Oiled latina twerking and grinding on couch

Oiled latina twerking and grinding on couch
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Helping the neighbour part 2 After the sex with Maria I was as horny as hell that night as Beth and I lay spooned in bed my hand moved up to her breasts; she pushed it away so I tried again, this time as well as having my hand pushed away she told me that I should be tired after all the work I'd done and we couldn't do anything as we might disturb Leigh or Maria. I rolled onto my back, my cock busting for relief but none was to be had.


Over breakfast the next morning Beth announced that Leigh and her were off to a farm and wouldn't be back to later, I caught a smile cross Maria's face, my cock hardened. We collected what we needed and crossed the road and began work. 30 minutes later Beth knocked on the door to tell me that they were off and would phone my mobile when they were leaving the farm, I waved them bye and went back up stairs to Maria.

I found her laid on her bed with the tinniest of g-strings on and a see through bra showing off her erect nipples, my cock rocketed to full mast at the sight. Maria patted the bed next to her as she ran her fingers across the front of her g-string; it was already showing a wet patch. I shed my clothes and jumped onto the bed. "I couldn't sleep last night, thinking about your cock" she whispered, her hand now rubbing at my shaft.

Our mouths were soon locked together, our tongues fighting against each others, my hand now squeezing her breasts hers now stroking steadily up and down my shaft.

I pulled Maria on top of me and managed to release her bra I could smell her musky aroma and feel her heat as she sat on my belly. My hands moved up and down her body first stroking and tweaking her nipples, and then brushing against her mound, my cock was rubbing up against the crack of her arse. Maria lent down to kiss me, in doing this my cock pushed against her opening.

I reach back to pull the little strip of material to one side and as I did felt my cock slip just in to her; Maria wriggled down slightly feeding my shaft into her hole.

We then began to gently rock against one another with no rush, just enjoying the feelings we were experiencing. 10 minutes later I roller her onto her back and stopped moving, we looked into one another's eyes, "fuck me David, I want your cum in my pussy". Without any more to be said I increase d my tempo until I was absolutely slamming into her, our thrusts causing squelching sounds as I drove into he; I didn't last too much longer before emptying my load. Maria pushed me onto my back and got into a 69, lapping at my cock and pressing her pussy into my mouth, it was strange but also kinky licking my own cum from her pussy but as I did my fingers ran up and down her arse crack the material of her g-string now coated with our juices was getting in the way.

Without thought I ripped the material apart and threw the remains to the side, this brought a squeal from Maria. My fingers were new playing with her puckered arse hole, the tip of one finger now in to the first knuckle.

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"Are you going to push your finger in" I was asked. "Would you like me too "I asked back.


Maria just pushed back onto my finger burying it fully. A low moan came from down by my cock, I slide my finger out inserted both my ring and index fingers into her still wet pussy got them well coated and began to insert them back into her puckered hole.

This time the moan was deeper and more guttural, she was really enjoying this as was I. With Maria sucking and licking with an energy that had been rewarded with me becoming hard again, I increased the assault on her arse.

"David fuck me in the arse" she asked. We moved so that I was positioned behind her I fed my cock back into her pussy to lube it up a bit before placing the head against her slightly open anus.

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Pushing gently my head entered her with a pop. "OMG you feel so much bigger up my arse" she commented.

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I began to thrust in slowly at first, as she began to loosen up and get used to my size, Maria began to moan louder and louder. It was a good job we were the only ones in the house as it was in no doubt I was fucking her arse. With the tightness and her filthy talk and demands it was inevitable that I wouldn't last long.

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I came what felt like a gallon of cum so much that as I pulled out it seemed to squirt out with some force. We collapsed on to the bed spent both drifting off into a warm sexual sleep awakening over an hour later, both hunger, thirsty and smelling of sex. We quickly gathered our clothes and ran back across the road were Maria jumped straight into the shower; I undressed in my bedroom before joining her.

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We were soon soaping one another's bodies, with Maria getting onto her knees and soaping my balls and buttocks. With me clean she once again engulfed my cock with her mouth, her right hand between my legs she began to push her middle finger against my anus what was left of the soap lubed her finger and aided its entry.

The sensation it gave me was unbelievable, she had soon built up a nice rhythm.

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It wasn't long before I felt the blood pulse in my cock prior to exploding over her face, my knees went weak and I dropped to my knees. We kissed and then finished cleaning up just as my mobile rang, Beth told me that she would be home in 45 minutes with Leigh and asked how things had gone?

I told her several things had come up and slowed us down; Maria was smiling as I told Beth, that said it all.