Fresh japanese Asuka getting penetrated

Fresh japanese Asuka getting penetrated
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Hi, this is my very first story.

All your comments will be appreciated, if you like I'll write some more. I can also write "personnalized" stuff if you tell me what you like. Julie was sixteen. She was living in a small midwestern town. Julie was not the most beautiful girl, but in her way she was very cute. She had long brown curly hair, with nice eyes and was always smiling. She was a bit small and well-built. She was just a typical, genuine american girl. For her fourteenth birthday, her parents bought her a horse.

She named it Hero. The horse was, at the time, still developping, but he was already athletic. He was dark brown, with white on his nose.

Julie spent all her weekend around the farm where Hero stayed, not far from her own home. Some weeks after she turned 16, Julie was home when her parents announced they were going for a "love week-end" and that Julie could stay home alone. Though she loved her parents, Julie was happy to stay on her own for some days. When her parents left the house, Julie ran to the farm.

She wanted to have a long horse ride in the woods. Julie prepaired Hero for the ride and then left the farm by the path leading to the forest.


Julie was now riding for one hour. She was trying a new path and finally reached a small lake she didn't knew. She decided to stop to have her lunch, so she tied the horse to a tree and ate her sandwich and an apple that she shared with Hero. She finally had a little nap. When she woke up, the sun had warmed her up and she decided to cool herself in the water. Hero was still tied loosely to the tree, eating some grass.

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She hadn't taken her swinsuit, but as she was deep in the forest, she undressed to swin naked. Julie removed her tshirt and bra. She had beautiful tits, quite big but not huge, with pink nipples. She then removed her trousers, and finally her panties. Julie trimmed her pussy to be clean, but she always let a patch of hair above her slit.

She giggled as she thought of her being naked in the nature. She dove in the water. After 20 minutes of swimming and lazying in the water, she went out and laid on the grass.

It is only then that she realized something was pointing under her horse's belly. She had already seen Hero's penis before but only when he was peeing.

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It was on its way to full erection. Julie watched it, amazed. Julie was still a virgin, but she had already pleasured herself quite a lot of times now, especially while watching porn on the net.

She crawled to her horse and mesmerized, she touched Hero's long cock. It was warm and it was becoming really hard. Julie had never thought a cock could be that large.

Julie hesitated. She began to stroke the huge cock. The horse sighed.

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He seemed to like it, so Julie continued. She kneeled to get a better view. She wondered how it would taste. Timidly, she pointed her tongue at the long shaft and began to lick it. She liked the sensation. With one hand on Hero's cock, her other hand running down her body to her now wet pussy, Julie began to really suck his thing. Her fingers entered her pussy. She felt so exited!

She stroke the cock between her tits and sucked it again and again. It was too much for her pussy, she needed to feel that huge thing inside her.


She positionned herself, her ass to the side of the horse, and guided the cock to her entrance. She began to rub it slowly on her clit, and then managed to enter the head inside her.

The feeling was incredible! With every move, the cock was going deeper inside her wet pussy. Hero was now deep inside her. She was feeling the huge penis extending her pussy to her limits. She fight back her orgasm, wanting this to last as long as possible.

She was going back and forth on the cock. She finally came loudly, the horse still in her. She kneeled again, wanting Hero to cum in her mouth.

She sucked hungrily the hard tool and the horse thick white sperm finally erupted in her mouth, dripping on her tits and to her pussy. Julie was covered with cum, and this feeling made her cum again. After a quick kiss on the nose of her horse, Julie went back to the water to clean herself. Her pussy ached a bit. As she was leaning herself in the water, Julie watched at Hero.

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His cock was still out, but not hard anymore. Julie was reviewing the whole scene in her mind. Her hand ran on her tits, then to her pussy. She rubbed her clit, her other hand was now reaching for her ass. She spread her cheecks and slid a finger in her tight asshole. She wondered if Hero's cock could enter there? She promised herself that she would tried later.

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As she was riding her way back home, her pussy hurt but Julie didn't care. She had discovered sex, and in which way!