Hot interracial sex betwixt black chubby girl and white guy

Hot interracial sex betwixt black chubby girl and white guy
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Moving to the coast was the best decision Sharon had made since her messy divorce, after discovering her husband of 19 years had been cheating on her with a girl younger than their granddaughter she had walked out and started divorcing him.

8 months of court hearings and all the dirty tricks his lawyers could think of Sharon had walked out of the court with almost everything they had built together during their marriage. 3 months after that she had found the little cottage on the coast, it was ideal, secluded and even had its own private beach! Sharon had moved in almost immediately after the sale had been completed, now her life followed the same pattern, seeing friends most afternoons she had whole mornings to herself.

It was shortly after she moved in that Sharon had started lazing on the beach of her cove in the warm weather, reached only by a path running from the rear of her garden no one else could reach it.

One day Sharon had dared to sunbath topless and felt the thrill of the freedom, one week later she was sunbathing nude feeling the sun warm her body. At 58 Sharon did not fit the typical picture of a mature grandmother, tall at 6 feet 2 inches with long black hair she kept fit by swimming in the cove and running along the cliff tops near her home.

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Slim long legs ended at a waist more imagined on a younger woman which flowed to a firm stomach, Sharon's breast though not large, 34 C, were still firm and only really needed support when she was running. Wide dark aureoles surrounded thick large nipples that continually push up and out from the curve of her breasts. Smooth shoulders flowed into a long slim neck which Sharon loved to have kissed and nibbled.

18 months after moving in unknown to Sharon things were about to change, She woke that morning seeing the sun streaming through the light thin curtains she had always preferred. Rising and wandering round her cottage naked Sharon knew it would be a perfect day for sunbathing, after a light breakfast she headed out to her cove with only a beach towel to lay on.

Reaching the top of the long stair Sharon stopped and stared, there in her cove a yacht sat at anchor. Shocked she stopped uncertain what to do, after a few minutes of watching she couldn't see any movement, heading down to the beach Sharon kept her eyes on the yacht.

Waiting behind the rocks at the bottom Sharon watched for some movement, still nothing she thought, running too the water she entered quickly swimming out to the vessel. Making sure only her head was above the water she called out receiving no answer she called again. Waiting a few minutes Sharon decided to climb aboard. Looking round nervously she searched the deck only finding some deck shoes and towels Sharon decided to look below.

Not thinking about the fact she was trespassing she slowly pulled open the hatch and slipped below.

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Searching below took her about 15 minutes, going slowly and quietly just in case someone was on board and hadn't heard her calls Sharon finally reached the master cabin. Opening the door she entered amazed at the space and size of the bed. No one here she realised, as Sharon turned to go she heard what she had dreaded, the bump of a smaller boat running up against the side of the yacht, panicking Sharon looked round for some way of escape.

Realising she was trapped she did the only thing she could think of, HIDE!! Opening the first door she saw Sharon jumped inside a closet pulling the door closed behind her. Trembling as she hid Sharon tried to look through the crack in the door, hearing footsteps she heard voices arguing as the cabin door opened.

'I did close the hatch I'm sure' a male voice states, not hearing the reply clearly the first voice answers back 'Fuck you!' and Sharon hears the door slam. For a second there's no sound then the door opens again and closes, risking being caught Sharon opens the door and gets out of the closet, going to the door she listens but only hears the mumble of voices.

Hoping the people are in another cabin she quickly pulls the door open and tries to flee down the passage, half way down Sharon freezes in shock as 2 young men enter the passage from the far end and stop shocked at what they see.

Gasping Sharon tries to cover her naked body as the men look on, their reactions apparent, 'What the Fuck!' the taller one exclaims. 'Please I didn't mean to. Please let me go I won't say anything' she begs. 'Who are you?' he demands, looking up Sharon almost whispers 'I own the cove' blushing furiously she sees both of them devouring her with their eyes, the taller one gazing openly at the small triangle of hair, almost an arrow, pointing to her shaven Pussy mound while the other one stares hungrily at her firm breasts.

