "Whhhoaa, hello." Walks over, stoops to her knees and sucks Jed into her mouth. The two guys continue to make out and I watch as Mitch pulls out Shane's cock and getting onto his knees, sucks him off ravenously. Deep. Down to the hilt. Back to the tip, then back down to the hilt. Plugging his throat so that slurping sounds are filling the room.

Mitch even takes his out. (Huge! Longer than mine!) Stroking it while he rapidly tongues Shane's thick dickhead. Ben being the odd one out, rubs his through his pants and watches, happy simply to be here as the orgy unfolds. Mitch stands up and caresses Shane's angular chest, brushing his nipples as they kiss and both jerk each other off. I watch In bliss as Miss K continues to play with my penis.

"Man, your good at this," I say. Watching also, while Lauren takes all off Jed into her mouth, bobbing back and forth thoroughly. He moans, "OOOOHhhhh!" Right away cumming into Lauren's open mouth! His sperm threads onto her soft pink lips and then her tongue as it curls out and she moans her satisfaction. Then closing her mouth, cum on her chin, she swallows while standing up.

Taking off her jacket, her shirt, and her bra! She then unzips and -- lowers her pants. "Oh god!" I gasp. Her perfect little snatch and tight ass veiled only by a small grey bikini bottom. "God damn IT!" Taking my cock away from Miss K's mouth, I hover over to Lauren, in a hot rush taking her panties off of her.

She takes in a quick nervous breath but such a sexy sound to my ears. As she leans her ass into me, her head falls back onto my shoulder and rolls to the side. One of my hands rubs her tits while the other fondles her snatch. Her eyes squeezed closed and her mouth skittish, I kiss her neck, smelling her sugary scent while my face brushes against her hair and I now kiss her earlobe.

"Hmmm, I want you.bad." I whisper. She touches my thigh and says, "Look at that thing, though." Looking to Miss K pleadingly. "Sorry.Can't you help me.with this Miss K?" "Are you serious!?" I say "Cold." "Your gonna hurt me!" She says distrustfully.

Miss K says, "Yeah! Lets see. Ben, come here." He comes, only waiting to have been asked. Dropping his pants and revealing a thin and around four inch erection. "There sweetie start with Ben." Miss K gently tells her. He approaches her timidly, kissing her neck and then by Lauren's sudden insistence, her lips. Shy Ben seems to squirm in protest then his body slackens as he lets Lauren's hand guide the back of his head as she accommodates his inexperienced tongue.

After a awhile, with her guidance, he even takes a finger and slowly eases it into Lauren's sultry, little cunt. He continues to penetrate her as I finally bring her head close enough so that she can grab a hold of my schlong.

Then, bringing her lips to it, she begins to suck it.but very shy about it, easing her lips over the head while rubbing the rest of the length against her mouth and cheeks.

Lying on the floor as she does, Ben plays with her pussy. Jed stands by us and strokes himself. I look over to him and say, "Hell yeah! Right?" Getting onto the floor with us.

"Yeah." He says. Then moans as Lauren switches from my dick to his.

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Tall Mitch now bends his ass over a chair as Shane rubs his dick with spit and slowly enters the tight brown hole. "UUhhhh!" Mitch blurts out. " Shane right away goes to town.

"Ahhh-ah. Ouch!" His dick sliding in and out, filling his young butthole. "Ahhh UMmmmmm yes!" He takes it in painful surrender. Ben, now fully naked with Lauren on the floor, begins to push himself into her with a look of timid determination.

She moans while Jed still fills her mouth and she is pounded at a steady pace. Ben soon picks up the tempo though. So that Jed's dick plops out of her parted lips and her head falls back in passion. Her ass now being pounded to the ground in a growing crescendo.

Turned on as hell, I watch. Seeing him go like definitely a surprise. Too hot. Unabashedly, I reach over with my hand to rub Jed's cock. Looking over submissively for approval. His eyes closing and head tilting back, is all that I need as I bring him into my mouth, tasting dried cum as well as the precum dripping from his head. Sucking on his pole while next to us Ben brings Lauren to a hot, jazzy orgasm. Getting on all fours as I look over at her, I'm now prone and telling Jed to fuck me.

He obliges, quickly coming down to wrap his thighs around mine. I squirm my ass in ecstasy as he shoves himself into my hole. "Yesssssssssss!" He fills me in and out with beautiful, deliberate thrusts and I can't help but moaning.

