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Guadalupe Gonzales, who is she? Well, some might say she's a stunning latina babe with a nice slender, curvy body, with above average breasts, brown eyes and black hair.

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Not to mention a Mexican accent that makes just about any man drop a load in his pants. Me, however, she's my best friend. I've been put into the "friend zone".

Meaning I can't have her, but I always get what I want."Jack!" "oh yeah?" "what were you staring at?" "nothing sorry, so what happened with Carlos?" "well, as I was saying, we were at my house and he was trying to get frisky and get me to have sex with him but I told him no.

He kept pleading with me to have sex but I told him no. so he broke up with me" "why did u say no?" "look, I love Carlos, but I'm ovulating right now and I'm at my most fertile time right now, I'll get pregnant without a doubt and I'm only 18 I can't get pregnant!" "aww I understand I'm sorry Lupe, look how about I come over at 8 and we'll go to the movies!?" Okay see you soon!!

Thanks, your such a great friend!" I have one hour, okay it must happen. I can't take it anymore I'm done being her friend.

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8 o clock comes around and I'm at her house, but I do not go in I wait across the street. my phone goes off "fuck" I quickly shut it off.

I observe through my binoculars, she's getting ready to take a shower. She looks said, its about to get worse. both of her parents go to work she's all by herself. Wait! shit its her brother he'll ruin my day.

before he goes to bed he takes out the trash, perfect!

I run up behind him, from across the street and slam a fist right to his temple. He hits the ground out cold.

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I pick him up and throw him in the house and lock him in the closet. Not locked but put it this way, he ain't coming out. I go upstairs very very slowly and here water. Fuck yeah, she's in the shower, and the best part is that her clothes are on her bed. Meaning she will be fully exposed. I hide her clothes in her closet and squeeze in there myself. The water turns off and everything slows down. She comes out of the bathroom, her light brown skin glistening. Her breasts perky and nipples are hard, her curvy body is so beautiful.

I'm getting hard, its almost showtime. She looks for her clothes and decides to just go to get new ones. She was to the closest and I get a quick look and her shaved pussy just before the doors fly open and I jump out and pick her up and throw her on the bed.

She squeals in terror as I jump on top of her. "Jack what are you doing!!!" She is scared out of her mind. "this has been prolonged for too long Lupe" "what are you talking about?? Get off meeee" She thrashes trying to get me off her. I wanted to hit her but I love her too much. I press my lips into hers and slip my tongue deep into her throat and back out before she bites.

"eeewww Jack stop!!!!! Why are you doing this!?" She's crying now.


As if I care. "why do u think? I've loved u for so long this is going to happen!" She looks at me pretending to be confused. I take off my shirt and she nearly thrashes off the bed, I caught her in time. "Jack, please don't do what I think you're going to do please please Jack stop get off me." She really is terrified now. But I start to take off my pants and she goes berserk screaming and begging me to get off get.

Finally I take off my clothes my erection at full and I'm on top of her. "Jack no please, I'll get pregnant please Jack I'm ovulating pleeeaasee wear a condom at least!" She's hysterical, screaming and crying and thrashing. I go to touch her tits and she scratches my face all to hell. I force her arms down and my cock lines up with her pussy and I just part her lips enough to send her into a frenzy.

"HHEEELLL-" I cover her mouth. She's screaming and trying to bite. "Lupe I love you, but this has to happen. Nothing is going to help. I know you're ovulating that's why I'm doing this" Her eyes shoot wide open as a realization hits. "I am not going to wear a condom I want to get u pregnant. I will cum inside you as deep as I can, and there's but a damn thing you can do about it. So go ahead and scream." I release my hand. "Jack no please no please Jack NOOO!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!


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Help!!!!!" My cock presses into her and I sink balls deep right into her cervix. I stop look into her flooding eyes of tears. "this where I will cum" She thrashes ferociously and screams bloody murder. "HELP!!!!!! Somebody help me!! Jack please don't do this to me please!" I look in her eyes and start fucking her with balls deep strokes. I can't believe she's ignoring the pain, really doesn't want to have a baby, too bad. She continues to scream but it only makes me harder and more intent on impregnating her.

I suddenly feel it coming on. The point of no return I am going to cum.

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I put my hands on her lushes curvy his and fuck her hard Fast she knows its going to happen. I grunt. "uh" "no" "uh!" "no god no don't cum in me!" "uhh!!!" "Noooo I'll get pregnant!!" I slam right into her cervix.

The cum floods into cock from my balls.

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And BOOM I CUM! Pulse after pulse after pulse of cum shoots into her cervix. She arches her back and breaks. "Noooooo!!!!

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Noooooo!!! Why?

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Why? Why?! Why'd toy get me pregnant??" She's crying I almost feel bad. I hold deep inside her keeping my cum in her as long as I can. She is pregnant! I get dressed. "I hate you.

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I HATE YOU!!" She screams it as I run out the door.