'Please let me go' Sharon begs again. Glancing at the shorter boy the taller one says 'ok, but we get to use the beach'. 'Anything' she hears herself say as she moves quickly pushing passed both she feels them stay where they are forcing her to push between them rubbing her body against them.

Sharon feels their eyes on her as she disappears up the ladder and on to the deck, the next 20 minutes is a blur, Sharon only comes to herself when she stumbles into her living room, shaking and almost sobbing loudly. Holding herself up on the back of the sofa, Sharon trembles and then feels the heat between her legs and the hardness of her nipples, God she thinks, they're young enough to be your sons and you're turned on by them!

Hiding for the rest of the day, she made an excuse to not see her friends. Keeping away from the garden and beach Sharon, hopes the boys will leave soon so she can put the whole experience behind her.


Suddenly she hears a knock at the back door, peeking out of the living room window she sees the younger of the 2 boys standing there looking round.

Not moving she hopes he will go away but he knocks again. Bracing herself Sharon opens the door, trying not to blush she looks at him. 'Err hi, look we're sorry we embarrassed you this morning, we'd like to make it up to you.' He stutters. Looking at the boy Sharon suddenly feels foolish, 'No it was my fault, I should have worn something when I came on board'.


The boy grins and shrugs, 'anyway, we're having a barbeque on the beach and wanted you to come so we can make it up to you'. 'Shocked Sharon looks at him for a moment 'I don't know she murmurs', 'please he asks, I promise we won't mention this morning' he replies. For a second she goes to refuse but then surprising herself she agrees, 'hang on, I need to put something on' she tells him, disappearing into the bedroom Sharon finds her bikini and for the first time in months puts it on, trying to adjust it to hide her attributes.

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Leaving the cottage she follows the boy, 'I'm Simon' he says 'and he's Paul, my older brother'. Looking at Sharon he waits, smiling nervously Sharon tells him 'Mrs Jackson' again surprised she used her married name. 'Cool' he replies. On the beach they settle round a small fire, where Simon introduces Paul properly.

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'Sorry about today' Paul mutters, though she can't help noticing his eyes roaming over her scantily clad body. 'I'm off for a swim he announces and disappears into the waves. Simon meanwhile has lay down on his back to sunbath; Sharon's eyes can't help but travel over his young body, feeling herself flush as her gaze reaches his swim shorts and the sizeable bulge in plain view. Suddenly Simon roles over and catches Sharon looking and smiles, looking down quickly she tries to think of something to say.

'So Mrs Jackson, how long you lived here?' he asks. Sharon can't help but laugh, 'God I sound so old when you call me that!' Simon laughing replies 'well I can't exactly call you lady all the time can I?' Feeling her stomach tighten, 'Sharon' she whispers, 'Call me Sharon'.

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'Great' he grins as Sharon looks up and sees his eyes fixed on her breasts, now she feels her nipples pushing against the material, blushing she tries to hide them, hoarsely Simon comments 'you don't need to hide Sharon, I think you're hot'.

Almost gasping she stares at him as he looks back, frozen in place she watches as he moves closer and slowly runs a finger over her material covered breast, finishing at the nipple and circling it lightly, Sharon gasps 'Simon, no you shouldn't'. 'Don't you like it?' he questions as he strokes it again, 'that's not the point' she whispers, amazed at being so brazen with this young boy. Staring at her all the while Simon moves his fingers to the edge of her bikini top, slipping one finger inside he finds the hardening nipple and rubs it, sending an electric shock through her body, a low moan escapes her lips, 'No Simon, we can't'.

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Without stopping he pulls the bikini down exposing her firm breast, taking the nipple in 2 fingers he lightly squeezes it pulling it slightly, again Sharon moans her eyes closing as she does, suddenly she feels his lips engulf her nipple sucking it gently, her hand holds his head to her breast without her think.

Now she feels his hand on her other breast massaging it making her nipple respond more, hardening and throbbing to his touch. 'Oh god' she moans as she feels him slip her bikini top down and work on her naked breasts, making her gasp as he sucks each nipple, biting lightly as he sucks them into his mouth.