Everybody is getting filled to the brim!!! Except Miss K, whose sexy legs are stretched open, sitting in a chair she rubs herself and watches. With two fingers rapidly circling her clit, she moans serenely. Until, her voice starts raising in pitch.then."Aaa--aaaaaa!!" She shudders, "O--oh--owoooo" twisting her legs together and cumming into her hand.

"Uhh." Not able to resist after that. I get up and off of Jed's cock to walk over to a now panting Miss K.

Placing myself between her thighs, I grab hold of her legs and to a sucking sound, slip inside of her hot soaking lips. "Ahhh Ahhhhhhhh Oh God!" she grunts. I stuff into her slowly, exalting in the feeling as I fill into her; feeling the extraordinary heat of her soft, pliant vagina as I steadily pound every inch into her.

Lauren now watching me while Shy Ben pounds on. Then suddenly, he pulls out to a wad of cum stringing from his head and dripping in a glob onto her stomach. Jed then moves down to her cunt lips and slips himself in to take his turn. A little pool of the jizz still on her bellybutton, she wipes it into her fingers, her hand then falling to her side, her eyes closed and expression coital as both her and definitely Miss K's cries are surely being heard from outside.

Miss K especially is loud with content as my monster fills her. Her eyes showing only the whites, her face is grimy with primal ecstasy. Bringing her hand to to her mouth and tracing it lightly along her neck, then back to her mouth as she bites down on her finger. "UHhhhh!" I give a mighty thrust. Pounding her feroce. As in so hard my legs are shaking, though that's probably from the awkward position. Rubbing her body with both hands and gripping onto her juicy ass as I fuck her though, I'm still able to stand.

Shane has pulled out of Mitch's ass, his dick full of thick fluid. Rubbing the buttcum all over his shaft, he is getting ready to burst. Mitch, on his knees, sticks his tongue out in anticipation.

Shane then nuts square onto his nose, splashing it off of his white skin, it drops all over the band-room carpet. More sploosh sprays Mitch's face, blanketing his open mouth. Surprising us all Mitch then stares right at me, getting up and walking over with his mouth filled. His lips meet mine and I suck the rest of Shane's sploosh from his mouth, into mine.

Turning to Miss K's delectable chops I then let it dribble down onto her face. All of it, all over her face, dribbling it into her eyes and all over her nerdy glasses.

I continue to marvel on this big-assed red head--squeezing her fat ass cheek--her face glazed with cum, her legs swinging as I fuck her stupid from on top of a school-chair.

Her blinking furiously, wiping some of it off with her hands. While whatever got into her mouth, her tongue spits out with cute, little sounds. I kiss her, tasting the cum from her sexy mouth. Her snatch snugly takes my thickness and I slap her ass up to me. Filling her, I circle my throbber all around her warmth. "AAhhhhh" I moan while Miss K cries out "YESSS!!!" Her juices trickling down her cunt so that i feel them on my balls and running down her ass.

I pull out to stoop down and bring her amazing pussy into my mouth. (What are the odds! It seems that with my luck -- two beautiful woman in one day!!) I'm in such bliss, I get high off of the juices! (I can't believe god this pussy is so delicious and fucking sticky! Mmmm, and so hot!!) "MMmmmmm!" With my lips I rub all over the wetness, then taking the beautiful slimy texture of her soaked cunt into my mouth, I'm now in utter ecstasy.

Drinking up every bit while my fingers rub all around her clit and I eat to my fulfillment.

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Her legs convulse and she shreiks as she moves herself away from my ultrasensitive touch. I move my hands to each thigh and continue to suck on her dripping cunt as she pants and whimpers in release.

I can't go on squatting like this, so panting I walk over to a nearby tympani drum. Miss K Leans over it, rubbing her bright red ass she sticks it out and looks at me, eyes twinkling. Mitch who's followed us, stands behind me, caressing my nipples, pinching them as I rub on my still wet hole. I ease into Miss K, she whimpers sexily, watching behind her as Mitch in turn eases into me.

"UHHHhhhh fuck!!" The long rod stretches me with overwhelming force as I bury into Miss K. Soon getting fucked so hard, I can't even stay inside of her. I can only stand prone, nails digging into her hips as Mitch fucks me so hard I start to yell out, gasping as my breathing gets away from me. Miss K's hand strokes my cheek and she coos to me as across from us Lauren's voice starts to tense and raise in volume too.

