Stunning pierced pussy gets fisted hard outside

Stunning pierced pussy gets fisted hard outside
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Let me start off by saying my boyfriend and I are not hookers. We ran into a really tough financial situation and being the open minded people we are, we took opportunities as they arose.


This story and all of my stories are my real sexual conquests, I'm open to contructive cristism. My boyfriend "Lawrence" and I are both bisexual, very sexual beings. I am 29 about 5'2 125 lbs, Spanish and Native American. I have straight black hair to the middle of my back, underneath I dyed blonde, I have a couple tattoos on my arms, people tell me I have a Suicide Girl look.

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(If you don't know who they are, look them up). My boyfriend is 33 and about 6'2 185 lbs, White, Brown hair and Hazel eyes, dimples and the most amazing round ass you've ever seen on a White boy. A 7.5 circumsized cock that curves to the left, his cock and balls always shaved just like my pussy, match made in heaven.

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It was Saturday night and Lawrence and I found ourselves in the mood to play with a bi couple. We posted an ad on Craigslist in the mw4mw section which read "Hot Bi Couple Looking For Same".

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Like usual we received well over 20 responses from single men wanting to play and 2 couples. We usually just ignore the responses from single men, this time Lawrence responded to one. His email read "Too bad you're just looking for couples, we could have a lot of fun together." He sent a picture of an average sized circumsized cock, obviously a white guy.

Lawrence responded "We only play with single guys that are generous." "Be awesome if we could get paid to fuck a guy together"Lawrence joked, we giggled thinking he wouldn't even respond. No more than two minutes later we received his response "How generou$, could work for me." We agreed on an amount and gave him directions. I was nervous but excited, Lawrence made us a couple vodka/redbulls to loosen up a bit. I got dressed in my black and hot pink zebra print lingerie, black fishnets and black heels, my hair parted to the side with a hot pink bow.

I was in the bathroom finishing up putting on my make up when I heard Lawrence open the door and introduce himself to an unfamiliar male voice. "He's here baby" Lawrence yelled to me "I'll be right out" I walk out and catch my first glimpse of our customer. I'm surprised that he's about our age or a little younger. He's the average chubby white guy in his 20's, dressed in jeans and a Tshirt. He's visiting from San Francisco.

I walk up and introduce myself "Hi I'm Mark" he says We shake hands and head into the bedroom. "Do you smoke pot? Want to smoke a bowl?" Lawrence offers "Hell yeah" We all smoke a bong load and they lay on the bed side by sde. Lawrence says "Well I'm getting naked" and starts to undress, Mark follows.


I am standing at the foot of the bed, as soon as they are naked I head for Lawrences' half hard cock. I take his warm soft cock into my hand and put the tip in my mouth. Sucking and licking the ridges under his head, I take it all the way in.

God I love the way his cock feels in my mouth, my pussy starts to get wet. I glance up to see Lawrence's head bobbing up and down on Mark's now rock hard cock. I let up and join Lawrence shoving my face into Mark's shaved balls, licking and sucking, taking one into my mouth flicking my toungue against it while sucking on it.

Lawrence still working on his cock, Mark is now moaning in pure excstacy. "You suck it" Lawrence feeds me Mark's cock.

Lawrence gets behind me. I can feel his hard cock slide into my wet pussy, I moan. His cock feels amazing filling up my pussy while I have another cock in my mouth. Starting off steady strides he fucks me, he gets faster and faster. I take Mark's cock all the way in. Sucking Lawrence's spit off it, licking his head I shove his cock down my throat. I gag a little but keep it sqeezed down my throat and bob my head up and down a little. I feel his body shiver.

"I want to see you fuck that cock" Lawrence demands I get up and squat over Mark's throbbing cock. Lawrence rolls a condom on and I sit down on his cock facing away from him in the reverse cowgirl position.Lawrence stands up and puts his cock in my face.

I grab it and greedily suck it as I bounce up and down on Mark's cock. I feel Lawrence reach down and grab my tit. "Fuck that cock.fuck yeah she's such a little slut" I am in heaven with these two cocks filling both of my holes. "I want to fuck that cock" Lawrence says I hop off of Mark. Lawrence straddles Mark facing him. I position my face in Mark's balls. I watch Mark's hard cock disapear into my boyfriends asshole.

I am incredibly turned on by the sight of this. As he rides Mark's cock I suck and lick his balls. Lawrence moans as Mark starts fucking him from underneath.


I do my best keeping up taking one of his balls into my mouth flicking my toungue against it. "OMG I'm going to cum!" Lawrence jumps off of Mark I rip the condom off of Mark's cock and take it into my mouth.

I can taste the latex as my toungue glides up and down his shaft. I feel Lawrence grab my hips, his throbbing cock enters my pussy. With long strides he starts fucking me, his cock is so long and hard he makes me gasp with Mark's cock in my mouth as he starts fucking me harder and harder.

"Fuck I.I.I'm g.g.going to cu.cummmm AHHHHH" His body starts shaking as as he pulls out "Fuck yeah cum all over her ass man!" I feel warm spirts of cum on my ass and back. Lawrence joins me in sucking Mark's cock. We slide his cock in between our mouths then I shove his cock down my throat again.

Lawrence happily lapping up his balls, now tight against his body. "OMG! OMG!" Mark exlaims "I.I.I .UHHHHHH!" "Cum all over our faces Bro" Lawrence and I had positioned ourselves under Mark. Our mouths open waiting for our treat. His cum sqirted up landing on my top lip, again another spirt of cum lands on Lawrences cheek. Again and again cum squirts all over our faces. Mark's body trembling then just collapsed back, eyes closed.

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After a couple minutes Mark opens his eyes, the biggest smile followed. "Thank you, That was SO HOT!" He gets dressed, pays us then leaves. I go to the bathroom to clean up when I come out Lawrence gives me a huge hug and says "Now I want to watch you lick pussy" That's another to hear it?