Now she feels him move round closer to her, his free hand takes one of hers and places it on his shorts, Sharon jumps feeling the growing bulge inside, she grasps it, massaging without being asked. Panting now she opens her eyes as she feels Simon slip his shorts down allowing her to grasp his bare hardening cock, already it's bigger than her husband was and it's still growing.

Looking down she moans as she sees a film of clear liquid covering the head.

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As she looks a shadow falls over them both and starting she looks up to see Paul standing above them grinning, his bulge just as obvious as Simon's was. Kneeling down Paul offers the bulge to her without a word. Sharon reaches out and grasps his cock through the material as Paul deftly pulls her bikini bottoms off her, his hand quickly diving to her pussy mound, unable to stop herself Sharon opens her legs inviting him to explore her.

His finger quickly stroking across her mound bringing more moans of pleasure from her, slowly he slips a finger inside her wet pussy lips finding her clit and mashing it hard as it throbs eliciting a gasp and louder moan.

Out of control now Sharon sits naked on the beach with these two young strangers stroking their hard cocks as she's pleasured more than she has since her divorce. Pulling away from her now red nipples, Simon raises up onto his knees offering his cock to her, greedily Sharon sucks in the tip running her tongue round and round the head, tasting him for the first time.

Simon lets out a low moan almost a growl as he pushes his cock into her eager willing mouth. Sharon has to brace herself on her hands as she feels herself being guided to her knees, now Simon's cock is throbbing as he thrusts deeper into her mouth, Sharon feels the head hit the back of her throat and almost gags before it goes deeper.

She feels hands on her hips and Pauls knees push her legs open wider, suddenly she feels his thicker cock rub up and down her soaking pussy lips the head hitting her engorged clit making her whine and buck before he pushes it deep inside her in one go.

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With Simons cock in her mouth Sharon tries to cry out as she feels like she's being split open by Paul's thicker longer cock. Sharon can't help but push back on to it, now both boys are thrusting in unison using her hard Sharon starts to orgasm as they pound her hard, her orgasms continuing to build harder and harder as they continue fucking her without pause. Now Sharon's crying with pleasure wanting to beg them to stop but she can't talk with Simon's cock buried in her throat.

Suddenly she feels both boys stiffen and their cock twitch in time as the shoot their first loads of cum into her, swallowing as much of Simon's cum as she can Sharon pushes back onto Paul's bucking cock, tensing her pussy muscles as much as she can to milk his cock. Sharon feels Paul's cum flooding out and down her thighs, as she collapses Simon pulls out of her mouth still pumping his cum all over her face and hair, Paul's cock slips out of her abused pussy covering her arse and back in his cum.

Shaking she tries to look up at the boys, she sees them grinning at her their cocks already hardening again. 'Please' she gasps 'let me rest a minute'. Reaching down both boys help her to her feet and lead her up to her cottage, opening the door they lead her into the living room.

This time, Simon sits on the sofa as Paul guides Sharon down onto his already hard cock, facing away from Simon she feels his hands reach round her and grasp her breasts and nipples mashing them and pulling on her throbbing hot nipples as Paul steps up and feeds his juice covered cock into her mouth, as he start to fuck her mouth he tell Sharon 'ride my brothers cock, ride him deep' unable to disobey she starts grinding her pussy back and forth as she bounces up and down Simon's still hardening throbbing cock, already Sharon can feel another orgasm building this time she tries to control it.


But as she grips Simons cock with her pussy muscles she feel it buck and again her pussy is filled with hot cum, seconds later Paul shoots his hot load down her throat, unable to swallow it all most of Pauls cum runs down Sharon's chin dripping to her breasts where Simon massages it in and all over them, falling to one side Sharon doesn't have the energy to move, shaking with her pussy still throbbing and her orgasms wracking her.

Rolling over on to her back sometime later, she sees Paul and Simon sitting at the table dressed, slowly Sharon sat up, 'Oh God, I've never felt like that before! You boys were wonderful' Paul and Simon both look across at her and Paul replies 'have a rest we can stay all night!' Sharon feels her body shudder in anticipation and longing, she can't believe these two young gorgeous boys want her as much as she wants them, tonight is going to be so much fun and so exhausting!