Her hands trailing across Jed's back and her legs widening and closing together, then bringing them up higher. "Oh Yes! Yes! Yes! " Ben and Shane are clothed but watching. Shane definitely contented after the pounding. Mitch though still strokes his rod while easing in and out of my soaked ass. Hearing Jed say, "I'm gonna cum!" I call him over to Miss K, wanting her face creamed on by every guy in here!

Lauren nonetheless continues on alone, sexy sounds escaping her lips as she pleases herself in front of us all and with complete abandon. No--eyes closing--she chooses to ignore the boys goggling her.

Until. She shudders, "UHhhh UH!" and throws her ruddy face into the carpet.

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"Mmmm.Ah-- Oh god." Her hand flops to the ground as she now absently strokes the carpet, having just had her very first organisms -- and in a row! Jed looks at Miss K while brushing her hair with his hand, stroking him she smiles up seductively.

Soon causing him to close his eyes and shoot his load. It lands right under her nostrils, blanketing them with a hot, dirty (Say.cheese!) wad of it, now covering her smiling lips. "Ohhh wow!" she says, wiping it away and with me squatting behind her, she twists around to kiss me as I rub on her pussy. Mitch jerks it off fast right over our heads. Then, leaning it over Miss K, he shoots his very thick man-cum onto her waiting face.

It lands first on to the hairline of her forehead. A long string lands on her left ear as her cheek is assailed by several more globs, when--she turns to face her nose directly under it--her forehead now gets glossed over and the last rope plops onto her brow between the bridge of her nose, right between her eyes. Her entire face covered and sticky with the whole room's sex, her lips puckered and her moans contented.

Wow! Taking off her cum stained glasses, she looks around for some kleenex. After she's done, she comes back to me, lust still burning in her eyes. (Is it me?) I bend her back over the timpani, she eagerly takes ALL of IT back inside of her as I go right back to it, though, at a brisk adante this time. Having finished all the guys just watch. Only me and Miss K remain sex-crazed, sweat dripping from my soaked forehead and onto her thick back.

On the floor, Lauren has turned from her side and onto her stomach. Head in hands, she looks over at us mesmerized. Lying so cutely on her belly kicking her feet up and down, bouncing them into the air and off of her bare ass. Everything about her down to the reddish-blonde hairs on the skin of her back entice me maddeningly! I want to taste her sooo badly!. My dick finally done with her, I take it out of Miss K to a disappointed "Mmmm." And walk over to Lauren, feeling myself on the verge for the second time this morning!

She obediently comes to me and I push her head down as she happily lowers her mouth to my cock. The joy of it! Something I've fantasized about constantly during practice, watching her while she plays her flute, the sexy little band-geek. It's SO perfect! I feel my balls tighten in glorious pressure as I drop down to the floor with her. Her stroking my shaft as I kiss her cute mouth lovingly, tasting delicious spit as our souls begin to merge.

Instantly after that, I feel my dick head tingle with that insatiable pressure. Sitting up I rub my tip up and down her chest. "UUhhh!!!" I shoot the first, thick loads all over her perky tits and down her flat white stomach. Then, pushing my dick into her nipple I squeeze the very last bit of it onto her soft-pink areola. My jizz now running all down her front. Her left breast so thickly covered. Her nipple is hidden beneath a white blanket of sperm. Her face tightens as she says, "Eeewww." she giggles.

"THAT was alot!" Everybody else amazed, agrees with her. I get dressed while Miss K with a very satisfied smile soon comes crashing back to Earth to tell us, "Oh my god!!!" Handing Lauren the box of kleenex. "The bell rings in five minutes!! Come on you guys." "Yeah.I've been hearing knocking for like the last couple minutes." Shane says. After Lauren's just pulled her shirt back on.

Mitch opens the door. Two girls let themselves in and there is a crowd that has gathered around. All boys, in fact, some guys I hang out with! They see me, with broad grins. Miss K blushes fiercely.

The smell of sex still pungent where we stand. I smile to myself now walking over to them. (Looks like today really is working out for me!) I throw a fist to Eric and take off with them toward the cafeteria. Next : Volume VI -- I Scored With The Male Class's Wet Dream! -- Tales of Sport and Hunting: Part Three