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Massive cock for smoking hot monica breeze cunnilingus facials
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INTRO The sun came up over the hills as it did every morning in the small village that was tucked into the hills.The light from the sun travels down the main street hitting the windows of the meny shops making them shine like gems for the short time that the rays layed on them.In the town people live like another town childeren play teens hang out on the conners and the adults work.Down past the edge of the town where the main street runs into the woods there is a small brick paththat leeds into the forest hills.This path is not traveled by meny but the teens of the town go back there to smoke and keep out of sight of there parents.But back to town we to meet the two young ladies this tale is about.We travel down the main street until we come apon a small ally way.Turning down the ally and walking to the very last doorway in the line of small houses.Looking up at the small house a light can be seen iin the window.Floating up to the window we can final see them.Rebecka(Beka) and Alexa(Lex).They are twins and are very the most chaced after girlsin town.They both have shoulder thength blond hair and bright green eyes.There skin holds a sweet golden brown tan.There bodies are both like that of a goddess.With 36D tits and perfectly round asses.They are both vergins for the most part the only sex that they have ever had was going down on each other.Neather of them has the wanted to go through the pain of losing there verginity so they keep each other pleased but Beka likes her sister to control her and fuck her in the ass with there strap on.Now we can watch them and follow there story.

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Beka slowly opened her eyes as the sun pured into the window she was a soft sleeper and would wake at the slightest sound.She slept in only her thong and a small belly shirt.She would alwas wake befor her sister and be ready to meet the day befor she woke her sister Lex.Beka looked across the room at her sleeping sister she could see that her sister was again sleeping in nothing but a short T-Shirt.Beka ran her hands down to the top of her thong and then slowly slid her fingers under it untill she felt her slightly wet pussy.She sat there rubbing her pussy for a few secound.She looked at her sister sleeping.Her blanket was on the floor beside her bed and her legs where spreed.Beka pulled her hand from her pussy and slowly climbed out of bed and tip toed across the floor to the bottom of Lexa's bed.Beka slowly onto the bed and between her sister spreed legs and sat her face over her silky smooth pussy.Beka wanted to wake her sister early today she she would enjoy while she could.Beka slowly lowered her lips to her sister pussy.She tried to go slow at first hopping Lexa would wake up.She slowly slid her tung down the slit of Lexa's pussy not yet driving it in.But soon she could not wait for her sister to wake and started to push her tung slowly into bottom of her pussy.The tight lips of her pussy slowly parted as Beka pushed her tung in.To her nothing tasted better the Lexa's pussy.As she pushed her tung into Lexa's puss her body started to twitch slightly.Beka could tell that her sister was going to be waking soon and now she took her hand and spreed her pussy wide open and started to lap at the juice that was flowing around inside.Lexa was waking and could feel her sister warm tung slipping around her pussy.She tried to act like she was still sleeping but her body would not let her.Lexa could feel her juice flowing.She took one and and slid it up her shirt so she could play with her own nipple.The other hand slowly was slid down to and she started to run her hand through Beka soft hair.As Beka's tung slid around in her sisters pussy she could feel her hand in her hair.Now she dove even deeper into Lexa's pussy with her tung and wanted more of her juice to flow over her tung.Lexa had a slight moan to her voice tring to control her self.There young brother was in the next room and she did not want to wake him but Beka was too much totry and hold back.Lexa looked down at her sister and tried to get out a few have to stop".Beka looked up at her sister withan evil grin on her face."Im going to make you scream with this morning".Beka then started to lick faster at her sister pussy.Lexa could feel her self climbing closer and closer to an climaxing and exploding.Beka could tell as well her sister was very close to lossing control.Beka flicked her tung over Lexa's clit then running down to the base and back up gathering her sister warm juices on her tung.Lexa could take no more and she grabbed to of the posts in her head board and started panting very heavy.She could feel the climax building inside.Lexa held tight to the head board as the climax came and her cum bursted out of her pussy and hit Beka face as this happened Lexa screamed out loud."OH MY GOD!".Beka slowly stopped licking Lexa's now soaking wet pussy.She layed there looking at her sister for a secound."See I told you I could make you scream".Beka licked her lips and crawled up next to Lexa.She used her shirt to wipe her face off but as she did they could hear the doornobe on there door start to turn.Beka rolled off the bed and slid under neath and Lexa pulled the cover from the floor and layed it over her.Slowly the door opened and there mother walked into the room.She looked around andthe seen Lexa laying there breathing very heavy.There mother walked over and sat on the edge of the bed next to Lexa looking at her closely under the dim light of the sun starting to come through the window."Hunny what's wrong your covered in sweat and I herd you screaming".Lexa looked at her mother for a secound and tried to check her breath."No i'm ok just had a bad dream I think".Her mom looked at her then across the room to Beka's bed."Where is your sister".Lexa started to breath heavy again as she thought to her self."I think she is in our bathroom.She always gets up at the crack of dawn".There mother stood up."I think I will go say good morning to her".She started to walk across the room to the bathroom door when Lexa rolled off the bed.She looked at Beka and pointed to her thong.Beck pulled off her thong and slid id to Lexa.She pulled on the thong andjumped up rushing over to her mother.Beka layed under the bed for a secound not moving when she relized that she was waring her thoung that had her name stiched into the front of it.Lexa grpbbed her mother and hugged her for a secound while she thought."Mom how about me and you make breakfast for everyone.We can surprise them".There mom stopped and looked at Lexa."Ok dear".Lexa walked her mom to the door of there room and opened it for her.As There mom left she looked over Lexa and noticed that she had Beka's underware on."I though I seen Beka in those when she was going to bed lastnight".Lexa was stunded for a secound."No mom I had these on last night I thought they where mine".There mom nodded and went down to start breakfast.When the door closed Beka came out from under the bed.She climbed on top of Lexa's bed and suck her ass in the air."I guess I was bad and need a spanking for me sister".Lexa looked at her for a secound and then pulled the thong off and tossed it back to her sister.Beka reached down beside the bed and pulled up the blue strap-on and waved it in the air."Maybe I need a good ass fuck from you as punishment for making you scream".Lexa walked over to her dresser and pulled out a lime green G-String and some short to put on."You bitch if you had not have made me scream I would not have to help mom make breakfast and you would be getting a good ass fuck from me".She then got dressed and started out of the room."But I will get back at you for this I have a little surprise for you soon".Beka then left the room and went down stairs to help her mom with breakfast leaving Beka in the room alone.Beka layed in the bed for a secound the put the strap-on back in the box and put it back uner the bed where they kept it hidden.

Beka had come down stairs about a half and hour later and sat down at the breakfast table with her sister and younger brother.There mother had already left for work and left Lexa and Beka to take there broth to school for the day then they would be free untill there mother came home with there brother.Beka and Lexa finished there food and ran to the livingroom.Both girls loved to watch lesbo porn.Lexa ran up to there room and grabbed a dvd that she had bought the day befor.When she came down the tossed it on the entable.Beka looked at it for a secound ."New porn for us to watch is this my surprise that is going to punish me".Lexa just smiled at her sister for a secound."No you will get you punishment later".Lexa put the dvd in and sat on the couch next to Beka.The movie started and soon the girls bother had there hands in there pants rubbing there pussy.As they watched the girls in the move fuck each other Beka looked at her sister for a secound."Lexa have you ever wanted to be fuck in your pussy".Lexa stopped rubbing her self for a secound."Why do you".Beka smiled for a secound."Well I see how much these ladies like it and think to my self it will only hert for a secound or two right".Lexa's eyes grow wide for a secound."Are you saying you was to pop your cherry Beka".Beka looked at her sister."No im saying I want you to pop my cherry Lexa.See I trust you and know if it hert too bad and I want to stop you will stop with out me having to fight with you.So will you do it will you take my verginity".Lexa was shocked and could say nothing for a secound while she thought to her self."Ok I will do it for you.But only if you do one thing for me".Beka smiled."Ok Lexa anything you name".Lexa smiled back at Beka."See you have alwas been more adventers them me you are the one that said we should try anal but when the time came I chickened out and you took it up the ass and loved it.SO when I'm down helping you take your verginity you have to take mine and give me my first anal experance".Beka smiled and kissed her sister."Ok I think that is a far deal".Lexa stood up and walked into the kitchen for a drink and when she came back Beka was taking off her pants.Lexa looked at her for a secound."What are you doing Beka.Why are you getting undressed".Beka looked at her sister standing there."Well I have been thinking about it for a long time and I have a surprise for you".Beka stood up and dropped her pants to the ground.She walked across the room in there pink G-String and grabbed her back pack."I picked up something about a week ago and have been waiting for the right time to ask you to help me with it".Beka pulled out a black velvet back and walked over to the couch and sat next to Lexa.

She sat the bag next to lext and looked into her eyes."Please open it for me I want you to see what is inside".Lexa pulled the silk string and the bag opened.Inside is a bright red jelly two sided dildo and a tube of lube.Beka smiled."Lets do it at the same time Lexa".Lexa picked up the dildo and looked at Beka."You know if you did it I would want to so you got this one".Beka smiled and pulled off her G-string the reached for Lexa's pants grabbing the waste band and pulling them down and off very fast throwing them to the ground.Lexa then pulled off her own G-String and tossed it by her pants.Both girls stopped for a secound to think about it.Beka was starting to have secound thoughts when she herd a snap.She looked at Lexa who had slid very close to her and opened the lube.Befor Beka know it Lexa was slowly rubbing both sides of the dildo with the lube.Lexa looked at her sister and smiled as she moved closer to Beka.Beka just smiled back as she did not want to upset her sister."Ready Beka".She smiled at her sister as she got the dildo ready for them."Ya just get real close and remember take it slow".Beka took hold of her side of the dildo and watched as Lexa took her side in hand.Both of them pressed the red dildo to there pussy lips and took a deep breath.Slowly they both inched there sides of the long red dildo into there fresh pussies.As they slowly push them deeper inside there pulsing pussy pain started to shot up and down there bodies.Boh girls started to scream from the pain but neather stopped.Lexa and Beka both where breathing very heavy and had to stop pushing the long dildo into there pussies.They had gotten about an inch and a hlaf in befor they hit the haym and the pain was to much for them.Lexa looked at Beka."Do you want to stop it realy herts".Beka looked at Lexa."Sit up for a secound".Both girls sat up and looked at each other."Lexa we have gone to far to back out now".Beka leaned forward and put her arms around her sister.She then ran her hands down her back and held tight to her hips."Ok put her hands on my hip like this".Lexa did as her sister asked and slowly moved her hands."Ok Lexa now pull my body into your and I will do the same".Lexa looked at her sister for a secound."Ok ".Beka kissed Lexa for a secound with a very loving kiss.Then both of them pulled there bodies togeather.In that secound both Beka and Lexa screamed at the top of there lungsthey both had six inches of dildo in there pussies.They fell back and there bodies where ripped with pain.Beka reached for the dildo to pull it out of them and only felt there two pussies pressed tight togeather.She let her hand fall and just layed there for a few secound as the pain slowly vanished fom there bodies."Lexa are you ok".Lexa smiled for a secound."Ya im ok".They both sat up and started to pull there bodies apart.As the dildo slid out of them it sent the best feeling through there bodies."Oh.Oh.Beka that feel great dont take it out yet".Beka grabbed the middle of the dildo and started to move it in and out of there pussies."YES.FASTER!".Both of them started to moan and soon the where starting to cum.Now Lexa pulled the dildo out of her pussy."I dont want to cum.I want you to make me cum from the ass fucking you going to give me".Beka look at Lexa as her eyes roled back in her head."Then help me".Lexa took the dildo in hand."Turn over".Beka rolled over and stuck her ass in the air spreding her legs.Lexa push more the half of the dildo into her sisters pussy.The started to quickly fuck her with it.As she did Lexa could not help but notice Beka's pink ass hole and she slowly started to lick at as she fuck her sister with the rubber dick.Beka was surprised when she felt the warm tung of her sister lapping at her asshole.Lexa was getting very turned on by this but wanted to wait for her turn.So she dug her tung deep into her sister ass and fucked her even harder with the red dildo.Soon beka was screaming from her climax and boold and cum where puring out of her pussy onto the white couch."OH.OH.FUCK.I.UMMM.MMM.MMM".Final she exploded and in a burst of cum and blood her body fell to the couch.Beka could not move for a minute."Beka are you going to keep you end of the deal".Beka nodded."Go get the strap-on and I will show you a good time".Lexa ran up to there room and grabbed the strap-on then ran back down stairs.She found Beka sitting there.Beka stood and walked over to Lexa and grabbed the strap-on from Lexa's hand.

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Beka put on the blue strap-on and took her sister over to the couch.Lexa was ready for this and wanted her sister to fuck her in the ass so she just stood ther bent over with her legs spreed.Beka reached around Lexa and gabbed the lube and pured some on her sisters asshole.She then she rubbed the head of the strap-on over her anal fuck hole.Then in one mighty thrush Beka drove into her sisters ass."Lexa's head shot up and she let out a slight scream from the pain and surprise.But more from the surprise."Beka be easy this is my first time doing this".Beka smiled for a secound as she stood there complety driven into her sister fresh ass."That was the worst of it Lexa now lay there and injoy".Beka the started to fuck her sister with a stedy and hard pace and Lexa could not help but reach down between her leg and start to finger her pussy.As Beka fucked her sister she reached around and started to roll Lexa nipples between her fingers.Lexa was now panting and she could feel her self getting ready climax and she could not wait for it to come.She started to moan and picked up the red dildo and pushed two inches into her and started to fuch herself along with the ass fucking she was getting from Beka.Finaly it was time Lexa dropped the dildo and started to cum.In a few seound she could take no more."OH.MY.GOD.BEKA".Lexa fell to the floor and layed there as cum pured out of her pussy.Beka bent down and kissed her sister."Was it good".Lexa smiled."Better then it looked".Both girls stood up and looked over the mess they had made with there little experament."We she clean up".Beka and Lexa cleaned then selves up and and started to clean up the mess they had made."You know we where fucking for almost two hours Beka".Beka just smiled and grabbed there toys."Im going to go hide these and then we can have lunch.

Part 2 is coming soon.

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